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The appointment of dozens of Garrison Chiefs took only half an hour.

After all of the Garrison Chiefs had been appointed, Xiang Shan said, “Gather your men and after half a day, follow me out of Wind and Cloud Pass!”


The Garrison Chief immediately became busy. The various appointments Xiang Shan and Liu Zhiping had announced were only at the level of the Garrison Chief, and there were still guards under the Garrison Chief. This was something that the Garrison Chief had to handle, so the two Regiment Commanders wouldn’t interfere.

However, as for how to arrange the thirty thousand soldiers gathered in this square, the upper echelons had long since come up with a plan. The teams who came from the various mountain passes would be assigned to the respective garrison and guards in advance, so the Garrison Chief only needed to gather its people according to the name list.

While Yang Kai and the others were waiting in the square, the Eighth Order were not idle.

The division of personnel was also quite specific. Every guard and town had to coordinate their personnel in advance.

On the square, the sound of the Garrison Chief issuing orders rang out as the teams from the various mountain passes quickly moved about, searching for their respective place.

Yang Kai and Chai Fang glanced at each other before Chai Fang said, “Brother Yang, I’m afraid our two teams won’t be assigned to any of the guards. As for how to act on the battlefield, we’ll have to ask first.”

The two elite squads had about fifty people, which was equivalent to half a guard’s strength, so it was naturally difficult for them to be assigned to a certain guard.

On top of that, in Blue Sky Pass, the elite squads had always been separated from the main force and were directly managed by the Regiment Commanders.

Yang Kai nodded slightly, “Brother Chai is right. In that case, let’s go.”

The two of them walked towards Xiang Shan together.

When they arrived, Yang Kai bowed and asked, “Sir, how should I and Brother Chai's team fight in battle?”

Xiang Shan glanced at him and said, “Act according to the situation!”

Yang Kai suddenly understood, “Disciple understands!”

Acting according to the situation meant that there were no constraints, and there was no need to coordinate with the other squads. This was a good thing for the two elite squads, allowing them to freely display their advantages.

Of course, there were advantages and disadvantages. If they did not coordinate with the other teams, it meant that the two teams would likely not be able to obtain much support and would have to rely on themselves on the battlefield.

Dawn and Old Turtle had already mentally prepared themselves for this. This had been the case back at Blue Sky Pass. Elite squads had always acted freely in battle.

After receiving Xiang Shan’s reply, Yang Kai and Chai Fang finally felt relieved and returned.

Watching the two of them leave, Liu Zhiping frowned slightly, “Senior Brother Xiang, Yang Kai is a very important person, shouldn’t we arrange for him to stay in the Central Army?”

The Central Army was the most important and safest place in the entire army. If Yang Kai could be assigned to the Central Army, it would naturally be easier to protect him.

In fact, Ding Yao had mentioned Liu Zhiping’s proposal to him before coming here.

Xiang Shan slowly said, “When marching, the position of the Central Army is indeed safer, but when a great battle breaks out, there is no such thing as a safe position. The battlefield is chaotic, and he could only rely on himself. Since he came here, he is here to kill the enemy. This little brat has experienced many storms and waves, so it’s not easy for him to get into trouble.”

If it were any other Eighth Order master here, they might be more concerned about Yang Kai’s safety and might even arrange a safe location for him. However, Xiang Shan was a straightforward person who had fought his way to fame in the Black Ink Clan of Blue Sky War Zone, so how could he give Yang Kai any special treatment?

In his opinion, all the soldiers were the same. Those who could kill the Black Ink Clan were all good soldiers, so no one needed special treatment.

Yang Kai’s safety was indeed of great importance, but Xiang Shan had carefully studied some of Yang Kai’s information and knew that this boy was proficient in the Space Law. On the battlefield, this was a life-saving weapon. As long as he didn’t act foolishly, there wouldn’t be too much danger.

Seeing Xiang Shan so insistent, Liu Zhiping didn’t say anything more.

In less than half a day, the East and West armies had finished reorganizing, and the various guards of the various garrisons were all ready, their killing intent soaring to the sky.

At this time, the Black Ink Clan was still attacking the pass, and their forces seemed to have become even stronger than before. The entire Wind and Cloud Pass was constantly filled with energy fluctuations, and even with all kinds of barriers, it was difficult to conceal the fluctuations.

Wind and Cloud Pass originally had more than fifty thousand soldiers, and relying on their superior strength, they were able to defend the mountain pass. However, in order to form the Great Evolution's East and West Army, these fifty thousand soldiers had been reduced by fifteen thousand soldiers.

In other words, there were only thirty-five thousand soldiers guarding this Wind and Cloud Pass.

Although relying on the dangers of the mountain pass, these 35,000 people were still able to defend Wind and Cloud Pass, but the battlefield was constantly being suppressed. Currently, all of Wind and Cloud Pass’s soldiers could only move within a ten thousand kilometer radius of the mountain pass, which was also the range of the secret treasures inside the mountain pass. Any further and there would be many casualties.

The sudden weakness of the Human Race made the Black Ink Clan attacking the pass extremely excited. For so many years, they had never had such a great advantage on the main battlefield. Although they didn’t know why the Human Race’s forces had been greatly reduced, the Territory Lords in charge of this invasion saw hope.

It seemed that as long as they put in more effort, they could take down this human mountain pass and turn it into the second Great Evolution Pass.

Thirty thousand years ago, the Black Ink Clan had conquered the first mountain pass of the Human Race. On the vast Ink Battlefield, the Black Ink Clan had not been able to advance any further. The tenacity of the Human Race had left the Black Ink Clan in every war zone helpless.

If they could take down Wind and Cloud Pass this time, it would definitely be a great blow to the morale of the Human Race, and the Black Ink Clan in the Wind and Cloud War Zone would become the heroes of the entire race.

As such, the Black Ink Clan had now poured almost all of their forces into the battlefield, determined to take down Wind and Cloud Pass in one fell swoop and slaughter all of the humans here!

Inside the giant black ink cloud, the Black Ink Clan’s Royal Lord was quietly observing.

It had been twenty years since the army had attacked Wind and Cloud Pass. During this time, he had fought with the Human Race’s Old Ancestor three times, each time causing the sky to collapse and the earth to crack. Unfortunately, each time, they were evenly matched and both of them suffered minor injuries.

However, these injuries did not affect him much.

He had seen the changes in the Human Race’s forces, this was a very unusual phenomenon. He didn’t know what the Human Race was doing or why their forces had been greatly reduced, but he instinctively felt that something was happening in Wind and Cloud Pass.

Originally, he wanted to find an opportunity to observe the situation inside, but because of the various Spirit Arrays surrounding Wind and Cloud Pass, even though he was the Royal Lord, he was unable to see anything.

After hesitating for only half a day, the Black Ink Clan’s Royal Lord made up his mind. No matter what the Human Race was doing, now was the best time to break through the enemy forces. Moreover, he had received news from the rear that the Great Evolution War Zone would soon have two hundred thousand troops supporting them.

The two hundred thousand strong army had arrived at just the right time. No matter what the Human Race’s intentions were, under the suppression of absolute strength, they could do nothing.

What he needed to do now was create pressure for the Human Race so that they wouldn’t have time to breathe. Once the two hundred thousand strong army arrived, he would completely crush this obstacle in front of him.

Just as he was thinking this, a figure suddenly flew up from Wind and Cloud Pass towards the black ink cloud.

The Black Ink Clan’s Royal Lord was stunned for a moment before becoming enraged, “Human old dog, you’re courting death!”

He had never imagined that this Human Race Old Ancestor from the Wind and Cloud Pass would take the initiative to attack. They had fought against each other for countless years, and because of the special circumstances of Wind and Cloud Pass, the Old Ancestor was unable to take the initiative to attack, so he was basically the one who initiated the conflict between the Royal Lord and Old Ancestor.

The number of times the Human Race’s Old Ancestor took the initiative to attack could be counted on one’s fingers.

In the previous three battles, he had been the first to take action and the Human Race’s Old Ancestor had taken action, but now this old man had actually taken the initiative to attack.

The Royal Lord felt as if he had been offended, and in a fit of anger, he immediately rushed forward to meet them. In an instant, the two figures were fighting so fiercely that it seemed they could shatter the sky and shatter the earth.

After a short battle, the Black Ink Clan’s Royal Lord seemed to sense something and suddenly turned his head to look in a certain direction, only to see a small figure rushing towards them from the void.

This little child was incomparably tender, as if it could be blown to death with a single breath. The Black Ink Clan Royal Lord was stunned. Was this… a human child?

Having dealt with the Human Race for so many years, he had never seen a Human Race child before. The Human Race on the Ink Battlefield were all Fifth Order Open Heaven and above, so how could a child appear here?

However, at this moment, this seemingly harmless little girl gave the Royal Lord a great sense of crisis.

He didn’t know where this sense of crisis came from, but the little girl didn’t seem to have any powerful energy fluctuations. Just as he was wondering what was happening, he saw the little girl smile at him and quickly form a series of hand seals, summoning a giant Yin Yang Fish pattern that enveloped the entire void.

At the same time, the little girl’s figure suddenly distorted and transformed into the shape of a young girl with bright eyes and white teeth.

The young girl’s body released the terrifying aura of a Human Race Old Ancestor!

The Black Ink Clan’s Royal Lord turned pale with fright. Another Old Ancestor? How could the Human Race have two Old Ancestors?

For countless years, Wind and Cloud Pass had only had one Human Race Old Ancestor, so it was impossible for a second one to suddenly appear.

Was it a new breakthrough? Or had it come from another mountain pass?

In just a short time, the Black Ink Clan Royal Lord understood that this new Human Race Old Ancestor was not a new cultivator, but had come from Yin Yang Pass.

Because of the speed at which the Black Ink Nest was transmitting messages, there was also communications between the Royal Lords. He had once communicated with the Royal Lord of Yin Yang Pass and knew that the Human Race’s Old Ancestor of Yin Yang Pass seemed to have cultivated an extremely special technique that allowed her to transform into a young girl and a child at times.

Such a special and obvious change undoubtedly meant that the Yin Yand Pass Old Ancestor had arrived.

The Black Ink Clan’s Royal Lord was shocked!

The old ancestor of Yin Yang Pass had come here for no reason, how could she be not needed in Yin Yang Pass? He had never encountered such a situation before. Every Human Race old ancestor had a responsibility to guard the mountain pass, so it was impossible for them to leave their place easily.

No matter how he thought about it, the appearance of the Yin Yand Pass Old Ancestor on the battlefield was the greatest crisis he had ever faced.


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