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Yang Kai was dumbfounded.

Just to prevent one of them from advancing to the Eighth Order, the Black Ink Clan was willing to break the equilibrium that had been maintained for decades? If it was anyone else, they would undoubtedly be arrogant, but if it was Xiang Shan, it was possible.

Turning his head to look in the direction of the Outpost’s main camp, he wondered how the battle was going, but with the current state of Dawn squad, it was impossible for them to immediately participate.

Xiang Shan smiled and said, “Rest well. If we hurry back a few days later, we might be able to finish the job.”

The void was silent.

After a few days, everyone’s condition improved significantly, each of them gathering their forces and storing their Battleship. Under Xiang Shan’s leadership, they activated the Universe Escape Law and returned to the outpost camp.

At this time, the battle on the frontlines had come to an end, and the Black Ink Clan had once again suffered a great loss.

Although the Black Ink Clan had the absolute advantage in terms of numbers, in every battle, the Human Race had always been outnumbered and had long since become accustomed to facing enemies dozens of times stronger than themselves.

However, the reason why this battle had ended so quickly was because the Black Ink Clan no longer wanted to be entangled with the Human Race. In fact, when the aura of Wujiang's death was sensed by the many Territory Lords, they knew that their plan had failed. Although they didn’t know what had happened to Wujiang and Honghu, they had clearly fallen into the Human Race’s trap once again, causing another Territory Lord to fall.

The reason for this hasty war was to entangle the Eighth Order Human Race so that Wujiang and Honghu could succeed. Now that they had lost, there was no point in continuing to fight.

Without knowing what other methods the Human Race had, the Black Ink Clan Territory Lords didn’t want to take any more risks, so they decisively retreated.

This retreat was tens of millions of kilometers!

The soldiers of the Outpost chased for a while and managed to eat a lot of the Black Ink Clan’s flesh and blood, but under the suppression of the Eighth Order, the Human Race’s army did not go too deep and only returned after reaching a certain location.

When Yang Kai and the others returned, they were faced with such a situation that they didn’t even have a chance to attack.

After the war, the total number of enemies killed in this battle was less than two hundred thousand. More than a thousand of the Black Ink Clan’s Feudal Lords had been killed, but the Territory Lord had not fallen.

This kind of result wasn’t particularly good, but considering that the Human Race was fighting the Black Ink Clan in the Outpost camp, it was still acceptable.

After this battle, the situation had calmed down and the Black Ink Clan had completely given up most of their territory. In fact, if the Human Race’s soldiers were to go out now, with Blue Sky Pass as their destination and the outpost’s main camp as their destination, they would no longer be able to see any traces of the Black Ink Clan, nor would they be able to see any of them again.

Blue Sky Pass’s resistance against the Black Ink Clan seemed to have achieved great success. When the news spread to the various mountain passes, it caused the morale of the various mountain passes to rise greatly, causing them to be filled with envy.

But everyone knew that Blue Sky Pass’s success could not be repeated.

The foundation for this victory was the battle outside Blue Sky Pass a few dozen years ago. In that battle, Blue Sky Pass had used a hundred-year plan to kill more than thirty Territory Lords at once, causing the Black Ink Clan to suffer heavy losses.

Blue Sky Pass had Yang Kai’s ability to find and open the gates to the Universe Paradise and Universe Cave Heaven to set up so many traps, but other Pass didn’t have such ability.

On top of that, the Human Race’s expedition to the Black Ink Clan’s hinterland required two Universe Formations to act as a transit point, allowing them to attack the Black Ink Clan and retreat to Blue Sky Pass. Otherwise, if they were to advance alone, the Black Ink Clan would eventually exhaust their strength.

Right now, Yang Kai was the only one who could set up the Universe Formation.

Blue Sky Pass’ victory was closely tied to Yang Kai’s, and there is only one Yang Kai, so the other passes could not follow his example.

Moreover, after the news spread, the Black Ink Clan forces in the various war zones became more vigilant. Now, when they were besieging the Human Race’s Pass, they were extremely cautious, afraid that they would repeat the same mistake they had made in Blue Sky Pass and be captured by the Human Race.

Fortunately, no matter how they probed, there seemed to be no traps outside the Human Race Pass, allowing the Black Ink Clan from the different war zones to relax.

From the moment the Human Race’s soldiers stepped into the Ink Battlefield, they had to undergo a great battle every hundred years. Even after the battle, they were unable to relax. After the battle, they had to collect cultivation resources and conserve their strength to deal with the next great battle.

The special environment of the Ink Battlefield also trapped the Human Race in the various mountain passes, making it impossible for them to leave their own mountain passes.

However, this situation had changed somewhat in Blue Sky Pass.

The loss of the last battle had caused the Black Ink Clan to completely give up on the idea of reclaiming their lost territory. Now that the soldiers of Blue Sky Pass is going out, as long as they didn’t go deeper in front of the Outpost’s main camp, they basically wouldn’t encounter any of the Black Ink Clan’s forces. The vast void had become Blue Sky Pass’s garden, allowing them to travel freely.

In this peaceful situation, the soldiers of Blue Sky Pass began to cultivate and building their strength.

This cultivation lasted for two hundred years!

Everyone was extremely uncomfortable.

For the past two hundred years, no battles had broken out. In a special environment like the Ink Battlefield, this was simply unbelievable, but this was the result of many battles in Blue Sky Pass.

Moreover, judging from the Black Ink Clan’s attitude, this peace might last even longer.

The massive losses suffered by the Black Ink Clan over two hundred years ago could not be so easily recovered.

Most of the Human Race’s soldiers rarely had peace, but now that they had plenty of resources, they worked hard to cultivate and their strength increased rapidly. In the past two hundred years, the number of Seventh Order had increased by two to three hundred.

Not everyone was so relaxed.

Compared to the leisure of most ordinary soldiers, the busiest people in Blue Sky Pass were the Alchemists and Artifact Refiners.

The expedition of Blue Sky Pass was an attempt, and after this expedition, the higher-ups discovered many problems.

The first problem they had to face was the supply of Expelling Black Pills. These pills were the foundation to ensure that the Human Race’s soldiers would not be corroded by the Ink Force. Although there was still the Purification Light to rely on, the usage of the Purification Light was limited, and only Yang Kai could use it.

As such, once a large-scale expedition began, the Expelling Black Ink Pill would be the true weapon to deal with the Ink Force. This kind of thing needed to be refined on a large scale, and each person would need at least a few dozen of them.

Therefore, over the past two hundred years, the Alchemists of Blue Sky Pass had been refining the Expelling Black Ink Pills day and night. Not only was Blue Sky Pass like this, but so were the other human passes.

Besides the Expelling Black Ink Pills, there were also the Human Race Battleships.

During the expedition, the Human Race’s Battleship had been severely damaged and could not be repaired in time. Without the protection of the Battleship, a Fifth Order or Sixth Order Open Heaven Stage cultivator would be exposed to danger, so the Artifact Refiners were working hard to refine the Battleship.

At the very least, every squad had a backup Battleship, so when the Battleship was destroyed, the Human Race soldiers would have another one to use.

The entire Blue Sky Pass had nearly forty thousand soldiers and a small team of fifteen. The Artifact Refiners had to refine two or three thousand Battleship to meet the requirements.

This was a huge project, and compared to Alchemists, Artifact Refiners had to work even harder.

However, all of this effort was worth it. Perhaps in the near future, all of this hard work would bear fruit.

Yang Kai had been cultivating all this time.

Two hundred years of accumulation was enough to allow his strength to rise to a whole new level. Although he was still far from reaching the Eighth Order, compared to two hundred years ago, he had made great progress. After all, other cultivators could only rely on refining the Open Heaven Pills and various resources, but his Small Universe was special. Even if he didn’t refine Open Heaven Pills and resources, his foundation would still constantly grow.

The accumulation of time made this slow growth extremely impressive.

Coupled with the World Tree Subtree in his Small Universe, Yang Kai’s refining speed was much faster than an ordinary Seventh Order, and the World Force he condensed was also much purer.

He had not entered a life or death seclusion. In fact, in a place like the Ink Battlefield, no one could cultivate in seclusion for a long time.

Every ten or twenty years, he would bring the Dawn squad to a certain region to carry out a patrol mission. Although the Black Ink Clan had completely abandoned a large territory and no one would be able to find any Black Ink Clan members while patrolling, they still had to be vigilant.

Every team had to take turns patrolling, so Dawn squad was no exception.

In addition to patrolling, there was also a rotation of resources to be mined. In the territory currently occupied by the Human Race, a large number of resources had been discovered, so these resources naturally needed to be mined. Fortunately, the Void Yin Yang Mirror allowed the soldiers to use it to move these Universe Worlds to the nearby outpost camp or Blue Sky Pass, saving them a lot of time.

Occasionally, after being in seclusion for too long, Yang Kai would take the initiative to come out and relax, either going to the Pill Hall to help refine Expelling Black Ink Pills or the Artifact Refining Hall to help refine the Battleships.

In terms of Alchemy and Artifact Refining, he had a certain level of attainment, but compared to those Alchemy Great Grandmasters and Artifact Refining Great Grandmasters, he was naturally far inferior. Although he couldn’t manage the overall situation, he could still provide some help.

He even took some time to visit Myriad Demon Pass.

After spending a massive amount of battle merits, Myriad Demons Heaven's Old Ancestor personally taught him the Demon Eye of Annihilation and the Black Purgatory Pupil Technique!

Since his last battle with the Territory Lord Honghu, Yang Kai had discovered that he still had too few trump cards. Although he was strong and could easily crush a Feudal Lord, facing a Territory Lord was a bit difficult.

The Sun and Moon Divine Wheel’s power was extraordinary, but the Territory Lord had his own methods to deal with it, the Dragon Bead couldn't be easily summoned. The Purification Light was too powerful and difficult to use. After thinking about it for a while, Yang Kai still felt that he should put some effort into the Myriad Demons Heaven's two Secret Eye Techniques.

The various opportunities he had obtained from these two Great Pupil Techniques had not come from his own cultivation. Although before coming to the Ink Battlefield, he had received the personal guidance of an Eighth Order Open Heaven Stage master from the Myriad Demons Heaven, the progress he had made in his cultivation had been minimal, making it difficult for him to tap into the full power of these two Great Pupil Techniques.

Under such circumstances, the guidance of the Myriad Demons Heaven’s Old Ancestor was extremely important. Although he had spent a lot of battle merits, Yang Kai didn’t feel the pinch.

After spending an entire month in Myriad Demons Pass cultivating by the side of the Myriad Demons Heaven’s Old Ancestor, he had personally taught him all kinds of profound mysteries, so Yang Kai had gained a lot.


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Rob Moore
Rob Moore
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Can’t YK refine the 7th grade recourses in his universe to further cut down on time? Even if the try to say he can’t refine material inside, can’t he open the universe like he did for the YinYang old ancestor?

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"Although he was still far from reaching the Eighth Order"

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