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A few days away from Great Evolution Pass, the massive fleet of the North and South Army flew through the void towards the designated ambush point.

This location had been scouted by an Eighth Order Open Heaven Stage cultivator in advance. According to the Eighth Order Open Heaven Stage cultivator, if the Great Evolution Pass' Black Ink Clan were to set out, it was very likely they would pass by this ambush point. However, no one could guarantee anything, so whether or not this ambush would succeed would require a certain amount of luck.

The North and South Army’s fleet was originally hiding in the direction of Azure Void Pass, but now that the army had launched an all-out attack, it was obvious from their movements that they were heading towards the middle of Great Evolution Pass and the Black Ink Clan’s hinterland.

Three to five days passed in the blink of an eye.

In the meeting room of the Central Army’s Expelling Black Ink Battleship, Mi Jinglun and the few Eighth Order Open Heaven Stage masters remained silent, as if they were waiting for something. On the side, Gong Lian leaned against a pillar, his eyes listless and blank.

On the other side, Yang Kai held the communication bead and poured his Divine Sense into it again, trying to contact Ouyang Lie.

Previously, when he had returned to the Expelling Black Ink Battleship from Great Evolution Pass, Ouyang Lie had stayed behind to monitor the movements of the Great Evolution Pass' Black Ink Clan. If the Great Evolution Pass' Black Ink Clan wanted to send out their troops, then the North and South Army would cross paths with the Great Evolution Black Ink Clan, and the distance between them would gradually shorten. Once they reached a certain position, he would be able to contact Ouyang Lie again.

“Still no news?” One of the Eighth Order Garrison Chiefs suddenly turned to look at Yang Kai.

Yang Kai shook his head, “Not yet.”

The Eighth Order Garrison Chief frowned slightly, “Counting the time, it should be about time. Brother Ouyang should have contact us half a day ago.”

After half a day of delay, something had obviously happened.

As soon as these words left his mouth, Yang Kai’s spirits suddenly rose, “There’s news.”

Saying so, he immersed his Divine Sense into the Message Bead.

Everyone looked over.

After Yang Kai understood the situation, he said, “Sir Ouyang said that the Black Ink Clan from Great Evolution Pass seems to be guarding against the North and South Army, so they didn’t march in a straight line but instead took a detour.”

Mi Jinglun showed a look of understanding, “No wonder Brother Ouyang took so long to contact us.”

Great Evolution Pass’ Black Ink Clan had quite a bit of information about the Human Race’s army, so they knew that they have to army.

One of them had come from Wind and Cloud Pass. Although they had not been able to find any traces of this great army, this Human Race army had used tens of thousands of puppets to attract their attention and then sneak attacked their territory.

The other group was naturally coming from Azure Void Pass. The disappearance of so many Black Ink Clan squads meant that there was a Human Race army hiding near Azure Void Pass' direction. Unfortunately, this Human Race army seemed to be constantly changing its position, making it impossible for them to find out where they were.

Under the order of the Royal Lord, the dozen or so Black Ink Clan Territory Lords had no choice but to lead the army to the King City.

However, considering that there had always been an unknown number of Human Race soldiers hiding nearby Great Evolution Pass, the dozen or so Territory Lords decided to take a detour to avoid encountering the Human Race.

The detour was naturally in the direction of Wind and Cloud Pass. The Human Race army had already entered the territory of the Black Ink Clan, so it was definitely safe.

If possible, they would rather take a big detour to avoid the hidden Human Race army and ensure their own safety.

However, time was of the essence, so they didn’t dare delay too much, so they only took a small detour. This small detour would likely delay their journey by a day.

This was also the reason why Ouyang Lie had not contacted the North and South Army until now.

Under everyone’s watchful eyes, Yang Kai’s Divine Sense constantly contacted Ouyang Lie to determine their position.

However, whether it was Yang Kai or Ouyang Lie, this was their first time coming to the Great Evolution War Zone and they were extremely unfamiliar with the surrounding terrain. Neither of them had the Universe Chart of this region, so communication was quite troublesome.

Yang Kai was unable to determine Ouyang Lie’s exact location, and Ouyang Lie was similarly unable to determine the location of the North and South Army.

The only thing they could confirm was that the distance between them should be less than a day, because this was the greatest distance the communication bead could reach.

During the exchange, the North and South Army had arrived at their designated ambush point.

Originally, according to the estimation of the Eighth Order Open Heaven Stage cultivator who had discovered this location, if the Great Evolution Pass' Black Ink Clan were to send out their troops, there was a high chance they would pass through this location. As long as the North and South armies were deployed here, they would be able to defeat the Black Ink Clan.

But now that the North and South Army had arrived, there was no sign of the Black Ink Clan.

Coupled with the information from Ouyang Lie’s side, the chances of the Black Ink Clan’s army passing through this area were quite low.

The battlefield was like this, it was impossible for a man to think about everything. The situation was constantly changing, and only by adapting to the situation could one win.

After exchanging a few more words, Yang Kai was still unable to determine Ouyang Lie’s location. The two of them had both described the surrounding terrain of the void, but they were unable to obtain any light from each other.

Ouyang Lie had a short temper, so since they couldn’t communicate, he decided not to. He sent a message over, “Wait!”

After that, no matter how Yang Kai tried to contact him, there was no response.

After reporting this matter, the several Eighth Order Garrison Chiefs all wore helpless expressions.

But soon, Ouyang Lie’s burly figure strode in from the outside and said indignantly, “It’s really troublesome without the Universe Chart.”

If both of them had the Universe Chart, it would be much easier for them to communicate. With the Universe Chart, they could easily determine each other’s position and distance.

However, Great Evolution Pass had been lost for thirty thousand years and almost all of the Human Race soldiers stationed here had been wiped out. The Universe Chart from before had long been lost.

If he wanted to obtain the Universe Chart, he would need to draw it himself.

The reason why Ouyang Lie was able to return so quickly was naturally because of the Universe Formation inside the Expelling Black Ink Battleship.

Mi Jinglun quickly asked, “Brother Ouyang, where is the Black Ink Clan’s army now?”

Ouyang Lie replied, “I don’t know, but before I left, I left behind a trace of my aura, allowing me to investigate the location of that aura, allowing me to determine the current location of the Black Ink Clan’s army.”

Saying so, he formed a series of hand seals with both hands.

A moment later, a red light surged from his fingertip and flew towards a certain direction, the direction where he had left his aura previously.

Mi Jinglun understood immediately and nodded, “This place should be a day’s journey from here. Considering the direction the Human Race and the Black Ink Clan’s army is moving in, my North and South Army should adjust its position to meet them in a day or two.”

Ouyang Lie nodded, “Indeed.”

The two of them immediately discussed and quickly determined the direction they were going.

The order was passed down, and the North and South Army fleet that had just arrived at the ambush point did not have time to reorganize themselves before setting off again.

The several Eighth Order Garrison Chiefs cupped their fists and said, “We’ll also go prepare.”

If everything went smoothly, in a day or two, the North and South Army would have a great battle with the Great Evolution Pass' Black Ink Clan, so naturally they had made preparations.

Mi Jinglun nodded.

“Master, I’ll be going as well,” Gong Lian bowed.

Ouyang Lie waved his hand.

Mi Jinglun then turned to Yang Kai and asked, “Martial Nephew, what do you plan to do next? Do you want to follow my North and South Army, or do you want to find the East and West Army?”

Yang Kai said, “Since a great battle is about to break out here, this Disciple will stay behind to help.”

If there was no battle, he could just leave now, but there was bound to be a great battle soon, so it would be difficult for him to leave. Moreover, participating in the following great battle would make it easier for him to inquire about the situation here. When he returned to the East and West armies, he could report the situation to Xiang Shan and the others.

“That’s good,” Mi Jinglun said, “Since Martial Nephew wants to stay here, you can choose your own team.”

Yang Kai asked, “Disciple wishes to act alone, is that possible?”

After all, he wasn’t familiar with the people from the North and South Army, so joining a small team might not necessarily be a good thing. It would be better for him to be alone and free of worries.

Mi Jinglun smiled and glanced at him, “Since Martial Nephew has such confidence, I won’t stop you, but on the battlefield, please be careful.”

“Disciple understands!” Yang Kai cupped his fists and bowed before taking his leave.

After he left, Ouyang Lie’s mouth twitched, “This little brat, he's quite confident. He actually wanted to act alone, but you actually allowed him to do so. This isn’t like you.”

Mi Jinglun smiled and said, “I don’t know if Brother Ouyang has heard of this child’s many achievements, if the other Seventh Order want to act like this, I won’t allow it, but if it’s him, making an exception isn’t a big deal.”

Ouyang Lie nodded and said, “I’ve heard a lot about him. Brother Mi, don’t take advantage of my ignorance. Speaking of which, a Seventh Order Open Heaven Stage cultivator dared to disguise himself as a Black Ink Disciple and enter the Black Ink Clan’s hinterland, even ruining the Black Ink Clan’s grand plan to construct a Palace Artifact. It’s a miracle that he managed to return alive.”

Mi Jinglun replied, “That’s right, although the Old Ancestor personally went to greet him, he had killed a Territory Lord in Blue Sky Pass before, even though that Territory Lord was seriously injured.”

“Each generation has its own genius, we’re all old!” Ouyang Lie sighed.

Mi Jinglun looked at him with a smile, “It’s rare to see Brother Ouyang have such a high evaluation of the younger generation. Why? Are you regretting not meeting this boy earlier and taking him into your Sect?”

“Hah!” Ouyang Lie let out a loud laugh, “What should I regret? I have a disciple, and although he's not as good as him now, He's not worse than anyone else. Moreover, my disciple’s future potential is higher than his.”

Hearing this, Mi Jinglun sighed, “Life isn’t as good as one thought it would be! This child’s talent is outstanding, but unfortunately he can't reach the Ninth Order. If he can advance to the Ninth Order, it will be of great use to our Human Race.”

Ouyang Lie said, “There’s nothing in this world that can be done perfectly. Speaking of which, his current state is also because of the Cave Heaven Paradise.”

If it weren’t for the several Cave Heaven Paradise’s joint efforts, Yang Kai might have been able to break through to the Seventh Order and have the ability to reach Ninth Order.

Mi Jinglun shook his head and said, “The actions of those few families were done in order to prevent any future troubles. After all, they had learned their lesson from the past. From ancient times until now, they have always treated those who have a chance to reach the Seventh Order Open Heaven directly with the same attitude. From the perspective of the Cave Heaven Paradise, those few families didn’t do anything wrong, but looking back now, they have made a huge mistake.”


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