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One against one, the Black Ink Clan’s Royal Lord could fight back and forth with the Human Race’s Old Ancestor, but if it was one against two, it was impossible for him to be an opponent. If he was even the slightest bit careless, he might even be killed on the spot.

Therefore, when he sensed the aura of the Old Ancestor coming from this person, he immediately understood that he shouldn’t stay here for long and immediately wanted to escape.

However, how could Wind and Cloud Pass Old Ancestor allow him to do as he wished? All kinds of profound Divine Abilities and Secret Arts were used to entangle his figure, preventing him from easily escaping the battlefield.

In this moment of delay, the image of the Yin Yang Fish that the Old Ancestor of Yin Yang Pass had used enveloped him. In the blink of an eye, Yin and Yang began to mix together, causing the Royal Lord to feel as if he was carrying a whole world on his back. His body suddenly sank, and in a moment of carelessness, he was struck by the palm of the Old Ancestor of Wind and Cloud Pass. Under the terrifying explosion of power, the Royal Lord let out a muffled groan.

When the Old Ancestor of Yin Yang Pass arrived, the Black Ink Clan’s Royal Lord was suddenly unable to cope with two against one.

The sudden appearance of a human race Old Ancestor shocked the Black Ink Clan greatly, causing all of them to look towards the source of the Old Ancestor’s aura, hoping that it was just their imagination.

However, after seeing their Royal Lord being besieged by two Human Race Ancestors, how could they not understand that this was not an illusion at all? The Human Race really had one more Old Ancestor!

The Black Ink Clan was terrified, and their attacks couldn’t help but falter. The noisy battlefield suddenly became silent for a moment.

The Territory Lords were especially frightened and secretly rejoiced that this new Old Ancestor didn’t immediately seek trouble with them but instead went to attack the Royal Lord.

The Royal Lord was fighting one against two, so for the time being, they wouldn’t be in any danger of dying, but if that Old Ancestor really came to find trouble with them, no Territory Lord would be able to withstand three of her attacks. At that time, the Territory Lords would definitely suffer heavy casualties.

Because of the appearance of the Human Race Old Ancestor, the momentum of the Black Ink Clan army fell greatly. Just as the Territory Lords were hesitating whether to continue attacking or retreat, the barrier that had been protecting Wind and Cloud Pass suddenly opened!

In the north, south, east, and west directions, a number of Human Race Battleships flew out and rushed into the battlefield in an extremely short amount of time, joining forces with the soldiers of Wind and Cloud Pass.

With the strength of Great Evolution’s two armies, thirty thousand people rushed out in four different directions, each of which had enough people. The Human Race’s forces against the Black Ink Clan almost instantly multiplied.

The overwhelming number of Battleships flying towards them caused the Black Ink Clan cultivators who were attacking the pass to stare in shock.

After the Battleships entered the battlefield, the aura of an Eighth Order Open Heaven master suddenly burst forth, the sheer number of them causing all the Black Ink Clans to feel despair.

More than fifty of the Pass’ forces had gathered at Wind and Cloud Pass, each of them deploying a number of Eighth Order Open Heaven, ranging from five or six to as many as ten. With the help of these Eighth Order Open Heaven Small Universe, the various Pass’ forces had been sent to this place.

By the time all the troops from the mountain pass had gathered, there were more than three hundred Eighth Order Open Heaven masters on the square!

Of these three hundred or so Eighth Order masters, several dozen of them had been appointed as the Garrison CHief of the East and West Armies of Great Evolution, and they will command the army to recover Great Evolution Pass.

The remaining two hundred or so Eighth Order masters did not immediately return to their respective mountain passes. They remained here to wait for the upcoming battle.

More than three hundred Eighth Order masters had suddenly entered the battlefield, what kind of situation was this?

In the past, they had never dared to imagine such a thing, but now, all the humans had witnessed it with their own eyes.

It was unstoppable!

The Black Ink Clan Territory Lords finally understood why the Human Race’s Old Ancestor hadn’t come looking for trouble with them, because there was simply no need.

The Old Ancestor had their own opponent, the Royal Lord of the Black Ink Clan. With two against one, they could completely suppress and even have a chance to kill him. Compared to a Territory Lord, killing a Royal Lord was naturally more valuable.

As for the Black Ink Clan’s Territory Lord, the Eighth Order would deal with him.

How many Black Ink Clan Territory Lords were there in the entire Wind and Cloud War Zone? There were at least seventy or eighty of them, and even counting the reinforcements from the Great Evolution War Zone, there were only a hundred of them. Originally, they had been able to contend with the Eighth Order masters from Wind and Cloud Pass and even had an advantage, but now this balance had been broken.

This difference in strength caused the Black Ink Clan’s Territory Lords to fall into a bitter struggle. When the East and West Great Evolution armies rushed out from the four directions of Wind and Cloud Pass, and when the Eighth Order forces began to move, almost every Territory Lord was surrounded by three or four Eighth Order cultivators.

In less than a dozen breaths of time, the aura of a Territory Lord dying could be felt from somewhere on the battlefield! This unlucky bastard had been the first to charge forward, but he had been targeted by five Eighth Order masters and was killed on the spot without even being able to fight back.

The fall of the first Territory Lord was like a catalyst. After that, the sounds of the Territory Lord’s death rang out across the battlefield one after another.

Not only were the Territory Lords in a desperate situation, but the subordinate forces of these Territory Lords were also stunned. The Human Race’s counterattack had suddenly become incomparably fierce, and their forces had also multiplied. For the Black Ink Clan, their original advantage had suddenly transformed into a huge disadvantage, and as the Battleships shuttled back and forth, large numbers of the Black Ink Clan’s lives began to wither.

Some parts of the battlefield were even cleared by powerful Secret Techniques or Battleships.

In less than half a cup of tea’s time since Great Evolution’s East and West Armies had rushed out of Wind and Cloud Pass, the Black Ink Clan had suffered countless casualties and even more than a dozen Territory Lords had been killed. Although the remaining Territory Lords did not die, they were still in a difficult situation.

A long howl suddenly rang out, echoing in the ears of everyone present.

The roar came from the Black Ink Clan’s Royal Lord, and after this long roar, the Royal Lord’s giant figure wrapped in a thick Ink Force transformed into a ball of ink and fled into the distance.

He had to leave! If he didn’t leave now, none of the Territory Lords under his command would be able to survive. If he left now, he might suffer heavy losses, but at the very least, he would be able to preserve some of his strength. If he continued to delay, not to mention the Territory Lords, even he would have no hope of escaping.

He knew all about Wind and Cloud Pass’ Old Ancestor and had fought with him for so many years, so how could he not know who was stronger?

However, this was the first time he had fought with this Old Ancestor from Yin Yang Pass, so he wasn’t sure what kind of methods she had. However, the methods displayed by this Old Ancestor of Yin Yang Pass made him feel uneasy. The Chaos Domain formed by the Yin Yang Fish seemed to have some kind of binding effect, and the longer one was trapped inside, the harder it was to escape.

Yin Yang Pass’s Old Ancestor method is not as powerful as Wind and Cloud Pass's Old Ancestor's method, but they were far more durable, making it difficult to defend against.

When these two old ancestors worked together, they complemented each other perfectly.

The Black Ink Clan Royal Lord’s intentions were obvious, so how could the two Human Race Ancestors allow him to escape so easily?

“You want to leave? Dream on!” Yin Yang Pass’s Old Ancestor shouted and chased after him like a shadow. Wind and Cloud Pass's Old Ancestor also followed closely behind the Black Ink Clan’s Royal Lord, bombarding him with his various Divine Abilities.

As the three figures tangled with each other, they gradually disappeared.

After the roar rang out, the Black Ink Clan’s Territory Lords also used their life-saving Secret Arts in an attempt to escape from the battlefield.

However, every Territory Lord was surrounded by several Eighth Order masters, so how could it be so easy to escape?

Using a Secret Technique that greatly damaged one’s Yuan Qi, there weren’t many who could successfully escape, only a mere twenty or so. Those who failed could only fight like trapped beasts, but what awaited them was only death!

With the Royal Lord and a small number of Territory Lords leaving the battlefield, the already dispirited morale of the Black Ink Clan became even worse. Coupled with the continuous news of the Territory Lords dying, the defeat was certain, so the Black Ink Clan’s army no longer had the mood to fight and instead tried to escape.

They weren’t in the mood to continue fighting, but the Human Race didn’t show any mercy when they attacked. Under such favorable circumstances, the number of victories they obtained quickly increased.

It was foreseeable that after this battle, the Black Ink Clan in the Wind and Cloud War Zone would be completely destroyed, and Wind and Cloud Pass would become the third War Zone to welcome a long period of peace.

In a certain void somewhere in the Wind and Cloud’s eastern battlefield, Dawn Squad led by Yang Kai, six Seventh Orders are arranged in a zigzag pattern, with Dawn Battleship in the middle. Bai Yi stood at the bow of the Battleship, holding a longbow in her hand. Ever since Wind and Cloud’s Pass had been opened, the entire team had been like wild horses that had escaped their reins, weaving back and forth across the battlefield.

Wherever the Dawn Squad passed, the Black Ink Clan would be wiped out in droves. No matter how many Black Ink Clan cultivators there were, the Dawn Squad would always pass by, and no Black Ink Clan could stop this group.

Ren Bingbai was assigned to the left side of Breaking Dawn. This was the first time he had cooperated with Yang Kai and the others after joining the Dawn Squad.

In private, he had also discussed with Yu Ziyou. This was their first time working together, so they must perform well. After all, the two of them were both Seventh Order, so it would be unreasonable for them to perform poorly.

The two of them were originally the Team Leader and Vice Team Leader of a ten-man team, so they were extremely familiar with the coordination between the Seventh Order and their Battleship.

But when they really stepped onto the battlefield with the Dawn Squad, they suddenly realized that all their previous experiences were completely useless in the Dawn Squad.

In fact, in this chaotic battlefield where enemies were everywhere, the two of them didn’t play much of a role.

The entire soul of the Dawn squad was focused on the man at the front.

In front of him, the Feudal Lord-level Black Ink Clan was like a small child. Whenever he used his spear, he would often kill them with a single strike. Even if he didn’t kill them, the other Seventh Order Black Ink Clan masters in the team could easily kill them with a single strike.

It had only been half an incense stick’s worth of time since they emerged from the Wind and Cloud Pass, and more than a dozen Feudal Lords had died at the hands of this man!

These were the ones who had been directly killed by him while many others had been seriously injured by him.

In addition to this, there was also Bai Yi, who stood atop the Battleship. This Divine Feather Paradise master’s archery skill had reached the pinnacle of perfection, and when the light flashed, all of the Black Ink Clan Feudal Lords who stood in her way would fall.

She didn’t attack often, but every time she did, it was just right, greatly reducing the pressure of the Dawn’s advance.

The power of the various Secret Treasure and Spirit Arrays on the Battleship continued to burst forth and bombarded large swaths of Black Ink Clan forces, causing considerable damage.

The strength displayed by the entire Dawn Squad was like a burning hot knife that cut through butter, turning all obstacles in its path to dust.


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