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Even from a distance, Ouyang Lie and his disciple could sense the abnormality of the Human Race’s army, so there was no way the Black Ink Clan masters in Great Evolution Pass wouldn’t notice.

In fact, they had discovered it earlier than Ouyang Lie and his disciple.

With sixty to seventy thousand Human Race soldiers attacking in such a domineering manner, although the Black Ink Clan didn’t seem to take things seriously on the surface, their actions were actually quite steady.

The Black Ink Clan had not come out of seclusion to fight. Their current approach was the same as that of the Human Race of Great Evolution Pass thirty thousand years ago, relying on the dangers of the mountain pass to weaken the Human Race’s army.

As such, when the tens of thousands of Human Race soldiers entered the attack range, under the Territory Lords’ orders, the Spirit Arrays and artifacts set up on the city walls began to display their might.

The grade of these Spirit Arrays and artifacts arranged on the city walls couldn’t be compared to any human mountain pass. Although there were many of them, their power was far inferior.

Regardless of whether it was Artifact Refiners or Array Masters, such talents was extremely scarce in the Black Ink Clan's side, and their main source for this was the Black Ink Disciples. Over the past thirty thousand years, although many of the Black Ink Clan had devoted themselves to cultivating Artifact Refining and Array Dao, perhaps because of the differences in their races, the Human Race’s Artifact Refining and Array Dao were not perfectly grasped by the Black Ink Clan, so they would never be able to achieve much in these unorthodox ways.

Because of this, the artifacts refined here weren’t of a high grade, so their power naturally wasn’t very high.

However, after thirty thousand years of preparation, there were still many of them.

Originally, according to the Territory Lords’ estimations, with the help of the Spirit Arrays and artifacts, they might be able to cause some casualties to the Human Race’s army, but the casualties shouldn’t be too high. The Human Race wasn’t stupid, they naturally knew how to defend against attacks.

Most importantly, it could suppress the arrogance of the Human Race.

However, when the battle began, the power of these Spirit Arrays and artifacts shocked all of the Black Ink Clan.

Under the envelopment of these beams of light, the Human Race fell to the ground like a pile of straw, their bodies crushed and their bones crushed.

This result shocked and delighted the Territory Lords. Although they didn’t know why the Human Race was so weak, they were happy to see this result.

However, as the number of the human race army decreased, the situation became more treacherous.

Facing the overwhelming attacks of the Black Ink Clan, the Human Race army had no intention of resisting or even defending. No matter how many of them died, all they cared about was charging forward, as if they didn’t know how to write the word death.

What made the Territory Lords even more concerned was that after the fall of the Human Race, there were no signs of their death.

In addition, what about the Human Race’s Battleship?

No matter which war zone it was, the Human Race’s greatest reliance was their Battleship, which was useful for both offensive and defensive battle.

Although Great Evolution War Zone hadn’t fought for more than thirty thousand years, which of the Territory Lords present hadn’t helped Azure Void Pass and Wind and Cloud Pass's battle? Every few hundred or thousand years, they had fought with the Human Race.

All of the Territory Lords were deeply aware of the might of the Human Race’s Battleship and had never forgotten it.

There were tens of thousands of Human Race soldiers, yet not a single Battleship was accompanying them. This was obviously not normal.

From the moment the Human Race’s army appeared within the range of the attack, only a few hours had passed and only a few thousand people remained.

As soon as this order was issued, the buzzing Spirit Arrays and artifacts on the city walls gradually calmed down.

All these abnormalities were too obvious, so how could Hong Di not notice? The other Territory Lords also noticed.

Under the watchful eyes of the Territory Lords, the remaining thousands of Human Race cultivators continued to rush towards Great Evolution Pass and soon arrived a few hundred kilometers below the walls.

At this point, the Territory Lords could already see some clues.

As Hong Di frowned, he stretched out his hand and grabbed a Human Race soldier several hundred kilometers away.

All the Territory Lords turned to look at him with gloomy expressions.

This thing in front of him had no vitality at all, so how could it be a human soldier? It was simply a puppet with a layer of clothing.

However, this puppet was actually emitting a Sixth Order Open Heaven aura!

It was easy to imagine that the tens of thousands of Human Race soldiers from before were all puppets like this, but because there were too many of them and the aura they exuded was too strong, even the Territory Lords didn’t notice anything unusual.

This caused them to think that the Human Race army could really attack Great Evolution Pass.

“What does the Human Race want?” One of the Territory Lords asked curiously.

The Territory Lords fell silent, none of them knowing why the Human Race was doing this.

Hong Di said in a low voice, “There must be something wrong with this situation. It’s not easy to refine tens of thousands of puppets. The Human Race must have their own reasons for doing so. This matter must be reported to the Royal Lord.”

Saying so, he picked up the puppet and left, obviously intending to report this matter to the Royal Lord.

Outside Great Evolution Pass, Ouyang Lie and his disciple were hiding.

Gong Lian frowned, “Master, the tens of thousands of Human Race soldiers were completely wiped out.”

This news was enough to cause anyone to collapse, but at this moment, Ouyang Lie actually calmed down. He had already noticed that something was wrong.

Although he couldn’t understand what was happening over there, he was almost certain that this was the East and West Army’s strategy.

Just as he was determined to return to the Expelling Black Ink Battleship to discuss this matter with Mi Jinglun, the Message Bead in his pocket suddenly showed a subtle reaction.

Ouyang Lie quickly took out his Message Bead and concentrated.

It was an unfamiliar Divine Sense that reported to him that it was Yang Kai from the Great Evolution's East and West Army. There was a military report and asked about his location.

Ouyang Lie had been waiting for the East and West Army to contact him, but he didn’t expect to wait until today, so he immediately informed them of his location.

A moment later, a figure silently flew over from the distance. Only when this figure was a million kilometers away did Ouyang Lie notice it. This was obviously somewhat inconceivable, indicating that this person’s concealment technique was extremely profound.

Ouyang Lie constantly gave him directions.

A moment later, Yang Kai finally arrived at the floating continent where Ouyang Lie and his disciple were hiding. He couldn’t help feeling shocked, this Regiment Commander Ouyang was quite bold. From this location, Yang Kai could clearly see the situation at Great Evolution Pass, which was only a few dozen million kilometers away.

On his way here, he hadn’t encountered any difficulties, but he had wasted a lot of time trying to avoid the Black Ink Clan teams that were searching around.

That was why he had only contacted Ouyang Lie just now.

When he arrived at the floating continent, he didn’t find Ouyang Lie’s figure. Just as he was puzzled, he felt a faint energy fluctuation not far from him and a message from Ouyang Lie came from the Message Bead.

Yang Kai understood and quickly rushed over, quickly passing through a layer of Spirit Arrays and arriving at a hidden place.

There were two people in front of him, a burly old man with red hair and a young man who looked about the same age as him. However, for some reason, when Yang Kai saw this young man, he couldn’t help thinking of the word 'lazy'.

This young man seemed to exude a lazy aura from head to toe.

“Yang Kai greets Sir Ouyang,” Yang Kai cupped his fists.

“You’re from the East-West Army?” Ouyang Lie sized him up.

“Yes!” Yang Kai replied, feeling as if this Regiment Commander Ouyang had a stomach full of anger?

“What military intelligence does Xiang Shan have? Why hasn’t the East and West Army met up with my North and South Army yet?” Ouyang Lie asked in a low voice.

Yang Kai explained, “The East and West armies won’t be meeting up with the North and South armies for now. The original plan has changed.”

Ouyang Lie patiently said, “Speak!”

Yang Kai went on to explain what he had told Mi Jinglun before, and when Ouyang Lie heard this, his expression became gloomy. After fully understanding the entire plan, his unhappy expression finally relaxed.

“I was wondering why Xiang Shan was so stupid, so that’s how it is,” Ouyang Lie rubbed his chin, “So the sixty or seventy thousand troops that were killed by the Black Ink Clan just now were just puppets?”

Yang Kai was surprised, “Just now, this Disciple noticed some movements from the Great Evolution Pass’s side in the void. Were they killing those puppets?”

Ouyang Lie nodded, “En, about sixty to seventy thousand puppets have been wiped out.”

Pausing for a moment, he asked, “Since this place has already drawn the attention of the Black Ink Clan, the East and West armies should have already taken action, right?”

“Disciple doesn’t know, but since Regiment Commander Xiang Shan has made his decision, the time will definitely be arranged. In addition, when Disciple came over from Sir Mi’s side, Sir Mi asked if the Black Ink Clan has any signs of storing troops in Great Evolution Pass?”

Ouyang Lie nodded, “Recently, the Black Ink Clan has sent a million troops to Great Evolution Pass, and even the Black Ink Clan’s Royal Lord has rushed over to personally oversee it.”

After he finished speaking, he couldn’t help but click his tongue, “Xiang Shan, that old fox, lured the Royal Lord here, but led his army to attack the Black Ink Clan’s hinterland. Wouldn’t the Black Ink Clan’s Royal Lord be angered to death?”

Yang Kai didn’t say anything, but at this moment, combined with the various pieces of information he had gathered, he had a clear understanding of Xiang Shan’s plan.

His heart was filled with admiration.

If Mi Jinglun’s deduction was correct, then this series of plans had been triggered by the three hundred thousand Black Ink Clan reinforcements.

Perhaps when Xiang Shan discovered the three hundred thousand Black Ink Clan reinforcements, he already had a plan in mind, so all of his subsequent actions were to prepare an ambush.

This plan had been made hastily, but the preparations made on the road were enough to perfectly implement it.

It was a blessing for the Great Evolution Army to have such a farsighted Regiment Commander.

Just as Ouyang Lie had said, Xiang Shan had lured the Black Ink Clan’s Royal Lord to Great Evolution Pass while he himself had led the army to attack the Black Ink Clan’s hinterland. The Black Ink Clan on the other side definitely wouldn’t be any better off.

Mi Jinglun was also quite capable, able to deduce the East-West Army’s plans through some clues.

Compared to these old fogeys who had lived for countless years and fought with the Black Ink Clan for countless years, Yang Kai felt that his innocence was like a blank piece of paper.

However, as a Human Race soldier, he didn’t need to consider too much. With his current cultivation and status, what he needed to consider was how to lead the Dawn Squad and kill more enemies on the battlefield.

As for the overall situation of the battle, the higher-ups would naturally consider it.

Perhaps only after he broke through to the Eighth Order would he be qualified to participate in the decision making of the higher-ups.


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