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The two team leaders lay down together, but the members of the two teams had yet to enjoy themselves to their heart’s content. The several women from Old Turtle’s team had even prepared a set of kitchen utensils and cooked some dishes. Seeing this, Feng Ying and Bai Yi also stepped forward to help.

Inside the small courtyard, the sounds of drinking filled the air.

These two elite squads were rivals on the battlefield, but they were also close allies. It was the same in this wine drinking field.

Some were in groups of three or five while others were in pairs. All of them were intoxicated, and even Feng Ying and the other women were blushing slightly.

Even though they were all Open Heaven Stage cultivators, under the premise of not using their strength, their alcohol tolerance was still limited. Of course, because of their powerful physiques, any one of them could hold their liquor well.

The empty wine jars piled higher as more people fell to the ground.

After an unknown period of time, the entire courtyard was strewn all over the place, and not a single person was left standing. As for Feng Ying and Bai Yi, they had long since lost their ability to drink and returned to their rooms to rest.

The noisy courtyard was silent.

At the bottom of the long table, Yang Kai secretly opened his eyes and saw that the situation had already been decided. Only then did he stretch out his head from his chair and see a pair of eyes staring at him from across the table.

As their eyes met, Yang Kai and Chai Fang both felt awkward!

Yang Kai quietly used his strength to dissolve the wine, but he didn’t expect Chai Fang to do the same.

Shameless! Both of them cursed in their hearts.

Calming himself down, Yang Kai sat back down and took out a tea set before carefully cooking it.

Chai Fang remained silent and waited to drink his tea.

A moment later, the fragrance of tea filled the air as Yang Kai poured two cups and pushed one over.

Chai Fang silently took a sip.

After finishing a pot of tea, Chai Fang suddenly opened his mouth and said, “I’m afraid there will be some kind of movement in the Pass.”

Yang Kai frowned slightly, “Senior Brother also noticed?”

Chai Fang nodded, “It seems you also noticed.”

Yang Kai said, “Eighty percent of the Pass’s forces are concentrated in the Outpost’s main camp, and this situation has been going on for more than two hundred years. Although there hasn’t been any battle for a long time, we still need to be on guard against the Black Ink Clan’s counterattack. Under these circumstances, it’s somewhat abnormal for our two elite squads to suddenly be transferred back to the Pass.”

Chai Fang nodded and continued, “If it’s just our two small teams, then it’s fine. Recently, many teams have returned one after another, all of them receiving orders. I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but these teams all belong to different Team and Guard. In other words, none of the teams that have been transferred back belong to the same guard.”

“Does Senior Brother have any guesses?” Yang Kai asked.

Chai Fang shook his head, “There’s no need to guess, I’m also quite confused and wanted to ask you.”

This was the main reason why he had come to find Yang Kai this time. A drinking competition was just a side thing.

Yang Kai frowned and said, “If the Pass really wants to take action, they should gather their forces in the Outpost’s main camp, but for some reason they want to transfer us back.”

“It seems little brother doesn’t know anything.”

Although Yang Kai suspected that what happened next in the pass might have something to do with the newly developed Evil-Breaking Divine Lance, if that was the case, it would be too hasty.

The number of Evil-Breaking Divine Lances that had been infused with his Purification Light was not small, but there were only two or three hundred of them in each mountain pass. If these Evil-Breaking Divine Lances were to be used as a weapon for the elit soldier, it is fine, but it would not be of much use. After all, they could not be used repeatedly and could only be used once.

In his opinion, the Evil-Breaking Divine Lance must be accumulated to a considerable amount before it could be used. Either don't use it, or used it to force the Black Ink Clan into a corner.

Since this matter concerned the Evil-Breaking Divine Lance, Yang Kai couldn’t say much to Chai Fang.

“The higher-ups have always been so secretive, I’m afraid no one knows what they’re planning until the last moment,” Chai Fang couldn’t help grumbling.

The last time they had used Xiang Shan’s promotion to lure the Black Ink Clan’s Territory Lord there was also the same. Their several elite squads had risked their lives to protect him, but in the end, the upper echelons of the Pass had been prepared.

It was understandable that they didn't informed them last time, because only if they were willing to put their lives on the line would the Black Ink Clan’s Territory Lord believe that the Human Race didn’t have any ambush. If they had known about this plan beforehand, they might have exposed some kind of opening.

“Senior Brother, don’t be anxious. Looking at the current situation, if they're really taking action, I’m sure it won’t take long to find out,” Yang Kai comforted.

Chai Fang nodded slightly, “If Junior Brother receives any news, please inform me as soon as possible so that Senior Brother can prepare.”


“Then this Chai will take his leave first,” Chai Fang stood up and shouted, “All of you, get up! Don’t just lie there like a corpse! Fifty people were beaten by thirty people, there’s nothing to be seen.”

As soon as his voice fell, the members of the two teams who had been lying in the courtyard all got up one by one, each of them circulating their strength to dispel the effects of the alcohol. The members of Old Turtle’s team were all embarrassed, but compared to them, Dawn’s side was much more pleased.

Under Chai Fang’s lead, Old Turtle’s group quickly left while the other Dawn Squad members quickly bid farewell, leaving Yang Kai alone to clean up the mess.

Several days later, Yang Kai, who was cultivating, was once again summoned to the Military Department.

However, as soon as Yang Kai entered the Military Department, he heard a familiar angry shout from inside, “Why can’t I go? This is something Old Man Zhong Liang promised me before.”

Troublesome Grandmaster?

Yang Kai was slightly surprised, but he didn’t know when Troublesome Grandmaster return to Blue Sky Pass. Since Troublesome Grandmaster had come to the Ink Battlefield, he had been staying in the Outpost’s main camp, but now that he had returned, Yang Kai felt that the situation inside the Blue Sky Pass was not right.

Moreover, the promise Zhong Liang had made to him from the Troublesome Grandmaster’s mouth made Yang Kai quite concerned.

When the Evil-Breaking Divine Lance experiment was successful, Troublesome Grandmaster had asked Zhong Liang to not forget what he had promised him, and Zhong Liang had agreed.

Yang Kai didn’t know what Zhong Liang had promised the Troublesome Grandmaster, but now it seemed that some kind of unforeseen event had occurred. Ding Yao’s refusal had caused the Troublesome Grandmaster to burn with anger.

Thinking so, he walked into the room and saw the figure of Troublesome Grandmaster. However, at this moment, the old man was like an angry rooster, glaring at Ding Yao while Shentu Mo tried to persuade him, “Grandmaster, please calm your anger. Brother Zhong did agree to your request back then, so logically speaking, Brother Ding and I should agree to Brother Zhong’s decision, but times have changed. The Evil-Breaking Divine Lance is now yours to refine, and in the future, you will need to take charge of the overall situation. The Evil-Breaking Divine Lance will determine the future of the Human Race and the overall situation, so Grandmaster should remain in Blue Sky Pass.”

“Bullshitt!” Troublesome Grandmaster spat, causing Yang Kai to shrink his neck.

Even an ordinary Eighth Order Open Heaven master wouldn’t have the qualifications to act so presumptuously in front of these two Regiment Commanders. However, not only was this Troublesome Grandmaster an Eighth Order master, he was also an Artifact Refining Great Grandmaster.

“This old man has buried half his neck in the ground, so how could he care about the big picture? That’s something you Regiment Commanders need to worry about, what does it have to do with me? The reason this old man survived for so many years is because he has no face to face his ancestors. Now that he has a chance to fulfill his lifelong wish, why don’t you let this old man go with you? What kind of logic is that? Besides, although this old master is in charge of refining that Evil-Breaking Divine Lance, the refining method has already been passed down to the various Human Race passes. If there are any improvements in the future, those old fellows will naturally make their own decisions, so why should I worry about them?”

Shentu Mo earnestly advised, “Grandmaster, the battlefield is dangerous, and this time is different from the past. No one can guarantee they will survive.”

Troublesome Grandmaster looked at him askance, “What? Are you afraid this old man will become your burden? This old man not only knows how to refine artifacts, but I also know how to kill enemies. If it weren’t for your lack of Artifact Refiners, this old man would have long since gone to the Black Ink Clan’s main camp to kill. Moreover, if this old man were to really die outside, it would be a worthy death! When I meet my ancestors in the underworld, this old man can tell them that he died in battle in the Ink Battlefield, my ancestors will definitely reward me!”

Shentu Mo was speechless. Facing a character like Troublesome Grandmaster, even he couldn’t use force. Looking at the old man’s attitude, trying to persuade him was useless.

Troublesome Grandmaster suddenly turned his head and looked towards Yang Kai, “You said that the Evil-Breaking Divine Lance is related to the overall situation of the Human Race, so you were afraid that something would happen to me and asked this old man not to go, but the key to the Evil-Breaking Divine Lance is this boy. Without his Purifying Light, the Evil-Breaking Divine Lance would be nothing but a pile of trash. You transferred him back to the pass, didn’t you want him to go with the army? What, this boy can go with his Seventh Order cultivation, but this old man can’t? I don’t care, if you want me to go, I’ll go. If you don’t want me to go, I’ll go. At most, this old man will go alone.”

Saying so, he turned around and left, not even glancing at Yang Kai as he passed by.

Yang Kai couldn’t help sniffling, suddenly feeling like he had encountered an unexpected calamity. He couldn’t understand why these big shots arguments dragged him.

Sure enough, there was going to be some kind of big movement inside the pass. Listening to the meaning behind Troublesome Grandmaster's words, it seemed like they were going somewhere? This could explain why they had gathered so many teams to return to the pass.

Thinking about it, Blue Sky Pass was currently in a state of peace, and the Black Ink Clan had been holed up here for two hundred years.

Since there was no battle on Blue Sky Pass’s side, they would go to another mountain pass to find trouble. It seemed that the people inside the mountain pass wanted to assist other mountain passes.

Since ancient times, the various mountain passes had never been able to provide large-scale assistance to one another, because the distance was too great and the amount of resources needed to transport them was too great. But now that Blue Sky Pass had so many resources, they might not need to worry about any losses.

Thinking so, Yang Kai remained calm on the surface and cupped his fists, “Greetings, Sirs.”

Ding Yao and Shentu Mo both nodded slightly.

Shentu Mo looked at him and asked, “Did you hear what was just said?”

Yang Kai nodded.

“Any thoughts?”

Yang Kai didn’t hesitate to share his guess, “Is the Pass going to assist the other Pass to defend against the enemy?”


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