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After such a long time, there had been too many variables. Yang Kai couldn’t help feeling somewhat resentful. This Xiang Shan was also an unclear fellow. Since he was about to break through to the Eighth Order, why would he come to such a place? Wasn’t he intentionally looking for trouble?

However, now that things had reached this point, there was no point in complaining. Since Dawn had come at the right time, they would naturally fight to the death to protect it. No matter what, they could not allow the Black Ink Clan to interfere with Xiang Shan’s advancement. After all, this matter was related to whether or not Blue Sky Pass would have another Eighth Order!

Breaking Dawn’s speed had been pushed to the limit, but even so, it still took them more than a day to reach the place where Xiang Shan had been promoted.

It was a dead floating continent, with traces of a great battle still lingering around it and many Black Ink Clan corpses floating around it.

When Dawn arrived, they saw a Battleship flying through the void from afar. The Battleship seemed to be wrapped in lightning as it flickered with a dark blue light and moved as fast as lightning. From the Battleship’s surface, a series of Secret Techniques and Artifacts shot out, and several figures surrounded the Battleship to kill the enemy.

However, although this Battleship was agile, its efficiency in killing enemies was not very high. At the very least, it was not comparable to the Dawn Squad.

Fortunately, there weren’t many Black Ink Clan masters who had come to attack, and their strength wasn’t too strong. By the time Dawn arrived, more than half of these Black Ink Clan masters had already died. After Dawn joined the battlefield, the remaining survivors were wiped out.

The two Battleships met in the void and a figure flew over from the opposite Battleship and landed in front of Yang Kai.

“Junior Brother Yang, you’ve also come.”

Yang Kai nodded, “Senior Brother Wan.”

The newcomer was Wan Zheng Xin, the Team Leader of Breeze's team. Yang Kai had interacted with him many times, so they could be considered friends.

“What’s the situation now?” Yang Kai looked down at the floating continent below and could vaguely see a figure sitting cross-legged somewhere below, the source of the fluctuating aura.

Wan Zheng Xin frowned and said, “We came half an hour earlier than you, we haven’t figured it out yet.”

Of the five elite squads, the Breeze Battleship was the fastest, so it was only natural that they would be the first to arrive. However, when they arrived here, they happened to encounter a group of Black Ink Clan cultivators who were trying to interfere with the Human Race’s advancement.

“Junior Brother Yang, do you know who the people below are? Why is he alone and I can't see any other members?” Wan Zheng Xin asked.

Yang Kai sighed, “If I’m not mistaken, the one promoting is Senior Xiang Shan. Has Senior Brother Wan heard of him?”

Wan Zheng Xin was extremely surprised, “It’s actually this person?”

Looking at his expression, it was obvious he had heard of Xiang Shan before, but Xiang Shan usually lived in seclusion and even Feng Ying rarely saw him. Although Wan Zheng Xin had heard about Xiang Shan, he had never seen him before, so he didn’t recognize him.

It wasn’t difficult to understand why he was here alone without any other team members. It was rumored that after this Eighth Order fell from the Seventh Order, his temper had become extremely strange, very few people could cooperate with him. In addition to his original Eighth Order status, there had been several small teams that had tried to accept him, but none of them had succeeded. In the end, the Regiment Commander could only let him go.

“This is a bit troublesome,” Wan Zheng Xin frowned.

He had originally wanted to persuade this person to return to the Outpost to advance, but since it was this person, he couldn’t interfere at all.

Since his rank had already fallen, it would be much more difficult for him to break through from the Seventh Order than an ordinary Seventh Order. Now that he had finally managed to break through, he naturally had to go all out.

It was probably for this reason that when Xiang Shan sensed the opportunity to break through, he immediately chose to attempt it. Otherwise, he would have used the Universe Escape Law to return to the outpost camp.

“Old Turtle’s team and Water Snake’s team are also in this area, so it won’t be long before they arrive to support us. It looks like we need to protect him well.”

Yang Kai glanced at him, “The Wild Boar Team is also in this area.”

Wan Zheng Xin was surprised, “The five elite squads are all here?”

Yang Kai nodded seriously.

“Five elite squads were hunting in this place, but there was no sign of any other squads, yet someone is breaking through to Eighth Order. Do you think the Regiment Commander know something?” Wan Zheng Xin asked thoughtfully.

Yang Kai lowered his head and looked down, “Regardless of what the Regiment Commander know, now that things have reached this point, we must stand guard and wait for reinforcements. I’ve already sent someone to report back to the Outpost. Since Senior is here, we should pay him a visit. At the very least, we should let him know that he have someone guarding him so he can safely advance.”

“Of course,” Wan Zheng Xin nodded.

The two of them immediately flew down together, but they didn’t get too close. Xiang Shan’s aura fluctuated more frequently, so if they got too close, it was likely they would disturb him, so the two of them stopped after reaching a certain distance from the floating continent.

Yang Kai cupped his fists and said in a clear voice, “The members of Dawn and Breeze are here. Senior, please focus on your breakthrough, there is no need to worry about external factors.”

There was no response from below, Yang Kai didn’t expect any response. After all, at this breakthrough point, Xiang Shan wouldn’t be distracted by talking.

After informing them, the two of them returned to Breaking Dawn.

“Senior Brother Wan, is there anyone in Breeze who is proficient in Spirit Arrays? We can arrange some Spirit Arrays around the Floating Continent just in case!”

Although true Array Masters were not allowed to enter the battlefield, cultivators had their own hobbies while cultivating, and over the course of their long lives, they had developed various abilities.

For example, Yang Kai now had some attainments in Alchemy and Artifact Refining.

Although the members of the two teams didn’t major in the Array Dao, there were still a few who knew a little about it.

Wan Zheng Xin nodded and said, “There is, but his attainments aren’t high and if he set up the formation in a hurry, it won’t have much power.”

Yang Kai replied, “It’s better than nothing, what if it’s useful?”

“That’s true, but setting up a Spirit Array requires resources, we don’t have any.”

In such a special environment like the Ink Battlefield, every cultivator who set foot on the battlefield would not bring anything other than their own essential healing and cultivation items. After all, no one could guarantee they would be able to return alive. If they were to die outside, the resources they bring would be wasted.

Therefore, if he wanted to set up a Spirit Array, he would have to face a situation where even the cleverest housewife couldn’t cook without rice.

Yang Kai smiled, “I have resources on me, I can provide anything he need.”

The Ink Battlefield has an unspoken rule that didn’t allow anyone to carry any extra resources, but Yang Kai had never followed it, nor had anyone asked him to do so. All of his possessions were stored in his Small Universe and Space Ring.

Since he had resources, there was naturally nothing to say.

The two of them immediately gathered all the participants from their respective teams and began setting up the perimeter of the floating continent. None of them had high attainments in the Dao of Arrays, in front of a true Array Master, none of them could say for sure how effective this arrangement would be. The main force protecting the floating continent was them.

While they were busy, a figure walked out from Breaking Dawn’s cabin.

It was Qi Taichu, who had been sent back by Yang Kai to report this matter.

Seeing him return, Yang Kai quickly asked, “What did the outpost camp say?”

Qi Taichu said, “The Regiment Commander told us to stand guard and wait for reinforcements. There will be an Eighth Order coming over, but this place is quite far from the Outpost’s main camp. Even if an Eighth Order were to come, it would take at least ten days.”

Yang Kai let out a sigh of relief. Everything was within his expectations. In the end, this position was simply too deep.

Many Black Ink Clan cultivators had already heard the news and had come to this place, hiding in clusters of black ink clouds and Shattered Floating Land, watching from afar. Due to the deterrence of the two Human Race Battleships, none of them dared to approach, but this situation would not last long. Once the Black Ink Clan gathered a certain number, they would definitely launch an attack.

The current situation was like a shark in the sea smelling blood and rushing over.

While waiting and suffering, many simple and crude Spirit Arrays had already been set up, but there was no way to set up any profound Spirit Arrays, so he could only use them.

After another three days, more Black Ink Clans gathered, some of them even daring enough to test the limits of Yang Kai and the others’ endurance, constantly provoking them from a distance.

Wan Zheng Xin couldn’t help but send a voice transmission to Yang Kai, “Junior Brother Yang, you guard this place while I lead some people to kill these bastards.”

Yang Kai said, “That’s not appropriate. My Dawn only has thirty or so people. If you leave, just relying on the power of Dawn alone may not be enough to protect the whole area. If any of them manage to slip through the net and rush over there to interfere with Senior Xiang’s breakthrough, that would be bad.”

Wan Zheng Xin said, “Why don’t you, Dawn, go kill them, we’ll guard this place.”

“It’s the same principle, we should just wait and see.”

Wan Zheng Xin speechlessly said, “If we don’t take action, the Black Ink Clan won’t think so. The longer we wait, the more Black Ink Clans will gather, and when the time comes, the situation will become even more difficult to control. We might as well take advantage of this opportunity to kill a few of them and reduce the pressure we face later.”

Yang Kai smiled, “The Black Ink Clan has reinforcements, but we don’t?”

Wan Zheng Xin was stunned for a moment before asking thoughtfully, “You mean…”

“It’s been a few days, and our two teams have already rushed over, but we haven’t seen any trace of the other teams. Since they’re all in this area, they should be able to rush over no matter how far away they are. Since they haven’t appeared yet, it means they’re hiding somewhere, waiting for an opportunity to act. Wait, when it’s time to act, they’ll jump out and kill the Black Ink Clan by surprise, so there’s no need for us to act. Since they don’t act now, it’s only because there’s too little meat to eat.”

Wan Zheng Xin thought about it for a moment and agreed, cursing, “This… Damn it, we came too early and lost the opportunity to kill the enemy. If I had known that it would be like this, I would have been able to kill them to my heart’s content.”

Yang Kai laughed, “Among all the teams, your Breeze Squad is the fastest. Who else could have arrived earlier than you?”

Wan Zheng Xin was slightly depressed, “You’re right.”

As they were speaking, a violent energy fluctuation suddenly came from a certain place, and with a loud bang, a series of Secret Techniques and Divine Abilities burst forth from the void, shattering the floating continent and causing the black ink clouds to tremble as a wild laughter rang out, “Hahaha, there are so many small fish here! This little one will eat to his heart’s content today and let us have a taste of what it’s like to be open for business for three years!”


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