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The floating continent where the Territory Lord’s territory had been conquered became Blue Sky Pass’ outpost.

Although this expedition had temporarily come to an end, the conflict with the Black Ink Clan wouldn’t stop for a short time, because the expeditionary army had come in a straight line. Along the way, the Black Ink Clan’s territories they encountered had all been conquered, but the Black Ink Clan on both sides of the road couldn’t be bothered.

This resulted in the Black Ink Clan having a large number of fish that had escaped the net. If the Expeditionary Force were to withdraw now, they naturally wouldn’t need to care about this, but if they wanted to nail down the outpost in Black Ink Clan's hinterland, they would need to have a strong defense.

At the very least, they had to ensure that the outpost wouldn’t be besieged by the Black Ink Clan from all sides. Fortunately, the Black Ink Clan had suffered heavy losses in this battle, with less than forty Territory Lord-level masters remaining. Overall, almost half of them had died, and all of them had gathered near the King City, no longer daring to rashly attack.

As such, although there were Black Ink Clans around the Outpost’s main camp, there weren’t many masters, so the Human Race only needed to spend a certain amount of time to clean it up.

It was foreseeable that eliminating the Black Ink Clan between the Blue Sky Pass and the outpost camp on both side would become the next great plan for the soldiers in Blue Sky Pass. Only by accomplishing this would the Black Ink Clan’s survival space be truly reduced.

At this moment, the outpost’s main camp was busy. At the same time, several Battleships were searching for a suitable location in the void far away from the outpost’s main camp.

Not long after, a dead Universe World was selected and several Battleships disembarked.

After searching around this Universe World for a while, they finally found a mountain valley.

The void was filled with countless dead Universe World, and this mountain valley was also quite well hidden, making it a perfect place to set up the Universe Formation. Even if there were scattered Black Ink Clans here, they wouldn’t be able to discover anything.

What’s more, if the Universe Formation were to be set up, it would definitely be covered by an array and protected by a number of guards. Once they were attacked, the Human Race’s soldiers would be able to quickly come to their aid.

These Battleships were led by Breaking Dawn, and there were even two Eighth Order Open Heaven masters amongst them.

Yang Kai began setting up the Universe Formation while the Array Masters who came with him began setting up various Spirit Arrays around the valley. Some were used to conceal, some were used to defend, some were used to attack, and so on.

If it was before, Blue Sky Pass might not have such a foundation. All kinds of Spirit Arrays represented a massive amount of resources, and the more powerful the Spirit Arrays, the more resources they would need. In the past, Blue Sky Pass had been so poor that it was impossible for it to have any spare resources, but now it was different. Not to mention the amount of resources it had collected before, it was easy for it to mine for resources now, so no matter how many resources it consumed, no one felt the pinch.

By squeezing out the living space of the Black Ink Clan, it meant that the human race’s scope of activity would expand and they would no longer have to repeat their previous embarrassing situation.

After a series of tasks, everyone left their mark on the Universe Formation. One of the Eighth Order and a small team stayed behind to guard it while the rest went to the next location.

As for the Universe Formation transits, he only needed to set up two of them, and this was after considering the limits of a Fifth Order Open Heaven.

A few months later, the second Universe Formation was completed. With Blue Sky Pass as the source and the outpost’s main camp as the destination, the route was completely broken through. The human race cultivators only needed to leave their mark on every Universe Formation and they would be able to return in a short time.

There were many things to consider. First of all, all cultivators had to leave their mark on two of the Universe Formation in order to use them in the future. The Eighth Order also had to consider how to do this. The simplest method was to let the Eighth Order leave their mark on all the Universe Formation before having them transport the soldiers back and forth.

An Eighth Order Open Heaven's Small Universe’s body was massive, allowing them to absorb other Open Heaven Stage cultivators. It will be much easier for them to transport the soldiers after leaving a mark on all the Universe Formation

This wasn’t something Yang Kai needed to worry about, the Eighth Order will have to worry about it.

After setting up the second Universes Formation, he returned to Blue Sky Pass.

There was no other reason. Zhong Liang, who had been guarding the Blue Sky Pass, was looking for him. The news had come from Blue Sky Pass, but by the time it reached the Outpost’s main camp, Yang Kai had already set out to arrange the Universe Formation and couldn't be reached, which was why it had been delayed until now.

When Yang Kai returned to Blue Sky Pass and saw Zhong Liang, he finally understood what had happened.

“Martial Uncle Lu went missing?” Yang Kai was extremely surprised.

The Martial Uncle Lu he was referring to was Lu An from Yin Yang Heaven, an Eighth Order Garrison Chief of the Western Army. Because he was born in Yin Yang Heaven, he had taken care of Yang Kai ever since he came to Blue Sky Pass, so they had a friendship in private.

Although Lu An was old, his cultivation was extraordinary, so Yang Kai couldn’t understand how he had disappeared.

“Come with me,” Zhong Liang didn’t explain and simply called out to Yang Kai before walking out.

Soon, the two of them arrived outside the pass.

The battlefield where the great battle had taken place had already been cleaned up. At this moment, the outside of Blue Sky Pass was completely empty. No one could have imagined that two years ago, the aggressive and overbearing army of the Black Ink Clan would be completely wiped out here.

Arriving here, Yang Kai’s attention was immediately drawn to a small crack in the void in front of him. After observing it for a moment, he couldn’t help frowning.

Zhong Liang explained, “There was originally a Universe Cave Heaven here, I don’t know if you remember it.”

Yang Kai nodded slightly, “A little.”

All of the entrances to the Universe Cave Heaven and Universe Paradise outside Blue Sky Pass had been personally opened by him, which was also the reason why they had been able to create so many traps.

Zhong Liang said, “Your Martial Uncle Lu is in charge of this Universe Cave Heaven. I don’t know who his opponent is, but he should be very strong. When the expeditionary army set out, their battle was not over yet. Half a year after the expeditionary army set out, this Universe Cave Heaven suddenly collapsed and formed this space crack. Your Martial Uncle Lu and his opponent disappeared without a trace.”

Hearing this, Yang Kai frowned and said, “Universe Cave Heaven collapsed, and the void become chaotic. Martial Uncle Lu and the Territory Lord should have been sucked into the Void Crack.”

Zhong Liang nodded, “That’s right, this old man is also quite stubborn. He probably didn’t want to let that Territory Lord leave, which is why such a thing happened. When this Void Crack first formed, it was quite spacious, and I also went deep into it to investigate, but you should also know that the inside of the Void Crack is filled with chaos. Even I couldn’t make heads or tails of it after entering, so I couldn’t find any trace of your Martial Uncle Lu, so I had no choice but to retreat. After such a long time, this Void Crack is about to close. If it really closes, I’m afraid your Martial Uncle Lu won’t be able to return.”

“I’ll go find him!” Yang Kai stepped forward.

“Are you confident?” Zhong Liang asked solemnly.

Yang Kai grinned, “Disciple will be back soon!”

Saying so, Yang Kai activated his Space Laws and waved his hand in front of him, causing the tiny spatial crack to rapidly expand and Yang Kai quickly entered it.

Inside the crack, there was nothing but chaos and chaotic space.

Yang Kai secretly activated his Space Law and flew upwards, leaving behind his aura along the way.

At first, everything was calm, but as Yang Kai went deeper into the void, he noticed that there was something else in the void turbulence. Yang Kai carefully examined it and found that it was the traces of a battle between masters.

Presumably, this was left behind by the battle between Martial Uncle Lu and a certain Black Ink Clan Territory Lord.

Finding these traces was easy. Zhong Liang had come in but was unable to find anything, but to Yang Kai, these traces were the best beacon.

Following this trail, he began searching.

The Void Crack was the most dangerous because it was a chaotic place without any traces of space or time. In this kind of damned place, one would never know where they were or how much time they had spent.

Perhaps after entering it for an instant, by the time they came out, it would be like the blue sea turning into mulberry fields, or perhaps they would spend thousands of years inside it, but in the outside world, it would only be an instant. The void would change and become unpredictable.

Only someone like Yang Kai who was proficient in the Space Law would be able to find some clues here.

Using the Space Law to stimulate his Divine Sense, he began to monitor his surroundings.

After an unknown period of time, Yang Kai’s heart suddenly jumped as he flew towards a certain direction.

Not long after, he arrived in front of a turbulent void where a corpse was floating.

The corpse was covered in wounds, and the fatal wound was a hole in its head. Before it died, its eyes were filled with rage, as if it had died with a grievance.

It was the corpse of the Black Ink Clan!

Yang Kai let out a sigh of relief. It seemed that this was the Black Ink Clan Territory Lord who had fought with Lu An. The corpse of this man meant that the final victor was Lu An. It seemed that Lu An’s life wasn’t in danger, but he didn’t know where he was.

After carefully examining the corpse of the Black Ink Clan’s Territory Lord, Yang Kai recognized that this fellow should be one of the top five ranked masters in Blue Sky War Zone, on par with Black Abyss in the Yin Yang War Zone.

It was no wonder Lu An, a veteran Eighth Order, was unable to quickly defeat this opponent with the help of the terrain advantage.

In fact, Lu An didn’t need to go all out. When the plan was carried out, Zhong Liang and the others had told him that if he couldn’t end the battle quickly, he had to escape before the Universe Cave Heaven collapsed, otherwise he would likely be sucked into the Void Crack.

There were many Eighth Order masters who did this, otherwise, many of them wouldn’t have escaped that day.

Lu An obviously didn’t listen to him, as if he wanted to drag the Territory Lord down with him even if he died, causing the two of them to be dragged into this Void Crack.

With the Black Ink Clan corpse here, Lu An shouldn’t be too far away, but the turbulence of the Void had no fixed direction, so if he was caught in some kind of turbulence, it was unknown where he would end up.

Yang Kai continued his search, his Divine Sense reaching its limit.

Hard work paid off. Yang Kai soon noticed a life aura fluctuating rapidly. This fluctuation was very abnormal and was obviously intentional, as if it wanted someone to point him in the right direction.

Yang Kai quickly came to his senses and smiled slightly, his figure passing through the void’s turbulence like a fish diving into water as he flew towards the fluctuations.

A short while later, Yang Kai arrived in front of an old man sitting cross-legged and grinned, “Martial Uncle, sorry to keep you waiting.”


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