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When Yang Kai left the Black Territory, he was only a Sixth Order Open Heaven Stage cultivator. For more than a hundred years now, even if he was lucky enough to break through to the Seventh Order on the Ink Battlefield, he was only a newly promoted Seventh-Order.

It was similar to the situation of Chang Zhou.

Both of them had just broken through to the Seventh Order, but the gap in strength between them was so great that it shocked the newcomers.

Chang Zhou was still struggling, but under the shackles of the Space Law, it was as if he had been banished to another space-time. No matter how he struggled, it was useless.

Yang Kai didn’t immediately disperse the Ink Force in his body and instead said, “It’s rare to see Black Ink Disciple now, but I’m sure everyone has heard that if Black Ink Disciple doesn’t use his Ink Force, he is no different from an ordinary cultivator, so if a cultivator is inked and doesn’t make any movement, it’s almost impossible to resolve.”

“In order to resist the erosion of the Ink Force, our ancestors had only one path to take, and that was to cut off all ties with the Ink Force. When the Ink Force eroded the Small Universe, they had to cut off the eroded Small Universe’s territory to protect themselves. This was also the reason why everyone had seen some Fifth Order Open Heaven Stage in Blue Sky Pass. When they came to the Ink Battlefield, they were the same as you, at the very least a Sixth Order. However, cutting off Small Universe’s territory was extremely risky, and it was easy for them to fall in grade and lose their future prospects. Moreover, this method could only be used once or twice, and the more times they were cut off, the more unstable their foundation would become, until they were completely unable to resist it and could only die in order to avoid becoming Black Ink Disciple.”

“To the ancestors, becoming a Black Ink Disciple is even more terrifying than death, because once one becomes a Black Ink Disciple, they will become the Black Ink Clan’s minions and stand against their clansmen, so they would rather die than become a Black Ink Disciple so easily. However, life is not as good as one would expect. There are always such reasons. After every great battle, there will be many uncertain clansmen who will be eroded by the Ink Force and become Black Ink Disciple.”

“But now, my Human Race has a method to resist the erosion of the Ink Force,” As he spoke, Yang Kai took out a Spirit Pill, “When Blue Sky Pass was exploring a Secret Realm, we were fortunate enough to obtain an ancient pill recipe. Under the leadership of two Alchemy Great Grandmasters in Blue Sky Pass, we were able to deduce the recipe for the Expelling Black Ink Pill, which is the one in my hand. Swallowing it will allow you to resist the erosion of the Ink Force for a certain period of time, allowing you to dispel a certain amount of the Ink Force. However, this pill also has its limitations. If you really become a Black Ink Disciple, it won’t have any effect, so when you fight with the Black Ink Clan, you must not rely on it. You must be careful when you should be.”

Immediately, someone asked, “Senior Brother Yang, according to what you said, it’s useless for Senior Brother Chang Zhou to take the Expelling Black Ink Pill now. What should we do?”

Yang Kai smiled, “I have other methods to deal with it.”

Saying so, his left and right hands suddenly lit up with a yellow and blue light. As he pressed his palms together, a pure white light illuminated the space around him, enveloping Chang Zhou in a blinding light.

A look of pain appeared on Chang Zhou’s face as he struggled, the Ink Force in his body being purified and quickly calming down.

“This is the Purification Light, it can fundamentally disperse the Ink Force. It can be said to be the greatest nemesis of the Ink Force.”

The newcomers let out a low cry, many of them clearly having great interest in this purifying light. If they could learn this technique, they would no longer need to fear the corrosion of the Ink Force.

Yang Kai didn’t tell them that he was the only one who could use this Secret Technique. After they stayed in the Ink Battlefield for a long time, they would naturally understand it through other means.

However, there were also some newcomers who had participated in the Black Territory incident and had some understanding of the Purification Light. After all, back in the Black Prison, Yang Kai had also used this technique to help many of the Black Ink Disciple disperse their Ink Force.

He turned to Chang Zhou and said, “You should have asked me for help as soon as possible. Before the Purification Light and Expelling Black Ink Pill appeared, the erosion of the Ink Force was an unsolvable problem for the Human Race. Even if an Eighth Order master was eroded, they would have to give up on their Small Universe foundation, let alone a newly promoted Seventh Order.”

Chang Zhou’s forehead was dripping with cold sweat as he said with some lingering fear, “Senior Brother is right, Junior Brother was too careless.”

Yang Kai nodded and called out, “Let’s go.”

The group continued on their way, but because the flying ship had been destroyed in the conflict between Yang Kai and Chang Zhou, everyone could only fly to the outpost’s main camp. Fortunately, they were not far from the outpost’s main camp, so they only needed to avoid some large-scale black ink clouds.

For Yang Kai, it wasn’t that he wanted to suppress Chang Zhou’s arrogance, but as the person in charge of this welcoming ceremony, it was his duty to teach the newcomers about the dangers of the Ink Force, allowing them to witness the dangers of the Ink Force with their own eyes.

After this incident with Chang Zhou, no one would dare look down on the Black Ink Clan anymore.

Troublesome Grandmaster and Yang Kai walked side by side, using his Divine Sense to send a message, “Boy, which family developed that Purification Light? Is it difficult to cultivate?”

Yang Kai was somewhat speechless. He hadn’t expected Troublesome Grandmaster to be interested in this Purification Light.

“Grandmaster should know that this Secret Technique cannot be cultivated. Even I am unable to understand the source of this Secret Technique.”

Troublesome Grandmaster asked curiously, “If that’s the case, how can you perform it?”

Yang Kai said, “It’s the work of Sun's Burning Shine and Moon's Nether Glimmer…”

After explaining for a while, Troublesome Grandmaster showed a look of regret, “So that’s how it is. In other words, only you can use this Secret Technique, no one else can cultivate it.”


Although there were many of them, all of them were Sixth Order and above, so their speed was naturally not slow.

More than a month later, the outpost’s main camp was in sight. Along the way, although the newcomers’ enthusiasm to kill the Black Ink Clan was still high, they had lost their initial arrogance. This was a good thing, as it should be for the Black Ink Clan case.

The arrival of the newcomers didn’t cause much of a stir. There weren’t many people moving about in the outpost’s main camp, and most of those who stayed behind were resting and recuperating. Those who went out were all carrying out hunting missions, so who could care less about others?

Yang Kai went straight to find Ding Yao, handed over the task, and bid farewell to Troublesome Grandmaster before returning to Dawn’s camp.

All of his team members were recuperating, so Yang Kai didn’t disturb anyone and returned to his own residence to meditate.

There was still a little time before the next mission, so he needed to recover well.

Two months later, Dawn Squad was ready to set out. Yang Kai retrieved the newly repaired Dawn Battleship from the Artifact Refining Hall and set off again.

The plan of enforcing walls and clearing the area was carried out in an orderly manner. Currently, the entire Blue Sky War Zone’s conflicts had basically erupted near the Outpost’s main camp. For the Human Race, they had to purge the surrounding Black Ink Clans and squeeze their living space. For the Black Ink Clans, there was no time or place they didn’t want to take back their original territory. The soldiers from both sides surrounded the Outpost’s main camp and fought for decades.

Basically, all of them were at the bottom of the hierarchy, with very few Territory Lord or Eighth Order Open Heaven Stage cultivators participating.

The Black Ink Clan’s Territory Lord had suffered a great loss in the previous battle and it would be difficult for them to recover in a short period of time. If they insisted on hiding, the Eighth Order wouldn’t be able to do anything about it.

On the other hand, after the newcomers had joined the outpost, their strength had greatly increased. Just the arrival of the hundreds of Artifact Refiners was enough to ensure the continuous combat ability of the small teams, and there would no longer be a shortage of Artifact Refiners.

Over the past few years, the conflict between the two sides had suddenly become much fiercer. As the executives of the hunting missions, the feelings of the small teams were especially obvious. The biggest change was that when they were out on missions, the number of scattered Black Ink Clans they encountered increased. Sometimes, they would even encounter teams composed of thousands or even tens of thousands of Black Ink Clan. This was easy to see in the beginning, but as time passed, it was difficult to encounter such a large group of Black Ink Clans, but for some reason, the resistance of the Black Ink Clans had become even fiercer.

The Human Race suffered losses while the Black Ink Clan suffered even greater losses. Even the Territory Lords and Eighth Order cultivators fought more frequently than before.

Anyone with a discerning eye could see that this was the Black Ink Clan’s stubborn resistance. As long as they could survive this period of time, the overall situation would stabilize. At that time, the Black Ink Clan’s movements would be completely suppressed in the direction of the King City, and the space where the Outpost and Blue Sky Pass were located would be completely under the control of the Human Race.

If they could really accomplish this, Blue Sky Pass would definitely be able to create a new structure.

In a sealed space, a pillar had taken root in the depths of the ground, and the ground was covered in the lines of a Great Array. On top of this pillar was a Black Ink Clan member who was bound by a Secret Technique. No matter how hard the Black Ink Clan member struggled, he was unable to break free. The various Secret Technique and Arrays arranged here were all used to bind him, making all his efforts useless.

From the aura this Black Ink Clan exuded, it was clear that this was a Feudal Lord-level Black Ink Clan, and amongst the Feudal Lords, it should not be weak.

Unfortunately, he had been captured.

In front of this Black Ink Clan Feudal Lord stood two figures.

One was Yang Kai, while the other was Troublesome Grandmaster.

While welcoming the newcomers, the power of the Purification Light had been shown in the face of Troublesome Grandmaster, causing the old man to develop a strong interest in it. Although Yang Kai repeatedly reiterated that only he could use it, and he didn’t know the source of its activation, it still couldn’t hide the old man’s interest in the Purification Light.

His research had established the suffering of the Black Ink Clan.

Over the past few decades, the old man had spent his free time researching how to refine a kind of artifact that could display the power of the Purification Light.

The old man was a Great Grandmaster Artifact Refiner and was an existence capable of refining the Palace Artifact. In terms of Artifact Refining, he was far superior to Yang Kai. If he insisted on studying anything, he would basically be able to gain something.

However, he was busy most of the time. After all, he is an Artifact Refiner and needed to repair the damaged Battleships, so his research was somewhat intermittent.

Even so, ten years ago, his research had made breakthroughs.

It was a spear that was less than three zhang long. The old man had named it the Evil-Breaking Divine Lance, its name was incredibly corny. Yang Kai had expressed his disdain for it more than once, but the old man simply ignored it and continued to do as he pleased.


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