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Moreover, even if Ouyang Lie personally went, the North and South Army still had him as their Commander, so there would naturally be no problems.

However, he absolutely could not allow Ouyang Lie to go alone, otherwise, with his violent temper, he might cause trouble.

As such, Mi Jinglun said, “Let your disciple accompany you. If Brother Ouyang discovers anything there, your disciple can inform us.”

Ouyang Lie immediately turned to look at Mi Jinglun, “What? Are you afraid I’ll cause trouble? You want my disciple to watch over me?”

Mi Jinglun laughed, “Of course not.”

Although he said so, it was obvious that this was his plan.

Ouyang Lie pondered for a moment before coldly snorting, “Fine, let him accompany me.”

To be honest, not only was Mi Jinglun afraid of him causing trouble, but he was also afraid of causing trouble himself. Normally, with his Eighth Order Open Heaven cultivation, even if he caused trouble, it wouldn’t be too big of a problem, but this time was different. The North and South Army hadn’t made contact with the East and West Army yet, they hadn’t even discussed how to deploy the Great Evolution Pass in the future. If he were to really cause trouble, the implications would not be small and might even disrupt the plans of the entire army.

If he were to bring his disciple along, it would be equivalent to a restriction. If he really wanted to stir up trouble, he would have to carefully weigh the consequences.

“Boy, did you hear that? Come with Master.”

Ouyang Lie turned his head to the side.

Beside a pillar, a young man was leaning against it with his arms crossed in front of his chest. The two Regiment Commanders and several Eighth Order Garrison Chiefs who were in charge of making decisions about the movements of the army were having a heated discussion, but this young man had a bored look on his face and even seemed to want to sleep. From time to time, he would yawn and his eyes would become hazy.

This young man’s cultivation was also at the Seventh Order. Logically speaking, this level of cultivation had long since transcended the shackles of ordinary mortals, so it was impossible for him to doze off.

However, he just kept on yawning, looking extremely sleepy.

In the entire hall, everyone was an Eighth Order, except for him, a Seventh Order Open Heaven cultivator.

Mi Jinglun and the other Eighth Order Garrison Chiefs were all used to seeing him like this.

Speaking of which, this master and disciple pair, were also quite eccentric. The Master's temperament was fiery, and even though he was an Eighth Order Open Heaven cultivator, he was still quite impetuous.

But now that he had taken in such a lazy disciple, no matter what, he couldn’t arouse his interest.

The two’s personalities were like heaven and earth.

On top of that, Ouyang Lie had high hopes for this disciple of his, which was why he treasured him so much. Because of this, whenever Ouyang Lie thought he could act rashly, he would always bring this disciple with him.

He constantly reminded himself that with his disciple by his side, he must not act rashly. He had to be careful, otherwise, if he caused any trouble, he might implicate his disciple!

The young man stared blankly ahead, still yawning, but after Ouyang Lie finished speaking, he didn’t receive any response.

Mi Jinglun smiled bitterly. 'Brother Ouyang’s disciple’s mental illness is quite troublesome! Was it really reliable for these two to act together?'

“Martial Nephew Gong, your master is talking to you,” An Eighth Order Garrison Chief reminded helplessly.

“Disciple is here!” Gong Lian quickly straightened his posture and lowered his head, “What instructions does Master have?”

“Instructions my ass!” Ouyang Lie couldn’t wait any longer and strode out. When he reached Gong Lian’s side, he grabbed his clothes and lifted him up, “Come with me!”

After taking a few steps, he left the Expelling Black Ink Battleship and called out from afar, “Brother Mi, just act according to plan. If this old master has any information, this old master will have my little disciple report back.”

Mi Jinglun and the other Eighth Order masters looked at each other and shook their heads helplessly.

After a while, the massive fleet slowly retreated, moving back two days worth of travel as planned to avoid any accidents.

In the void, Ouyang Lie used a series of Secret Techniques to conceal his body and Gong Lian’s aura, but his speed was not slow in the slightest as he rushed towards Great Evolution Pass.

Gong Lian didn’t resist or struggle, simply allowing him to hold his hand. Not only did he not show any dissatisfaction, he even seemed to be used to it.

To him, there was no need for him to use his own strength to travel, so it was best. So what if his posture was ugly?

Fortunately, he still asked, “Master, where are we going?”

“To spy on the Black Ink Clan,” Ouyang Lie replied.

Gong Lian nodded before falling silent.

Ouyang Lie and his disciple were hurrying towards Great Evolution Pass, and in another direction, Yang Kai was also hurrying along.

This time, he was going to cross the Great Evolution Pass and head to the other side of Great Evolution Pass to find traces of the North and South Army and inform them of the various arrangements Xiang Shan had made.

Since he wanted to cross Great Evolution Pass, he had two choices. One was to walk in front while the other was to walk behind.

Ding Yao had shown him the map of the entire Ink Battlefield at Blue Sky Pass. In the Ink Battlefield and the 3000 Worlds, there was only one channel to communicate with, and that channel was the No-Return Pass guarded by the Dragon and Phoenix Clan!

With the No-Return Pass as the center, the hundred or so human race mountain passes were arranged in an inverted semicircle around the Ink Battlefield.

In other words, the No-Return Pass is at the rear of all the human race mountain passes. If one set out from any mountain pass and travel in the direction of the 3000 Worlds, they could arrive at the No-Return Pass.

More than thirty thousand years ago, this semicircle region was absolutely safe for the Human Race because this region was the back of every mountain pass. If the mountain pass wasn’t broken, it was impossible for the Black Ink Clan to enter this semicircle region.

After Great Evolution Pass was taken over by the Black Ink Clan, the Black Ink Clan had a chance to take a glimpse of the No-Return Pass's majesty. However, after several attempts, they had suffered heavy losses, so the Black Ink Clan of the Great Evolution Pass no longer dared to have any thoughts of taking a look at No-Return Pass.

Currently, behind the Great Evolution Pass was the direction of the No-Return Pass. Although there were still Black Ink Clan activities, there were not many of them, and they would not go too far.

For Yang Kai, there were two routes to cross Great Evolution Pass. One was to walk in front of Great Evolution Pass while the other was to walk behind.

Yang Kai naturally chose the latter route.

The semicircle region was relatively safer, and the chances of encountering the Black Ink Clan were even lower. If he walked in front of Great Evolution Pass, he might encounter all kinds of trouble.

In order to avoid encountering the Black Ink Clan as much as possible, Yang Kai had deliberately made a big detour, fortunately, everything had been peaceful along the way.

However, at a certain moment, he suddenly stopped in midair and turned his head towards a certain direction.

In that direction, there seemed to be some kind of mysterious force attracting him, causing him to become restless. Even his blood began to warm up and flow faster.

Yang Kai immersed himself in his Divine Sense and quickly understood what was happening.

The source of this mysterious power was the Dragon Altar! Because he possessed the Dragon Vein, he naturally had a certain connection with it.

And that direction was the direction of the No-Return Pass!

If the Dragon and Phoenix Clan were responsible for guarding the No-Return Pass, does that mean the Dragon Altar is in the No-Return Pass?

Since coming to this Ink Battlefield, Yang Kai had always wanted to find the Dragon Clan. After all, he had the Dragon Clan’s bloodline, and there were also many Dragon Clan members in the Void Land. If he could find the Dragon Clan here, he would be able to obtain better cultivation.

Unfortunately, his wish had never come true.

The world only knew that Dragon Altar was one of the 36 Cave Heaven, but they didn’t know where it was located. According to the rumors, Dragon Altar was an illusory place that only Dragon Clan could enter.

The higher-ups of the Cave Heaven Paradise should know about the secrets of the Dragon Altar and the No-Return Pass, but they wouldn’t openly announce them.

Yang Kai had once been to the Shattered Heaven’s Holy Spirit Ancestral Land, where he had witnessed the shocking battle between the Dragon Emperor and Phoenix Empress in ancient times, where they had worked together to seal the Inked Giant Spiritual God, and where he had obtained the Crystal Palace, the sacred artifact of the Dragon Clan.

However, in the Holy Spirit Ancestral Land, there were no Dragon Clan, no pure Phoenix Clan, and none of the Holy Spirits in the Holy Spirit Ancestral Land knew anything about the ancient battle.

Perhaps after that battle, the Dragon and Phoenix Clans would leave the Ancestral Land to guard the No-Return Pass.

The reason why he had been unable to sense the existence of the Dragon Altar in Blue Sky Pass was because it was too far away. Now, in order to cross the Great Evolution Pass, he had deliberately made a big detour and had the opportunity to sense the Dragon Altar.

However, his current position was still quite far from the No-Return Pass, so the sensation he felt was not very strong.

Looking in the direction of the No-Return Pass, Yang Kai suppressed the throbbing in his blood and continued on his way.

He had to go to the Dragon Altar in the end, but not now! Right now, he had an even more important mission.

Along the way, Yang Kai didn’t encounter any Black Ink Clan cultivators, allowing him to freely use his Space Law to teleport without worrying about being discovered.

On the other side of Great Evolution Pass, Ouyang Lie carried his Disciple, Gong Lian, and headed towards Great Evolution Pass. Along the way, he discovered a large number of Black Ink Clan cultivators in small groups, all of them searching in all directions.

However, with his cultivation and methods, avoiding these Black Ink Clan cultivators was not difficult.

Along the way, Gong Lian continued to yawn. Anyone who saw him like this would think he would fall asleep in the next moment.

But in reality, Gong Lian had maintained this state the entire time. Even when he was held by his Master, he didn’t show any signs of resistance.

A few days later, Ouyang Lie had already approached the periphery of Great Evolution Pass. Standing in the void, he could clearly see the majestic mountain pass.

Looking at the Human Race’s mountain pass now shrouded in the Ink Force, Ouyang Lie couldn’t help sighing.

This had once been the territory of the Human Race, but now the Black Ink Clan was acting so tyrannically here, occupying this place like a dove occupying a magpie’s nest. This made him feel extremely indignant, and he wanted nothing more than to rush over and exterminate the Black Ink Clan inside, take back Great Evolution Pass, and wash away the shame.

However, this thought was only a passing thought. No matter how violent his personality was, he knew that breaking in alone would not end well.

Taking back the Great Evolution Pass was something only an army could do.

Although this position was close enough, i's still not the limit. Just as he was about to go deeper, Gong Lian, who had been in his hand all this time, suddenly opened his eyes wide and his lazy expression disappeared. He couldn’t help shivering.


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