Although he had successfully obtained a child nest, due to the special connection between a Territory Lord-level Black Ink Nest and a Feudal Lord-level Black Ink Nest, Yang Kai wasn’t certain this child nest could be used.

He had to try to confirm it.

After storing the child nest into his Small Universe, Yang Kai wasn’t in a hurry to hatch it and instead temporarily suppressed it somewhere else.

A short while later, he and Feng Ying left the Black Ink Nest and arrived outside.

“Team Leader, are we going to destroy this Black Ink Nest?” Feng Ying asked.

Yang Kai nodded, “Naturally, we can’t just leave it to the Black Ink Clan, wouldn’t that be letting them off lightly?”

Feng Ying unsheathed her sword and slashed down with her sword. The Black Ink Nest was instantly split in half and a thick Ink Force surged out from the damaged area, quickly withering away.

Yang Kai’s attention was focused on the child nest in his Small Universe, and after a moment, he couldn’t help sighing, “As expected!”

The child nest he had spent a great deal of resources to obtain had also rapidly withered after the Territory Lord-level Black Ink Nest was destroyed. Although he already had some guesses, seeing this scene, he couldn’t help feeling disappointed.

It seemed that there was some kind of mysterious connection between the Territory Lord-level Black Ink Nest and the Feudal Lord-level Black Ink Nest it was born from. This connection was something that even the Small Universe’s barrier could not sever. The Territory Lord-level Black Ink Nest which was the source of this connection was destroyed, and even the Domain Master Grade Black Ink Nest which was the Sub Nest was unable to escape.

The only way Yang Kai could protect this child nest was to leave this Territory Lord-level Black Ink Nest behind.

However, this was obviously unrealistic. No matter how powerful the expeditionary forces were this time, they were unable to exterminate the Black Ink Clan in Blue Sky War Zone. As long as the Black Ink Clan didn’t die, they would be able to make a comeback. Leaving this Territory Lord-level Black Ink Nest here would only benefit the Black Ink Clan.

Calming himself down, Yang Kai spread out his Divine Sense and scanned his surroundings. There was no one here, and the clansmen who had left behind to plunder resources had obviously left. Without any hesitation, Yang Kai called out to Feng Ying, “Let’s go.”

The two of them quickly activated the Universe Escape Law and passed through the Universe Formation, quickly returning to Breaking Dawn.

Using the term ‘invincible’ to describe the might of the Expeditionary Force was the most appropriate description. On the road, the Black Ink Clan had no way to effectively resist the overwhelming might of the Expeditionary Force. Most of them simply fled at the sight of the forces, and although a few of them resisted, they suffered heavy losses due to the disparity in strength.

Half a year after the expeditionary army set out, they had taken down four of the Territory Lord-level territories and directly destroyed four of the Territory Lord-level Black Nest. There were also dozens of other Feudal Lord-level territories.

This was also the reason why the expeditionary army was advancing directly. If they were willing to take a detour, the results would only be greater.

However, half a year later, the expeditionary army finally encountered a tough battle.

On the location three Territory Lords’ territories away from the King City, the Black Ink Clan once again gathered hundreds of thousands of troops, relying on the territory of one of the Territory Lords to resist the expeditionary army.

The Black Ink Clan’s counterattack was fierce, and the expeditionary army’s direct approach had undoubtedly challenged their long-standing arrogance. It had always been them attacking the Human Race’s mountain passes, and in these countless years, this was the first time they had been beaten so deeply by the Human Race.

After these three Territory Lords’ territories were the King City. If the Human Race really attacked the King City, the Black Ink Clan’s face would be completely lost.

Although the Black Ink Clan’s Territory Lords had suffered heavy losses outside Blue Sky Pass, they had not been completely wiped out. The number of Territory Lord they had was more than the number of Eighth Order Garrison Chiefs. Counting the ones who had stayed behind and escaped from Blue Sky Pass, there were at least forty Black Ink Clan Territory Lord in Blue Sky War Zone.

In front of the expeditionary army was the Black Ink Clan army led by more than twenty Territory Lord.

In just three months, the two sides had engaged in close to a hundred major and minor battles, each of them suffering heavy losses. The expeditionary forces had displayed a tenacity and ferocity that shocked the Black Ink Clan, causing hundreds of thousands of their armies to be crippled, reorganized, crippled and then reorganized again.

In this position, the Black Ink Clan held a great advantage. Their reinforcements didn’t need to travel a long distance and could easily gather from all directions, even finding an opportunity to surround the expeditionary army’s main camp.

The two sides surrounded this region’s Territory Lord's territory and engaged in a fierce battle of wits and courage, turning the entire void into the Black Ink Clan’s burial ground.

It wasn’t until a year later that the Territory Lord's territory was completely conquered. Over the course of a year, more than a million members of the Black Ink Clan had died. The nearby void was almost completely filled with a thick black aura, and a giant black ink cloud covered the sky.

Not to mention the low-level Black Ink Clan cannon fodder, even two of the Black Ink Clan’s Territory Lord had been killed in the past year.

The Black Ink Clan had retreated to defend one of the Territory Lords’ territories, so it was easy to imagine what awaited the expeditionary army was an even fiercer counterattack and resistance.

This was the same situation that Yang Kai had encountered when he was wreaking havoc in Yin Yang Pass side. The deeper he went, the more concentrated the forces the Black Ink Clan could gather, and correspondingly, the greater the resistance.

The Territory Lord's Territory, which had been soaked in the blood of countless Black Ink Clan cultivators, was now the temporary camp of the expeditionary army. The Array Masters had set up a massive Spirit Array to isolate the erosion of the surrounding Ink Force, allowing the soldiers to recuperate inside.

In one of the largest palaces, led by the two Regiment Commanders, Ding Yao and Liang Yulong, nearly thirty Eighth Order Garrison Chiefs were gathered.

Yang Kai came to greet everyone before turning to the two people sitting at the top, “Seniors, what are your orders?”

Ding Yao said, “Using this place as a gateway to Blue Sky Pass, how many Universe Formation transits do you need?”

Although the Universe Formation was extremely convenient and could allow cultivators outside to activate the Universe Escape Law at any time to return to the Spirit Array, as long as they were in the same world, there was no limit to the distance between them, but there was a limit to what cultivators could endure.

This place was already very far from Blue Sky Pass, and with the soldiers of Blue Sky Pass here, although they could still use the Universe Escape Law to communicate with the Universe Formation in Blue Sky Pass, if they were to directly teleport back, it was likely that they wouldn’t be able to hold out for long. The pressure of the endless void was enough to instantly kill a Seventh Order Open Heaven Stage cultivator, and perhaps only an Eighth Order cultivator could do so.

As such, it was necessary to have a transit for the Universe Formation.

Yang Kai was the most proficient in this matter, which was why the Eighth Order master had asked him to come.

Hearing this, Yang Kai hesitated for a moment before saying, “Considering the limit of a Fifth Order Open Heaven cultivator, two should be enough.”

Ding Yao nodded, “As expected.”

Yang Kai’s heart jumped, “Is the expeditionary army not planning to continue?”

Ding Yao shook his head, “We can’t continue. Although the Black Ink Clan suffered great losses, the Expeditionary Force also suffered some casualties. The most important thing is that we're in the Black Ink Clan territory, and it's hard to fight without the protection of the battleship and spirit arrays. Every time the Expeditionary Force’s soldiers fight with the Black Ink Clan, they need to consume the Expelling Black Ink Pills. After such a long time, the Expelling Black Ink Pills have run out of reserves. There are also many Battleships that have been damaged and cannot be repaired in time, greatly affecting the Expeditionary Force’s combat strength. In addition, there are many other considerations, so the expedition ends here.”

Yang Kai understood. He had also expected this. In fact, it wasn’t just him, everyone in the expeditionary army who had a bit of foresight knew that the expedition had basically reached the limit of Blue Sky Pass. If this continued, it would only increase casualties.

Not to mention anything else, the closer they got to the King City, the stronger the Black Ink Clan’s counterattack would become until Blue Sky Pass was unable to withstand it.

Although they had failed to complete their task, this expedition was still a huge victory, a daring attempt by the Human Race to resist the Black Ink Clan.

In private, the expeditionary forces were all discussing when the army would withdraw. There were many different opinions, but none of them could come to a conclusion. After all, only the Eighth Order had the right to make such a decision. Although Yang Kai’s Seventh Order combat strength was extraordinary, he would not be able to enter the higher ups’ decision circle until he reached the Eighth Order.

However, from what Ding Yao said, it seemed that the expeditionary army had no intention of withdrawing. If they were to withdraw, all they needed to do was return to Blue Sky Pass. What was the point of setting up the Universe Formation?

Yang Kai suddenly understood something and asked, “Does Seniors want to compress the Black Ink Clan’s living space?”

Liang Yulong smiled and said, “You’re quite perceptive. You’re right, we want to suppress the Black Ink Clan’s living space. My Expeditionary Force has spent so much time and effort to conquer such a large territory, so how could we possibly send it back to the Black Ink Clan? Although the Expeditionary Force won’t advance any further, they won’t retreat. In the future, we’ll use this place as the frontline and build a new base. The Black Ink Clan dares to show up and attack, losing nearly half of their territory, the Black Ink Clan’s future will definitely not be easy. Forget about everything else, the Black Ink Clan’s losses in Blue Sky War Zone this time are so great that they won’t be able to recover without a thousand years of effort. Even after a thousand years later, as long as my Expeditionary Force remains here, the Black Ink Clan won’t be able to recover completely.”

Yang Kai couldn’t help feeling shocked by the boldness of these Eighth Order masters.

However, if they really did so, the Black Ink Clan would indeed suffer greatly. Losing nearly half of their territory meant losing more than half of their living space. This meant that the resources the Black Ink Clan could obtain would also be halved, and the number of Black Ink Clans they could produce would also be halved.

So even if the expeditionary forces didn’t have Blue Sky Pass, as long as they were nailed to this place, they would be able to completely suppress the recovery of the Black Ink Clan in Blue Sky War Zone.

Yang Kai could even predict that the expeditionary forces would take the initiative to attack from time to time, constantly draining the Black Ink Clan’s strength.

When the time was right, it was not impossible to take down the Black Ink Clan’s King City in one fell swoop. This was a distant goal, and it was not something that could be accomplished in a short time. It would take years to accomplish.

This method was more effective than launching an all-out attack on the King City. Although it was slow, it was more reliable. Moreover, the current situation didn’t allow the expeditionary army to continue forward, so logistics couldn’t keep up. The Black Ink Clan needed to recuperate, the Human Race also needed it, even more so than the Black Ink Clan.

However, doing so would also be a burden to the Human Race. After all, Blue Sky Pass only had thirty to forty thousand soldiers, so if they split up their forces, the number of soldiers they had was bound to be thin. Moreover, the Universe Formation they were preparing to build along the way would also need to be guarded.

This wasn’t something Yang Kai needed to worry about, the Eighth Order masters will worry about it.

What he needed to do now was to find a suitable location to set up two Universe Formation before linking the expeditionary forces and Blue Sky Pass together, ensuring that they would be able to assist each other quickly.

This was the reason why the Eighth Order masters had summoned him.


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