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In the Dawn Squad, there was a disciple from Asura Heaven who was only a Sixth Order. Usually, when he fought with the Black Ink Clan’s army, he could only hide in the Dawn Battleship and control the artifacts to kill his enemies, unable to easily enter the battlefield. Because of this, he had complained to Yang Kai many times.

The Outpost’s hunting plan had finally given him a platform to play against the scattered Black Ink Clan, allowing him, a Sixth Order, to finally have some use.

When the entire Dawn Squad was out on a hunting mission, he was the one who jumped the most and killed the most ferociously. There were even a few times when he didn’t hesitate to put himself in danger in order to kill his opponent. Every time he returned from a hunting mission, this fellow would be bathed in blood, his murderous intent overflowing.

Yang Kai was naturally happy to have a fierce general under him, but this fierce general was somewhat of a thorn.

Yang Kai was quite fond of Asura Heaven’s cultivators. It didn’t matter if young people were arrogant, as long as they had the ability.

By the side, the Troublesome Grandmaster quietly sent a voice transmission, “This person is the most outstanding genius in Asura Heaven. He reached the Emperor Realm at his 100s and reached the Seventh Order twenty years ago. He should be a little over two hundred years old now, and his future is many times better than yours. He is also the first person in the Star Boundary to break through to the Seventh Order directly, and together with your disciple Zhao Ya, he is known as one of the Star Boundary’s Twin Pride. On the day of his breakthrough, the higher-ups of the various Cave Heaven Paradise stationed in the Star Boundary nearly went crazy with joy. His successful breakthrough has completely confirmed the name of the Star Boundary’s Open Heaven Cradle.”

Yang Kai secretly nodded. Counting the time, when Chang Zhou was cultivating in the Star Boundary, he had already arrived at the Ink Battlefield. No wonder he had never heard of such an outstanding character before.

“What does Junior Brother want to hear?” Yang Kai asked with a smile.

Chang Zhou replied, “As long as it’s about the expedition, anything is fine.”

Gazing around curiously, Yang Kai could only briefly explain what had happened in Blue Sky Pass. Although most of the Sixth Order and Seventh Order here were all older than him, in this Ink Battlefield, he was a true senior.

As he talked about the battle that had nearly wiped out the entire Black Ink Clan army and the various matters of the expedition, all of the newcomers felt their blood boil. They couldn’t wait to rush into the battlefield and slaughter millions of Black Ink Clan masters so they could live up to their lifelong cultivation.

Yang Kai found this interesting, but he didn’t try to dampen their enthusiasm. It was normal for new recruits on the battlefield to want to kill enemies and gain merits, after interacting with the Black Ink Clan a few more times, they would naturally understand how difficult it was.

It took about two hours to register all of them before Yang Kai led them to Blue Sky Pass’ Universe Formation, allowing them to leave their mark on it. After all, in the future, they might need to use this Universe Formation to escape.

Afterwards, the people from the Pill Hall came and took away several dozen Alchemists.

Alchemists didn’t need to go to the outpost’s main camp. All of the pills could be refined in Blue Sky Pass and sent to the front lines, ensuring the safety of the Alchemists.

Right now, the Pill Hall’s main task was to refine Expelling Black Ink Pills. The consumption of these pills was simply too great, and every small team had to prepare a few of them in case of emergencies. Previously, the expeditionary army was unable to advance any further because the resistance they encountered was too strong, and the logistics couldn’t keep up with them. The Expelling Black Ink Pills’ consumption was especially severe.

It could be said that eighty percent of the Pill Hall’s attention was currently focused on refining the Expelling Black Ink Pills.

With the expeditionary army’s experience this time, the Pill Hall, which believed that the other Human Race would focus on refining the Expelling Black Ink Pills in the future, had to have enough reserves so that the expeditionary army could compete with the Black Ink Clan.

After coming to Blue Sky Pass, the newcomers were all prepared in a few days.

In order to successfully send these 1500 people to the Outpost, Zhong Liang had specially asked the War Preparation Palace to pull out a huge ship.

The three-story ship was more than a dozen zhang tall and fifty zhang long, giving off a majestic aura.

However, although this thing had some defensive capabilities, it had not reached the level of a palace artifact and was basically useless in the Ink Battlefield. This time, it was useful in transporting newcomers.

Before leaving, Zhong Liang and Shentu Mo, who had stayed behind to guard the Blue Sky Pass, appeared together. After exchanging a few words with the newcomers, they waved their hands and let everyone board the ship.

All of them are Sixth and Seventh Order Open Heaven Stage masters. Moving like the wind, they quickly boarded the flying ship.

Zhong Liang turned to Yang Kai and said, “I’ll leave it to you.”

“Rest assured, Sir, I’ll definitely send them to the outpost’s main camp intact.”

Yang Kai didn’t need to worry about the safety on the road. Although he might encounter some scattered Black Ink Clans along the way, these newcomers weren’t pushovers. All of them were full of fighting spirit and were eager to fight against the Black Ink Clan and see if the so-called Black Ink Clan had three heads and six arms.

If they didn’t encounter the Black Ink Clan along the way, it would be fine, but if they did, it would be the Black Ink Clan’s misfortune.

With this group of people’s combat strength, without a Territory Lord, it was impossible for them to do anything to them. Now that the Black Ink Clan’s Territory Lords were all hiding in the direction of the King City, with the Eighth Order Human Race watching them, how could they dare show themselves?

However, Yang Kai still warned the newcomers about some things they should take note of, making them extremely vigilant.

As the ship set sail, Yang Kai arranged for some newcomers to take turns guarding the Spirit Array to provide power to the ship while he personally controlled the direction.

There were many people standing on the deck, all of them looking around with their Divine Senses spread out, probably looking for hidden enemies nearby.

However, to their disappointment, even after leaving Blue Sky Pass for more than a month, they still hadn’t seen any sign of the Black Ink Clan.

A month later, they arrived at the first Universe Formation transit.

There was an Eighth Order Open Heaven Stage cultivator and an elite team stationed here all year round, guarding the Universe Formation. There were also many Spirit Arrays protecting it, so if one didn’t know its exact location, they wouldn’t be able to find anything even if they passed by.

After verifying their identities and stating their intentions, the flying ship was allowed to pass while the newcomers left their mark on the Universe Formation before setting off again.

This place could already be considered the original occupied territory of the Black Ink Clan. In the past, it was impossible for the soldiers of Blue Sky Pass to enter this place, but after the expedition, the Black Ink Clan’s living space had been greatly compressed, so this place had become Blue Sky Pass’s territory.

In this kind of position, it was possible to encounter scattered Black Ink Clan. The expeditionary army was, after all, marching in a straight line and had never completely wiped out the enemies on both sides of the road. Although many small teams were currently carrying out hunting missions to eliminate the Black Ink Clan as much as possible, there were always some who managed to escape.

Half a month after passing through the first Universe Formation transit, the newcomers finally saw the Black Ink Clan.

This was a team consisting of only a few dozen Black Ink Clan cultivators, not even having a Feudal Lord, all of them High Rank and Low Rank Black Ink Clan cultivators.

After obtaining Yang Kai’s approval, hundreds of newcomers rushed out and charged towards the several dozen Black Ink Clan cultivators.

The battle broke out suddenly and ended quickly. The weakest amongst the newcomers was a Sixth Order Open Heaven Stage cultivator, and many of them were even Seventh Order. How could such a team from the Black Ink Clan possibly be a match for them? In less than a dozen breaths of time, all of them had been killed. Most of the newcomers only had time to see what the Black Ink Clan looked like and had no chance to attack.

Chang Zhou had killed the most, killing three Black Ink Clans by himself, but he was not satisfied because the strength of these Black Ink Clans was too weak. At most, they were at the Fifth Order Open Heaven level, so a Seventh Order cultivator like him could easily take them down.

Yang Kai had no intention of wasting time on the road, when these newcomers arrived at the outpost, they would naturally be assigned to various small teams. He believed that it wouldn’t be long before they would mature from the struggle with the Black Ink Clan.

Although he had no intention of delaying, the Black Ink Clan didn’t think so. The giant ship was simply too eye-catching. After passing through the first Universe Formation transit, they would often encounter some scattered Black Ink Clans, and at most a hundred of them would come. However, without a master to oversee them, these Black Ink Clans would never return alive. The newcomers were all standing on the deck, eagerly waiting, all of them proud to kill the Black Ink Clan.

Just as they were about to reach the second Universe Formation transit, Yang Kai suddenly frowned and looked in a certain direction.

There seemed to be many Black Ink Clans gathered there, and Yang Kai even sensed the aura of a Feudal Lord.

This location was very close to the Universe Formation transit. Although the Universe Formation had an Eighth Order and a small team guarding it, because of the lack of manpower, they were only responsible for guarding it and not exterminating the surrounding Black Ink Clan.

If the flying ship carrying the newcomers were to pass through like this, the Black Ink Clan might discover the secret of the Universe Formation.

With this thought in mind, Yang Kai slightly changed his direction and headed straight towards the gathering point of the Black Ink Clan.

An hour later, the battle broke out, and the newcomers, as always, were fired up and charged forward.

There were many Black Ink Clan cultivators gathered nearby, but no matter how many there were, they couldn’t compare to the newcomers. In this chaotic battle, the Black Ink Clan had suffered heavy casualties, and even their Feudal Lord had been killed by Chang Zhou.

Chang Zhou had just broken through to the Seventh Order not long ago, and he had only just stabilized his realm, but even so, the Feudal Lord was still no match for him. This showed just how fierce Asura Heaven’s cultivators were.

Yang Kai had finally discovered that this fellow’s polite appearance was just a disguise. When he fought, he was no different from the Asura Heaven disciples he had encountered before. He was like a madman, a complete killer.

Chang Zhou was the last to return, his body covered in blood and his killing intent thick to the point of being tangible. Even the other Open Heaven Stage masters from the Human Race were intimidated.

Yang Kai looked at him, a strange light flashing across his eyes, “Is Junior Brother injured?”

Chang Zhou slowly shook his head, “Thank you for your concern, Senior Brother. It’s just a small injury, nothing serious.”

Yang Kai nodded and earnestly said, “When fighting with the Black Ink Clan, you must not lower your guard. Perhaps their strength is not as good as the Open Heaven Stage's, but they have their own unique abilities.”

Chang Zhou nodded, “I understand.”

Yang Kai smiled, “Since that’s the case, have a good rest.”

Chang Zhou sat down cross-legged and did not say a word.

After confirming that there were no other Black Ink Clans nearby, Yang Kai steered the flying ship towards the Universe Formation.

Having experienced this before, Yang Kai didn’t need to give any instructions this time and everyone knew what to do. They quickly left their mark on the Universe Formation and once again set out.


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