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Originally, Zhe Chung had planned to use the power of the Black Ink Nest here to report his encounter to the Royal Lord while also reporting his unfounded conjectures.

Indeed, there were advantages and disadvantages to this matter. If this conjecture was true, it could allow the Black Ink Clan to make preparations in advance, but if it was false, they might suffer some punishment. In addition, he had previously encountered the Human Race’s army and fleeing without a fight, so if he were to be punished for these two crimes, he would definitely suffer a great deal.

Now that he saw that Hong Di also had such a guess, he was relieved.

Hong Di said solemnly, “Counting the days, the Human Race’s ambush should have happened after the battle at Wind and Cloud Pass. After the battle at Wind and Cloud Pass, the Royal Lord sent a message telling me not to go into seclusion for the time being. Originally, I didn’t understand why the Royal Lord would issue such an order, but now it seems the Royal Lord had already expected it!”

The Royal Lord had indeed anticipated this.

The information that Hong Di received while guarding Great Evolution Pass was only what was circulating inside the Great Evolution War Zone, and it was also from the Royal Lord.

However, the Royal Lord had a Royal Lord-level Black Ink Nest, and with the help of the Royal Lord-level Black Ink Nest, they were able to obtain information about the other war zones.

Hong Di only knew that the human race forces at Wind and Cloud Pass had greatly increased, with one more Old Ancestor appearing, but he didn’t know that the human race forces at Azure Void Pass had also increased greatly. Although there were no new Old Ancestor, there were still hundreds of Eighth Order masters, causing the Black Ink Clan of Azure Void Pass to complain incessantly.

The two Human Race mountain pass, which was close to the Great Evolution Pass, had suddenly made a move at almost the same time, which already explained the problem.

The Black Ink Clan’s Royal Lord naturally had some guesses, so he immediately sent a message to Hong Di to tell him not to go into seclusion for the next few years.

This was also why Zhe Chung was able to see Hong Di this time.

“This is an important matter, I must immediately report it to the Royal Lord,” Hong Di said before hurriedly leaving, obviously wanting to use the power of the Black Ink Nest to report the news he had just received.

Seeing this, Zhe Chung didn’t try to stop him and stood up, “I’ll go with you.”

Perhaps when the time came, it would be easier for him to answer whatever the Royal Lord asked.

A moment later, in the Black Ink Nest, Territory Lord Hong Di connect his consciousness to the Black Ink Nest’s will and reported all kinds of information. Originally, he thought he would have to wait for a while before replying, but to his surprise, the Royal Lord quickly responded.

After a while, Hong Di finally collected his thoughts and wore a solemn expression.

Seeing this, Zhe Chung asked, “What does the Royal Lord say?”

Originally, he had wanted to personally report to the Royal Lord what had happened on this trip, but he hadn’t expected the Royal Lord to not even ask him about it, so he didn’t know what the Royal Lord had said to Hong Di.

Hong Di said in a low voice, “The battle at Azure Void Pass was lost, and the Human Race sent out a large number of reinforcements. After that battle, nearly half of the Territory Lord died, and although the Royal Lord over there is unharmed, he won’t be able to act for a while.”

Zhe Chung was extremely surprised, “Azure Void Pass is also like this?”

Hong Di nodded heavily, “So the Royal Lord speculates that the Human Race may really come to reclaim Great Evolution Pass! Zhe Chung, the Royal Lord ordered you to quickly return to your territory and gather an army to defend Great Evolution Pass!”

“They're really coming?” Zhe Chung was slightly absent-minded. Over thirty thousand years had passed, and the Human Race had never paid any attention to the lost Great Evolution Pass, but the Black Ink Clan knew that the Human Race couldn’t give up on Great Evolution Pass and would come to reclaim it sooner or later. Unexpectedly, they had waited for more than thirty thousand years. “I understand, I’ll return to my territory now.”

A short while later, Zhe Chung's figure transformed into a black ink cloud and flew off into the distance. He secretly rejoiced that he had returned quickly. According to his estimations, even if the Human Race’s army really came to attack Great Evolution Pass, he should still have enough time to prepare.

All the Territory Lords in the Great Evolution War Zone had enough time to prepare for the worst.

At the same time, in Great Evolution Pass, a series of orders were issued from Hong Di, and the teams from the Black Ink Clan split up into two groups and spread out into the void, investigating the possible movements of Wind and Cloud Pass and Azure Void Pass’ Human Race.

However, this required time and a bit of luck. If the Human Race really wanted to subdue the Great Evolution Pass, they would definitely act stealthily, so it wouldn’t be easy to find them.

Not only did Great Evolution Pass take action, but all the Territory Lords in the entire war zone had received orders from their Royal Lords to gather their forces in the shortest time possible to prepare for emergencies.

In an instant, almost all of the Black Ink Clans in the Great Evolution War Zone began to move, and a storm-like aura immediately enveloped the entire area.

Hong Di had thought it wouldn’t be easy to find out more about the Human Race, but he hadn’t expected that in just five or six days, he would be able to find out more about them.

The group of Black Ink Clan cultivators heading towards Azure Void Pass had strangely lost contact.

The losses weren’t great, at most a Feudal Lord, a few High Rank and Low Rank Black Ink Clan, but this abnormality quickly attracted the attention of Hong Di.

The team he had sent out could not have disappeared for no reason. For tens of thousands of years, the Black Ink Clan had not had any enemies near Great Evolution Pass.

The only possibility was that this group had broken through the Human Race army’s hiding place and been destroyed.

As he continued to send more people to investigate the location of the missing team, they quickly reported this news.

The Great Evolution Pass was located in the direction of Azure Void Pass, and a few days later, a massive fleet was quietly hiding in the void.

This kind of concealment method was very profound. As long as one didn’t approach a thousand kilometers away from the effects of the artifact or the barrier, they wouldn’t need to worry about being seen through.

However, if a Black Ink Clan cultivator were to enter a thousand kilometer radius, there would be no other way. It was not easy to conceal the traces of such a large fleet, unlike cultivators who could use some kind of strange Secret Technique to conceal themselves.

This fleet was the Great Evolution's North and South armies that had set out from Azure Void Pass.

Just as Xiang Shan had expected, compared to the East and West armies, the North and South armies were moving faster, arriving near Great Evolution Pass half a month ago. However, before meeting up with the East and West armies, they naturally wouldn’t act rashly, so they stopped about three days away from Great Evolution Pass and waited for news from Xiang Shan.

This position was neither too far nor too close to Great Evolution Pass, if they could hide, it would be easier for them to contact the East and West armies.

However, the luck of the North and South Army was extremely bad.

The North and South Army’s massive fleet was well hidden in the void, but there was actually a group of Black Ink Clan cultivators that had managed to charge a thousand kilometers in.

The void was so vast that a thousand kilometers was but a hair’s breadth away. The two North and South Army Regiment Commanders simply couldn’t understand how this Black Ink Clan team had managed to run into them, it's unknown whether they're lucky or unlucky.

A mere Black Ink Clan team, led by a Feudal Lord, was naturally nothing to a massive fleet like the North and South Army.

After exterminating this group, the North and South Army deliberately changed their position and moved their fleet several hundred million kilometers away.

However, just now, a report came from below that another team from the Black Ink Clan had broken in.

Inside the Expelling Black Ink Battleship, Southern Army Regiment Commander Ouyang Lie, Northern Army Regiment Commander Mi Jinglun, and several Eighth Order Garrison Chiefs were gathered.

The two times they had been discovered by the Black Ink Clan’s team was clearly not a coincidence. There was no such coincidence in this world.

“What do all of you think?” Ouyang Lie was a red-haired old man, and just by hearing his name, one could tell that he had a fiery temperament. When he asked this question, there was a hint of impatience between his brows.

Everyone knew what he was impatient about, mainly because the North and South armies had arrived, but there had been no news from the East and West armies, so no one knew where they were.

Ouyang Lie couldn’t wait to launch an attack on Great Evolution Pass and was somewhat impatient.

An Eighth Order Garrison Chief said, “According to the scouts we sent out before, there seem to be many traces of the Black Ink Clan’s forces in the vicinity these past few days. It seems they are searching for something.”

Ouyang Lie coldly snorted, “What else can they be looking for? They're looking for us. It seems the news of the Human Race’s great army wanting to recover Great Evolution Pass has already been leaked.”

The Northern Army’s Regiment Commander, Mi Jinglun, was dressed like a Confucian scholar with a feathered crown on his head and a feathered fan in his hand. Although he was quite old, he had a fair and tender face.

Anyone who saw him for the first time would associate him with people like the Military Advisor.

Mi Jinglun smiled slightly and said, “It’s already within my expectations. After all, our Human Race’s movements in Wind and Cloud Pass and Azure Void Pass are not small, so it’s normal for the Black Ink Clan to have some guesses.”

Ouyang Lie said angrily, “This old master just wants to know where Xiang Shan took the east and west armies to. We’ve been here for quite some time now, so why haven’t we seen them? Does he still want Great Evolution Pass?”

Mi Jinglun tried to calm him down, “Brother Ouyang, please calm your anger. Counting the days, the East and West armies should have arrived near Great Evolution Pass. It won’t be long before someone comes to contact us.”

Mi Jinglun knew that because the Old Ancestor had appointed Xiang Shan as the Regiment Commander of the Eastern Army, Ouyang Lie was somewhat unconvinced. Now that such a thing had happened, he was somewhat dissatisfied with Xiang Shan.

“What we need to do now is to wait, but since the Black Ink Clan has taken precautions, the North and South Army shouldn’t remain in this position. This place isn’t far from Great Evolution Pass, only three days road, but it’s still a bit too close. It’s better for the army to retreat for a while.”

Ouyang Lie didn’t say anything, but some Garrison Chief asked, “Senior Brother Mi, how many retreats do you think is best?”

Mi Jinglun muttered to himself for a moment before saying, “Retreat for another two days road, it’s better to be within five days of Great Evolution Pass. Otherwise, if the Black Ink Clan Royal Lord were to take action, my North and South Army may not be able to respond in time.”

The few Eighth Order Garrison Chiefs who had participated in this discussion all nodded.

Mi Jinglun then turned his gaze towards Ouyang Lie.

Ouyang Lie said, “We’ll do as you say, the army can retreat, but we need to send some people closer to Great Evolution Pass so we can observe their movements more easily.”

Mi Jinglun nodded, “Brother Ouyang is right, do you have a candidate?”

Ouyang Lie stood up and said, “I’ll go personally.”

Mi Jinglun sighed in his heart, knowing that he couldn’t dissuade Ouyang Lie. Ouyang Lie’s personality was quite violent, so the more he tried to dissuade him, the more counterproductive it would be. However, if he were to go personally, there wouldn’t be any danger. With his cultivation at the Eighth Order Open Heaven, it would be easy for him to conceal himself, unlike a massive fleet.


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