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What kind of terrifying tacit understanding was this, how amazing is the killing efficiency?

Was this the true strength of an elite squad?

After half an incense stick of time, he had killed more than a dozen Feudal Lords, and there were probably more than a thousand Black Ink Clan trash below the Feudal Lord.

This kind of harvest was something he would never have imagined in the past, but today, he had personally witnessed it.

One of the Feudal Lords had died at his hands, and such a result was not bad in the past. After all, the Black Black Ink Clan’s Feudal Lord was equal to a Seventh Order, so it would not be easy to kill a Seventh Order Feudal Lord.

But compared to Yang Kai’s harvest, there was simply no comparison.

Even the one he had killed was severely injured by Yang Kai, otherwise he would not have been able to kill him so easily.

He felt like he was picking up scraps from behind Yang Kai, making him not know whether to laugh or cry.

Under his observation, he was not the only one. The other Seventh Order guarding the Battleship were all the same.

The entire team, with Yang Kai at the front as the core, transformed into a sharp blade and began slaughtering their way through the Black Ink Clan battlefield.

Ren Bingbai’s heart suddenly surged with pride. This was what an elite squad should be like. If they were still as difficult to kill as ordinary squads, how could they still be called elite squad? But now, he had become one of them, a part of this sharp blade.

The advantage of the elite team’s freedom was magnified to the extreme at this moment.

Ordinary squads only had ten to fifteen people. On such a large scale battlefield, facing enemies several times larger than their own, it was difficult for a single squad to achieve much, and it was even possible for them to fall into a tight encirclement.

Therefore, in such a battlefield, ordinary squads needed to coordinate with other squads. Basically, each of these squads had their own familiar tactics and strategies to ensure their own safety.

Because they needed to coordinate with the other teams in order to fight, there was a certain amount of constraints. It was impossible for them to act so recklessly like the Dawn Squad and rush off in the opposite direction.

Most of the teams fought steadily, cleaning up the battlefield step by step. On the other hand, Dawn Battleship had rushed out of the east gate with the main force when the battle began, but now it was moving around the battlefield, almost reaching the south gate and heading straight for the west gate.

The strategy of the Dawn Squad had always been to fight and leave without delay. This strategy ensured the mobility of the Dawn Squad to a great extent, so as to avoid attracting the attention of the masters if the Dawn Squad performed too brilliantly.

Of course, on the battlefield right now, all the Territory Lords were being besieged by the Eighth Order masters, so none of them had the time to watch Dawn Squad. Some of the Territory Lords were fleeing, some were dead, and some were still struggling on the battlefield.

Yang Kai’s tyrannical and unreasonable fighting strength was the greatest guarantee that under such high mobility, Dawn could still effectively kill enemies.

Without the interference of the Territory Lord, the most powerful enemy the Dawn Squad had to face was none other than the Feudal Lord-level Black Ink Clan.

In the Black Ink Clan, Feudal Lord were basically nothing in front of the current Yang Kai. If he couldn’t kill them with a single shot, the other Dawn Squad's Seventh Order masters would be able to kill them. Even if some of the Feudal Lords were lucky enough to survive Yang Kai’s attack, they would quickly be killed by Shen Ao and the others.

After so many years of battle, the entire Dawn Squad had developed an indescribable sense of cooperation and tacit understanding. Even if the Black Ink Clan army was blocking their way, under the influence of the various artifacts and Spirit Arrays on Dawn Battleship, they would still be able to quickly tear a hole through it.

As time passed, the Black Ink Clan forces on the battlefield were quickly wiped out, and the pressure on the Human Race forces became smaller.

It wasn’t until a moment later that Yang Kai suddenly came to a stop. As he did so, the Dawn Battleship also came to a halt, and all the other Seventh Order around the Battleship also stopped.

Ren Bingbai was still a bit confused, but for some reason, Yang Kai suddenly stopped. However, after turning his head to look around, he was surprised to find that the battle had ended.

The originally densely packed Black Ink Clan army outside Wind and Cloud Pass had now been reduced to minced meat and broken limbs. Ninety-nine percent of the Black Ink Clan army had been killed in this vast void, and even if some of them managed to escape, they wouldn’t last long under the siege of a large number of human soldiers.

Finished fighting? Ren Bingbai was stunned. This was too fast, only two or three hours had passed.

This was supposed to be a world-shaking battle, Wind and Cloud Pass had been besieged by the Black Ink Clan’s army for more than a decade, unable to break free. However, after the East and West Great Evolution armies rushed out from four different directions, the outcome of this battle was decided.

In truth, the number of Black Ink Clan armies was not small. Under normal circumstances, they would be able to fight against the Human Race, and even if they were defeated afterwards, they would not have suffered such a miserable fate.

However, the Human Race’s side had been scheming all along. First, the Yin Yang Pass Old Ancestor suddenly appeared and joined forces with the Wind and Cloud Pass Old Ancestor to fight against the Black Ink Clan’s Royal Lord. Then, hundreds of Eighth Order Open Heaven Stage masters appeared on the battlefield, causing the Territory Lords to complain incessantly. One by one, the Territory Lords fell one after another, causing a huge blow to the morale of the Black Ink Clan army.

The escape of the Royal Lord and Territory Lord made the Black Ink Clan’s army even more confused.

The great advantage of the Human Race’s upper echelons was why they were able to resolve this battle so quickly.

In fact, when the Royal Lord and Territory Lord began to flee, the Black Ink Clan’s army no longer had the mood to fight. The higher-ups had all begun to flee, so were they supposed to stay and wait for death?

However, because of the entanglement of the Human Race’s army, even if they wanted to escape, they couldn’t. In the end, all of them were wiped out.

There were no cheers, no celebrations after a great victory. With such a grand lineup, it was only natural to win easily.

After the war ended, the Human Race army quietly gathered and reorganized.

Half an hour later, the Great Evolution's East and West Armies gathered at the Wind and Cloud Pass. The thirty thousand people had suffered some losses in the previous battle, but the losses weren’t too great. On the other hand, all of the soldiers had consumed a lot of energy and needed to recuperate. Some of the Battleships had been damaged, but that didn’t matter. Many Artifact Refiners, Alchemists, Array Masters, and many other special talents had accompanied the army to Great Evolution Pass. On the road, these Artifact Refiners had time to repair the damage on their Battleships.

The various guards quickly finished reorganizing.

The unstoppable battle raised the morale of all the soldiers to the peak.

Without any hesitation, the thirty thousand strong Great Evolution army immediately set out and Xiang Shan ordered, “Move out!”

In the blink of an eye, with the garrison as a unit, the Battleships flew towards the direction of Great Evolution Pass. Over thirty thousand people and nearly two thousand Battleships formed a massive fleet!

Yang Kai didn’t know how the higher-ups had arranged this, but with such a large scale advancement, there was definitely a division between the vanguard, central army, and main camp. However, this wasn’t something he needed to worry about, as the Eighth Order had their own plans.

The Dawn Squad didn’t have any special missions, so they gathered together in one of the Battleships and followed the flow.

As the army marched forward, the tens of thousands of soldiers guarding Wind and Cloud Pass sent them off with solemn looks until the Great Evolution's East and West armies disappeared from sight before returning to the pass. The Eighth Order who were escorting the soldiers from the various mountain passes also had to return to their own mountain passes.

On the road, the members of the various teams took turns to rest and recover, while the Artifact Refiners began to busy themselves with repairing the damaged Battleships.

Since there was nothing to do in the Dawn Squad, all of them were recuperating.

After traveling for less than half a day, a person suddenly flew over from the void and landed on the deck. Looking around, he shouted, “Where is this ship Team Leader?”

On the deck, Yang Kai turned his head and saw that this person was a Seventh Order, but he didn’t recognize him, nor did he know where he had come from.

Immediately cupping his fists, he asked, “I am, what business does this Senior Brother have?”

The Seventh Order said, “By the order of the two Regiment Commanders, each of the team members will head to the Central Army’s Expelling Black Ink battleship and leave behind a Divine Soul Brand in case of emergencies.” Saying so, he pointed towards a certain direction.

Yang Kai was surprised, “The Regiment Commander brought the Expelling Black Ink Battleship out?”

As he changed his hand seals and used the Universe Escape Law, he felt a mysterious connection in that direction.

Since it was an Expelling Black Ink Battleship, it naturally had the Universe Formation he had personally set up, so no matter where the Expelling Black Ink Battleship is brought out from, he could still use the Universe Escape Law to communicate with it.

Thinking about it, the Expelling Black Ink Battleship had played a huge role in the various mountain passes. Not to mention that the purifying light contained within it could purify the Ink Force, even the Unvierse Formation was enough to allow the soldiers to escape from danger and return to the Expelling Black Ink Battleship.

In any case, if they wanted to take back Great Evolution Pass, they would have to bring out the Expelling Black Ink Battleship.

However, what puzzled Yang Kai a little was that when he activated the Universe Escape Law, he could sense that there was not just one, but two.

In other words, the Central Army had two Expelling Black Ink battleship!

It seemed that not only did Xiang Shan bring one out from Blue Sky Pass, Liu Zhiping also brought one out from Yin Yang Pass.

There was no need for him to leave his mark there, since he was the one who had personally set up the Universe Array. All of the Array had his mark, but the other members of the team still needed to go in case they needed it in the future.

“The message has been delivered, I still have to inform the other teams. Farewell!”

After saying this, the Seventh Order cultivator leapt out and rushed towards the nearby Battleships of the other small teams.

Although this was a bit troublesome, there was nothing they could do about it. Open Heaven Stage cultivators marching was different from a mortal army. A mortal army usually gathered together, but the Open Heaven Stage cultivator’s movements were quick and their Divine Sense strong, so the distance between each Battleship was quite large.

For example, on Breaking Dawn’s side, the closest Battleship to Breaking Dawn was also several hundred kilometers away.

This distance was already the limit, because once the Battleship was activated, its speed would be extremely fast, and if the distance between them wasn’t widened, it would be easy for them to collide.

The entire Great Evolution's East and West Army had nearly two thousand Battleships, covering an area of several hundred thousand kilometers. This range was like the ends of the earth to mortals, but to Open Heaven Stage cultivators, it would only take an instant to support them.


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