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Lu An obviously knew that Blue Sky Pass would send someone to find him, and this person was undoubtedly Yang Kai, because only he could walk freely in this chaotic void.

It wasn’t that he hadn’t tried to escape before, but unfortunately, even if he was an Eighth Order Open Heaven Stage cultivator, if he was caught up in such a place, he wouldn’t be able to escape if he couldn’t determine his direction. Moreover, during the life and death battle with the Territory Lord, he had suffered heavy injuries and was no longer at his peak.

Rather than blindly searching for a way out, it was better to sit back and wait for reinforcements. This was also why Yang Kai had been able to find him so quickly.

Finding Lu An and returning the way he came does not cost Yang Kai anything.

Seeing these two appear, Zhong Liang, who had been waiting outside, couldn’t help letting out a sigh of relief. Eighth Order Open Heaven was the cornerstone of the Human Race’s resistance against the Black Ink Clan. There weren’t many Eighth Order masters in every mountain pass, so the death of any Eighth Order master was enough to make one’s heart ache.

Lu An’s injuries weren’t light, so he went to heal himself.

On the other hand, Yang Kai and Dawn Squad set out for the Outpost.

The Outpost’s main camp had already been set up in the depths of the Black Ink Clan’s hinterlands. In this great war between the two races, Blue Sky Pass had also obtained an incomparably glorious victory. The Black Ink Clan’s massive losses were enough to prevent them from recovering for a thousand years, but whether or not they could completely crush the source of their recovery would depend on the performance of the Outpost’s main camp.

If the soldiers of Blue Sky Pass were able to gain a firm foothold in the outpost’s main camp and suppress nearly half of the Black Ink Clan’s living space, the Black Ink Clan would never have any hope of recovering.

However, if the outpost was destroyed, the results of this battle would be greatly reduced.

As such, the existence of the Outpost’s main camp was a key factor, and if one wanted to defend the Outpost’s main camp, they naturally couldn’t just rely on defending it, they had to take the initiative to attack.

During the previous expedition, Blue Sky Pass had deployed twenty thousand soldiers, but now they had deployed more than ten thousand. With the help of Yang Kai’s two Universe Formation transits, they quickly went to provide support.

The current Blue Sky Pass, with the exception of the most basic of guards, could be said to have sent out all of its forces. After defending passively for so many years, it was finally time to take the initiative to attack, and the decision of the higher-ups was filled with boldness.

There was no need to worry that Blue Sky Pass would be attacked. The Black Ink Clan in this war zone could barely fend for themselves, so how could they have the strength to attack Blue Sky Pass?

It was also impossible for the Black Ink Clan from the other war zones to come over and provide support. They had their own enemies to deal with, just like how the Human Race was unable to support the other mountain passes on a large scale. The Black Ink Clan from the various war zones fought on their own, while the Human Race from the various mountain passes fought on their own.

While Yang Kai was setting up the Universe Formation, the soldiers of the outpost’s main camp were conserving their strength. When the ten thousand reinforcements from Blue Sky Pass arrived at the outpost’s main camp, the grand plan of offense and defense finally began.

Teams spread out in all directions from the outpost’s main camp, wiping out the Black Ink Clan forces from all directions. The Eighth Order Open Heaven Stage masters also attacked, doing their best to suppress the Black Ink Clan’s movements.

The Black Ink Clan naturally wouldn’t sit back and wait for death. Large scale conflicts wouldn’t occur, but small scale ambush was happening almost every day. The teams that had come out from the outpost’s main camp were the targets of the Black Ink Clan’s ambush.

The Human Race and the Black Ink Clan is bound to fight for hundreds of years on the space between the Blue Sky Pass and the Outpost.

Overall, the Human Race had the absolute advantage.

Under the premise that the Black Ink Clan Territory Lord didn’t dare act rashly, the Human Race team equipped with Battleships had an overwhelming advantage when facing the small number of Black Ink Clan forces. If they encountered too many enemies, even if they couldn’t defeat them, they could still escape. The Battleship’s protective array provided the Human Race’s team with powerful defenses, while the Univers Formation on the outpost provided them with an extremely convenient way to escape the battlefield.

So basically, as long as one’s luck wasn’t too bad, their life wouldn’t be in danger.

In the void, a Battleship nimbly flew back and forth. On top of the Battleship, a bright light shot out and the approaching Black Ink Clan members were unable to resist this powerful attack and instantly exploded into a bloody mist.

Around the Battleship, several figures moved about, using their Secret Techniques to reap the lives of the scattered Black Ink Clan cultivators.

Not long after, over a hundred Black Ink Clans were wiped out.

Miao Feiping quickly flew back to Breaking Dawn with a calm expression, neither happy nor shocked. After dozens of battles of various sizes, the baptism of blood and flames of war had long since allowed him to mature, and he was no longer as helpless and nervous as when he first faced the Black Ink Clan.

Under normal circumstances, a Sixth Order cultivator like him wouldn’t run out of the Battleship to kill enemies. The Spirit Array on the Battleship was where he should be.

However, the current battle was different from the battle on the mountain pass. The ones they encountered were scattered Black Ink Clan cultivators, so there was room for a Sixth Order to act.

During the battle to defend the pass, the Black Ink Clan’s forces were strong and numerous. Although the strength of a Sixth Order Open Heaven Stage cultivator wasn’t weak, it was difficult for them to survive in this chaotic battlefield, so they only needed to control the Battleship’s Spirit Array.

Of the hundreds of Black Ink Clan masters he had encountered, only one was a Feudal Lord, but after Feng Ying killed them, the rest were scattered like sand. A few Sixth Order cultivators couldn’t help rushing out of the Battleship to fight, but Yang Kai didn’t stop them.

This kind of battle could be seen everywhere in the void, and the soldiers of the Outpost called it a hunting trip. It was indeed a hunting trip, and after several major battles, the Black Ink Clan had been wounded to the bone, fearing that the Human Race’s army would continue to advance towards the King City. As such, the Black Ink Clan is now guarding the direction of the King City heavily, and the space between Blue Sky Pass and the Outpost was completely ignored by the Black Ink Clan masters.

“Team Leader, it’s time,” Feng Ying reminded.

Yang Kai nodded, “Withdraw, you’ve been out for quite some time.”

In order to ensure the combat strength of the soldiers, the Outpost had also set some rules, including the time limit for each team to hunt outside and the range they could move about.

He was afraid that the soldiers would become too complacent after killing them and cause an unpredictable tragedy.

It had been half a year since the Dawn Squad had left the Outpost, and the area they were currently in had always been the periphery where the rules allowed, because the number of Black Ink Clan members here was the highest.

Half a year was the time limit set by the Outpost to return. If the time limit was exceeded, battle merits would not be counted. At the same time, there would be some punishments, such as being sent back to Blue Sky Pass. This was also a way to protect the soldiers.

Strengthening the walls and clearing the wilderness was an extremely long plan that couldn’t be completed overnight, so it was necessary to ensure the integrity and combat strength of the soldiers.

Half a year of fighting and half a year of rest was the right way to go.

Following Yang Kai’s command, all of the soldiers flew out of Breaking Dawn, each of them activating their Universe Escape Law to leave. Yang Kai stayed behind and placed Breaking Dawn into his Small Universe before disappearing from sight.

In the outpost’s main camp, where the Universe Formation was located, the Dawn Squad's members appeared one after another. As soon as they appeared, everyone jumped out in a practiced manner to avoid disrupting the teleportation of those who came later.

“Go back and rest, we’ll meet again in half a year,” Yang Kai ordered.

Everyone dispersed.

On the other hand, Yang Kai strolled towards the Merit Palace. The battle merits he had obtained during this half a year’s hunting trip had to be registered. In addition, Breaking Dawn had suffered some minor damage and needed to be sent to the Artifact Refining Hall to repair.

Yang Kai was already familiar with this kind of thing. It had been ten years since the expeditionary army had set up their outpost here, and every time he returned from a hunt, as the Team Leader of the Dawn Squad, he would do so.

First, he arrived at the Merit Palace. The person responsible for registering battle merits was a Fifth Order Open Heaven Stage cultivator. This kind of position didn’t require fighting with the Black Ink Clan, so it was normal for lower ranked cultivators to take it.

The registration of battle merits went smoothly, and all he needed to do was provide proof of his success. Yang Kai then went to the Artifact Refining Hall and handed Breaking Dawn over to them. After that, there was no need for him to worry about anything else. After half a year, when Dawn Squad went out to hunt again, he would come back here to retrieve Breaking Dawn.

The Artifact Refining Hall was currently the busiest location in the entire Outpost. Every time a small team returned, the Battleship would be damaged in various ways and would need to be repaired. There weren’t many Artifact Refiners to begin with, in the past, they had been able to barely support themselves. Basically, they had been busy during the Black Ink Clan’s encirclement and had been quite free during the rest of the time.

However, after establishing this outpost, the Artifact Refiners had been busy day and night without any rest.

The Outpost’s rules for half a year of hunting and half a year of rest and recuperation were not without consideration for the workload of the Artifact Refiners.

With half a year of buffers, it was enough for the Artifact Refiners to repair the damaged Battleship.

Although Yang Kai was also an Artifact Refining Grandmaster and could easily deal with some of Breaking Dawn’s problems, Breaking Dawn’s damage was not only limited to the Battleship itself, but also some of the Spirit Arrays arranged on it, which required the assistance of an Array Master.

Yang Kai didn’t have much experience in the Dao of Arrays, so he could only leave it to the Artifact Refining Hall.

Just as he was about to walk towards his residence, he suddenly heard a Divine Sense sound transmission.

Yang Kai paused for a moment before turning around and flying off in a certain direction.

Soon, he entered a large hall where the Eastern Army Regiment Commander, Ding Yao, was discussing some matters with an Eighth Order cultivator. After exchanging a few words, the Eighth Order cultivator turned around and left.

Ding Yao turned to look at Yang Kai.

Yang Kai cupped his fists, “Sir!”

Ding Yao nodded slightly, “I have a task for you.”

Yang Kai’s expression became solemn, “Please explain, Sir.”

“I need you to return to Blue Sky Pass and pick up some people.”

“Pick up people?” Yang Kai frowned, puzzled, “Pick up people?”

“You don’t need to worry about that, you’ll know when the time comes.”

Yang Kai immediately became somewhat unhappy, “Sir, isn’t it better to have an Eighth Order to do this thing? Disciple is only a Seventh Order, even if i use my Small Universe to accept them, I can only accept some Sixth Order or Fifth Order.”

Ding Yao glanced at him and said, “I didn’t ask you to use your Small Universe to take them in, I just want you to show the way. What’s more, there’s an Eighth Order Open Heaven Stage cultivator among the people we’re picking up this time, so even if an Eighth Order were to do it, they won’t be able to take them in, they can only fly here.”

“Eighth Order?” Yang Kai was surprised, “Since it’s an Eighth Order, why don’t they just come over themselves? Why do you need disciple to pick them up?”


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