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The two Eighth Order Human Race masters were intercepted by Maochi and Zhong Yan along the way and were locked in a fierce battle.

On the other side, the battle outside the floating continent where Xiang Shan was advancing was also raging.

The Wild Boar Squad, Water Snake Squad, and Old Turtle Squad, these three elite squads rampaged through the void, killing the Black Ink Clan until they were unable to fight back.

Since the founding of the Outpost’s main camp, it had been several dozen years. For so long, every human race squad had been carrying out hunting missions, but none of them had ever been able to kill to their heart’s content.

The Black Ink Clan’s harassment and support continued unabated, seemingly never-ending. The scattered Black Ink Clan members emerged from all directions and rushed towards the floating continent where Xiang Shan was, obviously trying to disrupt his breakthrough at all costs.

Most of the Black Ink Clan’s forces had been intercepted by the three elite squads, and even if some of them managed to escape, they were unable to escape the encirclement of Dawn and Breeze.

At first, the number of Black Ink Clan members who had been attracted by Xiang Shan’s breakthrough was not high, with the five elite teams working together, they were able to handle everything.

But as time passed, more Black Ink Clan cultivators were drawn over, and Yang Kai and the others gradually felt the pressure, but they were still enduring it.

In order to avoid wasting too much energy, Yang Kai had a brief discussion with the other four Team Leaders before deciding to take their turn to guard.

No matter when, they would ensure that two small teams would remain on the periphery of the floating continent, not allowing the Black Ink Clan to approach while the other three fought with all their might.

No one knew how long this situation would last. Perhaps it would be fast, or perhaps it would be very slow. Everything would depend on Xiang Shan’s progress, and no one had any thoughts of retreating. Xiang Shan was advancing alone, so if they retreated, Xiang Shan would definitely end up in a tragic state.

Although this battle was fierce, compared to the clash between the two armies of the Outpost, it was just a small skirmish.

Over the past few decades, the Human Race’s great army had been confronting the Black Ink Clan’s great army from several million kilometers away. The Human Race had no intention of continuing to attack, and the Black Ink Clan didn’t dare provoke them either. The two races had only sent out small teams to hunt each other across the void.

This balance lasted for several decades, each suffering some kind of damage.

But now, under the guidance of the Black Ink Clan’s army, this balance was broken.

The void between the outpost’s main camp and the Black Ink Clan’s temporary camp was instantly filled with the figures of the two clans’ soldiers. The large-scale army was engaged in a fierce battle, and at every moment, the aura of life was withering away as broken limbs and pieces of flesh were thrown into the air.

The Human Race’s Battleships shuttled back and forth as the Seventh Order Open Heaven Stage cultivators surrounded their respective Battleships and fought bravely.

On the other hand, the numerous Eighth Order masters had also set up a different battlefield to fight against each other.

The outpost’s main camp was not like Blue Sky Pass’s headquarter. The entire Blue Sky Pass was a massive palace artifact that had been slowly expanded over countless years by the Human Race’s soldiers. Relying on the dangers of Blue Sky Pass and the various defensive and offensive spirit array of Blue Sky Pass, the Human Race’s defense was twice as effective.

This was also one of the foundations of he human race’s resistance to the Black Ink Clan.

The Outpost’s main camp didn’t have such conditions. Although Blue Sky Pass’ soldiers had arranged many methods in the Outpost’s main camp over the past few decades, none of them were comparable to the headquarter.

Under normal circumstances, it would be difficult to resist the attacks of the Black Ink Clan’s army.

However, in the battle a few dozen years ago, the Black Ink Clan army had suffered heavy losses. During the past few decades, the Human Race had been hunting them down, and the Black Ink Clan’s casualties had been difficult to calculate. As a result, the Black Ink Clan forces facing the Outpost were not so difficult to deal with.

The several hundred thousand Black Ink Clan armies seemed to be quite a large number, but the degree of their elites couldn’t even be compared to before. Not to mention that the number of Territory Lords was less than half, even the ratio of Feudal Lords was much smaller than in the past. Excluding more than half of the cannon fodder, most of the Black Ink Clan were Low Rank Black Ink Clan and High Rank Black Ink Clan.

As such, when the soldiers on the Outpost faced the Black Ink Clan’s army, not only did they not suffer any disadvantages, they even gained the upper hand.

After several dozen years of recuperation, the Human Race had accumulated enough Expelling Black Ink Pills to support a great battle and even more Artifact Refiners.

More and more damaged Battleships were returning, and the Artifact Refiners who had been prepared for this rushed forward to repair the damaged Battleships. If they couldn’t repair them, they would simply transfer a new Battleship.

With the lesson from the previous expedition, the support of the outpost’s main camp for supplies and logistics had increased several times over.

The accumulation of Expelling Black Ink Pills and the refinement of Battleships were the most important.

During the Eighth Order masters Discussion, after receiving the approval of most Eighth Order masters, Blue Sky Pass decided to refine a large number of Battleships for each team. The goal was to have at least one spare Battleship so as to ensure the continuation of the battle so as to prevent any more incidents from occurring during the last expedition. Some of the Battleships were too damaged and could no longer be used.

Two hundred years ago, Blue Sky Pass did not have such conditions.

Refining each Battleship required a massive amount of resources. In the past, Blue Sky Pass didn’t have such a foundation, but now it was different. Resources could no longer impede Blue Sky Pass’s development. Not to mention using the Void Yin-Yang Mirror, Blue Sky Pass had accumulated a massive amount of resources. If they were to win this time, they would be able to completely occupy a large portion of the Black Ink Clan’s territory. At that time, it wouldn’t be an easy task to mine all the resources. There were so many dead universe world in the void, and the amount of resources they contained was endless.

In a battle between two armies, victory and defeat could not be determined in a short period of time. It would definitely last for a long time.

A few days later, outside the floating continent where Xiang Shan is being promoted, the two Battleships stood side by side, with more than ten Seventh Order scattered around, protecting the entire floating continent.

Everyone, whether it was the scattered Seventh Order or the Fifth and Sixth Order in the Battleship, was taking advantage of this time to swallow Spirit Pills to restore their strength.

After several days of fierce fighting, the five small teams of several hundred people had all consumed a great deal of energy. Facing the continuous assault of the Black Ink Clan, they could only find opportunities to restore themselves.

Yang Kai was among these people.

Dawn had already begun their third rotation, and this time, it was the Water Snake Squad who had returned with Dawn.

While adjusting his breathing, the Water Snake Squad’s Team Leader Dongfang Wenbing suddenly asked, “Brother Yang, do you feel anything?”

Yang Kai’s expression remained unchanged as he replied, “The Black Ink Clan’s attack seems to have some form of strategy.”

“So Brother Yang also noticed.”

“It’s obvious. Initially, the Black Ink Clan attacked in a disorderly manner, but since two days ago, some changes have occurred. Although these changes are subtle, they are difficult to conceal.”

“That’s right, there seems to be a master guiding them from behind,” Dongfang Wenbing smiled.

“Master? How high?”

“How high is the Territory Lord?”

“Great minds think alike!” Yang Kai nodded lightly. In fact, he had been searching for the figures hidden behind these Black Ink Clan masters, but unfortunately, with the fierce battle in the void and the chaotic energy fluctuations, coupled with the fact that he was only a Seventh Order, if there really was a Territory Lord hiding nearby, it would be difficult for him to discover them.

Dongfang Wenbing’s smile froze, “I was just saying, could it be that there really is a Territory Lord here?”

“En,” Yang Kai said solemnly, “It’s most likely.”

Dongfang Wenbing’s jaw dropped, “Brother Yang, don’t try to scare me. You have the Space Law, so you can run away from the Territory Lord, but we can’t. Besides, if there really was a Territory Lord, why did he hide in the shadows and not show up? Why did he send some trash here to die?”

“Perhaps… they think there’s some kind of ambush on our side? Sending some miscellaneous fish over to probe us. There’s a saying that the older one is, the more timid they become. These Black Ink Clan’s Teritory Lords have suffered quite a bit from the Eighth Order Open Heaven Stage master, so they always act cautiously.”

“What kind of ambush do we have here?” Dongfang Wenbing’s heart trembled as he listened to Yang Kai’s words. He looked around, afraid that the Territory Lord would jump out.

“That’s right, but we know that the Territory Lord doesn’t know, so they have to probe.”

Dongfang Wenbing asked seriously, “Brother Yang, are you serious?”

Yang Kai didn’t say anything and simply said, “Whether it’s true or not, we’ll know after seeing the changes in the situation. It won’t be long before we know.”

Dongfang Wenbing couldn’t help clicking his tongue, “Why is Senior Xiang’s advancement not progressing? The sooner he advances, the sooner we’ll be able to escape the abyss of suffering.”

Just as Dongfang Wenbing had said, Xiang Shan’s advancement had not made much progress. Although there were no signs of failure, there were no signs of success either. For a Seventh Order to reach the Eighth Order, it was not as troublesome as a Sixth Order to reach the Seventh Order. For a Sixth Order to reach the Seventh Order, it was a huge leap. Under normal circumstances, this kind of advancement would take several months at the very least, and if it was slow, it would take several years or even more than a decade. Depending on the situation, it would take a lot of time.

This was also the reason why Zhong Liang and the others were so shocked when Yang Kai broke through to the Seventh Order so quickly.

However, Yang Kai was an exception. When he broke through to Open Heaven, his Small Universe had already materialized, so there was no need for him to undergo a transformation.

However, advancing from the Seventh Order to the Eighth Order was only an increase in grade. Although the increase in strength was huge, it would not affect the Small Universe’s fundamental change.

If everything went smoothly, he would soon succeed.

The time Xiang Shan spent wasn’t long, but it wasn’t short either, and judging from the current situation, it seemed he would need to spend even more time.

Perhaps this had something to do with the fact that his grade had once fallen. For Open Heaven Stage cultivator like him, wanting to raise his cultivation again would be even more difficult than an ordinary breakthrough, but after all, he had walked this path once, so he had more experience than an ordinary Seventh Order cultivator. As long as he could find that opportunity, everything would be smooth sailing.

Therefore, it was highly likely that Xiang Shan would break through to the Eighth Order in the next instant, or it could take him ten days, half a month, several months, or even half a year…

No one could say for sure.

While the two of them were recuperating, they chatted and killed the scattered Black Ink Clan cultivators who had broken through the encirclement. Not far from this place, two Black Ink Clan Territory Lords were looking towards this direction.

These two were Wujiang and Honghu. Like Maochi and Zhong Yan, who were responsible for intercepting the two Eighth Order Human Race masters, after receiving the news, they immediately rushed over to oversee the situation.

Although the distance between them wasn’t far, it was definitely not close. Even with the eyesight of these two Territory Lord, they couldn’t clearly see what was happening over there.

However, the casualties and incompetence of the Black Ink Clan were clearly seen by them, causing them great dissatisfaction.


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