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It's unknown which mountain pass this Junior Brother Hong came from, but it was clear that he wasn’t from a local mountain pass. After meeting with Xiang Shan, they began communicating via Divine Sense.

Yang Kai took this opportunity to observe his surroundings and discovered that there were already many cultivators gathered in this square. Basically, there were hundreds of people gathered here, occupying a certain area.

The number of participants varied, some two or three hundred, some three or four hundred, and there were no five hundred people like Blue Sky Pass.

These cultivators who had gathered here should have been transferred from the various mountain passes. It seemed that his previous guess about the transfer of personnel was correct. Because the situation in Blue Sky Pass was different, five hundred people could be transferred here, while the other mountain passes could transfer less people.

Compared to the thirty to forty thousand soldiers in one of the mountain passes, the transfer of several hundred people didn’t have much of an impact.

However, the number of people gathered here was quite impressive.

Yang Kai estimated that there were about six or seven thousand people gathered in this square, and this was only the number of people present, not counting people who had yet to arrive. If everyone had gathered here, there would be even more, perhaps even more than ten thousand.

In every place where cultivators gathered, there were many Eighth Order Open Heaven Stage cultivators. There were more than five of them.

It seemed that these mountain passes had the same choice as Blue Sky Pass, all of them borrowing the power of the Eighth Order Open Heaven Stage masters to send their own soldiers here.

Yang Kai secretly clicked his tongue. Forget about the six or seven thousand soldiers gathered in this square, there were more than a hundred Eighth Order master.

Not only would the Black Ink Clan who was besieging this mountain pass suffer, but they would also suffer greatly.

Just as Yang Kai was about to ask Troublesome Grandmaster where this mountain pass was, he suddenly heard a voice call out, “Boy, over here!”

Yang Kai turned his head towards the source of the voice and saw a cultivator not far away waving towards him.

It was Xu Linggong!

Yang Kai was stunned. He hadn’t expected him to come here as well. Xu Linggong was a Seventh Order Open Heaven Stage master, so if he was here, he should also be preparing to take back Great Evolution Pass.

To be able to meet Xu Linggong here, Yang Kai was very happy. No matter what, this was still his elder, even though everyone’s cultivation was now the same.

Walking over to Ding Yao’s side, Yang Kai said, “Martial Uncle, there are some familiar faces over there. I’ll go greet them.”

Ding Yao turned his head and glanced towards the place where the Yin Yang Pass cultivators were gathered, nodding slightly, “We are temporarily free to move about, but we are not allowed to leave this square.”

“Yes!” Yang Kai replied before turning back to warn Dawn Squad and the others before walking towards Xu Linggong.

When he arrived, Yang Kai bowed, “Elder Xu!”

He then bowed to Tang Qiu and the others, “Greetings, Seniors.”

On Yin Yang Pass’ side, not only did Xu Linggong come, but Tang Qiu and the others also came. Yang Kai recognized several of these Eighth Order cultivators, but there were also some he didn’t recognize.

Behind Xu Linggong, Qing Kui and Su Yingxue also nodded slightly towards Yang Kai as a form of greeting.

Xu Linggong slapped Yang Kai’s shoulder and laughed, “I never thought we would have a chance to fight side by side. It’s good to have you here, little brat. Since you like to cause trouble, this old master will enjoy it.”

Yang Kai couldn’t help smiling, not knowing if this was a compliment or not, so he casually said, “Elder Xu is too kind. Seeing that Elder Xu and everyone else is well, this disciple is relieved.”

Xu Linggong nodded happily, “At least you have some filial piety.”

Yang Kai continued, “Many people have come from Yin Yang Pass this time, is there no battle there?”

Just now, he had noticed that the people from Yin Yang Pass were almost the same as Blue Sky Pass. There should be a total of five hundred people here, with ten of them being Eighth Order. Not only was Tang Qiu, the Regiment Commander of the Eastern Army, but even the Regiment Commander of Yin Yang Pass’ Western Army, Liu Zhiping, was among them.

Yang Kai had a deep impression of this Western Army Regiment Commander. The meat buns she made were delicious, and when he was hanging out with the Yin Yang Pass Old Ancestor, he often visited her Lin Family’s steamed bun shop.

With the two Regiment Commander personally arriving, it was clear that the battle at Yin Yang Pass had gone smoothly, otherwise it would have been impossible for them to be so free.

One had to know that although Blue Sky Pass had dispatched ten Eighth Order masters, only Ding Yao, the Eastern Army Regiment Commander, had been dispatched.

Hearing Yang Kai ask about this matter, Tang Qiu smiled and said, “It's all thanks to you. The battle with the Black Ink Clan more than a hundred years ago caused them to suffer great losses. The Yin Yang Pass will be safe for at least a thousand years.”

As soon as Yang Kai heard this, he understood that it must be because of the Universe Paradise and Universe Cave Heaven that he had opened outside Yin Yang Pass.

The situation at Blue Sky Pass was the same. With the help of the Universe Paradise and Unvierse Cave Heaven, Yin Yang Pass had caught the Black Ink Clan’s army off guard during the battle more than a hundred years ago. With many traps set up, the Black Ink Clan suffered heavy casualties. In that battle, almost all of the Black Ink Clan’s army had been wiped out and more than twenty Territory Lords had died.

Although the Black Ink Clan had learned their lesson from Blue Sky Pass and had been extremely careful, unless they didn’t attack the Human Race’s mountain passes, they would sooner or later fall into these traps. For the Black Ink Clan, this trap set up by the Human Race was a dead end, so they had to pay a huge price to clear these traps that used the Universe Paradise and Universe Cave Heaven.

“Originally, Yin Yang Pass wanted to imitate Blue Sky Pass and launch an expedition, but unfortunately, they couldn’t solve the logistics problem and no one had set up the Universe Formation as a transit, so we could only give up,” Tang Qiu said somewhat regretfully.

In fact, at the time, Yin Yang Pass had also considered asking Yang Kai to help them set up the Universe Formation and use it as a transit point for the expedition’s forces to resolve the logistical problems, but due to various reasons, they had ultimately put their plans on hold.

Although there were no expeditions, the situation at Yin Yang Pass was now stable, so they could naturally deploy more people to assist in the Great Evolution Pass’ recapture.

This was also the reason why they were able to mobilize five hundred people and even two Regiment Commanders.

Among them, Liu Zhiping was going with the army to recover Great Evolution Pass, while Tang Qiu was going to return to Yin Yang Pass to oversee it. However, Yang Kai and the others were still unclear about the decisions made by the higher-ups.

The only thing he wanted to figure out now was where this mountain pass was.

After asking this question, Tang Qiu asked, “Didn’t Ding Yao tell you?”

Yang Kai replied, “I haven’t had time to ask.”

Tang Qiu explained, “This is Wind and Cloud Pass.”

Yang Kai suddenly understood. Wind and Cloud Pass naturally corresponded to Wind and Cloud Paradise. Because of the World Tree Subtree and the Good Fortune Divine Furnace, Yang Kai had interacted with almost every Cave Heaven Paradise, so he knew one or two of them.

Regarding Wind and Cloud Paradise, Yang Kai’s deepest impression was that this auction house had done a good job. Back then, Yang Kai had obtained the recipe for the Heavenly Yuan Positive Seal Pill from the Wind and Cloud Auction.

This place was Wind and Cloud Pass, the other place adjacent to Great Evolution Pass was Azure Void Pass.

The Azure Void Pass corresponded to the Azure Void Cave Heaven, with the Great Evolution Pass sandwiched between the two passes. Originally, they could help each other, but with the fall of Great Evolution Pass, whether it was Azure Void Pass or Wind and Cloud Pass, the pressure on them had increased greatly.

Because the Black Ink Clan in the Great Evolution War Zone didn’t have an opponent, they could develop in peace and gather their forces, often gathering hundreds of thousands of troops to cross the distant void and coordinate with the Azure Void War Zone and the Wind and Cloud War Zone’s Black Ink Clan.

Whether it was Azure Void Pass or Wind and Cloud Pass, the frequency at which the Black Ink Clan attacked was higher than the other passes. Normally, the Black Ink Clan would only attack the Pass once every hundred years, but these two passes basically only took seventy or eighty years to be attacked again, and each time, the Black Ink Clan’s forces were extremely strong.

Due to the pressure, each of these two mountain passes had over fifty thousand soldiers, otherwise it would have been impossible to resist.

After learning that this place was Wind and Cloud Pass, Yang Kai nodded slightly and asked, “Senior, what are the follow-up arrangements? From what I can see, there are only twenty or thirty forces here. When will the forces from the other passes arrive?”

Hearing this, Tang Qiu said, “The forces deployed by the hundred or so mountain passes won’t all be gathered at Wind and Cloud Pass. Overall, only half of them will be here, while the other half will be at Azure Void Pass. At this moment, Azure Void Pass is facing the Black Ink Clan’s invasion. With the help of the forces from the various mountain passes and the local forces of these two mountain passes, we will first defeat the Black Ink Clan who is attacking. Afterwards, Wind and Cloud Pass will form the East and West Armies of the Great Evolution, while Azure Void Pass will form the North and South Armies.”

“I don’t know how Azure Void Pass is arranged, but the Eastern Army’s Regiment Commander here should be your Blue Sky Pass’ Xiang Shan, while the Western Army’s Regiment Commander is my Yin Yang Pass’ Junior Sister Liu Zhiping. When the time comes, the four armies will set out from the two passes and move forward together. My Yin Yang Pass’ Old Ancestor will lead them to reclaim Great Evolution.”

Yang Kai suddenly understood and looked around at the forces on the square, silently estimating, “So, each army should have around ten thousand people? The four armies should have more than forty thousand people?”

Tang Qiu shook his head and said, “Not only that, according to the original plan, we need to gather sixty thousand troops to subdue Great Evolution. In other words, each army must be at least tens of thousands strong. Only by ensuring that there are sixty thousand of them can we take down Great Evolution.”

Recovering was different from defending. A human race mountain pass with thirty to forty thousand soldiers was enough to ensure its survival, but that was only because of the mountain pass.

By the same logic, the Black Ink Clan had occupied Great Evolution Pass for more than thirty thousand years, so even if they didn’t have the various methods of the Human Race, they had certainly made many arrangements over the past thirty thousand years.

This time, it was the Black Ink Clan’s turn to rely on the mountain pass. If the Human Race wanted to conquer the Great Evolution Pass, they had to ensure that they had an advantage in numbers. Sixty thousand was the minimum guarantee.

On Wind and Cloud Pass’s side, if all the forces from various mountain passes were gathered together, there should be about five thousand, which was equivalent to one army.

However, considering that once Great Evolution was captured, the pressure on Wind and Cloud Pass would no longer be as great, so there would no longer be a need for fifty thousand soldiers to guard it. As such, Wind and Cloud Pass would directly mobilize ten to fifteen thousand soldiers to put together the East and West armies for Great Evolution.

The same was true for Azure Void Pass. Relying on the troops from the various mountain passes, as well as providing an additional force, it was the strength of two armies.

When the time came, the four armies of the North, South, East, and West would meet at Great Evolution Pass under the command of the Yin Yang Pass’s Old Ancestor before deciding how to take back this Human Race Pass that had been lost for over thirty thousand years.


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