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“This bunch of trash, just a few small human squads actually managed to stop them, how useless,” Wujiang cursed angrily.

Honghu said, “Those squads seem to be the human race elite squads, much stronger than ordinary squads.”

Wujiang coldly snorted, “So what if it’s an elite squad! There’s only so many of them, even if they have to pay with their lives, they can still flatten them!”

Honghu shook his head, “I’m afraid it won’t work. Continuing to send more people over won’t help, they’ll only be defeated one by one. They have a total of five squads, and each time, two squads will rest while three squads defend. Without enough strength, it’s impossible to break through their blockade.”

“What do you think?”

Honghu pondered for a moment before saying, “Gather your strength and crush them in one fell swoop!”

Wujiang impatiently said, “There’s no need to go through so much trouble. If you and I fight, how can they be our opponents?”

“No!” Honghu quickly stopped him, “Have you forgotten what happened to Shadowless and the others a few dozen years ago? More than three hundred thousand troops were ambushed by the Human Race and were defeated in one fell swoop, causing our Black Ink Clan to suffer a great loss. Before we know if there are any traps over there, it’s best if we don’t act rashly.”

Wujiang’s expression changed. He naturally remembered what happened to Shadowless and the other Territory Lords, but what happened a few dozen years ago was like yesterday to someone like the Territory Lords who had lived for a long time. Although he was angry, he knew that Honghu’s worries weren’t unreasonable. Xiang Shan suddenly breaking through in this damned place and having five elite human race squads guarding him, no matter how he looked at it, something was wrong.

Although they had yet to sense any aura of an Eighth Order Open Heaven Stage master, who could guarantee that those sinister and cunning humans were not lurking nearby?

The Human Race’s Spirit Arrays were extremely exquisite and could easily conceal one’s aura.

The reason why they had been waiting here was partly because they wanted to use their subordinates, to attack and probe the situation, but also to wait for news from the front lines.

Once they confirmed that there was no trap here, they would definitely act.

How terrifying was Xiang Shan’s reputation? However, that was the Eighth Order Xiang Shan, the current Seventh Order him, any one of them could easily capture him. Taking down Xiang Shan would be enough to deal a heavy blow to the Human Race and restore the lost face of the Black Ink Clan for the past few decades.

There was still no definite news from the front line, so it was likely that Wujiang and Honghu were still in the process of probing the other side. They had to take care of their own matters.

After a brief discussion, the two Territory Lords gave orders to the Black Ink Clan members who were harassing them to retreat while urging the nearby Black Ink Clans to rush over to assist.

On the periphery of Xiang Shan’s promotion on the Floating Continent, the Black Ink Clan suddenly retreated like a tide, leaving behind a mess.

Under Zhu Yuming’s leadership, the Wild Boar team pursued relentlessly, seemingly intent on exterminating the entire Black Ink Clan before finally stopping. Fortunately, someone stopped him, “Don’t chase after a cornered enemy. Protecting people is more important.”

Zhu Yuming cursed a few times. Although he was still somewhat unwilling, he knew the severity of the matter and quickly led his team back.

After a fierce battle, each team had consumed a great deal of energy and quickly recovered.

“The Black Ink Clan has retreated,” Dongfang Wenbing’s eyes lit up.

Yang Kai narrowed his eyes and used his eyes to observe before slowly shaking his head, “It's just temporarily retreating.”

Although they couldn’t see clearly, it was obvious that the retreating Black Ink Clan members hadn’t really left. Instead, they had gathered in the distance, seemingly waiting for something.

This situation was not a good one. It seemed that his and Dongfang Wenbing’s previous speculations had come true. There was indeed a master behind these Black Ink Clans. If not for this, it would have been impossible to explain the current situation.

Dong Fang Wenbing also realized this and his expression became solemn.

Yang Kai consoled, “The reinforcement from the Outpost should be arriving soon, we just need to hold on for another three to five days.”

Dongfang Wenbing said in a low voice, “That may be so, but judging from the Black Ink Clan’s movements here, it’s obvious they’ve made some arrangements. I’m afraid the reinforcements from the Outpost’s main camp will be intercepted halfway.”

Cultivating to the Seventh Order, no one was a fool. Dongfang Wenbing’s worries were not unfounded, and Yang Kai was also aware of this, but right now, they could only place their hopes on the reinforcements from the Outpost’s main camp or Xiang Shan’s quick promotion.

What the two of them didn’t know was that their worries had long since become reality. The cultivator surnamed Zhang and Sun, the two Eighth Order who had set out from the outpost’s main camp, had long since been blocked by the two Black Ink Clan Territory Lords in the void and were fighting fiercely.

As time slowly passed, the five Human Race squad members, no matter who they were, all felt as if time was passing like a year. In the silent void, killing intent lingered, making one feel uneasy.

On the periphery of the Feudal Lord’s territory, the number of Black Ink Clan continued to increase, from ten thousand to twenty thousand, then fifty thousand…

Wujiang and Honghu stared at these tens of thousands of crooked people with great dissatisfaction.

Although they had urgently summoned the nearby Black Ink Clan’s forces to this place, the number of troops they could muster was extremely small. For the past few decades, most of the Black Ink Clan’s forces had been transferred to the front lines to confront the Human Race’s outpost.

Currently, the forces of the Black Ink Clan that remained behind were extremely few in number, and eighty to ninety percent of the Black Ink Clans they had gathered here were nothing more than cannon fodder.

This situation was quite awkward. It wasn’t that the two Territory Lords were incompetent, but rather that even a clever housewife couldn’t cook without rice. There weren’t any powerful forces nearby for them to deploy, so they were helpless.

If the quality wasn’t good enough, then they could only make up for it with numbers. Fortunately, they didn’t have any hopes that these Black Ink Clans would be able to accomplish anything, so they could only try to probe them.

Two days later, they had barely managed to gather eighty thousand troops, which was their limit, they can't mobilize any more. Under the orders of the two Black Ink Clan Territory Lords, the eighty thousand strong army marched towards the floating continent.

From a distance, a few human race squads discovered traces of the approaching enemy. The number of enemies was like a tidal wave, causing one’s scalp to tingle.

The Wild Boar Squad’s Team Leader, Zhu Yuming, let out a long roar, and all the human soldiers who were still recovering began to move.

The three Battleships lined up in a straight line, their Spirit Arrays humming slightly, and on the hull of the Battleship, various lights of varying strength began to flicker and fluctuate.

Yang Kai and Dongfang Wenbing remained motionless. Their two teams were responsible for guarding Xiang Shan, so before the situation reached a certain point, they didn’t dare act rashly.

As they drew closer to each other, the scene of the eighty thousand Black Ink Clan soldiers attacking them was like a mortal facing a tsunami or a landslide, giving them a great psychological pressure.

At that moment, Zhu Yuming’s roar resounded through the void, “Kill!”

With a loud bang, the three Battleships shook violently as dazzling rays of light shot out from various parts of the Battleship and bombarded the Black Ink Clan army.

Everyone was thrown into disarray. Under each ray of light, countless Black Ink Clan cultivators were reduced to dust, and a few rays of light even formed a long vacuum zone in the Black Ink Clan army.

In just a single round of attacks, thousands of Black Ink Clans had fallen.

This scene stunned everyone, but they quickly reacted. Although there were many Black Ink Clan masters attacking, they were not invincible. Most of them were actually cannon fodder, otherwise there would be no reason for so many of them to die.

The soldiers in charge of controlling the Battleship’s artifacts didn’t need to be told. They once again activated the power of their artifacts and launched another round of attacks. Compared to the previous one, the number of casualties suffered by the Black Ink Clan once again increased.

After three rounds of bombardment, the Black Ink Clan was right in front of them. The Seventh Order Open Heaven Stage masters all leapt out of their Battleships, each of them holding their own artifacts as they used their World Force to surround their Battleships and kill their enemies. In an instant, the Black Ink Clan’s aura began to wither.

As far as the eye could see, the space where the three Battleships were located was filled with densely packed Black Ink Clan forces. It was almost impossible to see the figures of the three Battleships and the Seventh Order Open Heaven Stage cultivators, only the constant fluctuations of energy.

This scene was like three pieces of candy falling to the ground being wrapped up by ants.

A large number of Black Ink Clan cultivators passed through the three entangled Battleships and rushed towards the floating continent.

Dawn and Water Snake had long since made their preparations. The Battleship’s power was fully unleashed, while the Seventh Order Open Heaven pushed their Small Universe’s strength to its limits and blasted out its strongest Divine Ability towards the place where the Black Ink Clan had the most people.

Yang Kai had pushed his Space Law to the limit, so all of the Black Ink Clan members who tried to approach the floating continent felt as if they had fallen into a swamp. Their movements were slow, giving the two teams a chance to kill them.

It was all thanks to his Space Ability, otherwise these two teams won't be able to stop these Black Ink Clan members.

Most of the Black Ink Clan cultivators were nothing more than cannon fodder, and their strength wasn’t even worth mentioning. Any one of the humans present could easily kill a large number of them, but there were simply too many of them. Xiang Shan’s advancement was not to be disturbed, so any Black Ink Clan cultivator who broke through the defensive line could cause a huge disaster.

The battle was still under control for a short time, but it was hard to say how long it would last.

No one would be able to endure such a high-intensity battle for long.

One hour, two hours…

Half a day later, the members of the five small teams had all consumed a great deal of energy, and the most obvious thing was that their speed of killing their enemies had greatly decreased. Although Yang Kai was still able to hold on and use his Space Law to delay the attacks of the Black Ink Clan members, the Dawn and Water Snake Squad were unable to keep up.

There were more Black Ink Clan cultivators on the periphery of the floating continent, so it wouldn’t be long before even Yang Kai was unable to stop them from charging forward.

It was time!

Thinking so, Yang Kai shouted, “Senior Brother Chai!”

Somewhere in the void in front of them, inside a Battleship surrounded by countless Black Ink Clans, Chai Fang’s voice rang out, “Hahahaha, it's pleasant to hear. What’s wrong, Brother Yang, are you unable to hold on?”

Dongfang Wenbing smiled and scolded, “Old Chai, hurry up, don’t waste time!”

“Coming, coming!” Chai Fang replied. As soon as his voice fell, a seemingly solid halo suddenly exploded. This halo didn’t have much damage, but it had an extremely strong pushing force. In an instant, the countless Black Ink Clan members surrounding Old Turtle’s Battleship were all pushed away by this halo.


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