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“When you left, how far was the East and West Army from Great Evolution Pass?” Mi Jinglun asked again.

“A journey of more than a month, less than two months.”

In just over twenty days, it would take an ordinary person more than two months to travel, and even with the help of the Universe Formation inside the Expelling Black Ink Battleship, it was still quite shocking, but considering Yang Kai’s Space Law, this result was still acceptable.

“In other words, if the East and West Army were to directly attack Great Evolution Pass, it should be less than ten or twenty days from now, but I estimate that the East and West Army has already changed directions. After all, they are going to attack the Black Ink Clan’s hinterland, so the time difference shouldn’t be too great. After half a month or so, the East and West Army will definitely attack the Black Ink Clan’s hinterland. At that time, their whereabouts will be exposed, and before that, the tens of thousands of puppets will be used as bait to attract the attention of the Black Ink Clan!”

“Once the news of the East and West armies appearing in the Black Ink Clan’s territory spreads, the Great Evolution Pass’ Black Ink Clan will definitely take action,” Mi Jinglun seemed to be talking to himself, but also seemed to be explaining the situation to the Eighth Order masters, “What our North and South Army needs to do now is find a suitable place to hide and wait for the Great Evolution Pass' Black Ink Clan to appear so we can launch a frontal assault!”

With a slap of his feathered fan, Mi Jinglun had already made up his mind. Looking up at Yang Kai, he asked, “After sending this message, do you have any other military orders?”

Yang Kai shook his head and said, “The Regiment Commander only asked me to deliver the message and didn’t ask for anything else.”

“Good, in that case, you will accompany my North and South Army for now.”

“Yes!” Yang Kai cupped his fists.

“Did you bring that communication artifact with you?”

Yang Kai took out his communication bead and said, “Before coming here, the Regiment Commander handed it to me.”

Mi Jinglun nodded and said, “You don't have to worry about the things here. Since you have a Space Ability, I need your help.”

“Sir, please instruct me.”

“Head towards Great Evolution Pass and use this communication artifact to find Regiment Commander Ouyang Lie and inform him of the situation. Also, he has been monitoring the movements of Great Evolution Pass for some time now. Ask him if the Black Ink Clan’s Royal Lord has arrived at Great Evolution Pass and if the Black Ink Clan has shown any signs of storing troops in Great Evolution Pass. After asking, quickly send the news back. Also, ask him to stay there and monitor the movements of the Black Ink Clan. If the Black Ink Clan’s Royal Lord leaves Great Evolution Pass, inform this side immediately.”

“I’ll remember.”

“Be careful on this trip. In order to investigate the location of my North and South Army, the Great Evolution Pass' Black Ink Clan has sent out many people,try not to expose yourself.”

Yang Kai nodded again.

“Go!” Mi Jinglun waved his hand.

Yang Kai accepted the order and left.

After he left, Mi Jinglun said, “What we need to do now is to find a suitable location. This location cannot be too far from Great Evolution Pass. If it’s too far, we won’t be able to stop them in time, but we can’t get too close either. If we get too close, there will be a risk of being exposed. If we take the travel time of three to five days as priority, what option do we have?”

An Eighth Order said, “We’re not familiar with the surrounding terrain of Great Evolution Pass, so if we want to choose a location, we’ll need to carefully investigate it. In addition, it’s not easy to conceal a fleet, so why don’t we order our soldiers to collect all the Battleships? This way, it’ll be easier to hide, and it won’t be too late to activate the Battleships when necessary.”

Mi Jinglun nodded slightly, “That’s good, but we need to keep the Expelling Black Ink Battleship so that Brother Ouyang won’t be unable to send any messages.”

After a brief discussion, a series of orders were passed down, and soon, almost all of the Battleships had been put away, leaving only the Expelling Black Ink Battleship.

Without the constraints of the Battleship, it would be more convenient for the soldiers of the North and South Army to rely on their Secret Techniques and artifacts to conceal themselves.

Another team was sent out to find a suitable position.

On the other side, Yang Kai left the Expelling Black Ink Battleship and headed straight for Great Evolution Pass.

If he could use his Space Law, he naturally wouldn’t need to spend too much time on this trip, but Mi Jinglun had told him not to expose himself, making it difficult to use his Space Law.

After all, Great Evolution Pass’ Black Ink Clan had sent out many people to search for the position of the North and South Army. If he were to accidentally teleport to the vicinity of the Black Ink Clan, he would definitely be exposed.

Therefore, he could only continue on his way.

Before leaving, he had asked about the direction of Great Evolution Pass and knew that this place was about ten days away from Great Evolution Pass, so time wasn’t too tight.

At this moment, five Eighth Order Open Heaven Stage masters appeared in the void near Wind and Cloud Pass. These five Eighth Order Open Heaven Stage masters were the five who had departed from the East and West armies, each of them carrying a Space Ring filled with puppets.

After Yang Kai left, the East and West Army changed directions just as Mi Jinglun had predicted, but the five Eighth Order did not. Instead, they headed straight for Great Evolution Pass.

Now, they were only half a month away from Great Evolution Pass.

Prior to this, the five of them had not encountered any of the Black Ink Clan’s forces, but over the past few days, they had been constantly encountering small teams from the Black Ink Clan. These small teams were at most guarded by a Feudal Lord, so how could they possibly be their opponents? Naturally, if they encountered a group, they would kill them without mercy.

The frequent encounters with the Black Ink Clan’s small team meant that the Black Ink Clan at Great Evolution Pass had already noticed.

At a certain moment, the leader of the group, an Eighth Order, suddenly stopped and sent a voice transmission, “It’s about time, make your move.”

The other four nodded.

Each of them took out a Space Ring, and as their Divine Sense surged, a large number of puppets suddenly appeared. Each of these puppets exuded the aura of a Fifth Order Open Heaven Stage master, some of them even having the aura of a Sixth Order or Seventh Order. One of them might not be a big deal, but when they gathered together, their auras soared to the sky.

As the number of puppets increased, their aura became more terrifying, causing the surrounding space to distort.

A total of sixty to seventy thousand puppets were quickly summoned by five Eighth Order masters. These puppets were all neatly dressed and had their energy source placed in advance.

As the five Eighth Order's Divine Senses surged, they issued an extremely simple order to the puppet army!

In the next moment, the overwhelming army of the puppets silently set off towards the Great Evolution Pass.

To issue an order to sixty or seventy thousand puppets at once, each Eighth Order Open Heaven Stage master would be responsible for over ten thousand puppets. Even with their profound cultivations, their faces were still pale.

This was also the reason why five Eighth Order masters had to act together. With so few of them, it was impossible to control these puppets.

After releasing these tens of thousands of puppets, the five Eighth Order masters' mission was completed. Watching the puppet army gradually disappear into the distance, the five of them rested for a moment before turning around and flying off into the depths of the void. They still needed to meet up with the army, when the time came to attack the Black Ink Clan’s hinterland came, the five of them would be needed.

The puppet army continued forward.

After just two hours, a group from the Black Ink Clan noticed the momentum of this great army.

It couldn’t be helped, this aura was simply too shocking, like a bright lamp in the dark night, making it difficult for the nearby Black Ink Clan to not sense it.

The leader of this Black Ink Clan team was a Feudal Lord who had received orders to investigate the whereabouts of the Human Race’s army. These past few days, he had gained nothing, but today he had suddenly discovered something.

Originally, he had wanted to get closer and observe the situation carefully, but because of the overwhelming aura, he didn’t dare to get too close, only glancing at it from a distance before turning pale.

With a single glance, he saw tens of thousands of Human Race soldiers marching towards Great Evolution Pass.

This Feudal Lord didn’t dare to delay and quickly sent a message to the back while retreating to observe the movements of the Human Race army.

A few days later, with the efforts of several Black Ink Clan teams, the news finally reached Great Evolution Pass.

Inside the giant hall, a group of Territory Lords were talking loudly. With a pair of pitch-black wings on his back, the Black Ink Clan Royal Lord was still resting with his hand on his face, his eyes closed as if he had never moved.

Suddenly, a Feudal Lord rushed in and whispered to Hong Di before quickly retreating.

The noise from the Territory Lords disappeared and everyone turned to look at Hong Di.

Hong Di stepped forward and bowed, “Royal Lord, the Human Race’s army is moving.”

The Royal Lord opened his eyes slightly, “Speak!”

“The report say that a few days ago, in the direction of Wind and Cloud Pass, a Human Race army was discovered, numbering around sixty or seventy thousand, heading straight for Great Evolution Pass. The Feudal Lord has been monitoring their movements, but he hasn’t discovered any signs of them changing their route.”

“Arrogant Human Race, trying to take down Great Evolution Pass with a mere sixty or seventy thousand people? Ridiculous!”

“These are only the humans from Wind and Cloud Pass, but what about Azure Void Pass? There might be more than a hundred thousand of them.”

“So what if it’s a hundred thousand? With Great Evolution Pass as a barrier and my Black Ink Clan having nearly a million people, let alone a hundred thousand, even if it’s twice as many, the Human Race can forget about succeeding.”

“That’s right, if the Human Race doesn’t attack, then so be it, but if they dare to attack, they’ll be doomed.”

“Royal Lord, this subordinate requests your permission to fight the Human Race!”

A group of Territory Lords was making a ruckus, taking advantage of the terrain and their strength far surpassing that of the Human Race, so they naturally had the qualifications to not take the Human Race army seriously.

However, since the Royal Lord had not spoken, they didn’t dare act rashly no matter how loud their clamor was.

The Royal Lord remained silent for a long time before asking, “Can you determine the position of the Ninth Order Human?”

Hong Di replied, “There is no report of this from the Feudal Lord, but the Ninth Order Human Race will definitely come from Wind and Cloud Pass.”

The Royal Lord indifferently nodded and lightly said, “Go make preparations, it seems the Human Race will soon arrive.”

“Yes!” The group of Territory Lords nodded and rubbed their fists.

News from the front constantly spread towards Great Evolution Pass.

The Human Race’s army was less than eight days away from Great Evolution Pass, and they did not stop or change direction.

The Human Race army was only five days away from Great Evolution Pass…

The Human Race army was only three days away from Great Evolution Pass…

The human race army was only a day away from Great Evolution Pass!

Somewhere outside Great Evolution Pass, on a floating continent fragment, Ouyang Lie and his disciple quietly concealed themselves.

This location was a bit closer to where they had been hiding than the last time they had been here, so it could be said that it was quite daring.


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