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Not long after, the black ink cloud they saw in front of them began to churn and a large number of Black Ink Clan were fleeing towards them, all of them in a panic as if they were stray dogs, as if they were being chased by a flood of ferocious beasts. Among them were several Feudal Lords.

Shen Ao stood on the deck and stared forward, laughing, “Nice, aren’t there hundreds of them?”

There were several hundred Black Ink Clan masters amongst them, and this force wasn’t weak at all. If an ordinary team encountered one, they wouldn’t necessarily be able to eat it, so they could only wander about and hunt, but at this moment, they were being chased and forced to flee.

It was obvious that the group chasing them was very strong. Even if Yang Kai use his toes to think, he knew that it was one of the elite squads.

There was more than one elite team like Dawn in Blue Sky Pass, and besides Dawn, there were several other teams. According to the time of their establishment, these teams were all veterans.

There weren’t many elite squads like this, but all of them were capable of carrying out important tasks that other squads couldn’t.

Before the Dawn squad appeared, these elite squads had been competing with each other. After the Dawn squad appeared, in just a few short decades, it was as if a mountain was pressing down on their heads, making it difficult for these elite squads to breathe.

There was no other reason. In the two great battles over a hundred years, Dawn squad had obtained far more battle merits than any of their small teams.

This caused all of them to hold their breaths. During the hunting mission at the Outpost, every team had exerted all their strength in order to win this round, so that the new Dawn squad would know that the honor of their seniors could not be shaken.

“Are we going to snatch it or not?” Although Ning Qizhi was asking Yang Kai, his expression was filled with eagerness.

Yang Kai was aware of the hidden rivalry between these elite squads and the Dawn squad, but he had never paid any attention to it. Strictly speaking, the Dawn squad and other teams achievements gained from killing enemies on the battlefield have achieved a great deal of meritorious service. There is no need to compete.

However, many of Dawn’s battle achievements came from some additional gains, such as the Void Yin Yang Mirror Yang Kai offered, the Chasing Wind Territory Lord he and Bai Yi had jointly killed, and the last time where Yang Kai took Dawn squad to wonder around the Universe Cave Heaven and Universe Paradise to kill the Black Ink Clan. These battle achievements were all attributed to the entirety of Dawn squad. As a result, after each great battle, Dawn’s battle achievements would far surpass the other teams’, allowing them to firmly occupy first place in the Merit Palace.

Currently, the number of battle achievements obtained from the hunting mission wasn’t much, almost the same as the other teams. The rankings in the Merit Palace were basically the same.

The higher-ups were also aware of this point and didn’t intend to stop them. This kind of contest was not a big deal, but it would instead increase the morale of the soldiers.

Snatching people's prey was a common occurrence in hunting missions, but it was always Dawn who snatched others. In front of the Space Law, the Black Ink Clan that was targeted by Dawn had no way of escaping.

That was why Ning Qizhi asked this question.

Yang Kai immediately replied, “What are you trying to snatch? My Dawn’s reputation was ruined by you. Do you know how those other Teams called us? They called us cowflies, the kind that specialize in sucking blood, even the blood of our fellow comrades. How disgraceful.”

Shen Ao silently urged his strength while reminding, “Team Leader, although Breaking Dawn has a Concealment Array, there is still a distance limit. If we go any closer, this group of Black Ink Clans will likely discover us. Moreover, Team Leader should be able to see it, these Black Ink Clans fled in such a panic, the team behind them actually couldn’t catch up to them. It’s highly likely that it’s that old turtle team. If we ignore them, these Black Ink Clans will escape.”

Hearing this, Yang Kai nodded, “Indeed, since that’s the case, it seems we can only act.”

As soon as he finished speaking, he pointed forward and shouted, “Kill them!”

The team members were already prepared. As soon as Yang Kai’s voice fell, the Battleship began to hum as a series of Spirit Arrays were activated, activating the power of their artifacts to shoot out beams of light towards the fleeing Black Ink Clan cultivators.

Many of the Black Ink Clans were shocked, never having imagined that there would be a Human Race Battleship blocking their way. For a time, they had suffered heavy casualties.

After a round of attacks, the Black Ink Clan’s formation was broken, and Breaking Dawn had already rushed into the midst of the enemy forces like a bolt of lightning. Several Seventh Order Open Heaven leapt out of the ship and released their Divine Abilities.

The number of several hundred Black Ink Clan masters was not small, but in front of the Dawn squad, it was still not enough. Let alone the entire Dawn squad, Yang Kai alone could take care of them.

In just a few dozen breaths of time, all of the Black Ink Clan masters had bowed their heads.

It was only at this moment that a Battleship arrived from the direction the Black Ink Clan had fled.

This Battleship’s style was quite different from Breaking Dawn’s. Breaking Dawn had undergone several major modifications, and although most of the cost was Yang Kai’s battle achievements, it was still managed by Feng Ying. As a woman, she had her own sense of beauty, so Breaking Dawn’s overall appearance was quite elegant, and it also had a variety of qualities.

The Battleship that had arrived was different. At first glance, it looked thick and sturdy, and the entire Battleship was like a mobile fortress. On the deck, there were more than a dozen miscellaneous artifacts, all of which were offensive artifacts.

Not only that, but at the top of the Battleship, there was a thick and solid barrier that looked like a turtle shell.

Just as Feng Ying had her own sense of beauty, the other teams also had their own ideas about modifying their Battleships. Unlike Breaking Dawn’s Battleship, this Battleship in front of them was more focused on protection and attack. The dozen or so artifacts arranged on the deck were terrifying, and the protective shield above them provided a powerful defensive force.

Such a Battleship was much more powerful in terms of both offense and defense than the Breaking Dawn, but after strengthening these two aspects, the Battleship’s speed would definitely be reduced.

Of the several elite squads, this one was the slowest and was called Old Turtle team.

Just like how the Dawn squad has a nickname of Cowflies, there was also the Breeze team. This team’s Battleship performance was the complete opposite of Old Turtle’s, greatly enhancing their speed and sacrificing their offensive and defensive capabilities. The other teams ridiculed them for killing their enemies as if they were nothing more than a light breeze, while the Black Ink Clan simply treated them as nothing more than tickles.

On top of that, there was also the Wild Boar team. When they fought, they would charge forward like wild boars, without any sense of order. Wherever there were more people, they would charge forward, often causing their own people to be at a loss and their enemies to be at a loss.

There was also the Water Snake team, which was quite normal, but everyone had their own unique name, so there couldn’t be any exception. Since their Battleship had the word ‘Dragon’ in its name, it was called the Water Snake team by the other teams.

In the entire Blue Sky Pass, there were only five special elite squads, each of them fighting openly and secretly over merit points.

Old Turtle’s team arrived late. Their Team Leader Chai Fang stood on the deck of the Battleship and stared at the Black Ink Clan corpses in the void, his heart aching as he said, “It really is you cowflies! Look at what you’ve done.”

Yang Kai chuckled, “Senior Brother Chai, you sure came quickly! This group of Black Ink Clan people ran quite fast, Junior Brother was afraid you wouldn’t be able to catch up, so I helped you deal with them, no need to thank me!”

Chai Fang gritted his teeth and glared at him, “Thank you my ass! Why did you come here? Weren’t you still repairing?”

Now that the Black Ink Clan had been killed, it was too late to say anything, but he couldn’t figure out why these Cowflies had been sent here.

“I’ve finished repairing it,” Yang Kai stretched out his hand and touched the side of the ship, his body leaning slightly, “As for why we’re here, it’s naturally because of the orders of the Regiment Commander. Why, is Senior Brother Chai afraid that the Black Ink Clan here will be wiped out by my Dawn squad? Are you afraid you won’t be able to kill them? How about this, let’s work together. Dawn will eat meat, you’ll be able to drink some soup.”

Chai Fang immediately spat, “Forget it, I’m afraid I won’t even be able to obtain a single strand of hair if I work with a bunch of cowflies like you.” He cupped his fists and said, “Farewell, we’ll never meet again!”

Just as he was about to turn around and leave, he suddenly thought of something and turned to look at Yang Kai, “Where are you going?”

Yang Kai smiled lightly, “I’m not sure, should we go around?”

Chai Fang’s jaw clenched as he pointed in a certain direction, “We’re going this way, get lost as far as you can!”

A short while later, Old Turtle’s Battleship flew in the direction Chai Fang had pointed and soon disappeared.

“I heard that they have a newly added Seventh Order a few years ago, but now it seems like it’s true, they already have eight Seventh Order,” Feng Ying suddenly said.

The Dawn squad’s forces were quite powerful compared to ordinary squads. There were more than thirty of them, and six of them were Seventh Order, in fact, there were only five of them. Later, when Yang Kai brought Bai Yi back, Zhong Liang arranged for her to join the Dawn squad, resulting in six of them.

With the Dawn Squad being like this, the other elite squads would only have more luxurious configurations. After all, they had been established for many years, and the number of members they had was basically fifty. Moreover, the members of these squads would often advance, which was why they had accumulated so many Seventh Order.

Old Turtle’s eight Seventh Order masters weren’t the highest, the Water Snake team had ten!

Originally, there were more than ten of them, but even if it was an elite team, having ten Seventh Order was already a bit too much, so after ten, any other Seventh Order would be sent out.

In terms of the number of Seventh Order, Dawn was the least among the five elite squads. Even so, their achievements in the hunt were not inferior to that of the other squads. With Yang Kai’s combat strength, which couldn’t be calculated according to normal grades, they were naturally not inferior to the other squads.

Not to mention Yang Kai, in the Dawn Squad, Feng Ying and Bai Yi were also outstanding Seventh Order masters. In the entire Blue Sky Pass, Feng Ying could be said to be the number one, and because Bai Yi was proficient in archery, her ability to kill enemies was incomparable to other Seventh Order masters.

Yang Kai smiled and said, “We, Dawn squad, should focus on ourselves and not compete with others in terms of Seventh Order. On the other hand, Senior Sister Feng, you should advance when you need to, you don’t need to worry about anything. In this damned place, the value of an Eighth Order is much greater than the Seventh Order.”

Feng Ying had long since reached the peak of the Seventh Order, and the next step was to break through to the Eighth Order. However, no one could help her in this matter, it was up to her.

Hearing this, she nodded and said, “I don’t have any scruples. Although there is competition between the various teams, this is a good thing. As for myself, I may need some time to prepare.”


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