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In this position, if the master and disciple pair were to be discovered by the Black Ink Clan, even if there was an Eighth Order master, that is Ouyang Lie, they could forget about escaping this place, because the Black Ink Clan’s Royal Lord who was in charge of Great Evolution Pass would arrive here in an instant and attack them.

Gong Lian was quite unhappy, feeling that his master was courting death.

However, as a disciple, he really couldn’t do anything about his master’s actions and could only try his best to be careful.

Because they were too close, although Ouyang Lie had concealed his aura and figure, he didn’t dare to look towards Great Evolution Pass. He was worried that a casual glance from him would arouse the vigilance of the Black Ink Clan’s masters.

So from beginning to end, he had his disciples investigate the situation of the Great Evolution Pass.

Gong Lian’s innate special ability not only allowed him to have an extremely sharp perception of the impending danger, but when he wanted to investigate something, he would lower his own existence to the minimum, so as long as he was careful, even the Royal Lord would not notice him.

These days, Gong Lian had been very tired.

He had always been a lazy person, but now he had to constantly monitor the movements of Great Evolution Pass and report to his Master about the changes in the situation there, so he didn’t even have the time to daze around.

It had to be known that his biggest hobby in his life was to wander about in a daze. In such a situation, he would be able to empty his body and mind and obtain an unparalleled satisfaction.

“Little brat!” Ouyang Lie suddenly grabbed his disciple’s elbow, because his disciple had not moved for a long time, “Are you daydreaming again?”

Gong Lian shrank back a little and denied flatly, “No! I’m investigating the movements of the Black Ink Clan in Great Evolution Pass. Master, don’t keep slandering me, at least give this disciple some trust.”

How could Ouyang Lie not know his disciple’s personality? He didn’t expose him and simply asked, “Did anything happen over there?”

“There aren’t many changes, but the four walls of Great Evolution Pass seem to have many more Black Ink Clan masters, it seems…”

“What?” Ouyang Lie asked.

“They seem to be guarding against something?” Gong Lian asked uncertainly.

Ouyang Lie’s mouth twitched as he said, “They have nearly a million soldiers stationed here, naturally they have been guarding against my Human Race’s invasion.”

“It’s not the same,” Gong Lian shook his head, “Before, although they had stationed their troops, they didn’t mobilize so many people. Now, the feeling they give me is that our Human Race’s army is about to arrive and they’re already preparing for war.”

Ouyang Lie raised his brow, “The Black Ink Clan is making preparations? Could it be that Brother Mi is making some kind of movement?”

But that shouldn’t be the case. If Mi Jinglun really did have some kind of movement, he would definitely have found a way to inform him. He wouldn’t have not even called out, but if it wasn’t the North and South Army, could it be the East and West Army?

Ouyang Lie quickly asked, “What direction does the Black Ink Clan’s current defenses focus on? The left or the right?”

If it was the left side, it was to guard against the East and West armies. If it was the right side, it was to guard against the North and South armies.

Gong Lian said, “From where I’m standing, it’s to the left. There are more than a dozen Territory Lords standing atop the wall, all of them looking over.”

Ouyang Lie frowned. The Great Evolution Pass' Black Ink Clan was indeed guarding against the East and West armies, but if that was the case, why hadn’t the East and West armies contacted him yet? Were the East and West armies preparing to attack? Xiang Shan wasn’t so stupid.

Even if Xiang Shan couldn’t be relied on, there was still the Old Ancestor overseeing things.

Just as he was feeling suspicious, Gong Lian suddenly frowned, “Master, I feel like something is coming.”

“What is it? The Black Ink Clan’s Royal Lord?” Ouyang Lie was shocked.

Gong Lian shook his head, “It's not the Black Ink Clan’s Royal Lord, there is no sense of crisis, but the aura is strong… very strong!”

Ouyang Lie didn’t know what his disciple was talking about, but he understood that he wouldn’t act rashly. He only hated himself for not daring to act rashly in his current position, otherwise he would have been able to release his Divine Sense.

However, there was no need for him to sense it. Not long after Gong Lian finished speaking, Ouyang Lie noticed something he had just mentioned.

It was indeed very powerful. Even though they were separated by a great distance, this aura was still transmitted from the void.

However, what puzzled Ouyang Lie was that although this aura was strong, it was somewhat chaotic, as if countless auras had gathered together.

Thinking so, Ouyang Lie’s expression changed greatly.

Unlike Ouyang Lie and his disciple’s careful investigation, at this moment, more than a dozen Territory Lords were standing side by side on the towering city wall facing Wind and Cloud Pass direction. Under the powerful perception of a Territory Lord, they could clearly feel the astonishing momentum of the Human Race’s great army half a day away from Great Evolution Pass.

This aura was like an unsheathed sword, pressing forward with a terrifying momentum.

Although the Territory Lords had been boasting in the hall before, when they personally felt this aura, their expressions couldn’t help becoming solemn.

The Human Race had gone crazy! They had actually came directly without any intention of concealing themselves, this was simply not taking the Black Ink Clan seriously.

The Human Race’s army was about to arrive, so the Black Ink Clan couldn’t remain idle. As the Territory Lords passed down their orders, countless Black Ink Clan cultivators began to move.

In an instant, the entire Great Evolution Pass felt like a storm was about to come, and the oppressive atmosphere enveloped the entire mountain pass.

“Master, this is bad, it’s the human race army!” Half a day later, Gong Lian suddenly shouted.

Ouyang Lie’s face sank and he didn’t say a word. In fact, he had already speculated about this before. The astonishing and chaotic aura was obviously the advance of an army.

As for those who had come from Wind and Cloud Pass, besides the Great Evolution's East and West Army, there was no one else.

What was Xiang Shan trying to do? Was he courting death? Ouyang Lie had already grasped the communication artifact in his hand and was attempting to contact the other side with his Divine Sense, but there was no response.

'Damn it!' Ouyang Lie cursed Xiang Shan in his heart. He didn’t know what the Old Ancestors were thinking, but they had actually allowed this guy to become the Regiment Commander of the East Army. Now, the East and West Army was about to fall under his leadership, if the East and South Army were to be defeated, how would the North and South Army be able to survive? Should he just let it be, or should he try to rescue them?

Before the East and West armies acted, didn’t they know how to inquire about the situation of Great Evolution Pass? For them to rush over so recklessly, wasn’t this underestimating the Black Ink Clan too much? Or did they think that Great Evolution Pass didn’t have many Black Ink Clans?

However, Ouyang Lie saw with his own eyes that the current Great Evolution Pass had nearly a million soldiers and even had a Royal Lord personally overseeing it. Not to mention the East and West armies, even if the entire Great Evolution Army was gathered together, it would be impossible to capture Great Evolution Pass in a short time.

What about the Old Ancestor? If the East and West armies were so reckless, why didn’t the Old Ancestor who was accompanying them stop them?

There were too many doubts.

“Are you sure it’s the Human Race army?” Although he was almost certain, he still had to ask.

Gong Lian nodded, “I can see it, it’s definitely the human race army.”

Ouyang Lie was heartbroken.

After a long time, he asked, “How many?”

Now, he only hoped that the East and West armies had not invested all of their forces into this battle. If so, the losses wouldn’t be too great.

Gong Lian replied, “Several tens of thousands.”

Ouyang Lie couldn’t help cursing.

He could already foresee the end of the East and West armies.

“It’s just that there are too many of them, at least sixty or seventy thousand,” Gong Lian added.

Ouyang Lie was stunned for a moment before turning to look at his disciple, “Open your eyes wide and look carefully, how many tens of thousands are there?”

Gong Lian shook his head, “This won’t do, Master. If I open my eyes wide, I might expose myself, but I’m not mistaken, there are at least sixty or seventy thousand of them.”

Since Gong Lian was so certain, it meant he was right.

Ouyang Lie was somewhat confused.

Sixty to seventy thousand? Where did that sixty to seventy thousand come from?

The East-West Army and the North-West Army should have around thirty thousand soldiers, but when combined, there were only sixty thousand. Since they came from Wind and Cloud Pass, they must be from the East-West Army. How could their numbers be double?

Could it be that the North and South armies had met up with each other? But Mi Jinglun hadn’t sent anyone to inform him.

“This is bad, Master, the East and West armies are heading straight for Great Evolution Pass.”

“This is bad, Master. The East and West armies are about to enter the Great Evolution’s attack range, but they have no intention of stopping.”

“This is bad, Master, the Black Ink Clan has begun to attack. The East and West armies at the front have suffered heavy casualties!”

“This is bad, Master…”

Every time Gong Lian called out, Ouyang Lie’s heart would skip a beat. Even though he was an Eighth Order master, he couldn’t help feeling like he couldn’t bear it any longer and couldn’t wait to gamble his ears away to not listen to his disciple’s clamor.

However, even if he didn’t listen, the losses of the East and West armies were inevitable.

He had also thought about risking his life to warn the East and West armies about the situation of Great Evolution Pass, but he still had a glimmer of hope that this would be a strategy of the East and West armies. After all, there was an Old Ancestor overseeing them, so if they really fought, the result would be different, but now it seemed that this was just his own wishful thinking.

“Master, this is a bit strange,” Gong Lian suddenly said.

“What?” Ouyang Lie asked solemnly.

Gong Lian said, “There’s something wrong with the humans over there. They're only taking a beating and didn’t fight back. Over ten thousand of them have already fallen, but there are still no signs of them fighting back, and there are no signs of Open Heaven Stage cultivators dying.”

When Gong Lian said this, Ouyang Lie suddenly reacted.

Indeed, the fall of a Open Heaven Stage cultivator had its own traces. If a High Rank Open Heaven cultivator were to fall, it would cause quite a stir, but even now, he had yet to sense any signs of a High Rank Open Heaven cultivator falling.

Over ten thousand people had fallen, but none of them had shown the sign of an Open Heaven Stage cultivator death, so this was a bit unreasonable.

The Open Heaven Stage auras were constantly withering, but something was wrong.

The Black Ink Clan’s attacks continued uninterrupted, and the various Artifact and Spirit Arrays that had been set up on the city walls began to release their power, transforming into terrifying attacks that bombarded the Human Race army. Ouyang Lie could clearly sense these attacks.

However, he didn’t feel any trace of a human race fighting back. On the battlefield, there seemed to be only the remnants of the Artifact and Spirit Array’s power wreaking havoc, without any World Force leaking out.

Why didn’t the Human Race retaliate?


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