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Since the Old Ancestor said so, Xiang Shan naturally did not refuse.

Three hundred thousand Black Ink Clan soldiers, although it sounded like a lot, it wasn’t actually a lot. It had to be known that at Blue Sky Pass, each time the Black Ink Clan attacked, they would send in nearly a million troops. This was not even counting the number of troops they would send in later, if they were to count, there would be even more.

Among the three hundred thousand Black Ink Clan soldiers, there were only a dozen or so Territory Lords. On the other hand, the Great Evolution Army had a total of sixty people from the Eighth Order Garrison Chief. This level of combat strength was enough to crush them.

Not to mention that the Great Evolution Army had a Ninth Order Old Ancestor personally overseeing them.

If a great battle were to break out, as long as the Territory Lords were dealt with first, the Black Ink Clan’s army would definitely collapse.

So for Xiang Shan, it's not difficult to defeat 300,000 with 30,000. What he needed to consider was how to reduce the losses of his own army. In addition, he had a deeper consideration. Perhaps he could make use of these reinforcements from Great Evolution Pass to lay some groundwork to recover Great Evolution.

As the Great Evolution Eastern Army Regiment Commander, he could be said to be the highest ranking figure below the Old Ancestor, so his vision naturally couldn’t be so shallow.

After a brief discussion with Liu Zhiping, both of them came to a conclusion.

The two armies would definitely encounter each other in the void. Currently, the Black Ink Clan shouldn’t have discovered any traces of the Human Race’s army, so they probably wouldn’t have thought that a Human Race army would come from Wind and Cloud Pass. Over the past thirty thousand years, the Black Ink Clan’s army had supported the clansmen of the Wind and Cloud War Zone countless times, and their journey had always been smooth. Their long experience had caused them to lower their guard and never send out any scouts to investigate the situation.

As such, the initiative was now in the hands of the Great Evolution Army.

Xiang Shan wanted to find a suitable place to set up an ambush, but there was no suitable place nearby. The void was vast and empty, and many places were empty. Even if he wanted to set up an ambush, he couldn’t find anything.

Coupled with the fact that they were in a hurry and weren’t familiar with the surrounding terrain, they could only choose a broken floating continent as an ambush point.

This place was not perfect. As long as the Black Ink Clan was vigilant enough, they would not easily set foot inside.

However, there was nothing they could do. If the ambush was exposed, they could only face it head-on.

After everything was arranged, a series of orders were issued from the Battleship, and the army’s speed suddenly increased as they rushed towards the floating continent.

After making the necessary arrangements, Xiang Shan turned to the Old Ancestor and said, “Old Ancestor, please don’t kill them all. If it’s Territory Lord, it’s best to let one of them go.”

Hearing this, the Old Ancestor was surprised, “Wouldn’t that alert the enemy?”

Xiang Shan said, “We need to alert the enemy.”

The Old Ancestor frowned slightly, “What do you mean?”

Xiang Shan replied, “Great Evolution Pass has been occupied by the Black Ink Clan for thirty thousand years, but I estimate that the Royal Lord of the Black Ink Clan shouldn’t be living in Great Evolution. The Royal Lord-level Black Ink Nest is his foundation, so it’s highly likely that he is living in the Black Ink Clan’s King City. As for Great Evolution Pass, at most it has the Black Ink Clan’s Territory Lord guarding it. If the Old Ancestor want to fight with that Royal Lord, do you want to be near Black Ink Clan King City or Great Evolution?”

The Old Ancestor smiled and said, “In comparison, I’m naturally more inclined to be near Great Evolution Pass.”

If they were near the King City, with the help of the Royal Lord-level Black Ink Nest, even if they had the opportunity to injure the other party, the Black Ink Clan’s Royal Lord could use the Black Ink Nest’s power to quickly heal himself, not to mention the Black Ink Clan’s hinterland in the depths of the King City, where the Black Ink Clan’s King Lord was fighting, the Black Ink Clan would have a large number of reinforcements at any time.

However, things were different here at Great Evolution Pass. Without the Royal Lord-level Black Ink Nest, the efficiency of the Royal Lord’s healing would be greatly reduced, allowing the Old Ancestor to display his full strength.

Xiang Shan grinned, “That’s right, so if the Black Ink Clan knows that there is a Human Race army coming, and if they act like they want to subdue Great Evolution, the Royal Lord will definitely come to Great Evolution personally to prevent the Human Race army from attacking.”

“Luring the tiger out of the mountain!” The Old Ancestor’s eyes lit up. It had to be said that Xiang Shan’s actions were quite ingenious. This was to control the choice of the battlefield and create an advantage for his army.

After thinking about it for a moment, the Old Ancestor continued, “Although this plan is brilliant, if Great Evolution Pass only has a Territory Lord, why don’t we quietly march forward and take down Great Evolution?”

This was not a question, but asking for advice.

Although the Old Ancestor’s cultivation was higher than Xiang Shan’s, from the various arrangements Xiang Shan had made just now, Xiang Shan’s ability in the military was far superior to hers. A simple deployment would be enough to pave the future.

The Old Ancestor herself could not do such a thing. When she noticed the Black Ink Clan’s army approaching, all she could think of was to exterminate them, not letting a single Territory Lord escape.

However, now that she had thought of something else, she naturally had to ask. Moreover, she felt that it was impossible for Xiang Shan to not notice such a simple matter.

Sure enough, Xiang Shan nodded and said, “Just as Old Ancestor said, if the great army were to stealthily advance, they would definitely be able to take down Great Evolution Pass in one fell swoop. Since the Black Ink Clan seized Great Evolution, the Human Race has not shown any signs of recovering it, so it is likely that the Black Ink Clan will not arrange too many forces in Great Evolution. Even if the Black Ink Clan has made many arrangements in Great Evolution for the past thirty thousand years, without enough forces to defend it, they will not be able to resist the might of my Human Race’s great army. But… what about after seizing Great Evolution?”

The Old Ancestor followed his train of thought and suddenly understood.

Liu Zhiping, who was standing to the side, also reacted, “Even if my Human Race army can take back Great Evolution, the Black Ink Clan will definitely not sit idly by and watch. They will definitely gather their forces to attack in a short time.”

“That’s right!” Xiang Shan nodded, “However, we have only just taken back Great Evolution, so we don’t have time to make any arrangements or arrange any kind of Spirit Arrays. When the time comes to face the attack of the Black Ink Clan, should we defend or not? If we don’t defend, what’s the point of attacking before? But if we defend, without the various deployments of the Great Evolution Pass, our Great Evolution Army won’t be able to borrow the power of the Great Evolution Pass and will have to open up its forces in the void to fight against the Black Ink Clan. The Black Ink Clan isn’t afraid of losses, and with the existence of the Black Ink Nest, their forces will be endless, but how long can Great Evolution’s sixty thousand strong army last? Ten years? Twenty years? One day, the Great Evolution’s four armies will be completely destroyed.”

Liu Zhiping nodded slightly. Speaking of which, she had been the Regiment Commander of Yin Yang Pass’ West Army for many years and was quite talented in commanding combat, but compared to Xiang Shan, she was like an ignorant child.

Xiang Shan’s long-term thinking was something she could never hope to achieve.

“So, the main goal of the Great Evolution Army’s expedition is not to take back Great Evolution, but to beat up the Black Ink Clan there and cripple them! This way, after we take back Great Evolution, we will have enough time to reorganize the mountain passes and make all kinds of arrangements before we can stabilize our position in Great Evolution Pass.”

In order to recover Great Evolution, they had mobilized from various mountain passes to gather the four armies of Great Evolution. The primary objective of this trip was not to recover Great Evolution.

These words sounded a bit ridiculous, but they were actually the most profound strategy.

Liu Zhiping cupped her fists and said, “I understand!”

Speaking of which, although they belonged to different mountain passes, Xiang Shan’s name was something she had long heard about. She knew that this former Regiment Commander of Blue Sky Pass's West Army was a nightmare for the Black Ink Clan’s Territory Lords of Blue Sky War Zone. In his era, when Xiang Shan appeared, the Black Ink Clan’s Territory Lords all trembled in fear, but they had never had such deep contact with him before. Now, she knew that not only was this Senior Brother Xiang’s personal combat strength fierce, but he was also capable of devising strategies that allowed him to defeat opponents thousands of kilometers ahead.

No wonder the Old Ancestor had allowed him to become the Regiment Commander of the Great Evolution's East Army. Compared to him, she was still far inferior.

While the higher-ups were analyzing the situation, the thirty thousand troops from the East and West armies had already entered the designated floating continent region.

This place was only a few days away from Wind and Cloud Pass, so it could be considered near it.

There should have been some Universe World here, but they had long since been mined by the soldiers of Wind and Cloud Pass. During the mining process, these Universe Worlds would naturally shatter and transform into floating continent fragments of various sizes, forming an area filled with floating continents.

These floating continents could give the Great Evolution Army a certain amount of cover.

One by one, the Battleships flew towards different floating continents and converged their auras while the members of the various teams quickly set up some concealment arrays.

Time was short, so they couldn’t do it well, but it was better than nothing.

The reason why this place wasn’t the best place to ambush was because there weren’t many floating continents here, and they were too scattered to form an effective encirclement.

If the terrain was good enough, as long as the Black Ink Clan’s army entered the encirclement of the floating continent and the Human Race’s Battleships appeared, the Black Ink Clan would be surrounded.

However, in the current location where the Great Evolution were lying in ambush, there were many gaps in the encirclement. Even if the Black Ink Clan entered this encirclement, they could still escape from these gaps if things went south.

However, there were also some arrangements made for this place. Every gap had at least two Eighth Order monitoring it. Even if there were any fish that managed to escape, they would have to pass through the Eighth Order masters first.

Right now, the only thing the Great Evolution Army needed to consider was whether or not the Black Ink Clan would pass through here. If the Black Ink Clan was somewhat vigilant and sent people to investigate or bypass this floating continent, the Great Evolution Army’s arrangements would be meaningless.

However, this wasn’t something the Great Evolution Army could decide. The current arrangement was only to do their best and leave everything up to fate.

On a small floating continent, Dawn Squad and the other two teams were huddled together, quietly observing the situation.

After an incense stick’s worth of time, Yang Kai raised his brow and shouted, “They’re here!”

This floating continent was relatively close to the front, so his field of vision was quite good. Right now, what appeared in front of him was an army of the Black Ink Clan, vast and endless, transforming into a long black dragon. With a rough estimate, there were at least several hundred thousand of them.

The location of the ambush was not bad, and judging from the route the Black Ink Clan’s army was taking, they would definitely pass through this floating continent. Moreover, the Black Ink Clan’s army had no intention of changing direction.

The group of people all restrained their auras to the extreme, not daring to expose themselves.


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