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In the Great Evolution Pass’ meeting hall, the Royal Lord was still sitting on his skeleton throne, with the dozen or so Territory Lords standing on either side of him.

There were currently more than thirty Territory Lords gathered in Great Evolution Pass. In order to fight against the sixty or seventy thousand humans who had come from Wind and Cloud Pass, half of the Territory Lords were led by Hong Di to set up defenses while the other half remained in the main hall to wait for news.

After all, there was still a Human Race army hidden near Azure Void Pass. No one knew when this Human Race army would appear, so the Black Ink Clan had to leave behind a certain amount of forces to guard against them.

They had thought that the Human Race army from the two different directions would suddenly launch an attack on Great Evolution, but they hadn’t expected that while the battle was extremely lively, it was completely silent.

The Human Race army approaching from Azure Void Pass had yet to make a single sound, so no one knew where they were hiding.

If the Royal Lord could take action, he might be able to find the hiding place of this Human Race army, but the Royal Lord’s opponent was destined to be the Human Race’s Old Ancestor. Before the great battle, the Royal Lord needed to conserve his strength.

Just as the Territory Lords were quietly discussing the movements of the Human Race’s army, Hong Di suddenly rushed in.

The conversation between the Territory Lords instantly came to a halt as they all turned their attention towards Hong Di.

Hong Di bowed and said, “Royal Lord, that Human Race army is fake, sixty or seventy thousand of them are all puppets wearing a layer of clothing. They couldn’t even withstand a single blow, and now almost all of them have been wiped out.”

As he spoke, he tossed the puppet in his hand onto the ground.

All the Territory Lords looked down and were shocked.

The sixty or seventy thousand Human Race soldiers were actually just puppets?

The Royal Lord sitting above also opened his eyes slightly with a confused look.

Although he was a Royal Lord with extraordinary strength, he wasn’t a worm in the stomach of the Human Race, so without enough information, he couldn’t determine what the Human Race wanted to do.

However, if the sixty or seventy thousand Human Race soldiers were just puppets, where was the real Human Race army?

Over the course of countless years, the Black Ink Clan had deeply experienced the treachery of the Human Race, and now that the Human Race was willing to refine so many puppets to attract their attention, it was obvious they had some kind of scheme.

The Black Ink Clan’s Royal Lord faintly felt a trace of unease.

At this moment, a Feudal Lord rushed in from outside and shouted, “Sir Hong Di, this subordinate has something urgent to report!”

Turning his head to look, he found that this Feudal Lord was the one who was overseeing the Black Ink Nest and was responsible for collecting information from all over the war zone.

Seeing his panicked expression, it was obvious something big had happened.

Hong Di turned to look at the Royal Lord and asked for permission before asking, “What is it?”

The Feudal Lord bowed and said, “Just a moment ago, news came from the Black Ink Nest of Zhe Chung Territory Lord and discovered a large number of humans. It seems to be a human race army of about thirty thousand.”

“What?” Hearing this, Zhe Chung was shocked and quickly stood up.

He had been fleeing in the void for more than a year now and had barely managed to escape back to Great Evolution Pass before receiving orders from the Royal Lord to collect thirty thousand subordinate forces and bring them to Great Evolution Pass to help defend.

Because his territory was relatively close to Great Evolution Pass, he arrived quickly.

In fact, the Territory Lords the Royal Lord had recruited this time all belonged to the periphery, because only by doing so could the Black Ink Clan’s army move to Great Evolution Pass as quickly as possible.

It wasn’t as if the Territory Lords in the deeper regions didn’t have anything to do. Each of them had gathered about thirty thousand subordinate forces and were heading towards Great Evolution Pass, staying in the areas where there were no Territory Lords to oversee, waiting for orders.

Therefore, although Zhe Chung Territory Lord wasn’t in his territory right now and had deployed thirty thousand subordinate forces, there was still a Territory Lord who had rushed over from another place over there, so he wasn’t completely helpless.

However, with the strength of the Black Ink Clan there, resisting the Human Race’s thirty thousand strong army was not optimistic.

They had a good understanding of the composition of the Human Race’s forces. An army of thirty thousand represented dozens of Eighth Order Open Heaven Stage cultivators. Although they were few in number, all of them were elites, unlike the Black Ink Clan’s forces which had a mix of good and bad forces, the Human Race still had their Battleship.

Therefore, when Zhe Chung heard that an army of thirty thousand had appeared in his territory, he became anxious.

He suddenly remembered the Human Race army he had encountered on his way to Wind and Cloud Pass. It was about thirty thousand strong…

Could it be such a coincidence?

If it really was that great army, then the Territory Lord who was currently overseeing his territory would most likely be dead. Not to mention dozens of Eighth Order, there were also the Human Race Old Ancestor among them.

“What about now? Where is the Human Race army?” Qing Chun hurriedly asked.

The Feudal Lord shook his head and said, “I don’t know, but after receiving this news from the Black Ink Nest of Zhe Chung Territory Lord, we lost contact with it. In addition, the information we received from the Royal Lord’s Black Ink Nest shows that Zhe Chung Territory Lord's Black Ink Nest, has completely lost contact. Even the traces of its existence have been erased.”

Zhe Chung’s face immediately went pale and he fell back onto his chair.

Since the Black Ink Nest could not be contacted and even its traces had been erased, there was only one possibility, the entire Black Ink Nest had been destroyed!

The Feudal Lord who had come to report the situation had said so a moment ago, which meant that it hadn’t taken long for the Human Race army to appear and destroy the Black Ink Nest.

It was most likely the Human Race Old Ancestor’s army, or else there was no reason for his Black Ink Nest to be destroyed so quickly.

“The Human Race is luring the tiger away from its mountain!” Hong Di grit his teeth and said, “They first used those puppets to attract our attention so that we would think they were trying to break through, but in reality, their goal is not Great Evolution Pass but the territory of everyone here.”

As soon as these words came out, the Territory Lords who had originally felt sympathy for Zhe Chung all panicked.

Originally, when Zhe Chung Territory Lord's Black Ink Nest was destroyed, they were somewhat glad that the Human Race army hadn’t gone to their territory, otherwise they would have been the ones to suffer. But now it seemed that Zhe Chung Territory Lord's Black Ink Nest was the first to be destroyed, but it was definitely not the last.

The Black Ink Nest was the foundation of all the Black Ink Clan. If the Black Ink Nest was destroyed, it would be impossible for it to give birth to a new power. At that time, the Black Ink Clan would no longer be able to rely on numbers to compete with the Human Race.

Although a Territory Lord-level Black Ink Nest could still be born from a Royal Lord-level Black Ink Nest, each time a Territory Lord-level Black Ink Nest was born, they would have to pay a great price. If too many Territory Lord-lord Black Ink Nest were destroyed, they would have to wait a long time before they could obtain their own Black Ink Nest.

If the Royal Lord's Black Ink Nest was destroyed…

The Territory Lords couldn’t help shivering, no longer daring to think about it.

Before Hong Di could finish his sentence, the hall suddenly buzzed as a black shadow flew out.

The Territory Lords turned their heads and discovered that the Royal Lord who had been sitting on the skeleton throne had disappeared, and the one who had rushed out was the Royal Lord.

The Black Ink Clan’s Royal Lord, who had been as steady as a mountain since arriving at Great Evolution Pass, could no longer sit still after hearing that the human race army had broken through the domain of a Territory Lord.

Obviously, he had also thought about the terrifying consequences of the destruction of the Royal Lord-level Black Ink Nest, so he had to go and stop them. Fortunately, he still had time. The Human Race had just arrived and were not familiar with this war zone, so it would not be easy to find the location of the King City.

In the next moment, the Royal Lord’s orders reached the ears of the Territory Lords, “Half of the army will stay behind to guard Great Evolution Pass while the other half will attack and rush to the King City as quickly as possible!”

After receiving the order, the Territory Lords quickly gathered together to discuss the matter. After all, the order passed down by the Royal Lord did not specify a name, so they had to come up with a plan. Who would stay to defend the Great Evolution Pass, and who would go to the King City.

Everyone wanted to stay in the Great Evolution Pass because it would be safer. If they rushed to the King City, they might encounter the Human Race army. At that time, who could resist the might of the Human Race’s Old Ancestor?

However, the Royal Lord’s orders were not to be resisted, nor did they dare to delay. After a series of compromises, they quickly came up with a plan.

Of the thirty or so Territory Lords, half of them were led by Hong Di and continued to guard Great Evolution Pass. After all, Great Evolution was the territory of Hong Di, so it was only natural for him to remain here. This was an advantage that other Territory Lords did not have.

The other half of the Territory Lords, under the leadership of Zhe Chung, rushed to the King City.

Soon, the Black Ink Clan army of the Great Evolution Pass began to move, and one by one, the Territory Lords began to gather their forces.

In the vast void, the Royal Lord rushed towards the King City at a terrifying speed. He had to rush back to the King City as soon as possible, otherwise it would be too late.

Once the Royal Lord-level Black Ink Nest was destroyed, the entire Black Ink Nest in this war zone would be wiped out. At that time, the Black Ink Clan would no longer have any fresh blood to replenish itself, and they would not be far from extinction.

He hadn’t expected the Human Race to be so bold. When he had first guessed that the Human Race was coming to attack Great Evolution Pass, he had immediately summoned many Territory Lords and set up defenses in Great Evolution Pass, preparing to fight the Human Race.

Unexpectedly, the Human Race had no intention of attacking Great Evolution Pass at all, only sending out some puppets to attract their attention. The real Human Race army had already begun attacking the Black Ink Clan’s territory.

He had been tricked!

The Royal Lord’s heart was filled with anger, and as he was rushing forward, he suddenly raised his hand and condensed a thick Ink Force into the shape of a Black Ink Nest.

This was naturally not the real Black Ink Nest, but the Royal Lord could use this Black Ink Nest to connect with his Royal Lord-level Black Ink Nest, and use it to give orders to the various Territory Lords.

The Human Race’s thirty thousand strong army had already appeared in the Black Ink Clan’s territory, with an Old Ancestor standing guard and several dozen Eighth Order masters. With such strength, it would be difficult to resist them with just the strength of the various Territory Lords. Only by gathering together would they be able to fight.

The King City was the battlefield the Royal Lord had chosen, and also the only battlefield, because the Human Race would definitely target the King City.

Regardless of whether the Human Race knew about the secrets of the Black Ink Nest, they would always aim to destroy it.

If he wanted to defend the Royal Lord-level Black Ink Nest, he would need to gather the strength of his Territory Lords.

However, if that happened, there would be no need to worry about anything happening to the King City, but the forces in other places would be greatly weakened. The Black Ink Clan’s side would have basically given up a large portion of their territory. At that time, the number of Black Ink Clan members killed and the number of Black Ink Nest destroyed would be countless.

The Royal Lord’s heart is bleeding, but he had no choice.

He had never thought that the Human Race, which did not have the Pass to restrain them, would be so cunning and difficult to deal with.


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