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A few days away from Wind and Cloud Pass, he was ambushed by the Human Race’s army. Three hundred thousand Black Ink Clan masters had been destroyed, nine of the ten Territory Lords had fallen, and only he was lucky enough to escape.

However, after fleeing for more than a year, he was completely exhausted. The great sense of crisis behind him was constantly pressing down on him, making him feel like he was being chased.

But no matter how he searched, there was no sign of any pursuers behind him.

Seeing the majestic mountain pass in front of him again, Zhe Chung had never felt so close to it before. Stepping into the Great Evolution Pass, Zhe Chung finally relaxed.

It had been more than thirty thousand years since the Black Ink Clan had invaded Great Evolution. From this point on, the armies that had set out to assist the two nearby war zones had always died near Wind and Cloud Pass or Azure Void Pass. There had never been a time when they had been ambushed by the Human Race on the road and had nearly been wiped out.

On the way back, Zhe Chung had been thinking about this matter, but he couldn’t figure out how the humans from Wind and Cloud Pass had managed to set up an ambush in such a place.

Logically speaking, Wind and Cloud Pass’ Human Race should have been unable to fend for themselves under the siege of the Black Ink Clan army.

Finally, he thought of a possibility, and this possibility made him somewhat uneasy.

Great Evolution Pass was originally one of the passes guarded by the Human Race and had been slowly expanded by the countless generations of elites of Great Evolution Paradise. More than thirty thousand years ago, this place was not much different from the other Human Race passes. Under the leadership of Great Evolution Old Ancestor, tens of thousands of Human Race soldiers guarded this place, not allowing the Black Ink Clan to take a single step forward.

However, today, the entire Great Evolution Pass was covered in a thick black aura, and above the central square of Great Evolution Pass, there was a giant Black Ink Nest.

The Black Ink Nest was like an ink-colored flower bud that was just about to bloom. As it expanded and shrank, a large amount of rich Ink Force overflowed from it.

This Black Ink Nest was hundreds of thousands of meters tall and its foundation almost covered the entire square. From afar, it looked like a black mountain.

This was obviously a Territory Lord-level Black Ink Nest.

The Black Ink Nest was the foundation of the Black Ink Clan. Since there was a Territory Lord-level Black Ink Nest here, it meant that this place had become the territory of a certain Territory Lord, and there would always be a Territory Lord-level master overseeing this place.

This was very normal. Great Evolution Pass was the first and only mountain pass the Black Ink Clan had conquered, so it was impossible for the Black Ink Clan to abandon it. Even if it was to boost morale, they would still send a Territory Lord to oversee it.

The Territory Lord who was guarding this place was the most powerful one in this region, Territory Lord Hong Di!

It was rumored that this Territory Lord was only a step away from becoming a Royal Lord, but this rumor had persisted for tens of thousands of years, and so far, there had been no signs of this Territory Lord Hong Di’s breakthrough.

Although there were no signs of a breakthrough, this Territory Lord Hong Di was extremely diligent in his cultivation. Although he presided over Great Evolution Pass, he spent most of his time in the Black Ink Nest, using the power of the Black Ink Nest to cultivate. All of the Black Ink Clan members below guessed that Territory Lord Hong Di wanted to take the final step and become one of the Royal Lords.

In fact, during the years when the Black Ink Clan had just conquered Great Evolution Pass, there had been more than one Territory Lord in charge of Great Evolution Pass.

This was because the Black Ink Clan was also on guard against the Human Race’s counterattack, but after more than thirty thousand years, the Human Race didn’t seem to care much about Great Evolution Pass and had never taken any action to seize it back, so the Black Ink Clan no longer take it seriously.

With the exception of the strongest Hong Di, the other Territory Lords all returned to their respective territories.

The reason they had left behind the strongest was because the Black Ink Clan had to take precautions.

The Black Ink Clan also knew that the Human Race would definitely launch a counterattack, but no one knew when they would do so.

The Great Evolution Pass had now become the direct territory of Hong Di, but this place was still quite lively, because the Black Ink Clan army that had come to assist the Azure Void War Zone and Wind and Cloud War Zone usually gathered here.

Three years ago, three hundred thousand soldiers had left this place and headed straight for Wind and Cloud Pass.

So when Zhe Chung suddenly appeared at Great Evolution Pass, Hong Di was quite surprised.

What surprised him wasn’t that Zhe Chung had returned so quickly, but rather that he had returned alive. Because he was in charge of Great Evolution Pass and had the help of the Black Ink Nest, he was able to easily obtain some information.

Zhe Chung was also very surprised because he had come to Great Evolution Pass many times, but had basically never seen Hong Di. This fellow had always been in a state of secluded cultivation, so many Territory Lords were speculating whether he had died in the Black Ink Nest, or else why had they not seen him for so many years?

The two Territory Lord met in a large hall. Compared to his travel-worn bodies, his aura were undoubtedly more vigorous.

There were no rules to serve tea to guests like the Human Race, so after each of them sat down, Hong Di looked around and asked tentatively, “Did you encounter anything worth paying attention to during this expedition?”

He didn’t ask where the three hundred thousand strong army had gone, nor did he ask why he is the only one here among the ten Territory Lords. Just by looking at Zhe Chung’s miserable appearance, he already had a guess, so asking was just to confirm.

Zhe Chung quickly nodded, “On a floating continent a few days away from Wind and Cloud Pass, we encountered an ambush from the Human Race. The Human Race had a Ninth Order Ancestor and fifty or sixty Eighth Order Open Heaven masters, our army is no match for them and was nearly wiped out. Only I managed to escape!”

When Hong Di heard this, he nodded slightly, a look of approval appearing on his face. Speaking of which, with an army of three hundred thousand Black Ink Clan cultivators, if they were to encounter a Human Race lineup, there was almost no chance of them surviving. Zhe Chung being able to return safely was really quite lucky.

Zhe Chung was surprised, “You know about this?”

Hong Di waved his hand and said, “I don’t know, but more than a year ago, there was news from the Wind and Cloud War Zone that a Human Race Old Ancestor had suddenly appeared in Wind and Cloud Pass. There were hundreds of Eighth Order Open Heaven Stage masters, but in the end, the Royal Lord over there was seriously injured and had no choice but to flee back to the King City. The Territory Lord suffered heavy casualties and his million strong army was completely wiped out. Without hundreds or thousands of years of rest, it would be difficult to recover.”

Hearing this, Zhe Chung was shocked.

He thought that his side was already unlucky enough, but compared to the clansmen from the Wind and Cloud War Zone, he was still lucky.

Originally, the Black Ink Clan had been suppressing the Human Race in the Wind and Cloud War Zone, but now that there were hundreds of Eighth Order and another Old Ancestor on the battlefield, how could the Black Ink Clan in the Wind and Cloud War Zone resist?

Was the Human Race crazy? With so many Eighth Order masters gathered in one place, did they not want the other mountain pass?

“The Human Race Old Ancestor you met, did it look like a human woman?” Hong Di asked.

Zhe Chung nodded solemnly, “Yes!”

Although he had only caught a glimpse of it, he had still seen the appearance of the Human Race Old Ancestor.

Hong Di said, “That’s right, the one you met should be the old ancestor from Wind and Cloud Pass. The Royal Lords have communicated with each other and confirmed that this woman was originally a Ninth Order from Yin Yang Pass.”

Zhe Chung angrily said, “Since she's a Ninth Order from Yin Yang Pass, why did she go to Wind and Cloud Pass? Is Yin Yang Pass’s Royal Lord just going to ignore her?”

He had been lucky this time and hadn’t been discovered by the Ninth Order Human Race, allowing him to escape death, but what if his luck was bad? He would likely have died like the other nine Territory Lords and become nothing more than broken limbs and minced meat.

After escaping all the way back, he had nowhere to vent his bitterness and fear. When had a Territory Lord like him ever been in such a sorry state? Now that he learned that it was actually a Ninth Order Human Race cultivator from Yin Yang Pass, he immediately felt somewhat indignant.

“Be careful with your words!” Hong Di glared at him. The might of a Royal Lord was not something a Territory Lord could offend.

Zhe Chung was a coward, but in the end he still sighed heavily.

Seeing the pitiful look on his face, Hong Di said, “In fact, the reason the Ninth Order woman from Yin Yang Pass was able to appear in Wind and Cloud Pass was because there was another Ninth Order cultivator in Yin Yang Pass.”

Zhe Chung suddenly became absent-minded, “The Human Race has an additional Ninth Order?”

Ninth Order and Royal Lord were the highest level of combat power between the two races, one more or one less was a major event that could shook the entire Ink Battlefield, so when Zhe Chung heard that Yin Yang Pass actually had another Ninth Order master, he lost his composure.

Hong Di nodded, “After the news of the Yin Yang Pass’s Ninth Order appearing at Wind and Cloud Pass spread, the Royal Lord of the Yin Yang War Zone went to Yin Yang Pass and confirmed that there was still a Ninth Order there. It seems that one of the original Regiment Commanders of Yin Yang Pass had advanced.”

Zhe Chung immediately gnashed his teeth, “The Human Race is truly treacherous!”

The Human Race’s Eighth Order promotion to Ninth Order would caused a great deal of commotion. If they had chosen to advance in the Ink Battlefield, the Black Ink Clan would have known about it long ago. Now that the Human Race had quietly gained a Ninth Order, it meant that the new master had not advanced in the Ink Battlefield.

The Human Race had long planned to secretly bring out a Ninth Order Old Ancestor, which would then lead to the defeat of the Black Ink Clan on Wind and Cloud Pass War Zone and implicate him.

“That’s not right!” Hong Di suddenly thought of something and his expression changed slightly, “Zhe Chung, you said that you encountered an ambush from the Human Race several days from Wind and Cloud Pass?”


“In other words, you met them on the road.”

“Of course!” Zhe Chung thought to himself.

Hong Di's expression couldn’t help changing. The reason why he wasn’t surprised by Zhe Chung's experience was because he had a preconceived idea.

On Wind and Cloud Pass War Zone, the Black Ink Clan’s army had been routed, so he naturally assumed that the reinforcements led by Territory Lord Zhe Chung had also been defeated on that battlefield.

Therefore, when he saw that Zhe Chung had returned alive, he was a bit surprised. There were many Territory Lords who had died in battle, Zhe Chung’s luck was quite good.

However, the reinforcements from this side did not participate in the battle at Wind and Cloud Pass.

It was impossible for the Human Race to know that Great Evolution Pass had sent reinforcements, how can they had set up an ambush along the way. In other words, the reason they had been ambushed was because of the bad luck of Zhe Chung and the others, who had coincidentally encountered the Human Race’s army from Wind and Cloud Pass.

What could a Human Race army led by an Old Ancestor run out from Wind and Cloud Pass for?

“Not good!” Hong Di suddenly stood up, “The Human Race wants to attack Great Evolution Pass!”

Zhe Chung frowned, “What is your basis?”

In fact, he had also thought of this possibility while fleeing, but he didn’t have any proof. He had encountered the Human Race army outside Wind and Cloud Pass, but he couldn’t say that the Human Race was here to recover Great Evolution Pass. This matter involved too many people, so even if he had this idea, he didn’t dare say it immediately.


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