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When the Evil-Breaking Divine Lance was used, Yang Kai felt that the speed of this thing was slightly faster than before. This was obviously the result of a change in Artifact Refining.

However, the Evil-Breaking Divine Lance was fast, but Honghu’s speed was even faster. When the streak of light shot towards him, Honghu’s spirit was roused, and his figure flickered about the room, dodging the attacks of the streak of light.

Yang Kai didn’t care that his attack had missed. This had happened dozens of times in the past two hundred years, and he had fought with Honghu several dozen times, so they were already familiar with each other’s methods.

With a surge of his Divine Sense, the stream of light seemed to have been given life and nimbly chased after Honghu like a shadow.

If they were in the vast void and Honghu was already on guard, Yang Kai might not be able to do anything to him. After all, the difference in strength was obvious, but this was the secret underground chamber of the Outpost’s main camp. Although the space here was not small, there were still limitations.

In less than half a cup of tea’s time, Honghu, who had been trying to avoid the streak of light, had been caught off guard and forced into a dead end. Seeing the streak of light rapidly approaching him, a trace of ruthlessness flashed across his face as he punched out.

Before his fist arrived, a thick Ink Force had already emerged and instantly wrapped around the Evil-Breaking Divine Lance.

The pure white light blossomed and the Ink Force had been mostly dispersed, but the light didn’t slow down at all as it shot straight into his chest.

Even someone as strong as a Territory Lord had his skin and flesh torn apart by the light beam, the Evil-Breaking Divine Lance piercing through his flesh. In the next instant, Honghu’s body went stiff and he let out a terrifying roar, like a wounded beast.

The Evil-Breaking Divine Lance’s purifying light erupted!

Overall, although the Evil-Breaking Divine Lance had a certain degree of lethality, its damage to Territory Lord-lord masters was limited. This thing’s main focus was not its lethality, but the purifying light it contained was the best weapon against the Black Ink Clan.

With a furious roar, Honghu grabbed the Evil-Breaking Divine Lance stuck in his abdomen and fiercely pulled it out, leaving behind a trail of black blood. Without giving him a chance to breathe, Zhong Liang, who had been waiting for a long time, rushed forward.

In the blink of an eye, the two of them were locked in a fierce battle, the surrounding restrictions flashing wildly.

Yang Kai and Troublesome Grandmaster quickly retreated until they were at the edge of the restriction.

The many layers of restrictions in the underground chamber were enough to support Zhong Liang and Honghu for a while without being destroyed. Of course, after a long time, they would not be able to withstand the shockwaves from the battle between an Eighth Order and a Territory Lord.

Zhong Liang attacked with all kinds of killing moves, his entire body filled with murderous intent, forcing Honghu to focus on dealing with him. Under normal circumstances, even if a Territory Lord like Honghu couldn’t defeat Zhong Liang, he wouldn’t be defeated in a short time.

However, this time, Zhong Liang only took less than an incense stick’s worth of time to beat Honghu until he was covered in wounds and his breath was weak, completely losing all ability to resist.

A short while later, Zhong Liang returned with a refreshed look on his face. Honghu’s huge body lay limp on the ground like a pile of rotten meat, his aura dispirited.

“Twenty percent!” Zhong Liang looked towards Troublesome Grandmaster with an excited expression, “This is the result of Yang Boy’s attack. Before the Evil-Breaking Divine Lance hit him, the Purification Light was already released. If an Eighth Order like us were to use it, we should be able to use the full power of the Evil-Breaking Divine Lance and it would be able to have more than twenty percent power and less than thirty percent.”

Troublesome Grandmaster let out a long sigh, “Finally!”

Although from the results, this experiment could be considered a success, before obtaining Zhong Liang’s approval, nothing was certain.

Over the past two hundred years, after dozens of experiments and countless days of contemplation and improvements, the current Evil-Breaking Divine Lance could finally be used on the battlefield.

Twenty percent was a standard, because according to the Eighth Order’s estimations, if the Evil-Breaking Divine Lance could reduce the strength of a Territory Lord by twenty percent, they could easily kill them.

If it was less than twenty percent, the chances of them being killed would be greatly reduced. At that time, if the Territory Lord saw that the situation was bad, they would be able to escape. Once they became vigilant, the next time they used the Evil-Breaking Divine Lance, the effect would be much worse.

Twenty percent weakening didn’t seem like much, but it was actually quite impressive. For example, if the difference in strength between Zhong Liang and Honghu hadn’t been reduced by twenty percent, it would have taken the two of them at least half a day to determine a victor. But now, Zhong Liang had only taken an incense stick’s worth of time to beat Honghu up so badly that he couldn’t even fight back. If he wanted to, he could even take Honghu’s life at any time.

When comparing the two, the Evil-Breaking Divine Lance played a decisive role.

“Grandmaster has worked hard, two hundred years of hard work, and now, the dark clouds have finally been cleared and the moon has risen!” Zhong Liang bowed to the ground, “If we can annihilate the entire Black Ink Clan in the future, Grandmaster will be the first to receive the credit!”

The troublesome Grandmaster waved his hand and said, “Human Race and Black Ink Clan cannot coexist. This old man only did what he was supposed to do. This old man doesn’t care if it’s meritorious or not, but don’t forget what you promised me.”

Zhong Liang said solemnly, “Of course not!”

Yang Kai didn’t know what kind of agreement Zhong Liang had with Troublesome Grandmaster, but since it involved the privacy of others, he wouldn’t rashly ask. It was just that the successful development of the Evil-Breaking Divine Lance had lifted his spirits. With this artifact, the Human Race’s expedition would be inevitable, although he would still need to prepare for a long time.

Moreover, if his guess was correct, he would not be able to relax for the next few days.

Sure enough, Zhong Liang turned to look at Yang Kai and said, “I’ll need you to put in a lot of effort regarding the Evil-Breaking Divine Lance. The refining method of this artifact will soon be sent to various human passes, and before long, a large number of Evil-Breaking Divine Lance will gather at Blue Sky Pass. At that time, you will need to seal the Purification Light.”

Yang Kai’s eyes twitched as he accepted his fate, “Disciple understands.”

Once the method of refining the Evil-Breaking Divine Lance was made public, the various Human Race passes would definitely mass produce it. As long as one was an Artifact Refining Grandmaster, they could refine it, but only Yang Kai could seal the Purification Light.

Yang Kai could vaguely see his hard work in the near future.

After this matter was settled, the three of them left. As for Honghu who had fallen to the ground, no one paid him any attention.

The Human Race had spent so much effort to capture him and had even used Xiang Shan as bait to capture him alive for Troublesome Grandmaster to experiment with.

In the past, the Human Race didn’t kill him because he was the target of experimenting with the Evil-Breaking Divine Lance and had its own value. Now that the Evil-Breaking Divine Lance had been developed, there was naturally no need to keep him alive.

Moreover, imprisoning a Territory Lord in this place was always risky, waiting for Honghu’s return was definitely not a good outcome.

Yang Kai once again went into seclusion to cultivate. Since he knew that he wouldn’t have much free time in the future, he naturally treasured this opportunity even more. Moreover, both the Outpost and Blue Sky Pass had been peaceful for a long time now, so there was nothing else he could do other than go into seclusion.

Last time in Myriad Demons Pass, Yang Kai had received personal guidance from the Myriad Demons Heaven's Old Ancestor, allowing his two Great Pupil Arts to improve greatly. However, the cultivation of his Pupil Arts also required time. Before he left, the Myriad Demons Heaven's Old Ancestor had given him a jade slip which recorded his Old Ancestor-level various insights into these two Great Pupil Arts. This was a good opportunity for him to carefully study them, not to mention that refining resources and accumulating the Small Universe’s foundation would not conflict with cultivating his Pupil Arts at the same time.

In the blink of an eye, five years had passed.

Yang Kai was roused from his secluded cultivation and walked out of the secret room to find a man waiting outside.

“Senior Brother Wang!” Yang Kai cupped his fists in greeting. This Senior Brother Wang was Zhong Liang’s assistant, a Seventh Order cultivator. Usually, whenever Zhong Liang had any orders, he would be the one to pass them on.

Since Senior Brother Wang had personally come to find him, it must be because of Zhong Liang.

Sure enough, Senior Brother Wang said, “The Regiment Commander has summoned you, Junior Brother, please follow me.”

Yang Kai nodded and followed Senior Brother Wang to the Military Department of the Outpost. Inside the Military Department, Zhong Liang was waiting for him. Seeing him arrive, he didn’t beat around the bush and directly said, “It’s time for you to act. Go back to Blue Sky Pass.”

Hearing this, Yang Kai immediately understood what was going on and immediately accepted the order, “Yes!”

Saying so, he didn’t leave immediately, instead standing in place for a moment before suddenly waving his hand and two figures appeared in front of him, a man and a woman, both of them at the peak of the Emperor Realm.

Seeing this, Zhong Liang’s eyes lit up, “Another good seedling?”

The reason he said this was because Zhong Liang had seen similar situations many times before. On the Ink Battlefield, there were no Emperor Realm, anyone who could come to the Ink Battlefield was at least a Sixth Order Open Heaven.

Only Yang Kai’s Small Universe was capable of cultivating a cultivator at the Emperor Realm.

It had been two or three hundred years since Miao Feiping had been brought to the Ink Battlefield by Yang Kai. Before that, Yang Kai had established the Void Training Hall in his Small Universe to select the best talents. The Small Universe’s time flow was four times faster than the outside world’s. In the outside world, it had been two or three hundred years, but the Small Universe had already lived for a thousand years.

Over the past thousand years, the Small Universe’s mortals had multiplied for dozens of generations, and the World Tree Subtree has been very effective in nurturing these people. In the entirety of the Small Universe, there were many cultivators with outstanding aptitudes. Currently, there were thousands of Disciples in the Void Training Hall, all of whom could be said to be dragons amongst men, the chosen ones.

It had to be known that the Void Training Hall’s selection criteria were extremely harsh. Ordinary geniuses could not enter the Void Training Hall, and only those geniuses among geniuses had such qualifications.

These little brats were cultivating in the Void Training Hall, they didn’t have to worry about food or clothing, nor did they lack resources. Their rate of growth was extremely fast, and when they reached the peak of the Emperor Realm, the Void Training Hall’s Dojo Master would explain to them the mysteries of the Emperor Realm and the outside world. If they wanted to improve further, Yang Kai would release them and allow them to advance to Open Heaven in the Ink Battlefield, becoming a part of Blue Sky Pass.

Over the past two hundred years, more than a hundred cultivators had come out from Yang Kai’s Small Universe. On average, there would be one every two or three years, each of them reaching the Sixth Order directly, and even two direct Seventh Order!

Advancing directly to the Seventh Order! That was someone who had a chance of reaching the Ninth Order Open Heaven. Who wouldn’t be jealous of such a talent?

In comparison, although a direct Sixth Order Open Heaven would only allow one to reach the Eighth Order, across the entire 3000 Worlds and the various Cave Heaven Paradise, this kind of genius was still a rare elite disciple. Each of them could enjoy the same kind of treatment as Qu Huachang and Gu Pan. Basically, one would only appear once every hundred years, but on Yang Kai’s side, they actually appeared in batches.


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Sin Nombre
Sin Nombre
Feb 25, 2023

lol two straight lv7

good opportunity to be students of ancestors xD


Feb 25, 2023

Oh, and after all, Yang Kai was cut out, but he could immediately be in the 7th order, and in the future he was an old ancestor.

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