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Before Yang Kai came to this Ink Battlefield, Guard-level Battleships were basically the biggest Battleships of the Human Race, and there were no so-called Garrison-level Battleships.

The Human Race’s High Rank Open Heaven was mainly used to kill enemies on the battlefield while only cooperating with their Battleship, so the High Rank Open Heaven wouldn’t hide in their Battleships on the battlefield, especially the Eighth Order ones. When the battle began, their main task was to keep an eye on the Black Ink Clan Territory’s Territory Lord, so even if they had a Battleship to assist them, it would still be a burden.

A Guard-level Battleship was basically the headquarter of a Garrison. For example, each of the two East and West armies from the Great Evolution had a Guard-level Battleship, and the Eighth Order Garrison Chief was stationed on this Battleship to issue various orders.

The East and West armies had sixty Garrisons and sixty Guard-level Battleships. Each Guard-level Battleship had an Eighth Order Garrison Chief as well as a number of support personnel, but there were only about fifty of them.

A Guard-level Battleship was larger and more lethal than a Team-Grade Battleship. On the battlefield, a Guard-level Battleship was no less useful than Dawn's Battleship.

After Yang Kai came to this Ink Battlefield, due to the purifying light, the Human Race had built an even larger Expelling Black Ink Battleship.

In terms of defensive and offensive strength, the Expelling Black Ink Battleship itself was not much stronger than a Guard-level Battleship, but the Expelling Black Ink Battleship’s purifying light was the Human Race’s greatest trump card in dispelling the Ink Force. At the same time, the Universe Formation inside it was also extremely useful, so in comparison, the Expelling Black Ink Battleship was more symbolic.

This time, Yang Kai had come to the Battleship where Qian Yi Garrison’s Chief was located, and he was also one of the people who had sent the voice transmission.

Each Garrison had a force of five hundred people, each guard has eight or nine teams, so there were forty or fifty Seventh Order Team Leaders gathered here.

The Qian Yi Garrison’s Chief was Xu Yongda, the person who had been personally appointed by Xiang Shan at Wind and Cloud Pass Square. Yang Kai had some impression of him.

On the deck, Xu Yongda stood with his hands behind his back as the team leaders arrived one after another and stood obediently in front of him.

Seeing Yang Kai come over, Xu Yongda only glanced at him but didn’t say anything. Obviously, he also knew that Yang Kai, the Team Leader of a special team, was here for information.

Not long after, Xu Yongda’s aide came up to him and whispered, “Sir, everyone is here.”

Xu Yongda nodded and said, “I called you here because the higher-ups have issued an order.” As he spoke, the aide waved his hand and a variety of materials of different attributes appeared in front of him.

These materials were of different grades and attributes, causing everyone to be at a loss.

Xu Yongda walked forward and pointed to the various materials, “After you return, collect these materials shown to you, regardless of their grade or quantity.”

The same type of material would sometimes have different grades. Some of them had better conditions, were older, had higher grades, while others had lower grades.

A Seventh Order Team Leader asked suspiciously, “Sir, why are you collecting these things?”

Xu Yongda said, “The higher-ups have their own uses, so don’t ask too many questions. I’ll give you half a day to collect all the materials you need. Each team leader will be in charge of their respective teams and collect all the materials presented to you.”

“Yes!” The team leaders obeyed and dispersed.

In the Ink Battlefield, there was an unwritten rule. When a cultivator left their own mountain pass, they would leave all their supplies in their residences, especially during a battle, so they basically wouldn’t bring too many supplies to the battlefield.

This was to avoid encountering any accidents in the outside world and losing their belongings after dying.

If one left all his supplies in his residence, even if he died, the things he left behind could be used by others.

The Human Race on the Ink Battlefield used to have a hard time, lacking all kinds of resources, and although their situation had improved, their deep-rooted beliefs had never changed.

However, this time, the situation of the Great Evolution's East and West army was different. They were going to recover Great Evolution Pass, and regardless of whether they lived or died, they would not return to their original mountain pass. From the moment they entered Great Evolution's East and West Army, they were already part of the Great Evolution Pass.

Therefore, before this expedition, everyone had already brought their own belongings with them. Not only so, each mountain pass had given these soldiers a large amount of cultivation resources so that they wouldn’t lack resources when they arrived at Great Evolution Pass.

Because of this, the soldiers of the Great Evolution's East and West Army could be said to be extremely wealthy.

It wasn’t difficult for the upper echelons to collect a few dozen materials. Thirty thousand soldiers would always be able to gather some, and the quantity wouldn’t be too small.

Putting everything else aside, Yang Kai’s Small Universe was piled up like a mountain, so there must be a lot of things inside.

However, he also didn’t understand why the higher-ups wanted to collect these things. From the looks of it, it seemed they had come up with this idea on the spur of the moment. Otherwise, they would have been prepared back in the pass and wouldn’t have needed to collect them on the road.

Since it was just a spur of the moment idea, it was likely that the higher-ups had some special ideas on the road, possibly related to the previous battle.

With these thoughts in mind, Yang Kai quickly returned to Breaking Dawn.

Immediately, a Seventh Order Open Heaven cultivator stepped forward, “Junior Brother Yang!”

Yang Kai looked up and recognized this person as Li Xing from Blue Sky Pass. There were a total of five hundred people from Blue Sky Pass, so even if Yang Kai didn’t recognize all of them, he could at least recognize some of them.

Yang Kai wasn’t familiar with this Li Xing, but at least he had met him a few times before. Moreover, this man’s current position in the Great Evolution Army seemed to be Xiang Shan’s aide.

“Senior Brother Li!” Yang Kai cupped his fists and asked, “Does Senior Brother need something?”

Li Xing said solemnly, “The Regiment Commander has summoned you. Junior Brother, if there is nothing else, please follow me.”

Yang Kai nodded and said, “Senior Brother, please wait a moment. Just now, Garrison Chief Xu ordered us to collect some supplies, so I’ll inform everyone.”

Li Xing naturally agreed.

Yang Kai immediately told Feng Ying about the dozens of materials Xu Yongda had displayed and asked her to collect them from the team before sending them to Xu Yongda.

Feng Ying took note of this.

After dealing with this matter, Yang Kai stretched out his hand and said, “Senior Brother, please.”

Li Xing nodded and led the way.

The two of them shuttled through the void, passing by numerous Battleships before quickly arriving at the Central Army’s Expelling Black Ink Battleship.

The East and West armies originally had two Expelling Black Ink Battleships. Xiang Shan and Liu Zhiping each brought one out from the pass, but after everyone left their Soul Brands, Liu Zhiping took back the West Army’s Expelling Black Ink Battleship, so the Central Army only had one now.

As such, the two Regiment Commanders gathered together to discuss various matters.

When Yang Kai arrived, he was surprised to find a group of people gathered on the deck, all of them sitting cross-legged. Not only on the deck, but even in the air, there was a group of people, all of them surrounding Troublesome Grandmaster.

Xiang Shan, Liu Zhiping, and even the Old Ancestor were all gathered here, but none of them stood far away, quietly watching, not daring to disturb them.

Yang Kai didn’t know what was going on here, but at this moment, Troublesome Grandmaster seemed to be explaining some kind of refining method, while those who were sitting cross-legged on the deck and floating in the air, if Yang Kai wasn’t mistaken, were all Artifact Refiners.

Over a thousand Artifact Refiners had accompanied the Great Evolution Army on this expedition. Only by doing so could they ensure that the great army’s Battleships were repaired in time when they were damaged. What’s more, if the Great Evolution Army could successfully recover Great Evolution Pass, these Artifact Refiners would be able to help.

Not only were there thousands of Artifact Refiners, but there were also many Alchemists and Array Masters.

Among the thousands of Artifact Refiners, besides Troublesome Grandmaster, there was also another Artifact Refining Great Grandmaster. There were more than forty Grandmaster-level Artifact Refiners, while the rest were mostly Great Master-level Artifact Refiners.

This was a gathering of several dozen Artifact Refining elites from various mountain passes. In order to successfully subdue Great Evolution Pass back, each mountain pass was willing to contribute their own talents.

With more than a thousand people gathered together, even though the Expelling Black Ink Battleship was huge, it couldn’t accommodate so many people on the deck, so Yang Kai could only see Troublesome Grandmaster being surrounded tightly.

As Li Xing arrived in front of Xiang Shan and the others, Yang Kai respectfully bowed.

Xiang Shan nodded, “Go and listen together.”

“Yes!” Yang Kai accepted the order and walked over to Troublesome Grandmaster’s side. After squeezing around for a long time, he barely managed to occupy a seat and listen carefully.

A moment later, Yang Kai began to understand what was going on. This time, Troublesome Grandmaster is explaining the refining method of a machine puppet.

The machine puppet could be considered a type of puppet, but this type of Puppet developed by Troublesome Grandmaster was obviously more flexible and realistic than ordinary puppets. Moreover, Troublesome Grandmaster was explaining the refinement method of a Humanoid Puppets.

The refining method was not complicated, and under normal circumstances, Artifact Refining Great Master were qualified to refine it, but the quality of the refining depended on the individual’s attainments.

The refinement of this artifact should have been created by Troublesome Grandmaster, which was why he is teaching it.

Thanks to Troublesome Grandmaster's detailed explanation, and the Artifact Refiners gathered here all had outstanding talents, they were able to quickly grasp this refining method.

There were also some questions that were asked by others, but after receiving a detailed explanation from Troublesome Grandmaster, everyone had a deeper understanding of the refining method of this artifact.

In less than half a day’s time, this teaching session was completed. Troublesome Grandmaster turned to look around, “Is there any other question? If there is, feel free to ask, this old master will explain in detail.”

Since no one spoke, there was obviously no problem.

Troublesome Grandmaster nodded with satisfaction, “In that case, this old master has prepared a jade slip for each of you. Inside this jade slip is the detailed method to refine this Puppet. After you receive your supplies, you can go back and try to refine it on your own. If you have any questions, feel free to ask this old master.”

Saying so, Troublesome Grandmaster waved his hand and a large stream of light appeared, each of which contained a jade slip.

Although he had explained it in detail, understanding and refining it would definitely result in many problems, so Troublesome Grandmaster specially prepare these jade slips. These jade slips not only contained detailed refining methods, but also some of his own insights. With these jade slips, refining them would save him a lot of trouble.


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