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Wujiang’s death was a huge blow to Honghu, and what was most obvious was that he was currently facing the combined attacks of five Eighth Order masters.

How could Ding Yao and the others miss this opportunity? Their figures flickered as they instantly closed the distance between them and Honghu.

The distance between the two of them was only a few hundred meters, and now that they were so close, it was almost as if they were face to face.

The five Eighth Order auras linked up and formed an array, transforming into a sealing force that suppressed the enemy in the center. The closer the five of them got, the stronger this force became.

While suppressing Honghu for a few hundred meters, Honghu found it difficult to move. The Ink Force in his body was not flowing smoothly, and his strength had decreased by nearly half. When the five Eighth Order masters arrived, Honghu suddenly froze in place. Although he struggled with all his might to escape, his movements seemed to have been slowed by countless times. At this moment, let alone five Eighth Order masters surrounding him, even a Seventh Order master could easily kill him.

Knowing that he would not be able to escape this calamity, Honghu smiled bitterly and completely gave up struggling. Staring at Ding Yao, he asked, “What do you want to do?”

Ding Yao simply ignored him and took out a strange box from his Space Ring. It was unknown what this box was made of.

As soon as this box appeared, not only Ding Yao, but even the other four Eighth Order Disciples’ expressions became cautious and solemn, even showing a faint trace of fear. Obviously, the contents of this box were extraordinary and could pose a threat to Eighth Order master like them.

In fact, this was indeed the case. After all, it was used to deal with Territory Lord, something that posed no threat to the Eighth Order was naturally useless against the Territory Lord.

Their attitude made Honghu feel even more uneasy. Looking around nervously, Ding Yao cast a spell and opened the box, condensing a large amount of World Energy and gently blowing into it.

A white mist-like object flew out from the box and enveloped Honghu.

In the next moment, Honghu’s entire body was covered in frost, which quickly spread out and wrapped around him, turning him into a giant block of ice.

Yang Kai and the others looked from afar and saw that the ice block was crystal clear, and the frozen Honghu was even more lifelike, still in a frozen state. Even the fear in his eyes was clearly visible.

But this wasn’t the end. Ding Yao raised his hand and took out something that looked like a coffin. However, this coffin was huge and was obviously not prepared for humans, but was specially made for the Black Ink Clan.

Under his guidance, the frozen Honghu was sent into the giant coffin and the lid closed. Ding Yao then formed a series of hand seals and sent out a stream of visible profound light towards the coffin.

Soon, the surface of the coffin’s lid began to glow with a faint light as numerous runes condensed into a chain that wrapped around the giant coffin before slowly disappearing.


Ding Yao and the others glanced at each other before nodding slightly.

Capturing a Territory Lord alive was the first attempt of the Eighth Order Human Race in countless years. Fortunately, everything went smoothly and there were no major mistakes.

With such a Territory Lord, the best weapon to deal with the Black Ink Clan would be developed even faster.

“You did well.”

Just as Yang Kai and the others were focusing their attention, a voice suddenly rang out nearby.

Everyone turned their heads and saw Xiang Shan wearing a green robe, quietly floating in the air. Although everyone was exhausted after the battle, the fact that Xiang Shan was able to approach them without anyone noticing was a testament to his strength.

“Greetings, Senior Xiang!” Everyone saluted.

Xiang Shan raised his hand and Yang Kai and the others involuntarily straightened up.

“In terms of strength, Honghu isn’t the strongest amongst all the Territory Lord, only at the intermediate level, but in terms of cautiousness, he is second to none. Your efforts have paralyzed him and successfully lured him out. Although I can advance to the Eighth Order at any time, the timing of my attacks must be perfect. If I act too early, it will only alert the enemy. If he sees that the situation isn’t right, he will immediately flee, so when I act, I must ensure that I can hold him back.”

Breeze Squad’s Team Leader Wan Zhengxin pursed his lips, “Disciple understands!”

He knew that the reason why Xiang Shan had suddenly explained to these Seventh Order cultivators was because when Breeze’s Battleship had been attacked by Honghu, Xiang Shan had not taken action to save it. If Xiang Shan had taken action at that time, Breeze’s Battleship would definitely have been able to survive, and there wouldn’t have been more than a dozen seriously injured or three dead.

But that was not the best time for Xiang Shan to act.

There was no need for him to explain any further. Wan Zhengxin was still a Seventh Order, so he understood the situation at that time, but he still explained it to them.

“When these Junior Brothers stepped into this Ink Battlefield, they had the resolve to sacrifice themselves for the sake of the human race. To die on the battlefield is their best fate, and also our greatest desire.”

Xiang Shan nodded slightly, “Now that this matter has been settled, you can accompany me here and rest for a while.”

“Yes!” Everyone nodded.

It was true that they needed to recuperate. In this battle, the five elite squads had consumed a great deal of energy, each of which had suffered injuries of varying degrees. The Battleships of Old Turtle and Breeze were also severely damaged.

Xiang Shan also needed to rest after just recovering his Eighth Order cultivation. Although there was no problem with his cultivation, he still needed some time to settle down. What’s more, the five elite squads here needed someone to look after them, so Xiang Shan was the best candidate.

While they were talking, Ding Yao and the others had already made arrangements.

After a brief communication, the five Eighth Order masters surrounding Honghu each activated their Universe Escape Law and used Blue Sky Pass’ Universe Formation to return to the pass while the three Eighth Order masters, led by Lu An, were responsible for escorting the giant coffin to the outpost's main camp and quickly disappeared.

Xiang Shan and the five elite teams were left behind to rest.

The various teams flew towards the floating continent to find a place to recuperate, and the Expelling Black Ink Battleship that had been summoned was naturally retrieved by Xiang Shan.

In fact, when they had planned to use this Expelling Black Ink Battleship, the Eighth Order Human Race masters had already been mentally prepared that this Expelling Black Ink Battleship would be destroyed by the Territory Lord, but Honghu had been too cautious. After discovering that Xiang Shan had returned to the Eighth Order, he had immediately fled, completely ignoring the Expelling Black Ink Battleship.

Of course, even if he really did attack the Expelling Black In Battleship, Xiang Shan would not let him succeed so easily.

After putting away the Expelling Black Ink Battleship, Xiang Shan headed straight to the Dawn squad's side.

Seeing him arrive, Yang Kai quickly got up but was quickly comforted by Xiang Shan.

Xiang Shan sat cross-legged not far from him and smiled at him, “I heard that the Expelling Black Ink Battleship was built by you?”

Yang Kai blushed with shame and said, “Disciple just provided an idea. The one who really refined this artifact is someone else.” In his heart, he felt a bit strange. He had been in the Ink Battlefield for more than a hundred years and the Expelling Black Ink Battleship had long since been born, so why did Xiang Shan look like he didn’t know about it?

Seemingly understanding what he was thinking, Xiang Shan said, “In the past three hundred years, I’ve been in secluded cultivation. Now that I’ve emerged, the outside world has changed quite a bit.”

Yang Kai understood. Originally, Xiang Shan had been in seclusion for three hundred years, so it was no wonder he had come to ask him about the Expelling Black Ink Battleship. Ordinary people didn’t have this privilege. Only Xiang Shan, who had once been an Eighth Order Open Heaven Stage master, had been able to safely enter seclusion for several hundred years.

“It’s good to have some changes, I’m more afraid if nothing change,” Xiang Shan stared into the depths of the void, his eyes deep and profound, “It’s been too long, and the Human Race hasn’t made any contributions to the Ink Battlefield. The sacrifices of generations have only brought about temporary peace, but how long can this situation last? So the Human Race needs to change, and some of the new things you’ve brought with you will be of great use to the Human Race.”

Changing the topic, Xiang Shan asked, “Judging from your previous fight with Honghu, it seems you still have some trump cards you haven’t used?”

Yang Kai nodded, “Indeed, but the difference in strength is too great. Even if I use it, it may not have much effect.”

The attack of the Dragon Bead and the Purification Light were Yang Kai’s last two trump cards, but if he were to really use the Dragon Bead, it might shatter again, and it would take him many years to recover.

As for the Purification Light, it was definitely a powerful weapon against the Ink Force, but if Yang Kai really used it, at most he would be able to catch Honghu off guard and injure him, but it wouldn’t be able to achieve a decisive effect.

At that time, the secret of the Purification Light would be exposed, not to mention whether or not he would attract the attention of the Black Ink Clan, even Troublesome Grandmaster’s research would be exposed.

As such, Yang Kai had been holding back from using these two trump cards. Fortunately, Xiang Shan had taken action at the right time, so there was no need for him to use them.

“Among the Seventh Order, I’ve seen many elites, but you are the only one who dares to challenge the Territory Lord alone. You are the only one who can escape unscathed.”

Yang Kai replied awkwardly, “Disciple was seriously injured and now my whole body hurts.”

Xiang Shan smiled, “At the very least, you're still alive. Surviving is the most important. If you can survive, you'll be able to break through to the Eighth Order. When you become stronger, you’ll be able to suppress those Territory Lord!”

Just like when he was the Regiment Commander of the Western Army, he was invincible!

In his life, he had seen too many elites die in the Ink Battlefield, all of them future pillars of strength. Even he himself had almost died in the great battle back then, but now, most of these pillars had died and only a few survived.

Therefore, no matter what, only by living would there be hope.

“Senior, is this plan to capture a Territory Lord alive?” Yang Kai asked.

Xiang Shan shook his head and said, “The plan here is just a smokescreen, the real plan is with the Outpost.”

“The Outpost?” Yang Kai asked in surprise, “Are they fighting?”

The two races had been confronting each other on the front lines for decades, engaging in small skirmishes and hunting mission, but there had been no major movements. When Dawn left the outpost’s main camp, there had been no signs of a great battle, but from Xiang Shan’s words, there seemed to be some changes.

Xiang Shan coldly snorted, “The Black Ink Clan wants to stop me from breaking through to the Eighth Order, so they can't let the outpost sent reinforcement. The best way to do so is to start a great war and restrain the Human Race’s Eighth Order, so there will definitely be a large-scale conflict.”



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