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Troublesome Grandmaster was just a title, it didn’t mean that he was just a Grandmaster-level Artifact Refiner. In fact, he could refine the Palace Secret Artifact and could be considered a Great Grandmaster. In addition to his Eighth-Order Open Heaven cultivation, it was enough for him to stand on equal footing with Dongguo Anping, who came from Divine Cauldron Heaven.

“Yang Boy!” Troublesome Grandmaster wore a look of surprise, seemingly not expecting to encounter Yang Kai here.

More than a hundred years ago, Yang Kai had entered the Void Corridor on the Black Territory and disappeared without a trace, his fate unknown. This was no secret in the 3000 Worlds, and many people who had participated in the Black Territory incident knew about it.

Although the Ink Battlefield could send messages to the 3000 Worlds, Yang Kai’s situation was still only known to a few of the higher-ups in the Cave Heaven Paradise. As for the Troublesome Grandmaster, he didn’t know anything about it. This time, he had come to the Ink Battlefield, but he had never expected to see Yang Kai here.

When old friends met, they were naturally overjoyed.

However, before he could say anything, Troublesome Grandmaster suddenly said with a bitter expression, “Yang Boy, find an open space, this old man is too full.”

Yang Kai asked curiously, “Why?”

Troublesome Grandmaster said, “You don’t think it’s just us, right? There’s more in the Small Universe.”

Yang Kai immediately understood why, other than Troublesome Grandmaster, who was an Eighth Order, the rest were all Seventh Order Open Heaven.

Transporting from the No-Return Pas to this place required a massive amount of resources, but if a High Rank Open Heaven cultivator was able to take in a lower rank Open Heaven cultivator, it would save a great deal of resources.

The No-Return Pass had always done this, but this is Yang Kai's first attempt at welcoming the newcomers had been completely lacking in experience.

After excusing himself, he quickly led the way.

Not long after, they arrived at a square. This was the place where Yang Kai had first entered Blue Sky Pass, and the first Expelling Black Ink Battleship had been built here.

The square was huge, and during the non-war period, the soldiers liked to practice their skills here, so it was often bustling with noise. However, this place was now quite empty. After all, almost all of Blue Sky Pass’ soldiers had gone to the outpost’s main camp, leaving only a small portion of them behind.

At this moment, everyone dispersed and maintained a certain distance from each other. Soon after, a series of Small Universe gates opened and figures emerged one after another.

All of them were Sixth Order Open Heaven!

Yang Kai had thought that there wouldn’t be too many newcomers to Blue Sky Pass, only a few hundred at most. However, when the hundreds of gates opened and Sixth Order masters keep coming out, he realized he had been mistaken.

Just Troublesome Grandmaster's Small Universe alone had taken in more than forty people, while the other Seventh Order Small Universe's physique was inferior to his, but the number of people they had taken in was more than a dozen.

After everyone came out, Yang Kai was surprised to find that there were thousands of newcomers coming this time!

This is a very large number, after all, those who are standing here are of the Sixth Order and above. In other words, just this Blue Sky Pass alone, the Cave Heaven Paradise has reinforced more than a hundred Sixth Order and Seventh Order, which was not even counting the reinforcements on the other passes.

With such a foundation, which Sect in the 3000 Sects could compare to it? Even the Void Land and the Star Boundary only had a few Sixth Order and Seventh Order. Even if they emptied their pockets, they wouldn’t be able to compare to any of these reinforcements.

The heritage of the Cave Heaven Paradise had been passed down for so many years, so it was obvious just how deep its foundation was.

A stream of light suddenly shot out from somewhere in Blue Sky Pass and stopped in mid-air. It was Zhong Liang.

Everyone looked up and Zhong Liang nodded slightly before saying in a clear voice, “It has been hard on all of you. This place is Blue Sky Pass and this Zhong is the Regiment Commander of the Western Army.”

Everyone bowed, and Zhong Liang returned the greeting before continuing, “All of you come from different Cave Heaven Paradise, and all of you are elites in your respective Sects. However, the Ink Battlefield is different from the 3000 Worlds. All of you must remember that no matter which Cave Heaven Paradise you come from, since you have come to Blue Sky Pass, you are the soldiers of my Blue Sky Pass. Here, we only have one enemy, and that is the Black Ink Clan. Our ancestors have poured their blood and sweat into this void and burned their lives in order to stop the Black Ink Clan from entering the 3000 Worlds. Over the course of countless years, countless geniuses have fallen on this battlefield. The next one may be me or one of you, but as long as the Cave Heaven Paradise is present, the Black Ink Clan can forget about stepping into the 3000 Worlds.”

“All of you came from the Cave Heaven Paradise, so before you left, the Sect Elders must have tell you something, slowly familiarize yourself with Blue Sky Pass and the Ink Battlefield in the future, this Zhong won’t go into detail. I only hope that all of you will remember this and try your best to survive.”

“This Zhong still has duties to attend to, so it’s not convenient for me to stay here any longer. Yang Boy, take them to register.”

“Yes!” Yang Kai bowed.

Zhong Liang turned around and left.

Registering them wasn’t troublesome at all, it would only took some time to register these thousands people. As the only newcomer with an Eighth Order Open Heaven cultivation, Troublesome Grandmaster was naturally the first to register.

After receiving his identity token, he found Yang Kai and handed him a jade slip, “These are the things your wives asked me to pass to you.”

Yang Kai reached out and took it, “Thank you, Grandmaster.”

Troublesome Grandmaster curled his lips, “It’s understandable for a young man to be a playboy, but you’re just too greedy.”

Yang Kai smiled bitterly and didn’t try to defend himself. Holding the jade slip in his hand, he immersed himself in examining it, his expression gradually becoming gentle.

There was nothing else in the jade slip other than some reminders. With Yu Rumeng, the Succubus Demon Saint, as the leader, Xia Ningchang, Xue Yue, Ji Yao, Qu Huachang, and Tao Lingwan, each of them only had one sentence.

Yu Rumeng’s temper was as fiery as ever, “If you dare to die outside, I will take my sisters and remarry!”

Little Senior Sister, on the other hand, was much gentler, “Junior Brother must take good care of himself when he’s outside, he must protect himself.”

On the other hand, this Enchantress Qu maintained her usual bold style of Yin Yang Heaven, “If you’re lonely outside, you can find a Senior Sister from Yin Yang Heaven to discuss the Dao of Yin Yang Fusion, don’t look for anyone else.”

Seeing this, Yang Kai couldn’t help smiling foolishly, his heart filled with warmth.

There were no messages from Su Yan, Zhu Qing, or Shan Qingluo in the jade slip, it was likely that they were still in the Holy Spirit Ancestral Land and didn’t know much about the outside world.

After looking through the contents of the jade slip again, Yang Kai put it away and asked, “How is the situation over at the 3000 Worlds?”

Troublesome Grandmaster said, “It’s the same as always. Outsiders may think it’s a calm lake, but those who know about it know that under the calm surface of the lake, there will always be turbulent waves. Let’s not talk about anything else, just your Star Boundary is now a true Open Heaven cradle. Over the years, countless geniuses have emerged, and every Cave Heaven Paradise has earned a fortune. In the eyes of those forces who don’t know about this, it’s the various peak forces that are trying to maintain their own legacy. Only we know that it was to cultivate stronger forces, to fight against the Black Ink Clan. However, the one with the most benefits is not one of the Cave Heaven Paradise, but your High Heaven Palace.”

Yang Kai suddenly became interested, “What do you mean?”

Troublesome Grandmaster said, “High Heaven Palace is a native force after all, and with you Great Emperors saving the world from the brink of disaster, the local cultivators of the Star Boundary naturally have a much higher level of recognition for High Heaven Palace than the foreign forces. Therefore, many talented disciples have been taught by their elders since birth, that joining High Heaven Palace is an honor. If this trend continues, after thousands or even tens of thousands of years, your High Heaven Palace will likely be on equal footing with the Cave Heaven Paradise.”

Yang Kai smiled, “It’s too far away, who can say for sure.”

Troublesome Grandmaster nodded and said, “You’re right, fate is full of variables. Until that moment, no one can say for sure. If it was in the past, High Heaven Palace’s current appearance would have caused them to be rejected by the Cave Heaven Paradise. It’s not that they’re narrow-minded; firstly, they have to consider the good and bad of their own disciples. If their good disciples were taken away by others, who would they take in? Secondly, the reason they raised their elite disciples was to fight against the Black Ink Clan. But now, your wives all have great masters supporting them from behind, and their relationship with the several Cave Heaven Paradise is quite good. In addition, you, the High Heaven Palace’s Palace Master, have taken the lead, and in the Ink Battlefield, you're like a fish in water . High Heaven Palace’s development is quite smooth, with no one interfering.”

Yang Kai nodded happily. Before he had set out from the Black Territory to come to this Ink Battlefield, his wives had all been taken in as disciple by several Eigth Order Open Heaven. Among them, Xue Yue had become a disciple of Gold Antelope Paradise's Six Wood Divine Monarch, Yu Rumeng had become a disciple of Myriad Demons Heaven's Mo Sha Divine Monarch, Xia Ningchang had become a disciple of Divine Medicine Heaven's Purple Jade Divine Monach, and Ji Yao had become a disciple of Great Battle Heaven's Thunderbolt Divine Monarch. As for Qu Huachang and Tao Lingwan, they were Yin Yang Heaven’s disciples with strong backing.

The reason these Eighth Order took in disciples was not because they valued the cultivation aptitudes of his wives, there were countless elites in the Cave Heaven Paradise and countless outstanding talents. The reason they did so was because Yang Kai was willing to sacrifice his life for them, so they wanted to give Yang Kai some peace of mind and use this method to tell him that even if he encountered some kind of accident in the Void Corridor, his widows and Sect would not be ostracized. With these old men looking after them, he could rest assured.

This was also a kind of compensation from the Cave Heaven Paradise. Of course, the aptitudes of his wives were enough for them to become disciples of the Eighth Order masters. After all, all of them had directly advanced to the Sixth Order and had a chance of reaching the Eighth Order in the future.

Fortunately, Yang Kai’s attainments in the Dao of Space were quite high, so after setting out from the Black Territory and cutting through all obstacles, he had arrived at the Ink Battlefield without much trouble.

Now, all his wives who remained in the Star Boundary had an Eighth Order backing them, and with Yang Kai’s efforts to seal the Void Corridor alone, High Heaven Palace had a chance to develop and expand. If not for this, how could the Cave Heaven Paradise not have taken action? They needed to take in more disciples than High Heaven Palace and cultivate more talents to resist the Black Ink Clan. This was not for the glory of a sect, but the survival of the entire Human Race.

In the face of righteousness, anyone who stood in their way would be crushed to dust.

However, after learning that the Star Boundary was safe and sound, Yang Kai finally relaxed.


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Rein Larsa
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I suspect that some of these newcomers or future newcomers are ink spies because why not.

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