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Now, there was no point in discussing the mistakes of the past. Yang Kai had long since broken through to Open Heaven, and he had been forced to break through to the Fifth Order directly. Although he had consumed a Mid Rank World Fruit and had a chance of reaching the Eighth Order in the future, he was not destined to reach the Ninth Order.

Unless he could find the Open Heaven Pill inside the Universe Furnace.

However, the Universe Furnace was invisible, and no one knew when it would appear. Even if the Universe Furnace appeared, the Open Heaven Pill inside might not necessarily be Yang Kai’s.

Among the various Cave Heaven Paradise, there were many who were stuck at the Eighth Order Open Heaven, unable to take a single step forward. Which one of these people didn’t need Open Heaven Pill more urgently than Yang Kai?

As they were speaking, a terrifying fluctuation suddenly came from the distant void.

Mi Jinglun and Ouyang Lie glanced at each other before both of them appeared on the deck and looked towards the source of the fluctuations.

Yang Kai also stood on the deck and observed, but although he could clearly feel the fluctuations, they were clearly coming from far away.

“The Old Ancestor has fought with the Royal Lord,” Ouyang Lie said solemnly.

Mi Jinglun nodded slightly.

Such a powerful fluctuation was obviously not something that an Eighth Order Open Heaven master and a Territory Lord could produce. In this entire war zone, only the struggle between the Old Ancestor and the Royal Lord could possibly cause such a great disturbance.

This was the first time the Yin Yang Pass’ Old Ancestor had fought with the Black Ink Clan’s Royal Lord in this war zone, so it was impossible to determine who was the victor.

However, from the information she had received, the Yin Yang Pass’ Old Ancestor definitely wouldn’t suffer a loss, because in terms of cultivation, the Royal Lord was inferior to the Old Ancestor.

The current Royal Lord of the Black Ink Clan was the one who had just been promoted thirty thousand years ago. As for the other Royal Lord of the Black Ink Clan who had lived for an even longer time, he had perished together with Great Evolution Old Ancestor thirty thousand years ago.

The battle between the two Supreme Existence was extremely powerful, and the two figures were constantly entangled in the vast void. Just the aftermath of their battle was enough to shatter the silent Universe Worlds in the void, causing the void to tremble and fall into chaos.

However, at this moment, the Black Ink Clan’s Royal Lord was bitter and unable to cope.

After learning that the Human Race’s army was actually attacking the Black Ink Clan’s territory, this Royal Lord left Great Evolution Pass in a hurry and searched for traces of the Human Race’s army before finally intercepting the Human Race’s Old Ancestor halfway.

As long as he could stop the Human Race’s Old Ancestor, his King City would not be lost.

However, before he could calm down, what happened next caught him off guard.

Originally, he had thought that since this was the first time he had fought with a Human Race Old Ancestor, everyone would probe their enemy first. After all, they were all the highest level combatants in their respective races, so it was impossible for them to risk their lives.

After testing each other’s strength and understanding each other’s strengths, it would be best to plan carefully in the future.

He thought so, thinking that the Human Race’s Old Ancestor also thought so.

However, the Human Race’s Old Ancestor had no such thoughts.

Although this Human Race Old Ancestor was a woman, her actions were extremely crazy. As soon as she fought with him, she immediately assumed a stance of wanting to perish together with him. Her Divine Abilities were ruthless and her Secret Techniques were ruthless, causing the Black Ink Clan Royal Lord to be completely stunned!

Speaking of which, although the Black Ink Clan’s Royal Lord had ascended to the position of Royal Lord thirty thousand years ago, the number of times he had truly fought with the Human Race’s Old Ancestor could be counted on one hand.

Yes, but only once.

After his breakthrough, he had joined forces with the previous Royal Lord to kill the Great Evolution Old Ancestor.

Since then, Great Evolution Pass had been occupied by the Black Ink Clan and there had been no more battles here. The Black Ink Clan’s Royal Lord had never fought with the Human Race’s Old Ancestor again.

Over the past thirty thousand years, he had been guarding his own war zone, occasionally sending his Territory Lords to assist Wind and Cloud Pass and Azure Void Pass, but he had never left.

As such, his experience fighting with the Human Race’s Old Ancestor was relatively lacking.

In addition, the actions of the Human Race’s Old Ancestor were too crazy, causing the Black Ink Clan’s Royal Lord to fall into a disadvantageous position as soon as the two sides clashed.

This situation also surprised the Human Race’s Old Ancestor.

However, she soon understood the whole story. This Royal Lord of the Black Ink Clan simply lacked battle experience!

This was a pleasant surprise.

When she was overseeing the Yin Yang Pass, she had fought with the Black Ink Clan’s Royal Lord in the Yin Yang War Zone once every hundred years, or once every thousand years. It was no longer a secret what kind of Divine Abilities, Secret Techniques, and personalities they had.

There was a saying that the one who understood you the most was not a friend but an enemy.

On the Yin Yang Pass, as soon as the Old Ancestor made her move, the Royal Lord one the Yin Yang Pass War Zone knew what she wanted to do and immediately came up with a plan to deal with her. As a result, after being entangled with each other for countless years, neither side was able to do anything to the other.

However, things were different here. She had plenty of experience fighting with the Royal Lord, and although she had changed opponents, experience was still experience. On this side, the Black Ink Clan’s Royal Lord didn’t have this ability. He had probably long forgotten about the battle thirty thousand years ago, and the thirty thousand years of peace had caused him to lose all desire to improve. If he were to rashly fight a Ninth Order master, there would always be some discomfort.

The Human Race’s Old Ancestor’s thoughts were very simple. Since she had brought Yang Kai here, there was no need for her to have any scruples. All she needed to do was ruthlessly fight with the Black Ink Clan’s Royal Lord a few more times until both sides suffered heavy losses.

She wasn’t afraid of being injured, she could use Yang Kai’s Small Universe to quickly heal her injuries. Although the Black Ink Clan’s Royal Lord could also use the Black Ink Nest to heal himself, his healing efficiency shouldn’t be higher than hers.

Every time she healed her injuries, she would seize some of the advantages. This advantage might not be effective once or twice, but if she accumulated it a few more times, the Black Ink Clan’s Royal Lord definitely wouldn’t be able to bear it.

At that time, she even had a chance to kill the Black Ink Clan’s Royal Lord!

That was why when she fought with the Black Ink Clan’s Royal Lord, she was completely unrestrained, putting on an act of wanting to perish together with him.

The weakness of her opponent further strengthened her original plan.

The battle between the two Supreme Existence was ignored by the East and West armies. When the Old Ancestor went to meet the Black Ink Clan’s Royal Lord, the East and West armies continued their march.

Although the sixty Eighth Order Open Heaven masters from the East and West Army would definitely be able to help the Old Ancestor gain a huge advantage on the battlefield, no one could guarantee that interfering in a battle of this level would not lead to the fall of an Eighth Order.

The East and West Army had an even more important mission, and that was to destroy the Black Ink Clan army in this war zone and recover the Great Evolution Pass.

Along the way, all of the Black Ink Clan’s territories were left with a number of inferior soldiers. The East and West armies simply ignored them and rushed towards the direction of the King City.

Up until now, they still didn’t know where the King City was or how far away it was from them, but as long as they headed in this direction, one day they would arrive outside the King City and attack!

The deeper they went, the more dangerous the situation of the East and West armies became, because as they went deeper, the chances of the East and West armies receiving assistance from the North and South armies were extremely low, but as long as the North and South armies could stop the Black Ink Clan on the Great Evolution Pass, they wouldn’t have to worry about their rear.

Ever since they arrived at this war zone, the thirty thousand East and West armies had only fought a single battle before rapidly marching forward. However, the fighting spirit of the army did not diminish because of this, instead becoming stronger as they went deeper.

It was foreseeable that when this great army arrived at the King City, it would cause the Black Ink Clan to tremble in fear.

With Ouyang Lie and Mi Jinglun in the lead, the North and South Army fleet arrived at their destination after a day of rapid travel.

This position was exactly where Mi Jinglun had deduced they would encounter the Black Ink Clan’s army.

However, as far as the eye could see, the void was vast and quiet, and there was no sign of the Black Ink Clan’s army.

However, considering the difference in the speed of the two armies and the possible changes in the Black Ink Clan’s route, Mi Jinglun wasn’t too disappointed even if he didn’t find any traces of the Black Ink Clan’s army.

Scouts were sent out one after another to investigate the situation.

Soon, news came that, less than two hours away from the main army, they had discovered the figure of the Black Ink Clan army that had emerged from Great Evolution Pass.

Mi Jinglun let out a long sigh and once again ordered his army to attack.

Under these circumstances, setting up an ambush was no longer possible, because there was simply no time to choose a good ambush spot and make all kinds of arrangements.

Right now, the only choice the South and North armies had was to directly advance and confront the Great Evolution Pass' Black Ink Clan.

Fortunately, the Human Race knew about the movements of the Great Evolution Pass' Black Ink Clan, while the Black Ink Clan knew nothing about the North and South armies, which was an advantage.

An hour later, the Black Ink Clan’s army arrived.

At this time, the human race fleet was finally discovered by the Black Ink Clan.

One of the Feudal Lords hurried over to Zhe Chung and said in a panic, “Territory Lord, we found traces of the Human Race’s Battleship.”

During these past few days, Zhe Chung had been feeling somewhat uneasy, always feeling that something bad was about to happen. It was precisely because he had such concerns that when he led his troops out of Great Evolution Pass, he deliberately took a small detour to avoid the Human Race army that had yet to appear.

The next few days passed peacefully, and the only thing he was worried about was the human race army that was currently rampaging through the Black Ink Clan’s territory.

He didn’t know where they would encounter such a force, but if they really did encounter one, they might not necessarily be a match for it. After all, he had personally witnessed the might of this great army, which was guarded by a Human Race Old Ancestor.

So when his subordinate came to report, he couldn’t help being shocked.

Meeting a Human Race army in such a position, could it be the Human Race Old Ancestor's army?

“Where? How far is it from here?” Zhe Chung asked.

The Feudal Lord pointed in a certain direction, “It’s over there, I’m afraid we’ll encounter it in an hour.”

Zhe Chung glanced over and saw a massive fleet.

There were at least two or three thousand Human Race Battleships, all of which looked exactly the same as the one he had seen a year ago.

And the direction they were heading towards wasn’t straight towards them, but rather a slight advance. This way, they would be able to intercept the Black Ink Clan army after an hour.

How did they encounter the Human Race army here?

Zhe Chung didn’t understand and couldn’t be bothered to think about it. The terrifying strength of the Human Race’s Old Ancestor had caused him to lose his sense of proportion, causing him to shout in panic, “The Human Race is attacking!”

The other Territory Lords were all shocked when they heard this.

Turning their heads, they indeed found traces of the Human Race’s fleet. For a time, the Territory Lords’ hearts were in chaos.


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