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The Black Ink Clan army continued forward and soon passed through the hiding place of the Dawn Squad’s people, heading deeper into the Floating Continent.

From Yang Kai’s perspective, the Black Ink Clan’s army was like a giant black dragon that plunged into a dead zone.

The black dragon head soon entered the central region, followed by the dragon body.

Everything went smoothly.

Just as the black dragon tail was about to enter the Floating Continent’s region, one of the Black Ink Clan’s leaders suddenly raised his hand and sent out a thick wave of Ink Force, shattering the floating continent in front of him.

It was just a casual strike, he didn’t think much about it, simply because the floating continent fragment had blocked his path.

However, this strike was earth-shattering.

As the floating continent shattered, several Human Race Battleships suddenly appeared out of nowhere, their figures flashing about.

The Black Ink Clan’s Feudal Lord was stunned!

The Human Race soldiers on the Battleships were also speechless. They had been lying in ambush here, using the concealment of the floating continent to conceal their figures and auras, but now they had been exposed without any warning?

When the floating continent had shattered, they had thought that the Black Ink Clan had discovered their tracks, but when their eyes met, the Human Race’s soldiers realized that it was all a coincidence. Otherwise, the Black Ink Clan who had attacked wouldn’t have been so surprised.

However, whether it was intentional or just a coincidence, their team had been exposed. Just as the team leaders were considering how to deal with the situation in front of them, a long roar suddenly rang out in everyone’s minds.

This was the signal to attack!

These tram leaders didn’t hesitate any longer and issued an order, activating their artifacts and Spirit Arrays one after another on the Battleships. A thick beam of light containing terrifying killing intent suddenly shot towards the Black Ink Clan’s front army. The stunned Black Ink Clan Feudal Lord didn’t even have time to react before he was swallowed up by the light and instantly suffered heavy injuries. The many lower rank Black Ink Clan and upper rank Black Ink Clan masters beside him also suffered heavy casualties.

It wasn’t just these teams. When the signal to attack rang out, all of the Human Race soldiers lying in ambush on the back of the floating continent began attacking.

The overwhelming power of Secret Techniques and various colored lights instantly dyed this deathly silent void into a colorful world.

In this world, death was the eternal melody.

When they were suddenly attacked, the Black Ink Clan was shocked. Originally, the three hundred thousand strong Black Ink Clan army had been marching steadily, and this route was the route that the Black Ink Clan had to take every time they attacked Great Evolution. The ten Territory Lords who had been guarding this army had passed through this place countless times, but they had never encountered any accidents. But today, there was actually a human army lying in ambush here!

How could there be a Human Race army lying in ambush here? The Territory Lords were bewildered.

It had to be known that after Great Evolution Pass was occupied by the Black Ink Clan, the humans on Wind and Cloud Pass had been in a state of suppression. It was impossible for the humans there to be fifty million kilometers away from Wind and Cloud Pass, much less run to such a place.

This place was hundreds of millions of kilometers away from Wind and Cloud Pass.

Where did these humans come from? If they had come from Wind and Cloud Pass, what were the native Black Ink Clans of Wind and Cloud Pass doing?

But if they hadn’t come from Wind and Cloud Pass, there was no way to explain their origins.

The Black Ink Clan’s Black Ink Nest had an unimaginable advantage when it came to transmitting information, but it was naturally impossible for an army to carry the Black Ink Nest with them. In the void, transmitting information was extremely inconvenient, so how could this Black Ink Clan army know that the Black Ink Clan on Wind and Cloud Pass’s side had almost been wiped out? They were still following their original plan to support Wind and Cloud Pass’ Black Ink Clan.

Just as the Territory Lords were lost in thought, nearly ten percent of the three hundred thousand Black Ink Clan army had died!

The sheer number of Human Race cultivators shocked the Territory Lords. Although they couldn’t calculate the exact number, judging from the dense number of Human Race Battleships, there were probably more than tens of thousands lying in ambush here.

The Territory Lords were enraged.

When had the Human Race become so bold and daring to act in such a manner? The Black Ink Clan that had come from the Great Evolution War Zone had an arrogance that ordinary Black Ink Clans did not possess.

Because Great Evolution Pass was the only mountain pass that the Human Race had lost, and also the only mountain pass that the Black Ink Clan had occupied, the Black Ink Clan from the Great Evolution War Zone could be proud of just this.

Over thirty thousand years of imperceptible influence and the erosion of the environment made the Black Ink Clan in the Great Evolution War Zone feel that the Human Race was nothing more than trash, that the clansmen in the various war zones were actually unable to take down even one of the Human Race’s mountain passes.

So although they were suddenly attacked and their losses were not small, the Black Ink Clan didn’t panic. All of them felt that as long as they fought back, the Human Race would not be able to withstand a single blow. After all, the difference in numbers was obvious.

The Human Race soldiers who had jumped out from the various floating continents soon discovered to their shock that not only did these Black Ink Clan soldiers not retreat after being attacked, they instead charged towards them!

Withstanding the powerful attacks of the Battleships, they charged forward!

There was no order to speak of, only casualties along the way.

Behind the Black Ink Clan army, there was a massive flying ship. This flying ship was not a palace artifact but an ordinary flying artifact.

In the Black Ink Clan, Artifact Refining mainly relied on the Black Ink Disciple. Among the Black Ink Disciple, Artifact Refiners were rare, and high-level Artifact Refiners were even rarer. Therefore, to the Black Ink Clan, only a Territory lord-level master was qualified to possess their own artifact.

After all, refining this thing required a great deal of effort. Ordinary Feudal lord were not qualified to possess it.

Inside this ship was a Territory Lord of the Black Ink Clan called Zhe Chung. The three hundred thousand strong Black Ink Clan army was quite large, and he was in charge of escorting the troops from the rear in case some hot-tempered Black Ink Clan people ran about randomly.

Fortunately, nothing happened along the way.

When the Human Race’s army suddenly erupted, Zhe Chung immediately noticed and walked out of the ship’s hold to the deck.

What greeted his eyes were the Human Race Battleships that had appeared from the floating continents, and what filled his vision were the colorful lights of the Human Race Battleship.

What he saw made his heart sink.

Unlike most of the Black Ink Clans, Zhe Chung was also a seasoned Territory Lord in the Great Evolution War Zone. Over thirty thousand years ago, he had personally participated in that shocking battle and knew how tough and difficult the Human Race was.

In the past, two Black Ink Clan Royal Lord had joined forces and one of them had even managed to severely wound the Great Evolution Pass' Old Anccestor, but in the end, one of them had still been dragged down.

Since then, he had learned that no matter what, he could not underestimate the Human Race, otherwise he would always be the one to suffer.

So when he saw a large number of humans lying in ambush here, he had a bad feeling.

With so many humans here, could it be that Wind and Cloud Pass’ Black Ink Clan had been defeated?

He saw countless Black Ink Clan soldiers fall under a sneak attack, and he saw even more Black Ink Clan soldiers immediately launch a counterattack after being ambushed. He saw the two clans fighting to the death in the floating continent.

His eyes suddenly widened in horror.

On the battlefield, dozens of Eighth Order Human Race auras suddenly burst out, each of them like a bright lamp in the dark, dazzling to the extreme.

These were dozens of Eighth Order Human Race masters! Any one of them would be able to fight evenly with him, and he was no match for a slightly stronger Eighth Order.

It was over. These three hundred thousand Black Ink Clan soldiers will all die here. The Human Race had definitely come prepared, otherwise they wouldn’t have been able to prepare so well.

The Human Race’s army was indeed small in number, only a few tens of thousands, but several dozen Eighth Order masters was a force that could not be resisted. Not only was the three hundred thousand Black Ink Clan army about to be destroyed, but even his fellow Territory Lords who had already revealed themselves were likely doomed.

Just as he was hesitating about whether he should go and provide support, an aura even stronger than an Eighth Order suddenly appeared. In a certain location on the battlefield, a stream of light flashed and instantly arrived beside a Black Ink Clan Territory Lord. After a few breaths of time, that Territory Lord’s aura withered!

The stream of light dispersed, revealing a graceful figure.

Zhe Chung Territory Lord was scared out of his wits!

Old Ancestor! There was actually a Ninth Order master from the Human Race here, a completely unfamiliar one at that. He had never seen it before and it was not the one from Wind and Cloud Pass.

Over the past thirty thousand years, he had participated in many battles at Wind and Cloud Pass, so he naturally knew that the Human Race Old Ancestor of Wind and Cloud Pass was a man, but the one in front of him was obviously a woman.

A few breaths after this Human Race Old Ancestor appeared, a powerful Territory Lord was killed.

The Territory Lord's strength was not inferior to his own, if he were to face this Human Race Old Ancestor, he would not be able to live for long.

Right now, what he needed to consider wasn’t whether or not he should go help, but how to escape from the Human Race’s Old Ancestor’s eyes.

Because he was guarding the rear of the army, ninety percent of the Black Ink Clan army had entered the Floating Continent’s encirclement while he was lucky enough to remain outside the encirclement and not be affected by the battlefield.

After confirming that this woman was a Ninth Order Old Ancestor of the Human Race, Zhe Chung quickly withdrew his gaze, not daring to look at her again. A Ninth Order master was extremely sensitive to the gazes of others, so Zhe Chung was afraid he would be targeted if he looked too much.

Circulating his Secret Technique and restraining his aura, Zhe Chung didn’t say a word, even ignoring his favorite flying ship and quietly jumped down towards Great Development Pass.

He didn’t dare act too rashly, only hoping that his fellow Territory Lords could distract the Human Race’s Old Ancestor as much as possible so that he could have a chance to escape.

He was not the only Black Ink Clan master on the ship, there were also many other Black Ink Clan Feudal Lords.

Zhe Chung suddenly fleeing at the critical moment, these Feudal Lords were all shocked, but soon they learned from him and used their own Secret Techniques to flee.

They had also sensed the powerful auras on the battlefield and knew that staying here would not end well, so they naturally had to flee for their lives.

The movement of the Black Ink Clan masters on the flying ship caused the twenty to thirty thousand Black Ink Clan masters who had yet to enter the encirclement to be at a loss, not knowing whether they should run to meet the enemy or follow their masters.

But soon, the idea of fleeing gained the upper hand. Since all the lords had fled, what use was there for them to stay? Naturally, they also fled.


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