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When Yang Kai hurriedly returned from the void, what he saw left him dumbfounded.

Earlier, he had been sent flying by Honghu’s hammer strike, causing his Qi and blood to churn as he was sent flying tens of thousands of kilometers away. Even with his Dragon Vein Body, he had been instantly injured.

After stabilizing himself, he immediately rushed back, but who would have thought he would see such a scene.

The five Eighth Order masters, led by Ding Yao, seemed to have formed a strange formation that trapped Honghu. No matter how Honghu struggled, he was unable to break free from this formation. Ding Yao and the others were like maggots in his bones, maintaining a certain distance from him.

On the other side, Wujiang was also being besieged by four Eighth Order masters. The battle here was far more intense than Honghu’s, causing the sky and earth to crack and the void to tremble.

Yang Kai even saw Xiang Shan, but at this moment, he was already an Eighth Order.

It had only been ten breaths since Yang Kai was sent flying back, so how could the situation have changed so drastically? Fortunately, this change was extremely beneficial to Yang Kai’s side, allowing him to relax.

Turning his head to look, he flashed over to Old Turtle’s Battleship and stood next to Chai Fang.

Old Turtle’s Battleship was not in good condition. The entire Battleship was in tatters, and all kinds of Spirit Arrays in it had clearly collapsed. Even the turtle shell artifact on top of the Battleship was covered in cracks. This time, the Battleship would have to undergo a major repair, otherwise it would be impossible for it to return to the battlefield.

The auras of Chai Fang and the others were also somewhat weak, obviously suffering from various injuries.

“Is this the arrangements of the Seniors?” Yang Kai asked with a frown.

Although he didn’t know why the situation had suddenly changed so drastically, judging from the current situation, Yang Kai had some guesses.

“That should be the case,” Chai Fang nodded and said resentfully, “But they kept us in the dark.”

“How did they get here?” Yang Kai asked again.

Chai Fang silently pointed down.

Yang Kai looked down and saw the Expelling Black Ink Battleship that had been left behind on the floating continent. He suddenly understood.

However, how could the Expelling Black Ink Battleship be played like this?

The thoughts of an Eighth Order Open Heaven Stage cultivator were truly unrestrained.

Although he didn’t know from who this idea came from, it was obvious that this Expelling Black Ink Battleship had been stored in Xiang Shan’s Small Universe in advance. At the critical moment, Ding Yao and the others who had been guarding Blue Sky Pass were able to use the Expelling Black Ink Battleship’s Universe Formation to instantly arrive here to assist.

Although this place was far from Blue Sky Pass, an Eighth Order Open Heaven Stage cultivator’s cultivation was enough to ensure his own safety.

If it had been a Seventh Order, it would have been impossible. If it had been teleported from Blue Sky Pass, it would have been difficult to avoid the awkward situation of flying corpses.

Of the two battlefields, one was five against one, while the other was four against one. Regardless of which one it was, the Human Race had the absolute advantage, so it was obvious that Honghu and Wujiang Territory Lord had no way to survive.

However, when Yang Kai saw the actions of Ding Yao and the others, it didn’t seem like they were trying to kill Honghu. On the other hand, Lu An and the others on Wujiang side were using all kinds of killing moves, causing Wujiang to be overwhelmed and in a miserable state.

Judging from the formation and intentions of Ding Yao and the others, it seemed they wanted to capture Honghu alive.

Seeing this, Yang Kai immediately thought of the Black Ink Clan Feudal Lord who was imprisoned in the basement of the Outpost, and the image of Troublesome Grandmaster appeared in his mind.

Capturing a Feudal Lord alive was not difficult, any Eighth Order could do so.

However, Yang Kai had never heard of a Black Ink Clan Territory Lord being captured alive before. After all, only an Eighth Order could fight against a Territory Lord.

Just because there was no precedent didn’t mean the Human Race couldn’t.

However, Blue Sky Pass didn’t have such conditions in the past. The Territory Lord’s Ink Force was extremely rich, so even if it was an Eighth Order Open Heaven Stage cultivator, there was still a risk that they would be corroded by it. What was the point of capturing him alive? It would be a waste of time and effort, they still have to constantly be on guard.

Relatively speaking, defeating a Territory Lord was easy, killing them was hard, and capturing them alive was the most difficult.

However, the current situation was different. With regards to the erosion of the Ink Force, the Human Race already had a way to deal with it. On top of that, with Troublesome Grandmaster’s help, the research on the Evil-Breaking Divine Lance had also made great progress. The experiments on the Feudal Lord were obviously no longer able to satisfy Troublesome Grandmaster’s needs, so he needed a Territory Lord to perform deeper experiments to improve the refinement of the Evil-Breaking Divine Lance.

Having been targeted by Ding Yao and the others, Honghu should have been the target of this operation. As for Wujiang, he could only be killed. The Territory Lord’s life was tenacious, one was enough, there was no need to bring two back.

The members of several elite squads returned one after another, and their respective Battleships also arrived. Even Breeze had brought back their heavily damaged Battleships.

A moment ago, the Breeze Battleship had been sent flying by Honghu and suffered heavy damage. The casualties of their team members were unknown, and the Breeze's Team Leader Wan Zhengxin was extremely worried. However, at that time, he was still entangled with Wujiang and had no time to investigate the situation of his team members.

Until now.

After a quick count, the remaining team members were all injured, with more than ten of them seriously injured and three of them dead. Even the Battleship was severely damaged, much worse than Old Turtle’s Battleship.

Although three of his team members had fallen and more than a dozen of them had been seriously injured, this result was still acceptable. It was already extremely fortunate that they had only suffered such a small loss from the Territory Lord’s full-powered attack. If it had been an ordinary team, they would have been completely wiped out.

No one tried to comfort him. In the Ink Battlefield, who hadn’t experienced a few life and death battles? Those who had died had died, and those who had survived had to continue moving forward. Either they dedicated their lives to the Ink Battlefield, or they won this war that had lasted for countless tens of thousands of years and returned home in glory.

Everyone was silently adjusting their breathing as they observed the battle between the two high-level forces.

Wujiang’s situation became worse, his entire body covered in wounds and black blood dripping down from the sky. Under the siege of the four Eighth Order Open Heaven Stage masters, he was unable to escape and was powerless to resist, only death awaited him.

On the other side, Honghu’s movement space was further suppressed. Ding Yao and the others were originally tens of thousands of meters away from him, but now they were only a few thousand meters away. It was obvious that once his movement space was suppressed to a certain extent, he would lose all ability to move.

Honghu obviously knew this as well, even if he desperately tried to resist, he would only be struggling at death’s door.

There weren’t many opportunities to watch the battle between an Eighth Order and a Territory Lord so fearlessly, so all the members of the various small teams were watching intently, hoping to gain some insights.

An hour later, with a roar of unwillingness, a ray of light slashed into Wujiang’s body. His eyes bulged as a small crack soon appeared on his forehead. Xiang Shan’s figure brushed past him and Wujiang’s body suddenly split in half.

The sound of the Territory Lord’s death spread out silently into the distance.

Lu An, Xiang Shan, and the other Eighth Order masters all let out a sigh of relief. Fighting with a Territory Lord who knew he was going to die was not something fun. After Wujiang realized that he was going to die, he had always wanted to drag someone down with him. It wasn’t like he didn’t have a chance to succeed. When fighting, any negligence on the part of the human Eighth Order masters would allow him to succeed.

Fortunately, the four Eighth Order masters were all extremely cautious and didn’t give Wujiang any chance to take them down with him, so the price they paid was insignificant.

On this side, Wujiang had just died, and in the depths of the void far away from this place, Maochi and Zhong Yan, who were entangled with the two Eighth Order surnamed Zhang and Sun, both felt something and exchanged a look of surprise.

They couldn’t understand how Wujiang had fallen.

At this moment, Honghu and Wujiang should be together. Wujiang had fallen, so where was Honghu? These two Territory Lord should have gone to kill Xiang Shan, but had their mission failed? Were the Human Race ambushing them?

Maochi and Zhong Yan didn’t know what was happening over there, but their task was to tie down these two Eighth Order Human Race masters so they couldn’t help Xiang Shan.

Now that Wujiang was dead and Honghu’s situation was unclear, there was no need for them to continue fighting with the Human Race Eighth Order.

Without any further discussion, the two Territory Lord each made a feint to break free from the Eighth Order Human Race’s entanglement and sent out their black ink clouds, quickly disappearing.

Zhang and Sun, these two Eighth Order master, didn’t have any intention of giving chase. During the past few days of fighting, although they had the upper hand, it was impossible for them to kill their opponents. Without a thorough deployment and an equal number of people, it was easy to determine victory or defeat, but it was difficult to determine life or death.

The Eighth Order surnamed Zhang turned his head in a certain direction and said thoughtfully, “They should have succeeded.”

The Eighth Order surnamed Sun nodded and said, “The aura of the Territory Lord’s death just now was very weak, almost undetectable.”

“Let’s go back,” Zhang said.

The two of them had originally been bait and had not intended to assist Xiang Shan. They had simply come out from the Outpost’s main camp to provide support so as to draw the attention of the Black Ink Clan’s Territory Lord.

Otherwise, with Xiang Shan’s promotion, the Human Race’s Outpost’s lack of response was obviously unreasonable.

Now that Xiang Shan’s side had succeeded and the Territory Lord who had entangled the two of them had left, there was no need for them to stay any longer. The front line should still be fighting, so if they rushed back now, they might be able to finish things off.

The two of them turned into two streaks of light and flew towards the outpost’s main camp.

On the other side, in the Black Ink Clan’s King City, the aura of a dormant Royal Lord suddenly awakened, and with the King City as the center, a majestic will spread out into the void for millions of kilometers in the blink of an eye.

However, in the next moment, another majestic will spread out from a certain place in the void, and this invisible will transformed into a tangible force that ruthlessly smashed into the previous will.

The violent burst of energy only lasted for a moment before quickly returning to calm. Only a certain part of the void suddenly became fragmented and chaotic, the place where the two wills collided.

“Sooner or later, I will exterminate your Human Race!” In the King City, the will of the Royal Lord sent out a thick malicious intent.

The Human Race’s Old Ancestor sat in a lotus position in the void and calmly said, “Come!”

The Royal Lord’s will no longer responded and slowly fell silent. The Human Race’s Old Ancestor also closed his eyes and disappeared.


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