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Ouyang Lie had been carrying Gong Lian all this time, so he naturally noticed the abnormality of his disciple.

Just as he was about to ask, Gong Lian sent him a voice transmission, “Master, I suddenly feel a bit frightened.”

Ouyang Lie frowned, “Are you sure?”

Gong Lian nodded seriously.

Ouyang Lie’s expression instantly became serious. Speaking of which, this disciple of his had an extremely outstanding aptitude. Back when he had broken through to Open Heaven, he had been a direct Seventh Order. Even in the Cave Heaven Paradise, he was a rare seedling with a high chance of reaching the Ninth Order.

If not for this, why would Ouyang Lie value him so highly?

Not to mention, Gong Lian’s cultivation speed was extremely fast. It had only been a thousand years since he had broken through to Open Heaven, but he had already reached the peak of the Seventh Order and was only a step away from the Eighth Order.

Although his cultivation was one grade lower than Ouyang Lie’s, Gong Lian had a unique ability.

His perception of danger was much sharper than ordinary people.

Rather than calling this perception an ability, it was more accurate to call it an innate ability that no one else could imitate. Perhaps he didn’t even know what he was sensing, but he was able to foresee the impending danger. The greater the danger, the stronger his perception would be.

This kind of thing had happened many times before. On the road of cultivation, Gong Lian had used his talent to avoid many dangers.

But there had never been a time when this kind of sense of danger was so terrifying.

Ouyang Lie naturally knew his disciple’s ability, so when Gong Lian said he was trembling in fear, Ouyang Lie realized that something was wrong.

One of them was at the peak of the Seventh Order while the other was at the Eighth Order Open Heaven. Even if they encountered the Black Ink Clan’s army here, as long as they weren’t surrounded, they still had a chance to escape.

Therefore, the danger that Gong Lian felt was most likely from the Black Ink Clan’s Royal Lord!

Only a Royal Lord comparable to a Ninth Order Old Ancestor could make Gong Lian tremble in fear.

Ouyang Lie didn’t sense any aura from the Black Ink Clan’s Royal Lord, but he didn’t doubt his disciple’s ability and immediately searched for a hiding place.

Fortunately, there were a number of floating continents of various sizes nearby, so he chose one of them and quickly set up an array to conceal his aura.

Gong Lian was no longer as lazy as he had been before and was instead helping out.

The master and disciple duo spent less than half a cup of tea time before setting up a Spirit Array. As the two of them entered, Ouyang Lie activated the Spirit Array.

Almost at the same time, a majestic will swept across the place where the two were hiding and quickly spread out.

From the depths of the void, there was a giant black shadow that was only ten million kilometers away from their hiding place.

Ouyang Lie lowered his eyes and did not look around, quietly transmitting his voice, “What do you see?”

Compared to Ouyang Lie’s cautiousness, Gong Lian’s actions at this moment could be said to be extremely bold. He narrowed his eyes slightly, his gaze becoming relaxed again as he watched the giant black figure rush into Great Evolution Pass.

From beginning to end, even though he was being stared at like this, the giant black figure didn’t react at all.

This could also be said to be one of Gong Lian’s special abilities. If it were anyone else, even if they were an Eighth Order, it would be difficult for them not to notice them, but Gong Lian was different. He seemed to be able to reduce his existence to the extreme.

“The Black Ink Clan’s Royal Lord!” Gong Lian replied.

It was easy to imagine that if Gong Lian hadn’t warned them just now, the master and disciple duo might not have been able to avoid the Black Ink Clan’s Royal Lord’s detection and might have immediately exposed themselves.

If they were to expose themselves in such a place, the master and disciple duo would definitely not be able to escape.

“Tsk…” Although he had some guesses in his heart, when he heard Gong Lian’s answer, Ouyang Lie couldn’t help but click his tongue in dissatisfaction, “Xiang Shan’s miscalculation has caused a great disturbance!”

The Black Ink Clan’s Royal Lord had come from the Black Ink Clan’s hinterland. In other words, there was no Royal Lord in Great Evolution Pass before, so if the East and West armies led by Xiang Shan could arrive earlier, with the combined strength of the North and South armies and a Ninth Order Old Ancestor, they might be able to easily capture Great Evolution Pass.

But now that the Black Ink Clan’s Royal Lord had arrived, with the Royal Lord personally overseeing the Great Evolution Pass, it would not be easy to take it down.

But now that the Royal Lord had arrived, would the Black Ink Clan’s army be far away?

The Black Ink Clan’s army was indeed not far away.

Half a day after the Royal Lord arrived at Great Evolution Pass, a team of twenty to thirty thousand Black Ink Clan cultivators, led by a Territory Lord, rushed over from the Black Ink Clan’s hinterland and entered Great Evolution Pass.

Immediately after, more Territory Lords and their subordinate forces arrived.

In less than three days, Ouyang Lie saw the army of more than a dozen Territory Lords, a total of three to four hundred thousand Black Ink Clan cultivators.

Ouyang Lie’s face sank. The more prepared the Black Ink Clan was, the harder it would be to conquer Great Evolution Pass, but until now, Xiang Shan’s East and West Army was still nowhere to be found.

A few days later, more Black Ink Clan cultivators gathered in Great Evolution Pass. The entire Great Evolution Pass was filled with busy Black Ink Clan figures who were making various arrangements inside the city walls, preparing to face the Human Race army.

Ten days later, just the number of Black Ink Clans Ouyang Lie and Gong Lian had seen was around eight to nine hundred thousand, with dozens of Territory Lords, and with the Black Ink Clan’s Royal Lord personally overseeing Great Evolution Pass, the entire Great Evolution Pass could be said to be completely impenetrable by the Black Ink Clan.

“Master, the situation isn’t looking good!” Even Gong Lian, who was often absent-minded, could see that the current situation was extremely unfavorable for the Human Race.

Ouyang Lie’s face sank as he remained silent.

He was carrying a communication artifact to communicate with the East and West armies, so as long as they were within a certain distance from each other, they would be able to contact each other, but even now, the communication artifact had not reacted.

What the hell was the East and West Army doing? Why hadn’t they contacted him yet? Could it be that something had happened along the way? But with the Old Ancestor personally escorting them, what kind of accident could happen?

Ouyang Lie couldn’t understand.

Inside the huge hall of Great Evolution Pass, many Territory Lords were gathered together. At the very top of the hall was a throne made from skeletons. Even after countless years, the skeletons still exuded a terrifying aura.

This skeleton was made from the remains of a Human Race master collected by the Black Ink Clan after the Great Evolution Pass was broken. The Human Race corpse that could be used in this skeleton throne was at least a Seventh Order.

This throne was incomparably huge. It was easy to imagine how many Human Race masters’ skeletons had been used to build this throne.

In the battle at Great Evolution Pass, how many Human Race masters had died?

This was the Black Ink Clan’s spoils of war! It had always been placed here, and even Territory Lord Hong Di, who had been guarding Great Evolution Pass all year round, didn’t have the qualifications to sit here.

This was also the exclusive throne of the Black Ink Clan’s Royal Lord.

At this moment, the Royal Lord was sitting on this throne. From his appearance alone, this Black Ink Clan Royal Lord didn’t look much different from a human race, just that his body was several times larger, but behind him was a pair of pitch-black wings.

The Royal Lord supported his face with one hand and slightly narrowed his eyes as he listened to the Territory Lords below.

This was mainly due to a report from Hong Di.

Great Evolution Pass was his territory, and he had previously sent out a few teams to investigate the situation, but now he had received more information.

“In the direction of Azure Void Pass, several small teams have disappeared. Although we sent people to investigate, we didn’t find any clues. We can confirm that they encountered a Human Race army, but we don’t know where they are.”

“There’s nothing unusual about the direction of Wind and Cloud Pass. The small teams we sent out have all returned unscathed, and there are no signs of human activity.”

“Over thirty Territory Lords have arrived at Great Evolution Pass and their forces number more than nine hundred thousand. With the arrangements they’ve made in Great Evolution Pass for so many years, they should be able to resist the invasion of the Human Race’s army. If they don’t come, it’s fine, but if they do, they’ll never be able to return.”

The group of Territory Lords cheered.

Most Territory Lords had participated in the siege of Great Evolution Pass thirty thousand years ago. When the Human Race occupied Great Evolution Pass, they had suffered a great deal each time they attacked it. This Human Race’s Pass was a very good barrier, and by relying on its dangers, the Human Race could often win in numbers.

Now, they could finally let the Human Race experience the same helpless feeling they had when they were attacking the pass. The Territory Lords couldn’t wait to see this scene.

Thirty Territory Lords and more than nine hundred thousand troops were naturally not the entirety of the Great Evolution War Zone’s Black Ink Clan. This number was only half the number of troops the Black Ink Clan could mobilize.

It wasn’t that the Black Ink Clan couldn’t mobilize more troops.

However, although Great Evolution Pass was huge, it could not accommodate too many people. An army of nine hundred thousand was basically the limit, any more would only be a burden.

As such, the Black Ink Clan’s Royal Lord only summoned thirty or so Territory Lords and their subordinate forces. As for the other Territory Lords, they were on standby and could assist Great Evolution Pass at any time.

In fact, there should have been nearly a hundred Black Ink Clan Territory Lords in the Great Evolution War Zone.

It was just that several years ago, when they had supported Wind and Cloud Pass and Azure Void Pass, about ten of them had died, and together, nearly twenty had died.

Currently, there were around sixty to seventy Territory Lords in the Great Evolution War Zone.

This number was not a lot, the East and West armies had sixty Eighth Order Garrison Chief, and the entire Great Evolution Army had more than a hundred Eighth Order. In terms of the number of Eighth Order and Territory Lords, the Human Race had the absolute advantage.

This was also in consideration of the dangers of the Great Evolution Pass. Without absolute advantage, it was impossible to take it down.

After Hong Di finished reporting, the Royal Lord did not respond for a long time.

The Territory Lords didn’t dare to rush him.

After a long time, the Royal Lord said, “Continue to investigate and find out the exact location of the Human Race army.”

What was certain now was that the Human Race’s Ninth Order Open Heaven had come from Wind and Cloud Pass. In other words, the Human Race army that had come from Azure Void Pass did not have a Ninth Order protecting them.

As long as he could find out the location of the Human Race army from Azure Void Pass, he would be able to act freely. First, he would cripple the Human Race army from Azure Void Pass, and then it would be much easier to deal with the humans from Wind and Cloud Pass.

The Human Race’s division into the Great Evolution Pass is bound to be a failure.

Regarding this battle, the Black Ink Clan’s Royal Lord was completely confident. After all, the current situation was no different from thirty thousand years ago.

“Yes!” Hong Di nodded and sent out a series of orders. Soon, more Black Ink Clan squads set out from Great Evolution Pass, splitting up into two directions to continue investigating the Human Race army.


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Xue Ying
Xue Ying
03. Aug. 2023

Great evolution pass only have MA Fan /troublesome GM as the sole expert survivor. Which means all his clan died in this pass. How was it possible when every 100 years these 108 CH&P supply people to all 108 passes? Besides they are artifact refiner clan and they occupy 1 pass? The ancestor is the exception but it's BS if a non-purely fighting experts occupy 1 pass by themselves.

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Jon A
Jon A
30. Juni 2022

Now that the ink clan gathered at the pass wouldn't it be better to attack the rest of the zone first instead. Go to the king city and get the royal nest and any territory lords left behind.

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nope, the lack logistics for that expedition

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