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Moreover, this person’s style of doing things was extremely unyielding and had caused the Black Ink Clan’s army to suffer great losses many times. In his era, this name was a taboo to the Black Ink Clan and all the Territory Lords present had once lived under his shadow.

There was also one thing that made the Black Ink Clan unable to eat or sleep in peace, and that was Xiang Shan’s aptitude.

According to Black Ink Disciple’s report, Xiang Shan’s aptitude was extremely high, and when he broke through to Open Heaven, he had directly broken through to the Seventh Order! In other words, Eighth Order was not his limit, so he had a chance of reaching the Ninth Order Old Ancestor.

An Eighth Order Xiang Shan was already so difficult to deal with, if he were to break through to Ninth Order, what would happen?

Because of these considerations, three thousand years ago, the Black Ink Clan in Blue Sky War Zone only had one goal, which was to destroy Xiang Shan.

During one of the great battles, the Black Ink Clan’s Royal Lord had suffered a fierce blow from the Human Race’s Old Ancestor and severely wounded Xiang Shan. After that, the Territory Lord rushed forward, wanting to cut the weeds and eliminate the roots. The Human Race’s Eighth Order masters all came to his aid and a chaotic battle ensued.

In that battle, although Xiang Shan had luckily escaped death, his cultivation had fallen from the Eighth Order to the Seventh Order, slowly fading from the eyes of the Black Ink Clan. Although the Royal Lord’s attack had failed to kill Xiang Shan, he had barely achieved his goal.

In that battle, the Black Ink Clan’s Royal Lord had been severely wounded by the Old Ancestor and had been recuperating for three hundred years.

In that battle, more than ten Territory Lords had died under the wrath of the Old Ancestor!

The battle from three thousand years ago was still fresh in their minds. Most of the Territory Lords present had personally experienced it, so how could they forget?

Originally, they had thought that Xiang Shan had fallen into depravity, but who would have thought that after three thousand years, they would once again hear news of him breaking through.

If it was an ordinary Seventh Order Human Race cultivator who had broken through to the Eighth Order, they wouldn’t have bothered. Over the years, there had been new Eighth Order Human Race cultivators and Eighth Order cultivators who had died in battle. Overall, the number of Eighth Order cultivators had maintained a balance, so an additional Eighth Order cultivator wouldn’t affect the overall situation much.

But if this person was Xiang Shan, they had no choice but to take him seriously!

Counting the time, after three thousand years of silence, even if Xiang Shan had fallen to a lower grade, it was indeed possible for him to cultivate again. Thinking back to the dark times three thousand years ago, which Black Ink Clan Territory Lord was willing to try again?

Therefore, when the Territory Lord first reported that a human race Seventh Order had broken through to the Eighth Order, most Territory Lords didn’t pay much attention to it, but after hearing the name Xiang Shan, they couldn’t remain calm.

“Are you sure it’s that Xiang Shan?”

The Feudal Lord replied, “It’s basically certain, the Feudal Lord who reported this news also felt the terror of Xiang Shan from afar and clearly remembered his aura.”

Since the informant had said so, there should be no mistake. As the Territory Lords looked at each other, they could see the seriousness in each other’s eyes.

After a long silence, a Territory Lord asked, “What are the movements of the Human Race’s outpost camp?”

“I don’t know, I can ask,” The other Territory Lord replied, sending a message with his Divine Sense.

A moment later, the Territory Lord said, “Just half a day ago, two Eighth Order Human Race masters appeared from the outpost’s main camp, heading towards Bone Song Territory!”

“It seems that news of Xiang Shan’s breakthrough has been sent back. The Eighth Order Human Race is going to guard it.”

“In other words, Xiang Shan’s breakthrough should have been an accident, otherwise the Human Race wouldn’t have made such arrangements.”

“It’s still hard to say if this is a scheme of the Human Race.”

“Whether it’s a scheme or not, Xiang Shan cannot be ignored. If he breaks through to the Eighth Order, he will become the most difficult Eighth Order to deal with, and no one among the Territory Lords can resist him.”

“Yes, no matter what, we must stop Xiang Shan from advancing!”

“Even if the Human Race is plotting something, with their position so deep, if there are any unforeseen circumstances, they won’t be able to help it, so we might as well beat them at their own game.”

“What do you mean?”

“Wujiang, Maochi, Zhong Yan, and Honghu are not here, you can send a message to two of them to stop the two Eighth Order masters from leaving the Human Race’s Outpost’s main camp, preventing them from assisting Xiang Shan. Then send a message to the other two to investigate Xiang Shan’s promotion. If the Human Race doesn’t have any ambushes, it’ll be fine, if the two Territory Lords take action, it’ll be a piece of cake. If there’s an ambush, they can take care of each other.”

As soon as these words came out, the Territory Lord pondered for a moment before one of them nodded, “Good!”

One of the Territory Lords also questioned, “Although that’s the case, we still don’t know where all the Eighth Order Human Race masters are. If they all lie in ambush near Xiang Shan, wouldn’t we be walking right into a trap if we had fewer people? In the last battle, the Territory Lords suffered heavy casualties, so we can’t afford to lose too much.”

The Territory Lord who had proposed before said, “That’s why I want to attack the Human Race’s Outpost! I don’t want any great results, I just want to figure out the situation of the Outpost. If we can determine the number of Eighth Order Human Race masters, we can basically determine the situation on Xiang Shan’s side. At that time, we can inform Wujiang and the others, so that they can act conveniently.”

“Attack the outpost’s main camp?” One of the Territory Lords frowned, “If a great war breaks out, it won’t be so easy to quell. We must pay a certain price. If we win, it’s fine, but if we lose, the Black Ink Clan will completely lose the territory occupied by the Human Race, and we won’t have so many forces to continue fighting.”

“Compared to Xiang Shan’s breakthrough, no matter how great the price is, it is worth it.”

“Since we have different opinions, we might as well vote. Those who agree to attack the Human Race’s Outpost, please rise.”

After a while, more than a dozen Territory Lords stood up. Basically, all of them were Territory Lords who had survived from Xiang Shan’s era until now, and most of the sitting Territory Lords were newly promoted. From this, it could be seen that the old Territory Lords were all extremely wary of Xiang Shan, willing to pay a huge price in order to kill him. Compared to these Territory Lords, the newly promoted Territory Lords of the last three thousand years didn’t fear Xiang Shan so much. They were more satisfied with their current state and didn’t think a large-scale battle with the Human Race was a good thing.

However, most of the Territory Lords had already agreed to fight, so they couldn’t influence the overall situation.

A storm was brewing and a great battle was about to begin!

Over the past few years, the Black Ink Clan’s various reinforcements had gathered around the Feudal Lord’s Floating Continent, forming a stalemate with the Outpost’s main camp. The Black Ink Clan didn’t dare act rashly, and the Human Race soldiers in the Outpost’s main camp didn’t have any intention of entering on a large scale battle, but today, because of a single person’s breakthrough, this stalemate was about to be broken.

The Black Ink Clan began to mobilize their troops, and they began to move towards the Human Race’s Outpost.

Although their actions were extremely well-hidden, how could these movements be hidden from the prepared Human Race?

Inside the temporary military division of the outpost, led by Zhong Liang and Liang Yulong, a group of Eighth Order masters was waiting.

Suddenly, a Seventh Order master stepped forward, cupped his fists, and said, “The Black Ink Clan has made a move.”

Zhong Liang’s eyes flashed, “They took the bait!”

The group of Eighth Order masters were all excited, afraid that the Black Ink Clan would not act. Once they did, it would mean that this plan could be implemented. After all, the bait they had thrown out was no small matter to the Black Ink Clan.

However, before the accurate news arrived, no one was certain what the Black Ink Clan’s choice would be, so they waited here anxiously.

Liang Yulong showed a worried look, “I wonder if Senior Brother Xiang’s situation is going well.”

Zhong Liang said, “Since Senior Brother Xiang has agreed to this plan, he must have made some preparations. There’s no need to worry about him, we just need to do our own thing. Send a message to Blue Sky Pass and tell Ding Yao that they can take action.”

“Yes!” Someone immediately complied.

In the void, two figures rushed forward. Both of them were Eighth Order Open Heaven and their speed was extremely fast as they flew towards a certain direction.

As they walked, one of them sent a voice transmission, “Brother Zhang, do you think the Black Ink Clan will take the bait this time?”

Hearing this, the Eighth Order surnamed Zhang smiled, “We’ll see if there are any obstructions along the way, and we’ll know if the Black Ink Clan has taken the bait. However, I’m certain that the Black Ink Clan will not be able to resist. After all, this matter involves Senior Brother Xiang. If I were the Black Ink Clan’s Territory Lord, I would definitely not allow him to advance peacefully. It wasn’t easy to make him fall to the Seventh Order, how could he be allowed to be promoted to Eighth Order back?”

The other Eighth Order asked curiously, “Does Senior Brother Xiang have such a great deterrence towards the Black Ink Clan?”

The Eighth Order surname Zhang said, “Brother Sun, you haven’t been in the Ink Battlefield for long, so you haven’t seen Senior Brother Xiang’s power and prestige. When he was commanding the Western Army, the Black Ink Clan’s Territory Lords were beaten up like they were his grandchildren. It could even be said that their faces changed at the mention of him.”

The cultivator surnamed Sun sighed, “It’s a pity I didn’t have the opportunity to see Senior Brother Xiang’s divine might. I hope his breakthrough this time will go smoothly.”

Zhang Xian said, “Although it will be much more difficult to break through after a drop in grade, with Senior Brother Xiang’s aptitude, it shouldn’t be a problem. All we need to do is wait for good news. It just so happens that Blue Sky Pass needs a guide, and Senior Brother Xiang is about to break through. After learning of the plan, he volunteered.”

After chatting for a while, the two of them stopped talking and continued on their way.

However, two days later, the two people who were speeding forward suddenly came to a stop. At this moment, from the left and right of the black ink clouds, two huge figures appeared and attacked them without saying a word.

The two Eighth Order naturally wouldn’t just sit back and wait for death, each of them displaying their own Divine Abilities to fight the other party.

After a while, the four figures separated and stood at four corners.

The Eighth Order surnamed Zhang glanced at him coldly and snorted, “Maochi, Zhong Yan!”

Having interacted with each other for so many years, this man surnamed Zhang naturally recognized who these two Territory Lords were.

After exchanging a glance with the cultivator surnamed Sun, both of them calmed down. These two fellows had suddenly appeared and blocked their path. It seemed that the Black Ink Clan had bitten the bait, otherwise there was no reason for them to come here and stop them.

Everything went smoothly!

It was laughable that the two Black Ink Clan Territory Lords didn’t even notice. Maochi was even more valiant, his face filled with disdain as he coldly shouted, “This road is blocked!”

The Eighth Order surnamed Zhang sneered, “Such shameless boasting!”

Without wasting any time, he waved his hand and summoned his long sword, sending out a flurry of sword light towards Maochi. On the other side, the cultivator surnamed Sun and Zhong Yan were also engaged in a one-on-one fight. Neither the Human Race nor the Black Ink Clan had an overwhelming advantage.

However, to the two Territory Lords of the Black Ink Clan, as long as they could stop these two Eighth Order Human Race masters here, they wouldn’t really be able to do anything to them.

The two of them had also learned the seriousness of the situation from the message sent by the Black Ink Nest. If not for this, they wouldn’t have been lying in ambush here waiting to intercept the Human Race’s Eighth Order.


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