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Wujiang Territory Lord arrived with a majestic aura, and the first thing he encountered was the Ten Direction Array formed by the Water Snake squad’s ten Seventh Order Open Heaven. In the billowing black ink clouds, the violent energy he released was enough to destroy all obstacles in his way.

“Scram!” Wujiang’s attention was focused on killing Xiang Shan, so how could he be in the mood to pay attention to others? All he wanted to do was break through the blockade of the Human Race’s small squad, so he face the incoming Water Snake squad head-on. With a wave of his hand, he ruthlessly slapped down.

As soon as they came into contact, the ten Seventh Order Water Snake Squad’s masters all trembled, their faces turning pale as they were swept up by the overwhelming power. Two or three of the weakest Seventh Order even spat out mouthfuls of blood and saw stars.

It was all thanks to the Expelling Black Ink Pills they had taken in advance, otherwise their Small Universe would have been easily corroded by the Ink Force under such circumstances.

However, with this exchange, the Water Snake squad immediately realized the huge gap between them and their opponent.

Not every Seventh Order cultivator was like Yang Kai, who had fought several Territory Lords in a short hundred years or so and even had the unique experience of hunting down Territory Lords. They had fought in the Ink Battlefield for many years, and their opponents were basically all of the Black Ink Clan’s Feudal Lord under the Territory Lords. Very few people had the experience of fighting against Territory Lord.

Their lack of experience had caused them to suffer quite a bit.

Fortunately, there was more than one squad.

Close behind them were the Wild Boar Squad and the agile Breeze Squad. More than a dozen Seventh Order from the two squads formed two Array, and when the Water Snake Squad’s attack failed, they attacked Wujiang from the left and right. The leaders of the two squads took the lead, and all of their squad members gathered their strength to activate their strongest Divine Abilities, their violent energy transforming into a dazzling light that slashed towards Wujiang like a giant pair of scissors.

The black ink clouds roiled as Wujiang was enraged. The might of the Territory Lord was fully displayed, and when the Divine Ability erupted, the two small squads that were attacking from both sides were forced back.

From within the black ink cloud, Wujiang coldly snorted, “Know your place!”

As soon as he finished speaking, under the cover of the two squads, Dawn Squad, under Yang Kai’s leadership, flew directly towards the black ink cloud. In the Six Direction Array, Yang Kai took the lead, his aura closely linked with Feng Ying’s and the others, and the strength of his five squad members was fully activated.

Yang Kai felt his strength suddenly break through its limits, rising steadily. He had already summoned his Azure Dragon Spear and thrust it towards the black ink cloud.

The sound of metal colliding rang out, accompanied by a muffled groan. Before Yang Kai could fire a second time, a large hand reached out from the black ink cloud and grabbed him.

Yang Kai’s eyes narrowed slightly as he activated his Space Law, causing the entire Six Direction Array to suddenly shift back a great distance, causing the giant hand to grab nothing but air.

At this moment, the Water Snake squad, which was the first to be repelled, had already reorganized their formation and rushed forward again. The Wild Boar squad and Breeze squad also attacked from the left and right. Seeing this, Yang Kai led Feng Ying and the others forward, the long spear in his hand transforming into a spear image that covered the sky as it shot towards the black ink cloud.

The universe trembled and the void collapsed.

The formation of four elite squads, after blocking the momentum of Wujiang Territory Lord, actually blocked him from advancing any further.

The leaders of the several squads were not surprised by this result.

After all, they were not an ordinary squad, but one of the rare elite squads of Blue Sky Pass. Each squad had at least six Seventh Order Open Heaven Stage masters, and four squads had gathered more than thirty Seventh Order masters!

Such a force, even without the assistance of a great array, could easily stop an ordinary Territory Lord, let alone now that they had formed four great array.

Under the convergence of these array, the strength each squad could display surpassed that of a Seventh Order, and although they weren’t at the Eighth Order, they could still be considered quasi Eighth Order.

In other words, the strength displayed by these four elite squads was almost equivalent to four quasi Eighth Order masters attacking Wujiang.

If such strength couldn’t stop Wujiang, then they wouldn’t be an elite squad.

But even so, the actions of Yang Kai and the others were accompanied by a great deal of risk, and the slightest carelessness could lead to a tragic end, so all the members of the four squads were tense and didn’t dare to relax.

At this moment, the four Battleships could no longer interfere. The Seventh Order masters on the Battleship had all gone out to fight the enemy, leaving behind only the Fifth and Sixth Order cultivators. If they rashly interfered in a battle of this level, they would only add to the chaos and might even disrupt the rhythm of the Seventh order.

What’s more, the Battleship’s movements weren’t as nimble. If it really charged into the battlefield, if the Territory Lord is not able to deal with Yang Kai and the others, he would have to destroy the Battleship.

As such, the four Battleships immediately retreated from the battlefield. Fortunately, they had plenty of things to do. Many of the Black Ink Clan’s forces had managed to slip through the net and were now desperately attacking the floating continent in an attempt to break the turtle shell of Old Turtle.

Although the defense of Old Turtle’s fleet was able to block their attacks, it was impossible for it to be unlimited. The arrival of the four Battleships had been a great help, and as the power of the Secret Techniques and Artifacts on the Battleships was released, the Black Ink Clan’s miscellaneous forces were wiped out.

On the other side, Wujiang roared as he released his Territory Lord-level strength to the limit. However, no matter how angry he was, he was unable to break through the four small squads’ defences, causing him to become extremely angry and lose all face.

He had come to find trouble with Xiang Shan, so how could he be in the mood to waste time with these four squads? But now it seemed that if he didn’t break through the blockade of these four squads, he could forget about going to Xiang Shan.

Humans were truly a hateful race. Their individual strength wasn’t anything special, but when they gathered together, they could still display great strength. [MSN: Meanwhile they need two Territory Lord to deal with one Eighth Order.]

Fortunately, he hadn’t come alone this time, he still had Honghu!

As long as he could involve these four squads here, Honghu could easily obtain them.

Although he felt somewhat regretful that he couldn’t personally deal with Xiang Shan, now that things had come to this, he had no other choice.

In the midst of this fierce battle, Wujiang had single-handedly resisted four elite squads, but not only was he not in a difficult situation, he even seemed to have the upper hand, a testament to his strength.

In fact, in the entire Blue Sky War Zone, Wujiang’s strength was ranked in the top five amongst all the Territory Lords. Even ordinary Eighth Order masters wouldn’t be able to gain the upper hand in a one-on-one fight with him. His powerful strength had given rise to his arrogant temperament, which was why after suffering a great loss at Xiang Shan’s hands three thousand years ago, he had been constantly thinking about Xiang Shan as his lifelong enemy.

However, what annoyed him the most was that after so long, this Honghu still showed no signs of attacking.

This cowardly piece of trash! Wujiang cursed in his heart, knowing that Honghu had always been cautious and hadn’t taken action until now. He was obviously hiding in the shadows and observing.

If he had known this would happen, he would have let Honghu fight these humans! Wujiang secretly regretted rushing out too quickly and not putting these human squads in his eyes, resulting in this awkward situation.

After waiting for a while, Wujiang couldn’t bear it any longer and shouted, “Honghu, what are you waiting for?”

The faces of Yang Kai and the others who had been attacking Wujiang all sank when they heard this. The thing they were most worried about had happened. There was not only one Territory Lord, but another!

Where was he? In the midst of the fierce battle, Yang Kai used his Divine Sense to investigate, but to no avail. If a Territory Lord wanted to conceal himself, it would be difficult for him to find him in this chaotic situation.

Fortunately, there was no need for him to investigate any further. After Wujiang's roar, a faint sigh suddenly came from somewhere, and soon after, a figure appeared.

It was Territory Lord Honghu, who had been hiding in the shadows.

Honghu felt a headache coming on! Among all the Territory Lords, he hated acting together with Wujiang the most, because the recklessness of his companions would often lead to major problems. Unfortunately, he didn’t have a choice this time, because he and Wujiang were the only ones moving about nearby, so he had no choice but to come with him.

Originally, he had wanted to observe for a while longer, preferably wait for Wujiang to defeat the four squads and see if there were any other variables before deciding whether to show himself or not. However, after Wujiang shouted at him, no matter how he tried to hide, it would be meaningless, so he could only show himself.

Although he was somewhat dissatisfied in his heart, it didn’t affect the overall situation.

Of the five elite human squads, one was responsible for guarding Xiang Shan while the other four were entangled with Wujiang. Even now, there were no Eighth Order Human Race masters, so it seemed there really was no ambush here.

Not to mention, the Eighth Orders from the Human Race’s Outpost had already appeared in the battle there.

However, he was still curious as to why Xiang Shan would choose to advance in such a place. An old man who had lived for countless years should not have lost his vigilance.

The place where he appeared was not far away from the Breeze Battleship, and the sudden appearance of a Territory Lord-level master startled the members of Breeze Battleship who were guarding the Battleship. The few members who were in charge of controlling the Battleship hurriedly activated their Spirit Arrays to pull away.

However, it was too late. Honghu took out a round hammer and smashed it towards Breeze’s Battleship.

The giant hammer image fell and almost covered the entire Breeze Battleship. Immediately after, the Battleship was struck by the hammer image and instantly broke through the various defences of the Battleship, causing its hull to break apart. Under the assault of this massive force, it flew for tens of thousands of kilometers, the casualties on the Battleship unknown!

Although the Breeze Battleship’s defensive capabilities were stronger than an ordinary Battleship, among the five elite squads, their defensive capabilities were the worst. Their focus was on speed, so it was naturally difficult for them to block a blow from a Territory Lord.

This scene caused Wan Zhengxin, who is watching the trembling Breeze battleship, to stare in anger.

It didn’t matter if the Battleship was damaged, as long as they spent enough battle merits, they could repair it, but if any of the Battleship’s members were injured or killed, there was no way to repair it.

Wan Zhengxin’s heart was bleeding.

However, even if he wanted to rescue them now, it was impossible. Four elite squads working together could barely stop Wujiang. If they retreated, the remaining three squads would be no match for Wujiang. Once Wujiang broke through their blockade, the casualties would only be worse.


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