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There were only two Universe Formation transit between Blue Sky Pass and the Outpost’s main camp. After passing through this second Universe Formation transit, they would arrive at the Outpost’s main camp a month later. For Yang Kai, this mission was basically completed. When he arrived, Ding Yao and Liang Yulong would arrange for these newcomers.

After experiencing several small-scale battles, the morale of the newcomers had reached an all-time high. Some of the bolder ones even urged Yang Kai to look around to see if he could find more Black Ink Clan members.

Yang Kai naturally wouldn’t agree with them, making some of the more radical newcomers feel quite bored.

On the deck, Troublesome Grandmaster suddenly whispered, “Is there something wrong?”

Yang Kai turned to look at him, “Grandmaster, why do you ask this?”

Troublesome Grandmaster frowned and shook his head, “I can’t explain it clearly, but I feel like you’re holding something back.”

Yang Kai couldn’t help laughing, “What can I hold back? However, the newcomers have just arrived, so it’s not a big deal for them to suffer a small loss. Only by suffering a small setback can they gain some wisdom. If things really go too smoothly, it won’t be good to develop a habit of being arrogant and conceited. Right now, the strength of the Black Ink Clan we’ve encountered isn’t strong, and there aren’t many of them. They can still handle it, but if it’s a large-scale army battle, things will be different.”

Troublesome Grandmaster looked at him suspiciously, feeling that his intuition was correct.

At this moment, Yang Kai gently clapped his hands, attracting the attention of all the newcomers, “Everyone has just arrived, and even seen and killed many Black Ink Clan, but please don’t think that the Black Ink Clan is nothing more than this. If you dare to think so, I’m afraid you won’t be far from death. The Black Ink Clan is an extremely difficult race to deal with, it is impossible to catch up to and kill them, and it also possesses all kinds of unimaginable abilities. For countless years, our ancestors have fought against the Black Ink Clan on the Ink Battlefield, protecting the peace of the 3000 worlds. There is only one principle they adhere to, and that is to be cautious. I hope that after you arrive at the Outpost’s main camp and join the various small teams, you will be like our ancestors. On this battlefield, only by surviving will you be able to kill even more of the Black Ink Clan’s people, and any carelessness could lead you to suffer calamity.”

Many of the newcomers nodded slightly upon hearing this, while some remained calm and collected. All of them were Sixth Order and Seventh Order Open Heaven masters, not children. After cultivating for so many years, there was no need for others to waste their breath to teach them some basic principles.

Yang Kai took in everyone’s expressions and didn’t say anything more. He simply smiled and turned to a certain person standing in the crowd, “Junior Brother Chang Zhou, do you have anything to say?”

Chang Zhou was stunned for a moment before slowly shaking his head, “No.”

Yang Kai smiled warmly, “Is there really nothing?”

Chang Zhou frowned slightly but didn’t say anything.

Just as the newcomers were wondering why Yang Kai had suddenly called out the name of Chang Zhou, the silent Chang Zhou's aura suddenly erupted, and the World Force surged as it struck out.

No one could react in time, not even Troublesome Grandmaster.

Standing beside Chang Zhou were a few Sixth Order master who had not taken any precautions against him. Chang Zhou showed no mercy and with this palm strike, even if these Sixth Order master didn’t die, they would be severely injured.

However, this palm was blocked by someone.

Almost at the same time he made his move, Yang Kai pounced towards Chang Zhou. As the two of them crossed their palms, the World Force collided and the aftershocks from the Seventh Order Open Heaven strike were extremely fierce, directly splitting this huge ship into two.

Only then did the newcomers realize that something was wrong and spread out.

Looking back, Yang Kai and Chang Zhou were already engaged in a fierce battle. The two of them were both extremely fast and fierce, neither of them showing any intention of defending, both of them simply attacking each other.

A cultivator from Asura Heaven was like this. No matter how refined his appearance was, when he fought, he was like a madman. However, what the newcomers didn’t expect was that this Senior Brother who had come to greet them was even fiercer than Chang Zhou.

No one understood what had just happened, only Troublesome Grandmaster’s brow furrowed as he pondered.

As for the current situation of the battle, many people couldn’t understand it, but what made them even more curious was Yang Kai’s identity.

It had to be known that the cultivators from Asura Heaven fought like a madman, and under the premise that they were of the same grade, even the cultivators from the other Cave Heaven Paradise were not willing to easily clash with Asura Heaven’s people, because they really didn’t care about their lives.

Although Chang Zhou was just a newly promoted Seventh Order cultivator, his combat strength was not inferior to a Seventh Order cultivator who had been promoted for hundreds of years.

Even against the most experienced Seventh Order master, Chang Zhou still had the strength to fight.

Therefore, after seeing the Senior Brother who had welcomed them suppress the attack of Chang Zhou in just a few breaths of time, many of the newcomers were extremely surprised.

Beside Troublesome Grandmaster, a Seventh Order master frowned and asked, “Grandmaster, which Cave Heaven Paradise does this Senior Brother come from?”

Although they had known each other for so many days and Yang Kai was the one responsible for welcoming them, Yang Kai had never introduced himself. These newcomers were all focused on looking for the Black Ink Clan, and none of them had asked about Yang Kai’s name or background, so even now, no one knew anything about Yang Kai and only thought he was a Seventh Order cultivator from the Cave Heaven Paradise.

Troublesome Grandmaster sighed, “He is not from the Cave Heaven Paradise, he is the Master of the Star Boundary.”

The person who asked this question was surprised, “The Star Boundary's Master?”

Someone nearby suddenly thought of something and asked, “The one who left the Black Territory and sealed the Void Corridor?”

The incident with the Black Territory’s Black Ink Clan’s Royal Lord had caused quite a stir, and all the various Cave Heaven Paradise had participated in it. Some of these Open Heaven Stage cultivators who came from Cave Heaven Paradise had even personally participated in it. Even if they hadn’t participated, they had still heard of Yang Kai’s great name, but only a few had actually seen him. If not for this, they wouldn’t have been unable to recognize him.

“It’s him!” Troublesome Grandmaster nodded.

“So it’s him, no wonder he could easily suppress Senior Brother Chang Zhou,” Someone sighed.

This guy was a legend in the 3000 Worlds. When he was still an Emperor Realm, he had stirred up a storm in the 3000 Worlds and was determined to break through to the Seventh Order directly. As a result, he was suppressed by the several Cave Heaven Paradise. When he was a Sixth Order, he even killed a Seventh Order Open Heaven Stage master, a Seventh Order Open Heaven master from Thousand Crane Paradise. What truly made him famous was the Black Territory incident.

He entered the Void Corridor alone and used his Space Law to seal it, but he never returned.

Such a legendary figure was actually standing right next to them, but none of them knew anything about him. However, if they thought about it carefully, he was probably the only one who could enter this Ink Battlefield without coming from the Cave Heaven Paradise. [MSN: What about Blood Crow then?]

“Grandmaster, why did Senior Brother Chang Zhou suddenly attack us?” Someone asked.

Troublesome Grandmaster sighed, “Before coming here, your Sect Elders must have told you some things about the Ink Battlefield. As an Asura Heaven Disciple, Chang Zhou shouldn’t suddenly make trouble for his companions. Since he has done so, there must be a reason. Since you have your own guesses, why bother asking this old master?”

Someone immediately said, “Senior Brother Chang Zhou has been inked!”

Troublesome Grandmaster nodded, “Other than that, there is no other explanation. Chang Zhou is now a Black Ink disciple.”

“But when did Senior Brother Chang Zhou become inked? We’ve been near him all this time, but we didn’t notice anything.”

Troublesome Grandmaster thought carefully for a moment before replying, “Chang Zhou went deep into a black ink cloud in order to chase after the Black Ink Clan’s Feudal Lord. Perhaps he was contaminated by some of the Ink Force at that time.”

When the others encountered the Black Ink Clan, they had all been killing their enemies, but only Troublesome Grandmaster hadn’t taken action, so he had seen some details that the others hadn’t noticed.

Now that he thought about it, Yang Kai had already noticed when Chang Zhou had returned, so he had asked if there was anything wrong with Chang Zhou. Otherwise, there was no way to explain what had happened after that, much less explain how Yang Kai had been able to stop him in time when he attack.

This guy had been quietly observing the situation.

Thinking so, Troublesome Grandmaster couldn’t help laughing and shaking his head. Since Yang Kai had long since noticed this matter, he would definitely be able to handle it, so there was no need to worry.

The reason this little brat didn’t immediately resolve this matter was probably because he wanted to use this opportunity to teach the newcomers a lesson. It wasn’t that he really wanted to do anything to Chang Zhou, it was just that Chang Zhou had present the opportunity at the right time.

Just as he had said, one could only learn from their mistakes. In the Ink Battlefield, being arrogant wouldn’t lead to a good end. Chang Zhou was a direct Seventh Order master from Asura Heaven and was an elite amongst elites, so naturally he was extremely proud.

Even though he had noticed the corrosion of the Ink Force, he probably wanted to resolve it himself and was unwilling to rely on others. Unfortunately, he had overestimated his own ability and underestimated the terror of the Ink Force, unknowingly becoming a Black Ink Disciple.

“Grandmaster, should we help?” Someone asked.

A man’s name was like the shadow of a tree. When Yang Kai was a Sixth Order, he was able to kill a Seventh Order, so now that he was a Seventh Order, he naturally had no problem dealing with Chang Zhou.

However, dealing with him depended on the situation. Killing, defeating, capturing, all of things. With Yang Kai’s current strength, defeating Chang Zhou would be easy, but killing him would be difficult, let alone capturing him.

However, if Troublesome Grandmaster was willing to help, there would naturally be no problem.

However, Troublesome Grandmaster shook his head and said, “There’s no need, the outcome has been decided.”

Everyone turned to look and saw that Chang Zhou’s figure was becoming more sluggish. Every movement he made seemed to be met with great resistance, and the aura of the Space Law in this battlefield was extremely rich.

Ink Force surged out from Chang Zhou's body and even his eyes turned black, making him look extremely strange.

However, no matter how hard he tried, he was unable to resolve this awkward situation.

His movements became smaller, as if he was being restrained by an invisible force. Not long after, no matter how the Ink Force on his body surged, he was unable to move.

Yang Kai stretched out his hand and pulled Chang Zhou back into the crowd.

The newcomers couldn’t help pulling away to avoid being contaminated by the Ink Force, but at this moment, all of them were shocked beyond belief. None of them had expected that the two Seventh Order masters would be able to easily determine the victor, and one of them was even captured alive.

To be able to achieve such a feat, it was definitely an overwhelming strength.


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