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On the battlefield, the figure of Yin Yang Pass’s Old Ancestor stood alone as a few ignorant and fearless lower rank Black Ink Clan rushed towards her. However, before they could even approach the Old Ancestor, they were crushed into dust by the fierce energy.

The Old Ancestor’s eyes lightly swept over the direction of Zhe Chung's escape and the corner of her mouth curled up slightly.

Xiang Shan had asked her to release a Territory Lord so that they could send a message to the Black Ink Clan’s Royal Lord. She had originally been thinking about how to accomplish this without leaving a trace, for a Ninth Order Open Heaven like her, doing such a thing wasn’t easy.

The difference in strength was too great, if she made it too obvious, it would only draw suspicion.

Unexpectedly, there was actually a Territory Lord who hadn’t stepped into the Floating Continent’s region and had immediately fled after sensing her aura.

The Old Ancestor was naturally happy to see this and pretended not to notice.

Of the ten Territory Lords, as long as one of them was released, the rest would naturally be exterminated!

Xiang Shan also said that the main goal of the Great Evolution Army this time was not to take back Great Evolution Pass, but to beat up the Black Ink Clan of the Great Evolution War Zone and cripple them. Only then would the Great Evolution Army have a chance to gain a foothold there.

The death of this three hundred thousand strong army and nearly ten Territory Lord should be a significant loss for the Great Evolution War Zone’s Black Ink Clan.

If there was an opportunity to weaken the strength of the Black Ink Clan here, the pressure they would face in the Great Development War Zone would be lessened.

After confirming that the Territory Lord was gradually moving away, the Old Ancestor no longer had any scruples and used a profound technique. The giant Yin-Yang symbol transformed into a black and white color that surrounded the entire battlefield.

The Human Race’s soldiers wouldn’t be affected at all while the Black Ink Clan’s forces seemed to be stuck in a quagmire, their movements becoming noticeably sluggish. Below the Feudal Lord-level, all of their strength had been weakened by twenty to thirty percent, and even the Feudal Lords’ strength had fallen greatly. Only the Territory Lords weren’t affected.

This wasn’t to say that the Old Ancestor’s Secret Technique was ineffective against the Territory Lord, it was just that when she used this Secret Technique, the area it covered was too large, so the suppression on the Territory Lord was minimal.

Even without the suppression of the Old Ancestor’s Divine Ability, the Territory Lords couldn’t help complaining.

Each of the Territory Lord was surrounded by three or five Eighth Order Open Heaven Stage masters as they called out their Divine Abilities and Secret Arts. Who could withstand this?

There were less than thirty Eighth Order cultivators besieging the Territory Lords, while the other thirty or so Eighth Order cultivators shuttled back and forth across the battlefield, cooperating with the various teams and guards of the various garrisons to harvest the lives of the Black Ink Clan. Wherever these Eighth Order cultivators passed by, a bloody storm would break out and the entire Black Ink Clan would collapse like a pile of straw.

This battle had been rushed and the ambush was not perfect, but with the assistance of more than thirty Eighth Order Open Heaven Stage masters, the thirty thousand Human Race soldiers were still able to crush the Black Ink Clan, rendering them completely helpless.

However, the Black Ink Clan’s reaction was quite strange.

In the beginning, these Black Ink Clans, regardless of their cultivation, showed no fear when facing the Human Race. Often, some of the lower rank Black Ink Clans would dare to attack the Human Race’s masters.

Not to mention these Eighth Order, even if the Old Ancestor stood there, there would still be many Black Ink Clans attacking.

The reason for this situation was naturally because most of the Black Ink Clans who had come from the Great Evolution War Zone had never fought with the Human Race.

Every time the Great Evolution War Zone sent reinforcement to Wind and Cloud Pass, besides the Territory Lords and some lucky Feudal Lords who managed to return alive, the rest of the army would basically die on the battlefield.

This led to most of the Black Ink Clan not having any experience fighting humans.

However, they were the Black Ink Clan of the Great Evolution War Zone, and their ancestors had once seized the only mountain pass from the hands of the Human Race. In the minds of almost all the Black Ink Clan masters, the Human Race could not withstand a single blow.

So even if they were ambushed, these three hundred thousand Black Ink Clan soldiers still dared to fight.

However, as time passed and the number of clansmen decreased, the Black Ink Clan discovered that the various ancient legends were not consistent with reality.

These humans weren’t so weak that they couldn’t even withstand a single blow. On the contrary, each of them was extremely fierce and powerful. Moreover, they were able to use their various artifacts to fight, so without breaking through the defenses of these artifacts, it would be difficult for them to effectively kill the humans.

When more than half of the army had died, the Black Ink Clan finally realized that this group of humans, which seemed to have fewer numbers than them, was not something they could contend with.

However, it was too late to realize this now. Under the leadership of Xiang Shan and Liu Zhiping, the entire floating continent had formed an impenetrable encirclement. With the exception of the twenty or thirty thousand Black Ink Clans who had fled in advance under the leadership of Zhe Chung, the remaining Black Ink Clans had no chance to escape.

The next battle was a massacre!

The Black Ink Clan’s Territory Lords had all fallen, and the hundreds of thousands of surviving armies were all fighting on their own.

The Human Race had dozens of Eighth Order masters and even had an Old Ancestor overseeing them, giving them an absolute advantage.

In less than a day, the entire Black Ink Clan had been wiped out. In the vast void, all of the floating continents had been destroyed, it was filled with broken limbs and pieces of flesh. The rich Ink Force condensed into a giant black ink cloud that filled the entire void. From afar, it looked like a dark shadow.

Outside the black ink cloud, the Great Evolution's East and West Army had gathered, but they didn’t immediately set out, instead stopping to rest.

There was no need to rush. Since Xiang Shan had decided to alert the enemy, he naturally wanted to give the Black Ink Clan time to react.

The Territory Lord had already fled back. Although he didn’t know how he would report the situation to the Royal Lord, as long as the Black Ink Clan’s Royal Lord wasn’t too stupid, he should be able to realize some problems.

For example, where did this Human Race army come from and where are they going?

And now, the situation of the battle at Wind and Cloud Pass must have been transmitted to the Great Evolution War Zone's Black Ink Clan Royal Lord through the Black Ink Nest.

When the time came and the fleeing Territory Lord reported the situation here to him, he believed that the Royal Lord would be able to understand the intentions of the Great Evolution Army.

The purpose of the army stopping to rest and reorganize was to buy time for the Black Ink Clan to make some arrangements.

In this battle, the losses suffered by the Human Race weren’t too great. After all, the difference in strength between the two races was too great, and the Human Race had a Battleship to protect them, so only a few hundred people had fallen.

The thirty thousand strong army had defeated three hundred thousand enemies while only a few hundred of them had died, so it was naturally nothing.

At the same time, Zhe Chung's figure flashed like lightning as he fled. He had never felt so close to death before, and when he saw the Human Race Old Ancestor appear, he almost thought he was dead.

Fortunately, his luck was good. The Human Race’s Old Ancestor didn’t seem to have found any trace of him, and after he escaped, the tens of thousands of Black Ink Clan cultivators quickly followed, providing him with a good cover.

However, in his heart, he still felt uneasy, afraid that the Human Race’s Old Ancestor would chase him from behind. If that was the case, he could only stretch out his neck and poke it out.

Fortunately, so far, there had been no trace of any pursuers.

On any battlefield, fleeing without a fight was a great crime, and after returning, he would definitely be punished. However, Zhe Chung couldn’t care less and only wanted to report the situation to the Royal Lord.

It was somewhat unusual for the Human Race to act in such a manner. He didn’t know what the Human Race’s intentions were, but the Royal Lord had his own plans.

After fleeing for a month, he finally relaxed and confirmed that the Human Race Old Ancestor hadn’t chased after him, otherwise she would have caught up to him long ago.

The Black Ink Clans that had been fleeing with him had long since disappeared, and he couldn’t be bothered to care about the lives of these Black Ink Clans. All he wanted to do now was hurry back to the Great Evolution War Zone.

On the original battlefield, the Great Evolution' East and West Army had been ordered to rest for three days before setting off.

Most of the soldiers didn’t know what the meaning of this order was. After all, they had just left Wind and Cloud Pass a few days ago, and although they had encountered a great battle, were they really going to rest now?

If that was the case, what was the purpose of sending troops from Wind and Cloud Pass?

So be it. After the great battle, everyone had consumed some of their strength and needed time to recover, so no one rejected this ridiculous order.

Above Dawn Squad, Yang Kai was repairing the broken parts of Dawn.

In the previous battle, Dawn Battleship had also suffered some minor damage. After all, he was a Grandmaster-level Artifact Refiner and had participated in the Black Ink Clan’s plan to refine the Palace Artifact, so repairing it shouldn’t be a problem.

However, some of these Spirit Arrays required the help of Array Masters from the army.

With Feng Ying helping from the side, the other Dawn Squad members either had nothing to do or were diligently cultivating.

While they were busy here, a Divine Sense suddenly appeared in this area and sent a message, “All Team Leader of Kan Ding Garrison, quickly gather!”

This Divine Sense covered a large area and wrapped around Breaking Dawn's location, so Yang Kai and the others could clearly hear it. The person who sent this Divine Sense must be the Eighth Order Garrison Chief of Kan Ding Garrison.

Just as this Divine Sense disappeared, another Divine Sense spread out, this time it was from the Garrison Chief of Qian Yi Garrison.

The people from these two Garrisons were close to the Dawn Squad, so the two Garrison Chief's transmission also incidentally enveloped Dawn Squad.

Yang Kai couldn’t help raising his head to look, and in the next moment, from the nearby Battleships, a Seventh Order Team Leader appeared and gathered towards the various Garrison Chief.

“What's the matter?” Yang Kai asked blankly.

Feng Ying said, “Why don’t you go ask?”

Yang Kai thought about it for a moment, put down the work in his hands, and also rushed towards a gathering point.

The two Garrison Chief had sent a voice transmission, obviously indicating that the higher-ups had made some special arrangements. It wasn’t just these two Garrison Chief, the other Garrison Chief should also have sent voice transmissions, but their positions were different, so Yang Kai could only hear these two.

The Dawn Squad was a special team, and unlike ordinary squads, it was not under the jurisdiction of any Garrison and was directly under the jurisdiction of the Regiment Commander. The same was true for Old Turtle team.

A special team was given special treatment, but at this time, it was as if their grandmother was not close to them, and their uncles didn’t like them, because if the higher-ups had any plans, no one would come to inform them.

Although the Regiment Commander would definitely make some arrangements, Yang Kai still wanted to understand the situation first.

Soon, Yang Kai arrived on a Guard-level Battleship.

Right now, the Human Race’s Battleships were basically divided into three levels. The most basic ones were the Team-level Battleships, which were used by ordinary small teams. Above them were the Guard-level Battleships, which were larger and more magnificent than ordinary Team-level Battleships, and the various arrangements on them were also more lethal.


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