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Hearing this person’s voice, Wan Zheng Xin felt a headache coming on, “That pig is here!”

The corners of Yang Kai’s mouth also twitched. The Wild Boar Squad’s way of doing things was as unrestrained as ever. Since they had come, it was fine to act stealthily, but now they were making such a big fuss, were they afraid the Black Ink Clan wouldn’t know?

It couldn’t be said that the Wild Boar Squad were doing this ethically. No matter what they did, they would always rush forward, just as the saying goes, courage to face adversity is a man’s romance. Under the leadership of their Team Leader, Zhu Yu Ming, the entire team thoroughly displayed this style.

On the other side, someone immediately cursed, “You pig, can’t you be a bit more careful? Why did you alert the enemy? Ahhhh… this old master is going crazy.”

Another cold snort came from the side, “If this pig can save people's worry, it won’t be a pig!”

Accompanied by a burst of laughter and disdain, the Black Ink Clan cultivators hiding in the surrounding area were shocked to discover that three Human Race Palace artifacts were attacking from three different directions. Each of these three ships was filled with the terrifying power of a Secret Artifact and Secret Technique as they flew towards them.

The Black Ink Clan was stunned for a moment. At some point, they had been surrounded by the Human Race. Originally, all of their attention had been focused on the Human Race’s promotion on the floating continent and the two Human Race teams guarding it. The sudden appearance of the other three teams had thrown their minds into chaos.

Although they had fought back bravely under the coordination of some of the Feudal Lords, these Human Race teams that had suddenly appeared were clearly different from the rest. Not only were there many of them, but the proportion of Seventh Order Open Heaven was also extremely terrifying, and the power each Battleship could display was not something an ordinary Human Race Battleship could compare with.

This is the elite squad of the Human Race!

Having fought with the Human Race for so many years, the Black Ink Clan naturally had some understanding of the Human Race’s elite squad. They knew that there weren’t many of such elite teams in the entire Human Race, only four or five, but each of them had the strength to fight against a single Feudal Lord’s force.

The Black Ink Clan had once assessed that if they wanted to take care of such a small team, they would need the Territory Lord to personally act, or at least twenty or thirty Feudal Lords.

One small team was like this, but right now, there were a total of five such small teams gathered here. Although the Black Ink Clan had many members, how could they have such powerful combat strength? They were simply unable to contend with these human race elite squad.

Under the leadership of their respective team leaders, the three teams rampaged through the void, one of which was the wild boar team that was the fiercest.

In just a short time, the entire Black Ink Clan had been slaughtered, with countless casualties.

The outcome was decided.

Wan Zheng Xin sighed, “Junior Brother Yang’s foresight is like a god’s, the Old Turtle Team and Water Snake Team are indeed hiding nearby, but unfortunately, their deployment was destroyed by that pig.”

Yang Kai chuckled, “You can’t say that. Those two teams probably want to wait for the Black Ink Clan to gather more before killing. Although Senior Brother Zhu and the others acted a bit rashly, it’s not a bad thing.”

Wan Zheng Xin nodded and sighed, “When will the Wild Boar Squad change their style?”

In the face of such a one-sided battle, Yang Kai and Wan Zhengxin had no intention of interfering. Right now, the most important thing was to protect Xiang Shan, it was not the time to fight for battle merits.

What’s more, this was only the beginning. The more time passed, the more serious the situation would become. Whether it was Yang Kai or Wan Zhengxin, after being Team Leaders for so many years, they both understood the principle of conserving their strength before the great battle.

Just as the three elite human squads appeared, in the depths of the void, the Black Ink Clan’s Territory Lord was gathered in a hall on a giant floating continent.

In the last great battle between the two races, the Black Ink Clan had suffered heavy losses, especially dozens of masters at the Territory Lord level. It could be said that they had suffered serious injuries, causing the Royal Lord to be furious.

Soon after, the Human Race’s army came out of seclusion to launch an expedition, causing the morale of the Black Ink Clan to plummet and their territory to be destroyed by the Human Race’s expeditionary forces. It was only when they were three Territory Lords’ territories away from the King City that they were stopped.

This was something that had never happened before. Since the Human Race and Black Ink Lcan began fighting on the Ink Battlefield, for countless years, the Black Ink Clan had never suffered such a great loss. It had always been the Black Ink Clan who took the initiative to attack the Human Race’s mountain passes, while the Human Race could only defend passively. Occasionally, they would attack, but this time, it was completely different.

What was even more unbearable to the Black Ink Clan was that the Human Race had actually built an outpost camp at the very front of the territory they had conquered. From the looks of it, it seemed they were going to completely settle down.

How could the Black Ink Clan tolerate this?

If the Human Race succeeded, the entire Black Ink Clan in Blue Sky War Zone would lose all face. In the future, they wouldn’t be able to hold their heads up high in front of their fellow clansmen in other war zones.

Over the past few decades, the Black Ink Clan had also fought back, but their efforts had been fruitless. With so many of their Territory Lord masters dead, it was difficult for them to suppress the Human Race’s Eighth Order with their high-level combat strength. Although the number of combatable master was much larger than the Human Race’s, they were not the same as the Human Race’s elites. The strength of the Black Ink Clan’s combatable masters varied greatly, and there were simply too many of them. With such strength, if they were to encounter a small Human Race squad, they would only be sending themselves to their deaths. If they were to gather too many of them, they would immediately be attacked by the Human Race’s Outpost.

The Black Ink Clan was caught in a dilemma.

The inaction of the higher-ups caused the Black Ink Clan members below to grieve bitterly and spontaneously gather their forces to fight against the Human Race. Over the past few decades, the Human Race had been hunting the Black Ink Clan, so how could the Black Ink Clan not be hunting the Human Race? This kind of scattered battle was already a tacit agreement between the higher ups of both sides. No one knew how long this situation would last, and no one knew what kind of variables would appear in the future.

The Human Race’s Outpost had gathered many Eighth Order masters, forcing the Black Ink Clan’s Territory Lord to gather together in order to prevent the Human Race’s army from attacking one by one.

This floating continent was originally the territory of a Feudal Lord and was only a few million kilometers away from the Human Race’s Outpost. In the vast void, this distance was already quite close, so close that it was almost comparable. If one stood at the edge of this territory, they could even vaguely see the Outpost.

Because it was quite close to the Human Race’s outpost, this place had become the frontline for the Black Ink Clan to resist the Human Race.

At this moment, many Territory Lords had gathered, not to discuss anything but to wait for the situation to change, hoping to break the stalemate.

The Territory Lords had already been waiting here for several dozen years, several dozen years was nothing more than a snap of finger to them.

At this moment, from the territory’s Feudal Lord Black Ink Nest, a Feudal Lord rushed out and walked straight into the main hall, cupping his chest with one hand and respectfully saying, “My Lords, there is an emergency report!”

One of the Territory Lords opened his eyes and asked, “Is there any movement from the Human Race’s Outpost?”

The Feudal Lord quickly replied, “It’s not the Human Race’s Outpost, it’s in the depths of the void, near the Bone Song Territory.”

The Bone Song Territory was the territory of a Territory Lord, and it wasn’t very close to this place, it was the space where the two clans fought over.

“What’s the situation over there?” The Territory Lord who had spoken earlier asked again.

The Feudal Lord replied, “There’s news that a human race is breaking through to the Eighth Order there!”

As soon as he said this, many of the Territory Lrods who had remained silent all opened their eyes and one of them leaned forward slightly, “Promoting to the Eighth Order? Is the news accurate?”

The Feudal Lord replied, “It’s absolutely accurate. A Feudal Lord has sensed it at close range, it is indeed a sign that the Human Race is breaking through from the Seventh Order to the Eighth Order.”

The reason why this news had reached this place so quickly was naturally because of the Black Ink Nest's ability, otherwise it would have been impossible for it to arrive so quickly.

“Damn it, is the Human Race going to have another Eighth Order?” One of the Territory Lord said indignantly. After the last great battle, the difference in number between the Territory Lord and Eighth Order has become unbalanced. If the Human Race had another Eighth Order, it would pose an even greater threat to the Territory Lord.

One of the Territory Lord also snorted, “The Human Race is becoming more contemptuous of us, actually advancing to the Eighth Order in that position, they’re simply going too far!”

“The advancement of the Human Race depends on an opportunity. When an opportunity arrives, even if they don’t want to, they won’t be able to suppress it. Forcefully suppressing it will only lead to bad things. Since the Human Race chose to advance in that position, it must be the case.”

“Is there any point in discussing this? Are you just going to sit back and watch the Human Race gain another Eighth Order?”

“What else can we do? Don’t tell me we have to go and stop him? Not to mention the distance, even if we can make it in time, who can guarantee that this isn’t a scheme of the Human Race? Didn’t we suffer enough last time?”

The group of Territory Lords fell silent, and even the Territory Lord who had just spoken didn’t say anything. The Human Race’s insidious and cunning was too deeply ingrained into the Black Ink Clan’s hearts. In the last great battle, they had suffered heavy losses because of the Human Race’s schemes.

It was an extremely important matter for the Human Race to advance to the Eighth Order. If they wanted to advance, they would have made arrangements beforehand, so how could they have advanced so far in the Void? Thus, when the Territory Lords heard about this matter, their first reaction was that the Human Race was plotting some kind of scheme to lure the snake out of its hole.

But if they didn’t do anything about it, they wouldn’t be able to accept it. After all, this was an Eighth Order master. If there was a chance to kill him before he broke through, they would be able to unravel a great deal of the Human Race’s strength.

At this moment, the Feudal Lord who had come in to report the situation spoke again, “There is one more thing I must inform all of you.”

“What is it?”

“According to the Feudal Lord who sent the news, the one who broke through might be Xiang Shan!”

As soon as these words were spoken, all the Territory Lords were shocked.

A Territory Lord with a braid behind his head asked, “Are you sure it’s that Xiang Shan?”

Three thousand years ago, the name Xiang Shan was a great deterrent to the Black Ink Clan. At that time, as the Regiment Commander of the Human Race’s Western Army, he had relied on his rich heritage and strength to kill seven Territory Lord in the great battles against the Black Ink Clan.

This was an almost insurmountable achievement.

It had to be known that after a great battle, not a single Eighth Order or Territory Lord of the Human Race would fall, and even if they did, it would only be a single digit. On average, an Eighth Order being able to kill a Territory Lord in a thousand years would be considered a great achievement, but when Xiang Shan became the Regiment Commander of the Western Army, he had killed seven!

What a terrifying number.


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