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“You talk too much!” Ding Yao glared at him and thought for a moment before saying, “This time, it’s a newcomer who has just arrived at the Ink Battlefield. Although he’s an Eighth Order, he’s not familiar with the Ink Battlefield, that's why we have to pick him up.”

“A newcomer!” Yang Kai’s heart jumped, “From the 3000 Worlds?”

Ding Yao nodded, “That’s right.” Then he added meaningfully, “There might be someone you know among them. Do you want to go?”

“Of course I’ll go,” Yang Kai agreed decisively. He had originally thought that it would be a simple matter of picking people up, so he didn’t think it was necessary. Since it was a newcomer to the Ink Battlefield, he naturally wanted to meet them.

Just as Ding Yao had said, there might be people he knew among them who had come to this Ink Battlefield over a hundred years ago. He also wanted to know if there were any changes in the Star Boundary and Void Land after he left. Even if there were no people he knew, it would be easy for him to ask these newcomers about the 3000 Worlds.

Moreover, he also understood that there was no need to mobilize an Eighth Order for such a trivial matter. Eighth Order weren’t many in the first place, and each of them had their own mission, so it wasn’t easy to mobilize them. It would be best if this mission was carried out by a Seventh Order.

Among the Seventh Order, his strength was obvious to all, and he was also the one who had set up the various Universe Formation. With him personally leading the way, it would be much more convenient. This was probably the main reason why Ding Yao had sought him out.

“Since that’s the case, let’s move out. Counting the time, those newcomers should arrive in the next few days, quickly return,” Ding Yao waved his hand.

Yang Kai nodded and left.

First, he returned to the camp of the Dawn Squad and told Feng Ying about his mission, instructing her to go out and hunt after he returned. Feng Ying naturally agreed.

There was nothing he needed to prepare, so Yang Kai immediately activated the Universe Escape Law and connected his consciousness to Blue Sky Pass’ Universe Formation. The Spirit Array lit up beneath his feet and he disappeared.

It was impossible for an ordinary Seventh Order cultivator to directly teleport back to Blue Sky Pass from the Outpost’s main camp because the distance was too far, and the suppression of the endless void was enough to cause a Seventh Order Open Heaven cultivator to die the moment he was teleported back. The two Universe Formation arranged in the middle were used for transit.

However, he wasn’t afraid. Being proficient in the Space Law, he could avoid these risks to the greatest extent.

The void changed, and by the time Yang Kai appeared again, he had already appeared in Blue Sky Pass. First, he had gone to see Zhong Liang at the Western Army Military Department.

“Sir, Sir Ding asked me to come back to welcome the new arrivals. Are they here?”

Zhong Liang shook his head, “Not yet, but the news has already reached us. It will still take a few days, you should know that it won’t be easy for people from the 3000 Worlds to come here. Let’s wait for now.”

Yang Kai nodded, “Are you sure about these people?”

“The people from the 3000 Worlds comes with the Cave Heaven Paradise arrangements, and we are only responsible for receiving them. We don’t know how many people have come, or which Sect they belong to, and we don’t know where they will be assigned to after going through the No-Return Pass.”

Yang Kai bared his teeth and couldn’t help feeling somewhat expectant, but also somewhat nervous.

He didn’t know if any of the newcomers had come from the Star Boundary or the Void Land. Logically speaking, there were quite a few Open Heaven Stage cultivators from the Star Boundary and Void Land, so it was normal for them to be transferred to the Ink Battlefield, but whether it was the Star Boundary or the Void Land, neither of them belonged to the Cave Heaven Paradise. According to long-standing customs, none of them were qualified to enter the Ink Battlefield.

Although he had been in the Ink Battlefield for more than a hundred years and had spent time in two of the war zones and had even ventured deep into the Black Ink Clan’s hinterlands twice, he still didn’t know much about many things, such as the reinforcement from the 3000 Worlds to assist in the Ink Battlefield.

Since there was nothing else to do, he began chatting with Zhong Liang.

Zhong Liang said, “Every hundred years, the various Cave Heaven Paradise will send some people to assist the Ink Battlefield, each of them depending on the development of these hundred years and the number of people they can send as reinforcements. As you know, in a battle with the Black Ink Clan, although my Human Race doesn’t have many casualties, there will always be casualties. Once or twice doesn’t matter, but once the number of casualties increases, how will we be able to defend? As such, reinforcements from the Cave Heaven Paradise are extremely necessary.”

This was also the reason why Yang Kai used to think that the Cave Heaven Paradise were unworthy of its name. The various Cave Heaven Paradise had long legacies, and Open Heaven Stage cultivators had long lifespans. Even if they slowly accumulated, each of them would be able to accumulate an extremely large number of Open Heaven Stage cultivators, but in fact, the number of Open Heaven Stage in the Cave Heaven Paradise in the 3000 worlds was not as large as Yang Kai imagined.

Because they had been sending their Open Heaven Stage masters to the Ink Battlefield for many years.

“These reinforcements will first gather in the No-Return Pass and then be sent to various mountain passes by the No-Return Pass to ensure the complete strength of each Human Race pass. The number of people sent will also depend on the losses and needs of the various mountain passes. For example, our Blue Sky Pass expedition suffered a great loss this time, so the number of new people sent here should be quite high. Also, because of the Outpost’s main camp, there are many special talents. This is also the request Blue Sky Pass gave to the 3000 Worlds, so I believe it will be satisfied.”

Yang Kai nodded in understanding and thought for a moment before saying, “There should still be many Eighth Order Open Heaven Stage cultivators in the various Cave Heaven Paradise. Since the 3000 Worlds have been stabilized, why not transfer some of these Eighth Order masters to the Ink Battlefield? This way, it will be easier to suppress the Black Ink Clan's Territory Lords. With the foundations of the Cave Heaven Paradise, it shouldn’t be difficult to accomplish this, right?”

Zhong Liang smiled and said, “Of course it’s not difficult. The Cave Heaven Paradise is rich in resources, so it shouldn’t be a problem to transfer a few more Eighth Order masters, but have you thought about it? No matter how many Eighth Order masters we deploy, what kind of decisive change will it bring to the entire Ink Battlefield? If we can’t completely eradicate the Black Ink Clan, what use are some of our advantages? Before you bring out the Purification Light, the Human Race won’t even be able to resist the erosion of the Ink Force, so all we can do is give up our Small Universe foundation to protect ourselves. The Human Race’s goal in resisting the Black Ink Clan is not to gain some advantages, but to find a way to completely resolve the Black Ink Clan's problem. Before we have a definite solution, maintaining a balance between the high-level forces is the best solution.”

Yang Kai was lost in thought.

Zhong Liang sighed lightly, “This expedition is an attempt and also a kind of hope. If this method works, in the next few hundred or thousand years, my Human Race will continue to suppress the existence of the Black Ink Clan until we find a way to completely eliminate them. This is an ancient plan that may require several generations or even more.”

If it were any other Seventh Order, Zhong Liang would not have said such things, but Yang Kai was different. His arrival had changed the situation of the Ink Battlefield for countless years, allowing him to understand the plans of these higher-ups.

“When that day comes, all the elites of the Cave Heaven Paradise will arrive from the No-Return Pass, what do you think will happen to the Black Ink Clan?”

Yang Kai thought about the various Cave Heaven Paradise's hidden forces and leisurely said, “Then I’m afraid they’re going to suffer greatly.”

Inside the hall where the super Space Array was located, Yang Kai sat cross-legged, his mood fluctuating.

After chatting with Zhong Liang for a while, Yang Kai understood one thing. If he didn’t reach that position, he would never be able to see that level. Right now, Yang Kai was thinking about how to obtain a greater advantage on the battlefield, while the higher-ups were thinking about how to solve the problem of the Black Ink Clan in one fell swoop. This was the difference in perspective.

It wasn’t that he was short-sighted, but he was just a Seventh Order Open Heaven Stage cultivator and the Team Leader of a small team. He had only been in the Ink Battlefield for a hundred years, so how could he compare to Zhong Liang and the others?

It wasn’t that the Cave Heaven Paradise couldn’t mobilize more Eighth Order cultivators to gain a greater advantage in the Ink Battlefield, but rather that they were accumulating their strength in preparation to deliver a fatal blow to the Black Ink Clan.

Blue Sky Pass’ expeditionary forces had taken the most important step, a bold attempt, but also a test. If everything went smoothly, in the future, the various human race passes would surely form a large-scale expedition to suppress the Black Ink Clan until they were completely uprooted.

“There’s movement!” The cultivator guarding the Array suddenly shouted.

Yang Kai raised his eyes and looked forward, only to see that the Array which had been silent for the past few days suddenly began to glow with a faint light. With a light hum, the fluctuations of Space Law began to spread.

This was obviously a sign that the Array had been activated, and also the reason Yang Kai had been waiting here.

The No-Return Pass was the most important gateway to the 3000 Worlds, and it was also the transit point where the cultivators from the 3000 Worlds would travel to the Ink Battlefield. It was connected to every human race pass, and the arrangements of the ancient great expert were far superior to that of the cultivators of today. Transporting over long distances could also be used to ensure one’s safety, but the consumption of resources was simply too great, so between the various human race passes, there was no need to send people over. At most, some jade slips is enough.

Under the watchful eyes of the many cultivators guarding the Array, a dazzling light suddenly filled their vision, and within this light, one could vaguely make out a figure.

Yang Kai immediately felt the aura of an Eighth Order Open Heaven Stage master from it, but what surprised him was that this aura was somewhat familiar.

As the light faded, more than a hundred people appeared on the array. These people had obviously not recovered from the long distance teleportation. Although the arrangements of the ancient great expert were enough to allow them to safely teleport over, there were still some side effects.

Therefore, as soon as they appeared on Blue Sky Pass’s side, these hundred or so people felt somewhat dizzy.

Immediately, the soldiers of Blue Sky Pass, who had been prepared beforehand, rushed forward and used all kinds of Secret Techniques to protect the hundred cultivators.

Not long after, the leading Eighth Order Open Heaven shook his head and focused his vision.

The rest of them were still in a daze and it would probably take a while for them to recover. After all, their cultivation was not as high as this Eighth Order.

Suppressing the excitement in his heart, Yang Kai stepped forward and bowed, “After so many years, Grandmaster is still as elegant as ever.”

Ding Yao’s words came true, he really did know some of the newcomers who had come this time.

Great Evolution’s survivor, Troublesome Grandmaster.

Yang Kai had interacted with him quite a lot. At first, to refine the Void Land’s protective artifact, the Proprietress had brought him to find Troublesome Grandmaster. Later, He had also improved the Void Yin Yang Mirror, and the matter of the Great Evolution’s Good Fortune Divine Furnace had been resolved by Yang Kai. Many of Great Evolution’s descendants had even gone to the Star Boundary under the leadership of the Troublesome Grandmaster in order to restore their ancestors’ glory.

They're old acquaintances.


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