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Of the more than a hundred Open Heaven Stage masters who had come from his Small Universe, four of them were now able to cultivate the Space Law, three of them were able to cultivate the Time Law, and more than twenty were able to cultivate the Spear Law.

There were also some people who displayed extraordinary talent in Alchemy and Artifact Refining, which was definitely related to Yang Kai’s attainments in Alchemy and Artifact Refining. Although the Dao Marks of Alchemy and Artifact Refining were not as rich as those of the other three Great Daos, there were still many of them. If a cultivator who grew up in it has natural talent, it would be very easy for them to comprehend the mysteries contained within these Dao Mark.

Overall, the future cultivation path of these disciples from his Small Universe was somewhat related to the Great Dao he himself had dabbled in. Such a proportion was already quite impressive.

He had no intention of accepting any more disciples. To him, Zhao Yebai, Zhao Ya, and Xu Yi were more than enough.

Not to mention the Spear Dao, the Space Dao and Time Dao were both extremely unorthodox Great Daos. Ordinary cultivators would find it extremely difficult to even gain basic mastery, let alone cultivate them.

However, many of the cultivators who came from Yang Kai’s Small Universe were born naturally able to cultivate these two Great Daos, which was one of the reasons why the Eighth Order Open Heaven Stage cultivators valued these disciples.

During the expedition of Blue Sky Pass, Yang Kai’s Universe Formation had played a huge role, but Yang Kai is only one person, so Blue Sky Pass’ success was difficult to replicate.

However, if these disciples who were talented in the Space Dao were to succeed, they would definitely be able to play a great role in the future.

Whether it was the Space Dao or the Time Dao, in the entire Blue Sky Pass, besides Yang Kai, there was basically no one else who could teach them. However, Yang Kai was unable to instruct these disciples at all times, so more than a hundred years ago, he had taken the time to engrave his insights on these two Great Dao and the related Secret Techniques into a jade slips and offer them to War Preparation Palace.

In the future, if anyone needed to cultivate these two Great Daos, they could spend a certain amount of battle merits to exchange for them in the War Preparation Palace.

Although there had been no battles in Blue Sky Pass for a long time, it was easy for these cultivators from his Small Universe to earn battle merits. They could obtain battle merits by mining resources, patrolling their territory, or assisting in Alchemy and Artifact Refining, so there was no need to worry about their future cultivation.

Of course, if Yang Kai was free and in a good mood, he would also summon these people to teach them. In the past two hundred years, Yang Kai had teach them twice, once with the Dao of Space and once with the Dao of Time, allowing these disciples to reap great benefits.

Overall, Yang Kai already had experience in how to arrange these cultivators who had come from his own Small Universe, so he wouldn’t waste any more effort.

After returning to Blue Sky Pass through the Universe Formation, Yang Kai immediately went to report to the Eastern Army Military Department.

Ding Yao didn’t say anything to him and simply allowed his aide to lead him to a private room.

Although he had already guessed this, after seeing the scene in the secret room, Yang Kai couldn’t help but take a deep breath. There was nothing else in the secret room, only a pile of Evil-Breaking Divine Lance.

One pile after another, almost filling the entire chamber.

With a rough count, there were at least a few dozen piles here, and if each pile contained several hundred Evil-Breaking Divine Lance, there were at least ten or twenty thousand of them.

Yang Kai’s eyes twitched slightly, “So many.”

The aide smiled and said, “Junior Brother has worked hard, but this matter can only be handled by you, there’s no other way.”

Yang Kai nodded, “I understand.” He then asked, “Is everything here?”

The aide shook his head and said, “Most of them are here, and there are still some mountain passes that haven’t sent it over yet. They should be gathering here soon.”

“Okay,” Yang Kai accepted his fate.

The aide said, “Then I’ll take my leave first.”

After he left, Yang Kai began examining these Evil-Breaking Divine Lance. Soon, he discovered that the number of these broken Evil-Breaking Divine Lance varied, roughly two or three hundred.

Moreover, in front of each pile was an empty Space Ring, each one of which was marked with the name of a different mountain pass. Seeing this situation, Yang Kai understood that this pile of Evil-Breaking Divine Lance should correspond to different human mountain passes, all of which had been delivered from various human race mountain passes.

After pouring in the Purification Light, he still had to store it back into the Space Ring and send it back through the Spirit Array.

Refining the Evil-Breaking Divine Lance wasn’t easy. It had been five years since the last time the Evil-Breaking Divine Lance had been successfully tested on Honghu.

In five years, even after using up an entire mountain pass’s Artifact Refining ability, they had only managed to obtain two or three hundred pieces of the Evil-Breaking Divine Lance. One could only imagine how long it would take to refine one.

Yang Kai had once heard Troublesome Grandmaster casually mention that it would take at least a year for a Grandmaster Artifact Refiner to refine an Evil-Breaking Divine Lance. After all, this was a weapon used to deal with the Black Ink Clan's masters, and its requirements for Artifact Refining were extremely harsh. The slightest mistake would result in failure.

In other words, a Grandmaster Artifact Refiner could only refine one artifact a year at most, and this was under the premise that everything went smoothly. If he failed once or twice, it would be normal for him to refine one in a few years.

How many Artifact Refining Grandmasters could a human mountain pass have? There were more than a dozen of them in total, and some places had less than ten. In this way, without considering the possibility of failure, the number of Evil-Breaking Divine Lance a human race mountain pass could refine in five years was less than fifty.

In fact, less than half of them had failed, the chances of failure were quite high.

As a result, Yang Kai was puzzled by the fact that a human mountain pass could refine two or three hundred in five years. This number was obviously not right, far exceeding the number he had calculated.

However, after a closer look, Yang Kai suddenly understood.

These Evil-Breaking Divine Lance were divided into two categories. The first was the specifications that had been successfully tested on Honghu Territory Lord. This was a weapon that could reduce a Territory Lord’s strength by more than twenty percent, while the other was the specifications that had been tested on the Black Ink Clan’s Feudal Lord a long time ago. It could reduce a Feudal Lord’s strength by twenty or thirty percent, but the effects on a Territory Lord were not obvious.

This Evil-Breaking Divine Lance was slightly longer than the other one, and the refining technique was obviously more crude. According to Yang Kai’s estimations, this Evil-Breaking Divine Lance didn’t require an Artifact Refining Grandmaster to make it, as long as one’s skill reached the Artifact Refining Great Master level, they would be able to refine it.

From the looks of it, the two methods to refine the Evil-Breaking Divine Lance had been shared by Blue Sky Pass and the various mountain passes had also refined two different Evil-Breaking Divine Lance.

Such a difference was obviously a deeper consideration.

On the Black Ink Clan's side, Territory Lord-level masters were equivalent to Eighth Order Human Race masters and were the cornerstones of their respective clans. In order to deal with a Territory Lord, they needed to use the Evil-Breaking Divine Lance refined by the Grandmasters.

However, this Evil-Breaking Divine Lance was difficult to refine and the output was not high. If it was used against a Feudal Lord, it would be overkill.

As such, the Evil-Breaking Divine Lance that the Artifact Refining Great Master were able to refine was put to good use. This Evil-Breaking Divine Lance’s power was not as great as the previous one, but its output was much higher, so when used against a larger number of Black Ink Clan Feudal Lord, it complemented each other.

Yang Kai didn’t know how the higher ups of the Human Race divided these Evil-Breaking Divine Lance, but for the time being, Yang Kai divided the smaller number of Evil-Breaking Divine Lance refined by the Grandmasters into Heaven Grade, while the lower grade Evil-Breaking Divine Lance refined by the Great Master were divided into Earth Grade.

Overall, the ratio of the Heaven Grade Evil-Breaking Divine Lance was about ten to twenty percent.

What he needed to do now was pour all of these Evil-Breaking Divine Lance with the Purification Light.

Looking up at the pile of Evil-Breaking Divine Lance for the Black Ink Clan, it was a long way to go!

Sitting down cross-legged, Yang Kai casually picked up the Evil-Breaking Divine Lance in front of him and used the Purification Light to wrap it up. As usual, under the influence of the Evil-Breaking Divine Lance, the Purification Light flowed into it like water and soon disappeared.

Because he had to consider the different targets of the Evil-Breaking Divine Lance, when he poured the Purification Light into the Heaven Grade Evil-Breaking Divine Lance, Yang Kai chose higher quality Yellow Crystals and Blue Crystals. This way, the power of the Purification Light he poured into it would be even greater, allowing the Eighth Order master to deal with the Territory Lords more easily.

As for the Earth Grade, the quality of the Yellow Crystals and Blue Crystals he chose were slightly worse. In any case, they were only used to deal with the Feudal Lord, so even if they were slightly worse, it wouldn’t matter.

Although Yang Kai’s movements were quick, he was unable to keep up with the sheer number of Evil-Breaking Divine Lance. It took him a few days to finish dealing with the pile of Evil-Breaking Divine Lance in front of him, pick up the Space Ring that was originally placed on the pile of Evil-Breaking Divine Lance, and throw them all into it.

Soon after, Blue Sky Pass sent these items back to the various Human Race passes according to the Space Ring.

As the days passed, the several dozen piles of Evil-Breaking Divine Lance had only just been dealt with when another dozen rings containing the Evil-Breaking Divine Lance were delivered.

Yang Kai continued to tire himself out, but considering that each Evil-Breaking Divine Lance could take the life of a Feudal Lord or even a Territory Lord, it was worth it.

By the time all the broken Evil-Breaking Divine Lance from the mountain pass had been dealt with, more than half a year had passed.

Yang Kai walked out of the secret room and went to report to the Eastern Army Military Department.

Ding Yao didn’t say anything and simply nodded slightly.

“This matter is settled, Disciple will return to the Outpost now,” Yang Kai said. Although the Outpost had not fought for a long time, they still needed to patrol occasionally.

“There’s no need to return to the Outpost’s main camp, you can remain in Blue Sky Pass for now.”

Yang Kai was slightly startled, “Is there a new mission?”

Ding Yao glanced at him, “Are you hoping for a new mission?”

Yang Kai smacked his lips, “Nothing. It’s good to be safe and sound.”

Ding Yao waved his hand impatiently and Yang Kai quickly excused himself.

Walking out of the Military Department, Yang Kai frowned slightly. Ding Yao suddenly asking him to stay at Blue Sky Pass was a bit confusing, but since it was Ding Yao’s order, he could only comply.

Returning to his residence, Yang Kai opened the restriction and walked into the small courtyard. Just as he was about to take this opportunity to cultivate in seclusion, he suddenly felt something was wrong.

Turning his head to look around, he saw that there was a faint aura of life coming from the rooms on both sides of the courtyard.

Someone is here?

Yang Kai was stunned, but after carefully sensing it, he discovered that it was the aura of Feng Ying and Bai Yi.

Why are they back?


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