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This strike was extremely sudden and without any warning, only when it was close enough did Honghu notice it, causing him to jump in fright and hastily block it.

Even a strong Territory Lord like him was forced back by this blow.

Looking down, he saw that Xiang Shan, who had been sitting cross-legged on the floating continent, had suddenly opened his eyes and was staring at him with a smile.

Honghu was terrified!

This was a trap, definitely a trap!

Although Honghu didn’t find any traces of an Eighth Order, when he met Xiang Shan’s mocking gaze, he knew that his worries had come true!

The Human Race had once again set up a sinister trap here to lure him and Wujiang here. It was laughable that even with his cautiousness, he had failed to see through this.

Although he didn’t know what the Human Race’s goal was or where the trap was, Honghu was a decisive person. After realizing that the situation was bad, he immediately tried to escape.

How can he still have the time to escape?

Without waiting for him to make a move, Xiang Shan had already pounced towards him like a bolt of lightning. When he moved, it was as if he had summoned something. As he rushed forward, Xiang Shan’s aura rose steadily, and in just three breaths of time, he had risen from the Seventh Order to the Eighth Order.

The two figures collided in the void, their Ink Force and World Force interweaving into a violent storm.

On Old Turtle’s broken Battleship, with Chai Fang as the leader, the group of team members were all dumbfounded. They never thought that in this desperate situation, such a sudden change would occur, which was quite a pleasant surprise.

On second thought, Chai Fang realized that the reason Xiang Shan was able to advance to the Eighth Order so quickly was not a coincidence, it was most likely intentional.

In other words, this Senior Xiang Shan had always been able to break through at any time, but because of some kind of purpose, he had been doing it in such a timely manner.

It was naturally impossible for an ordinary Seventh Order to break through to the Eighth Order like this, but Xiang Shan was different. He was originally an Eighth Order, and the reason he had dropped in grade was because he had given up his Small Universe territory. He had the foundation of an Eighth Order, and after three thousand years of seclusion and bitter cultivation, he had already accumulated enough resources. To him, as long as the time was right, returning to the Eighth Order was as simple as eating and drinking.

Chai Fang even suspected that Xiang Shan had long since broken through to the Eighth Order, but for some reason, he had acted in such a manner. As for what this reason was, he was temporarily unable to guess.

“Team Leader, is that… the Expelling Black Ink Battleship?” A pale-faced team member suddenly asked.

Old Turtle’s defenses had been destroyed by Honghu’s three strikes, and the entire team had been injured. The severity of their injuries varied, and even the Battleship had to be repaired. However, compared to being killed by the Black Ink Clan's Territory Lord, this result was still acceptable.

Hearing this team member’s question, Chai Fang turned his head and looked towards the floating continent. Sure enough, he saw a Battleship. This Battleship was far more magnificent than an ordinary Battleship, even a Guard Grade Battleship couldn’t compare to it.

Looking at the entire Blue Sky Pass, a Battleship of this scale could only be the Expelling Black Ink Battleship.

Why was the Expelling Black Ink Battleship here?

He vaguely remembered that when Xiang Shan moved, he seemed to have summoned something and left it in place. It seemed that he had summoned the Expelling Black Ink Battleship.

Although this thing was huge, a Seventh Order Open Heaven cultivator could easily store it into his Small Universe.

In the blink of an eye, Chai Fang understood the various arrangements of the higher ups and was shocked!

At a certain moment before Xiang Shan summoned the Expelling Black Ink Battleship, seven or eight Eighth Order Open Heaven Stage masters, led by Ding Yao, gathered together, their hand seals constantly changing. Strangely, no matter how these seven or eight Eighth Order Open Heaven move their hand seals, there was no movement.

This state had been maintained for several days.

Even if it was an Eighth Order Open Heaven, doing such a boring thing for a long time would be quite tiring.

Lu An couldn’t help muttering, “Has Senior Brother Xiang not taken action yet?”

An Eighth Order smiled and said, “Brother Lu, are you anxious from waiting?”

Lu An said, “I’m just worried that those little brats won’t be able to hold on. I don’t know how many Territory Lord Senior Brother Xiang has lured over, but if there are too many of them, there may be casualties.”

The Eighth Order said, “Senior Brother Xiang’s actions are meticulous. Since he hasn’t made a move yet, it means that the situation is still under control. Before he makes a move, we should wait a bit, but…”

Before this Eighth Order could finish his sentence, after a series of hand seals, the light of the Universe Formation appeared beneath his feet.

Ding Yao raised his brow and shouted, “It's started!”

Everyone held their breaths as the speed at which they formed hand seals increased sharply, and in an instant, the shadows of the Universe Formation appeared beneath their feet.

After a few breaths of time, the light from the Universe Formation faded and the Eighth Order Open Heaven Stage masters who had gathered here disappeared.

In the next moment, on the floating continent hundreds of millions of kilometers away, with Ding Yao as the leader, all the Eighth Order masters stepped out of the Expelling Black Ink Battleship.

Sweeping his eyes around, Ding Yao immediately understood the situation and shouted, “Act according to plan!”

As soon as he finished speaking, five Eighth Order masters flew towards Xiang Shan while the remaining three rushed towards Wujiang.

At this moment, Honghu’s mouth was filled with bitterness. Ever since he had received the news from the Territory Lord on the front lines, asking him and Wujiang to come here to kill Xiang Shan, he had suspected that this was the human race plot.

What kind of character was Xiang Shan? If he really wanted to break through to the Eighth Order, how could he not have someone guarding him? Why would he choose such a damned place?

After many probing attempts and even sacrificing close to a hundred thousand Black Ink Clan masters, he had carefully investigated the surrounding terrain and found nothing suspicious, nor was there any ambush. Their fear of Xiang Shan forced him to act brazenly.

But just as he was about to deal with Xiang Shan, something unexpected happened.

This guy had actually recovered to the Eighth Order in an extremely short time, making it impossible for him to kill him easily.

This sudden change made Honghu realize that this was definitely a trap! The only thing he didn’t understand was that even if Xiang Shan had restored his strength to the Eighth Order, what could he do to him?

If it had been three thousand years ago, when Xiang Shan was at his peak, Honghu would definitely not have been his opponent, and if he was unlucky, he might have been killed on the spot.

However, things were different now. Xiang Shan had just recovered to the Eighth Order, and after exchanging a few blows with him, Honghu discovered that Xiang Shan’s current strength was about the same as his own, perhaps even slightly inferior.

In his current state, he couldn’t kill Xiang Shan, nor could he kill him. What was the purpose of this Human Race trap?

Just as he was feeling puzzled, a powerful aura suddenly appeared from the floating continent without any warning.

This was the aura of an Eighth Order Human! There were seven or eight of them!

The moment he noticed these auras, from the corner of his eye, he saw five figures rushing over from the floating continent.

Honghu was filled with grief and indignation. No matter how he thought about it, he couldn’t figure out where these Eighth Order came from, how could he not have noticed them before?

He couldn’t figure it out, he only knew that if he didn’t leave now, he wouldn’t be able to leave. One Xiang Shan couldn’t do anything to him, but with five more Eighth Order masters, he was no match for them.

However, if he wanted to escape, how could Xiang Shan allow him to do so? All kinds of Divine Abilities and Secret Arts burst out, not hoping to injure the enemy, but only to obstruct Honghu’s escape. This was why Xiang Shan had specially summoned a net-like artifact. This artifact wrapped around above Honghu’s head and immediately transformed into an invisible binding force, causing him to be unable to escape.

Although Honghu quickly destroyed this artifact, the five Eighth Order masters had already arrived.

“Ding Yao!” Seeing their leader, Honghu was shocked.

He naturally knew the Regiment Commander of Blue Sky Pass’ Eastern Army, not just Ding Yao, but all of the other Regiment Commanders were the strongest of the Eighth Order, and each Territory Lord knew them well.

But… shouldn’t Ding Yao be guarding Blue Sky Pass? Why would he appear here? Besides him, the other Eighth Order Open Heaven Stage masters had never appeared in the Human Race’s Outpost before, so logically speaking, they should be guarding Blue Sky Pass.

Just as he was in a state of shock, the five Eighth Order masters, led by Ding Yao, stood in a pentagonal position. Each of them was tens of thousands of meters away, but the auras of these five people were closely linked together, forming a great battle array.

Five Direction Array! It was different from the Five Direction Array formed by the five Seventh Order from Dawn Squad. This Five Direction Array was obviously more advanced.

The five Eighth Order Open Heaven power that were connected to each other instantly filled the entire void, turning it into a swamp that could swallow all things.

Being trapped in this battle array, Honghu’s strength was instantly suppressed by twenty to thirty percent. He felt as if every inch of his flesh and blood had become heavy, as if he was being weighed down by a mountain.

He wanted to escape, but no matter where he went, Ding Yao and the others followed him like shadows, maintaining a distance of tens of thousands of meters between them and trapping him in the center.

Honghu’s face was filled with despair!

By the time the Five Direction Array was complete, Xiang Shan had already withdrawn, there was no need for him here.

He didn’t remain idle as he rushed towards Wujiang.

Just a moment ago, the three Eighth Order led by Lu An had arrived at Wujiang location and the four elite squads.

In fact, when the auras of these Eighth Order Open Heaven Stage masters appeared on the floating continent, not only did Honghu and Wujiang sense them, but even the Seventh Order masters of the four squads also noticed them.

Similar to Honghu, Wujiang immediately realized that the situation was not good and immediately tried to shake off the several small squads to leave this place. With so many Eighth Order masters appearing, he was no match for them. As for whether Honghu could escape or not, he couldn’t care less.

However, the four elite squads knew that their reinforcements had arrived, so how could they let him escape so easily?

A single small squad couldn’t stop him, and even if all four of them joined forces, it would still be difficult, but at least they were able to delay his escape.

“Little children, move aside!”

With Lu An in the lead, three Eighth Order masters arrived and took over the fight with Wujiang.

The four elite teams all felt relieved and quickly retreated.

With three against one, Boundless instantly fell into a disadvantageous position, but this was not the end. After a short exchange, Xiang Shan had also arrived.

Wujiang roared, the black ink clouds roiled and struggled, but with one against four, defeat was only a matter of time.


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