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There were priorities, and it was difficult for people to make a choice. Wan Zhengxin was still able to understand this point, and the anger and worry in his heart transformed into boundless rage. Activating his World Force, he sent his Divine Ability and Secret Technique towards Wujiang.

At the same time, Yang Kai roared, “Feng Ying, change formation!”

Under the Six Directions Array, the six Seventh Order Dawn Squad members’ auras were closely connected, and even their minds were connected. As soon as Yang Kai spoke, Feng Ying understood what he was planning to do.

Without any hesitation, Yang Kai rushed out from his position and she took over the formation eye position. The other four people simultaneously changed their forms and in a short time, the Six Direction Array transformed into the Five Direction Array and Yang Kai's place was replaced by Feng Ying.

“Be careful!” Feng Ying’s voice rang in Yang Kai’s ears as Yang Kai suddenly appeared next to Honghu. The Golden Crow let out a cry as the Great Sun leapt out as he thrust his spear towards Honghu.

There was no way to ignore Honghu, because when Breeze’s Battleship was sent flying, Honghu’s hammer smashed towards the Wild Boar’s Battleship.

Although the Wild Boar Battleship’s defensive capabilities were better than Breeze Battleship’s, they were still limited. With the strength Honghu had just displayed, the Wild Boar Battleship was simply unable to resist.

It was easy to imagine that if no one tried to stop him, the Wild Boar Squad’s Battleship would surely meet the end of Breeze Squad. Followed by the Dawn Battleship, the Water Snake Squad’s Battleship will not be spared.

Although Yang Kai couldn’t understand why Honghu didn’t disturb Xiang Shan’s promotion and instead attacked the Battleships of several small squads, he couldn’t just sit back and watch.

Due to various considerations, the Seventh Order members of these small squads were unable to help, so he had no choice but to step forward. He had fought with the Territory Lord several times, so his strength was far greater than an ordinary Seventh Order, and he also possessed the Space Law. Facing the Territory Lord, even if he was not an opponent, he would not fall so quickly.

The other Seventh Order didn’t have this ability, so if they came up alone, only death awaited them. If the entire group came up, Wujiang would be able to start a massacre.

Yang Kai’s sudden appearance surprised Honghu. In fact, the reason he had attacked Breeze’s Battleship was because he wanted to test the waters. After all, up until now, there had been no casualties on the Human Race’s side. The situation seemed to be disadvantageous to the Human Race, but in reality, everything was under their control. If an Eighth Order was lying in wait nearby, they might not have chosen to help.

Attacking a Battleship was the best way to test the waters. If there really was an Eighth Order cultivator hiding in the shadows, he would definitely jump out to stop him.

To his satisfaction, there were no Eighth Order cultivators, but instead a Seventh Order cultivator.

He didn’t put this Seventh Order in his eyes, even though this Seventh Order had displayed an extremely powerful Divine Ability.

Honghu casually swung the hammer in his hand and smashed it against the tip of the spear. The sun was annihilated, and the spear in Yang Kai’s hand almost flew out. The violent force was like a tsunami that swept him away, disappearing in the blink of an eye.

After sending away an ant, Honghu looked down towards the floating continent and saw a familiar figure sitting cross-legged on the ground.

Xiang Shan! It had been a long time since they last met, but unfortunately, this place was where he was buried today.

Since he was certain that there was no ambush here, Honghu didn’t hesitate any longer. He raised his hammer high up in the air, the power of his Ink Force surging around him, and under the furious gazes of Chai Fang and the others, he smashed it down.

It was as if two Universe World had collided, and when the hammer fell, the space within a million kilometer radius trembled violently as a violent force materialized and spread out in all directions. Several Battleships that had been far away from the hammer’s point of contact were instantly thrown into turbulent waves.


With the hammer as the center, the protective shield of Old Turtle’s Battleship cracked open like a spider web.

Honghu was somewhat surprised, “It’s quite sturdy!”

Even with his powerful strength at the Territory Lord-level, his full-powered strike was still unable to break through the barrier in front of him. The defensive power of this Human Race Battleship was something to be proud of.

However, no matter how strong his defenses were, they couldn’t withstand this fierce attack. With just one strike, Honghu had determined that he only needed three strikes to completely break through this barrier.


With another hammer blow, the crack became wider, and even Old Turtle’s Battleship flashed with light, causing the entire Battleship to emit a cracking sound.

“Hold on! Increase your defensive power to the limit!” Chai Fang grit his teeth and roared. With him as the leader of the entire Old Turtle squad, the fifty members of his squad madly pushed their strength.

However, no matter if it was Chai Fang or his squad members, they all knew that when the Territory Lord’s next attack arrived, the Old Turtle Squad’s defences would be broken. The gap in strength between them was not something they could make up for with their efforts.

Honghu raised his hammer again and transformed it into a giant hammer image. Just as it was about to fall, Honghu suddenly turned his head and looked back.

In the distant void, a great sun rose, a full moon hung high in the sky, and under the brilliance of the sun and moon, a mysterious power surged.

This power was indescribable and seemed to contain all kinds of mysteries. Honghu had never felt this kind of power before, but he felt a sense of unease deep in his heart. This strange power actually posed a certain threat to him.

As the sun and moon crossed each other’s path, this mysterious power became more vivid.

At first, it was still far away, but in the blink of an eye, it had arrived in front of him. Behind it was the Seventh Order Human, who he had sent flying previously. With an indifferent look on his face, Yang Kai quickly formed a hand seal.

In the end, Honghu’s third strike didn’t land. He had always been cautious, and when facing unknown dangers, his choice was to resolve them!

As the Ink Force surged, a large black ink cloud condensed and Honghu suddenly disappeared.

The Sun and Moon Divine Wheel slashed through the black ink clouds, and in that instant, the power of space and time spread out in all directions. Everyone’s thoughts seemed to have an illusion, as if time had been frozen and space had been sealed.

For a moment, it felt like ten thousand years.

With a sigh, Yang Kai’s face filled with loneliness.

The Sun Moon Divine Wheel was already his strongest killing move, but even so, he still couldn’t do anything to a Territory Lord. It simply lacked the strength to kill his enemies.

On Old Turtle’s Battleship, Chai Fang and the others stared with wide eyes, but when the solid black ink cloud collapsed, they didn’t see the scene they had expected.

Inside the black ink cloud was a giant black cocoon, like a cocoon that had been enlarged countless times.

The cocoon was condensed from extremely pure Ink Force, and cracks suddenly appeared on its surface before it collapsed, revealing Honghu’s figure.

He glanced at Yang Kai and exclaimed, “What a terrifying killing move!”

In fact, if he hadn’t used his strength at the last moment to condense the black cocoon to protect himself, he would have definitely been injured by that attack.

A mere Seventh Order is able to injure him. If this was in the past, he would never have believed it, but now he had personally experienced it.

Fortunately, he was able to cope with this situation, and although he had consumed a lot of energy, he was not injured.

This Seventh Order was probably another Human Race elite not inferior to Xiang Shan! Honghu’s mood suddenly became wonderful. It seemed that not only could he kill Xiang Shan today, he could also destroy another good seedling of the Human Race.

His mood was good, but Yang Kai’s heart sank.

Even the most powerful killing blow couldn’t do anything to Honghu, so right now, there was no way out except to defend with the Old Turtle squad.

The reinforcements from the outpost’s main camp had disappeared so far, most likely because they had been intercepted by the Black Ink Clan.

Without his powerful combat strength, the situation on Feng Ying’s side wasn’t optimistic. Originally, when he was there, the four small squads would have been able to put up a fight against Wujiang. Even if they were at a disadvantage, they wouldn’t have been defeated so quickly.

However, as soon as he left, although there were still four small squads remaining, the strength of Dawn squad’s battle formation had greatly decreased, causing Wujiang’s advantage to become greater. From the looks of it, in less than an hour, the four small squads would be defeated one by one and suffer heavy casualties.

He almost couldn’t see any hope. Although he still had a trump card he had yet to use, it was hard to say how effective it would be.

However, even in this situation, he couldn’t back down.

Raising his hand, Yang Kai took out the Azure Dragon Spear and stuffed a Spirit Pill into his mouth. Yang Kai pointed it towards Honghu and activated his Space Law, instantly disappearing from sight.

When he reappeared, he was already in front of Honghu, the Azure Dragon Spear rapidly expanding in his eyes.

“Arrogant!” Honghu coldly snorted before smashing his hammer down onto the Azure Dragon Spear.

Yang Kai’s entire body staggered from the impact, but before he could even adjust his posture, a mass of Ink Force flew towards his head and face, disturbing his five senses, making it impossible for him to see or hear. Even his Divine Sense was greatly suppressed.

He instinctively blocked with his spear, but was sent flying, his chest caved in and several of his ribs broken.

Honghu exclaimed in surprise. He hadn’t held back when he attacked just now, so under normal circumstances, a Seventh Order Human Race cultivator would have found it difficult to resist and would have died on the spot. However, this human had unexpectedly survived, even though he seemed to have suffered heavy injuries.

As expected of an elite seedling, such a person could not be allowed to grow.

Honghu became more determined to kill him, but he didn’t immediately chase after Yang Kai, who had been sent flying. He wanted to finish off Xiang Shan first.

In comparison, he was more wary of Xiang Shan.

The hammer in his hand fell once more, and the already cracked barrier finally couldn’t bear the weight and exploded, causing the Old Turtle Battleship to be damaged even more. Many of the members who had become one with the Battleship also spat out a mouthful of blood as their auras weakened.

With their defences broken, there was no longer any obstruction in front of him. Honghu stared coldly at Xiang Shan below, raising his hammer high and smashing it down.

Chai Fang and the others looked in horror. At this moment, none of them had the strength to stop this hammer strike. Not only would Xiang Shan die, but even the floating continent below would probably explode.

Beside Wujiang, several small squads saw this scene from afar and all of them wanted to help, but they were unable to escape! Before, they were the ones who had been pestering Wujiang, but now, Wujiang was the one who had pulled them back.

Just as everyone’s faces were filled with despair, a ray of light suddenly shot out from below.


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