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Receiving the jade slip, Yang Kai immersed his consciousness into it and found that the jade slip contained the method to refine the Humanoid Puppet that Troublesome Grandmaster had just explained, but compared to his previous explanation, the information contained in this jade slip was more comprehensive.

This was just like a pill recipe. During the refining process, one had to pay attention to what problems there were, when to use what materials, what problems there might be, and how to solve them. It's all listed on the jade slip.

With such a jade slip, even if one were to study it on their own, refining the Humanoid Puppet would not be difficult, much like Troublesome Grandmaster explain it to them personally.

While Troublesome Grandmaster was explaining the refining method of this Humanoid Puppet, numerous Eighth Order Open Heaven masters arrived from various directions and handed over their Space Rings to Xiang Shan before leaving.

One after another, the Eighth Order Garrison Chief arrived, and Xiang Shan also received several dozen Space Rings.

After handing over these Space Rings to Li Xing, Li Xing nodded slightly before walking towards the group of Artifact Refiners and saying, “Please come to my place in order to collect the materials needed to refine this puppet.”

Hearing this, many Artifact Refiners gathered towards Li Xing and soon surrounded him.

Yang Kai didn’t go, instead walking over to Troublesome Grandmaster and asking, “Grandmaster, just now, the Garrison Chief ordered to collect some materials to refine these puppets?”

The Troublesome Grandmaster nodded, “Yes.”

Yang Kai asked in confusion, “Why are you refining so many of them?”

Hearing this, Troublesome Grandmaster said, “I don’t know the exact purpose, but I was entrusted by Commander Xiang Shan to teach the method to refine this artifact. As for what he wants to do with these mechanical puppets, that’s up to him to decide. However, the method to refine this artifact is something I obtained on a whim. Although it’s quite realistic, it doesn’t have much use, so I’m guessing that after refining this artifact, it can at most be used as a diversion.”

Yang Kai was lost in thought.

On the other side, while the various Artifact Refiners were collecting their supplies, Xiang Shan said, “After each of you collect your supplies, refine as many as you can.”

Everyone agreed.

Yang Kai estimated that the reason he had been summoned here was because he was proficient in Artifact Refining. Since he already knew the whole story, there was no need for him to stay any longer.

Other Artifact Refiners were still waiting to collect their supplies, but he didn’t need them.

After informing Troublesome Grandmaster, Yang Kai turned around and flew towards Breaking Dawn.

Returning to Breaking Dawn, Yang Kai began refining the Humanoid Puppet on the deck. At first, it attracted the curiosity of the Dawn Squad, but after some time, everyone lost interest and went about their business.

Three days later, the army set out for the Great Development War Zone, but the speed of their advance was quite slow.

A few days later, Yang Kai’s refining process came to an end.

The refining of this Humanoid Puppet was not difficult, as long as one’s Artifact Refining was at the Great Master level, they could easily refine it, not to mention that Yang Kai was now a Grandmaster.

With all the components refined, the rest was naturally not difficult to piece together.

In just seven or eight days, a mechanical puppet had been refined.

On the deck, a group of Dawn Squad members gathered around and curiously observed. Puppets were not unfamiliar to everyone, and they had seen similar things on their respective growth. Humanoid puppets were not rare.

From its appearance alone, Yang Kai’s Humanoid Puppet was nothing special. It could even be said to be somewhat ugly and had a human-shaped frame, but as long as one wasn’t blind, they would be able to tell at a glance that it wasn’t a living thing.

Yang Kai was doing a final check to ensure that there was nothing wrong with the artifact he had refined.

Shen Ao rubbed his chin and asked, “What do you think the higher-ups want to refine this thing for?”

Qi Taichu pondered for a moment before asking, “Perhaps it’s used to enhance the strength of the Great Evolution Army? Speaking of which, how much power can this thing display?”

Feng Ying shook her head and said, “It shouldn’t be used to enhance the strength of the Great Evolution Army. The art of puppetry is profound, and even if you want to refine a puppet, you need to cultivate a special method to fully display the strength of a puppet. Blue Sky Pass also has a few people who are proficient in puppetry, these things may be of some use to them, but such a large amount of refining obviously wasn’t prepared for them, and they didn’t come along this time.”

“Since we’re not trying to increase our combat strength, we can’t just put on a show, right?” Ning Qizhi smiled, “Could it be that the higher-ups want to use these puppets to scare off the Black Ink Clan?”

“I don’t know if it will scare off the Black Ink Clan, but perhaps these things are really just for show,” Yang Kai interrupted while he was being busy.

Feng Ying asked, “Does Team Leader have any ideas?”

Yang Kai shook his head, “I’m not sure, the higher-ups didn’t say anything about it, they just want us to refine as many of these puppets as possible. However, the materials used to refine these puppets aren’t precious, they’re quite common, and the method of refining them isn’t profound, so even if these puppets were given to those who cultivate the art of puppetery, they wouldn’t be of much use. Any low rank Black Ink Clan cultivator could probably destroy them with a single blow!”

As he spoke, Yang Kai made a final check to make sure there were no problems.

According to the instructions in the jade slip, there was only one step left to activate it. If there was no problem with this step, the puppet would be successfully refined.

Activating this puppet was also very simple. All he needed to do was pour his own World Force into it. Of course, as the World Force was consumed, the puppet would no longer move after losing its energy, when the time came to control the puppet again, it would need a new source of energy.

Yang Kai didn’t need to worry about this. He only needed to refine it, and the higher-ups would have their own arrangements.

Yang Kai raised his hand and placed his palm on the chest of the puppet, pouring his World Force into it. As the World Force poured into it, the patterns on the puppet’s body lit up, and soon after, the puppet seemed to come to life, emitting a different aura.

Yang Kai instantly felt a strange connection between him and the puppet in front of him. This connection came from the World Force he had poured into it. In other words, he could now easily control this puppet.

However, to everyone’s surprise, after this puppet was activated by Yang Kai, it exuded a Fifth Order Open Heaven aura!

Shen Ao was so shocked he couldn’t help asking, “Is that true? A Fifth Order Open Heaven?”

A puppet that Yang Kai had spent seven or eight days to refine had the aura of a Fifth Order Open Heaven master. If it could display the power of a Fifth Order Open Heaven master, what would happen?

When the time came, the Human Race only needed to refine this thing in large quantities and send it to the battlefield, so they wouldn’t have to worry about casualties.

Yang Kai said thoughtfully, “The aura is real, but it’s only the aura.”

Because of the inexplicable connection between them, Yang Kai had a deeper understanding of this puppet. Troublesome Grandmaster has developed a new way of refining this puppet. In short, this thing could display a certain amount of power, but it wasn’t very powerful. Its greatest use was to scare people.

With a thought, the puppet immediately began moving on the deck, jumping, running, or walking slowly.

Just by looking at its posture, it didn’t seem much different from a real person. No matter what kind of movement it made, it didn’t appear stiff.

Yang Kai controlled it and sent out a punch. This time, everyone’s eyes filled with anticipation and disappointment.

In their eyes, this punch was as light as a feather without the slightest bit of strength and could be easily blocked.

Sure enough, just as Yang Kai had said, the refining method of this puppet wasn’t profound, and the materials used weren’t too precious, so it really wasn’t useful.

This made everyone even more confused about the plans of their superiors. What was the point of mass refining such useless puppets?

After a moment of curiosity, everyone lost interest in this useless puppet and went back to their own business.

Yang Kai gave the puppet an order to move about freely before beginning the second round of refining.

This time, the refining process was much smoother than the first, and the time it took was half a day. After all, there was always a process of proficiency. Yang Kai estimated that as his experience in refining this thing increased, he would be able to refine one in four or five days at most.

After confirming that there was nothing wrong with the puppet, Yang Kai poured his World Force into it to activate it, causing the puppet to once again release its Fifth Order Open Heaven aura.

The puppet from before had already been stored into Yang Kai’s Space Ring and was no longer has any energy to move. The puppet only needed an incense stick’s worth of time to completely freeze.

The army slowly advanced, and as time passed, Yang Kai focused on refining the Humanoid Puppet.

As the number of attempts increased, after half a year, it would only take him five days to refine a puppet, and as his skill grew, the puppet he refined would not only be able to release the aura of a Fifth Order Open Heaven cultivator, but many new puppets would also release the aura of a Sixth Order Open Heaven cultivator.

There were even a few times when he was lucky and managed to refine a perfect puppet, the aura it exuded reaching the Seventh Order!

This was already his limit. Yang Kai estimated that if Troublesome Grandmaster and another Artifact Refining Great Grandmaster refine this puppet, it might be able to emit the aura of an Eighth Order Garrison Chief.

However, no matter how powerful the aura were, the essence of these puppets was the same. They were all useless, existences that could be easily destroyed by a single punch from any low rank Black Ink Clan.

More than half a year later, Yang Kai had refined more than seventy or eighty puppets, all of them stored in a Space Ring, ready to be handed over together.

After more than a year of marching, the Great Evolution Army finally arrived at the Great Evolution War Zone. Two or three more months later, they would be able to see the Great Evolution Pass.

During this time, the two armies of the Great Evolution Army began to shrink their formation, using their artifacts and various Spirit Arrays to conceal the traces of the thirty thousand strong army. One by one, scouts were sent out to investigate the situation in front of them to avoid exposing themselves.


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