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After Xiang Shan finished speaking, he turned around and flew towards the main hall where the super Space Array was located. Ding Yao and the other Eighth Order followed closely behind while the five hundred soldiers followed behind.

Yang Kai led the Dawn group to the front, with Chai Fang and Old Turtle’s team beside him.

Soon, the group of Eighth Order and Five Hundred soldiers arrived at the main hall where the Super Space Array was located. The main hall was spacious enough to accommodate several hundred people.

An Eighth Order Open Heaven Stage cultivator came over from the Spirit Array and cupped his fists towards Xiang Shan, “Everything is ready.”

Xiang Shan nodded, “Good work.”

The Eighth Order moved to the side, and Xiang Shan led the hundreds of soldiers to the Space Array. The Spirit Array glowed brightly, its runes flashing and its base humming. Obviously, it had been activated and could be used at any time.

Xiang Shan turned around, looked at the five hundred people behind him, and ordered, “Fifty people in a group, split up!”

Under the leadership of their respective team leaders, three or four teams formed a group.

Only Dawn and Old Turtle’s team didn’t need any trouble, because the two elite teams had about fifty people.

With this distribution, the five hundred people were immediately divided into ten groups.

Xiang Shan turned his head to look at the Eighth Order beside him and nodded slightly. In the next moment, the Eighth Order arrived in front of a group of soldiers.

The one who had arrived in front of the Dawn Squad was none other than Troublesome Grandmaster. It was unknown if he had arranged this beforehand, but just like the other Eighth Order, Troublesome Grandmaster urged his Small Universe’s power to open his own door and form a passage, calling out to Yang Kai and the others, “Come in!”

Seeing this, how could Yang Kai not understand the arrangements of the Eighth Order Open Heaven Stage masters? Obviously, they wanted to use the strength of the Eighth Order Open Heaven Stage masters to send these five hundred people to another mountain pass.

Because of the distance between the mountain pass and another mountain pass, each teleportation would consume a massive amount of resources, and the higher the strength of the cultivator, the more resources would be consumed.

Blue Sky Pass had sent out five hundred people, so if these five hundred people were really teleported out one by one, with Blue Sky Pass’s current wealth, they would be able to hold on, but it would also cause unnecessary waste.

It would also consume a lot of time.

Rather than that, it would be better to rely on the Small Universe of the Eighth Order Open Heaven Stage.

In comparison, teleporting ten Eighth Order masters would definitely consume far less resources than teleporting five hundred people, and it would also take less time.

In fact, if there were people coming and going between the mountain passes, they would generally use this method to allow lower grade cultivators to enter the Small Universe of higher grade cultivators, saving as much resources as possible.

An Eighth Order Open Heaven Small Universe’s physique was massive. If only Fifth Order is accommodated, it could accommodate hundreds or even thousands of people. If it was a Sixth Order, it could accommodate about a hundred people. If all of them were Seventh Order, at most ten, even an Eighth Order wouldn’t be able to handle it if it was more. Once the Small Universe was burdened, it was highly likely it would bring unnecessary trouble.

Therefore, after careful discussion, Xiang Shan and the others felt that sending out five hundred people was the best choice.

With a shout from Troublesome Grandmaster, Yang Kai was the first to charge towards the door, followed closely by the other Dawn Squad people.

After taking everyone into his Small Universe, Troublesome Grandmaster closed the door.

This was the first time he had done such a thing, and he had never experienced such an experience before. Under normal circumstances, even if his cultivation was much higher than others, a High Rank Open Heaven cultivator wouldn’t dare to casually take a lower rank cultivator into their Small Universe, because if the person who was taken in was to commit a crime inside the Small Universe, it would easily cause great harm. Even if it could be suppressed in time, Small Universe would inevitably be contaminated by the World Force of others and would find it very troublesome to disperse.

Therefore, once the people in Yang Kai's Small Universe is about to reach Open Heaven, they would have to leave. Firstly, everyone had a different Dao. In his Small Universe, the success rate of the Void Training Hall’s disciples breaking through wasn’t high, and secondly, it was to prevent his own strength from being contaminated.

However, the situation in the Ink Battlefield was special. Using Small Universe to take in lower rank Open Heaven Stage cultivators was a common occurrence, and they were all allies who had fought side by side, so they still had this bit of trust.

After taking over the entire Dawn Squad, although there were less than fifty people, Troublesome Grandmaster’s face couldn’t help turning pale.

On the other hand, Xiang Shan and the others all wore calm expressions, especially Xiang Shan, who had taken in nearly sixty people, as if nothing had happened.

From this, it could be seen that even though they were both Eighth Order, Troublesome Grandmaster’s foundation was not comparable to the veteran Eighth Order of Blue Sky Pass, The Artifact Refining Dao consumes too much energy.

After storing the five hundred people into their Small Universe, the Eighth Order cultivators didn’t immediately leave through the space array, instead standing in place and waiting.

Because this time, Blue Sky Pass wasn’t the only one to be teleported. All of the various mountain passes had been mobilized, so it was impossible for the other side’s Space Array to support so many people. It had to be done in batches, so Xiang Shan and the others had to wait for the other side’s notice.

They didn’t have to wait for too long. After half an hour or so, the Space Array suddenly burst with dazzling light and quickly converged.

This was the message they had agreed on.

After the light from the Spirit Array stabilized, Xiang Shan took the lead and stepped onto the Spirit Array while the other Open Heaven Stage cultivators followed closely behind.

“Activate the Array!” The Eighth Order who had first come out from the main hall shouted. Around the Array, the many soldiers who had been prepared began forming hand seals and activating the Array.

A dazzling light burst out from the edge of the Array and gradually spread towards the centre. Soon, ten Eighth Order figures including Xiang Shan were enveloped.

The Array buzzed and the hall shook.

After a dozen breaths of time, the dazzling light suddenly faded and the Array became extremely dim. Xiang Shan and the others who were originally inside the Array had disappeared.

What also dimmed was the massive amount of crystals arranged around the seven Array Cores.

These seven array cores corresponded to the seven forces of Yin-Yang, and Five Elements. The crystals that were originally arranged here were all energy crystals extracted from various different resources by the soldiers in the pass through special methods. A fingernail-sized crystal required a Fifth Grade resource.

As for these array cores, if they were to gather together, it would be enough to fill a washbasin. From this, one could imagine just how much resources were needed to teleport.

Inside the Small Universe, Yang Kai and the others sat down cross-legged and restrained their strength, trying their best to remain silent.

This was the consciousness of every Open Heaven Stage cultivator who had been taken in by others.

Perhaps it was because Yang Kai had cultivated the Artifact Refining Dao before, but as soon as he entered, he noticed that this Small Unvierse was filled with a large number of Artifact Refining Dao marks.

After all, this was the Troublesome Grandmaster's Small Universe. As a Great Grandmaster Artifact Refiner, it was normal for his Artifact Refining Dao Mark to be so rich.

If Troublesome Grandmaster’s Small Universe could raise living creatures like his Small Universe, a large number of Artifact Refining talents would definitely emerge.

In fact, it is precisely because of the characteristics of the Small Universe in the Open Heaven Stage that the cultivation level has reached the Seventh Order Open Heaven. After the Small Universe transformed from to illusory to physical state, it would not be difficult for him to find a successor. As long as he could raise a group of living creatures in his Small Universe, with the subtle influence of the Dao Mark traces in his body, after several generations, he would definitely be able to produce a good seedling who could inherit his legacy.

However, under normal circumstances, even a High Rank Open Heaven wouldn’t do such a thing, because when fighting with others, the Small Universe would easily become unstable, causing many of the creatures inside to suffer heavy casualties. Perhaps the hundreds of years of hard work would be wasted in a single battle.

According to Yang Kai’s knowledge, only High Rank Open Heaven masters who came from the Cave Heaven Paradise would do so.

They knew that they wouldn’t be able to live for much longer and that there was no hope for them to continue forward, so the only thing they could do was contribute to their Sect’s survival.

As such, the various Cave Heaven Paradise had never lacked Alchemists and Artifact Refiners. Special Sects like Divine Cauldron Heaven and Divine Medicine Heaven ensured the continuation of their heritage.

In fact, Yang Kai could take this opportunity to gain some enlightenment. In this special environment, he might be able to gain some benefits.

However, he didn’t care much about Artifact Refining. The reason he cultivated Artifact Refining in the past was also because of the requirements of the mission.

Now that the mission was over, he had not touched upon the Artifact Refining Dao for a long time.

After waiting for more than two hours, the Small Universe suddenly let out a buzz as a door leading to the outside world opened.

The people from Dawn Squad all stood up and, under Yang Kai’s lead, passed through the gate and left the Troublesome Grandmaster's Small Universe.

As their vision changed, a group of people appeared on a giant square.

Before everyone could clearly see what was happening, they could hear a faint buzzing sound in their ears as energy fluctuations came from all directions.

This movement was too familiar, almost everyone had experienced it more than once.

Shen Ao, who was standing beside Yang Kai, raised his brow, “The Black Ink Clan is attacking?”

Yang Kai nodded slightly.

He didn’t know which mountain pass this was, but it was definitely one of the two adjacent mountain passes to Great Evolution Pass. After all, if they wanted to take back Great Evolution Pass, the distance between these two mountain passes was the closest.

However, he hadn’t expected that as soon as they arrived, they would encounter the Black Ink Clan's invasion. He didn’t know whether it was a coincidence or a deliberate arrangement of the Human Race.

Yang Kai estimated that the latter possibility was quite high. The Black Ink Clan's invasion would take a long time, so if the Human Race wanted to, they could easily avoid it.

From the looks of it, the Human Race’s upper echelons had decided that before subjugating Great Evolution, they would first heavily injure the nearby Black Ink Clan forces, lest the Black Ink Clan forces in these two war zones provide too much support.

This was a very normal choice.

Turning his head to look at the ten Eighth Order masters from Blue Sky Pass, Yang Kai estimated that the Black Ink Clan was about to suffer.

The people from the Dawn Squad gathered together and whispered to each other. The other small teams also noticed this unusual situation.

But now, no one understood what kind of mountain pass they were in.

The Universe Chart that Blue Sky Pass had brought with them was useless. Every war zone had its own Universe Chart, and although it covered several nearby war zones, if it was too far away, the Universe Chart would be empty.

While Dawn Squad was secretly communicating, an Eighth Order suddenly flew over and cupped his fists towards Xiang Shan, “Senior Brother Xiang!”

Xiang Shan returned the greeting, “Junior Brother Hong.”


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