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This expedition of Blue Sky Pass had been planned for a long time, otherwise it would have been impossible for them to come up with a plan in just two days.

The Expeditionary Force was personally led by the two Regiment Commanders, Ding Yao and Liang Yulong, while two Expelling Black Ink Battleship also dispatched. The other Battleships of various sizes numbered more than a thousand, and the great army set out from Blue Sky Pass.

The Dawn Squad was naturally also part of the expeditionary army’s forces, and besides taking turns to control Breaking Dawn, the other members of the team were also taking advantage of this opportunity to recharge themselves.

The damaged Spirit Array of Breaking Dawn had been repaired by an Array Master, so it was basically fine now. However, the number of Array Masters and Artifact Refiners accompanying the army this time was not high. If the Battleship was damaged again, it might not be able to be repaired in time. Not only was Breaking Dawn’s team in such a state, but the other small teams were also in a similar situation.

After all, an expedition was different from a defensive one. With Blue Sky Pass as their back, the Human Race’s soldiers had no qualms about charging forward. Even if the Battleship was damaged, they could quickly obtain the support of the logistic team. An expedition was different, the support of the logistic team would be greatly reduced.

It was easy to imagine that if this matter could not be resolved perfectly, it would become a great obstacle to the expedition.

However, there was no way to resolve this issue. The number of Array Masters and Artifact Refiners they could deploy had already reached their limit, so it was impossible for them to deploy any more. They were lacking in combat strength and needed tro be guarded by the soldiers.

This expedition was more of an attempt than a counterattack by the Human Race after countless years.

Half a month after the expeditionary army left Blue Sky Pass, the first great battle broke out, with nearly three hundred thousand Black Ink Clan soldiers fighting against them!

The hundreds of thousands of Black Ink Clan soldiers who had besieged Blue Sky Pass had all been killed, and these three hundred thousand were reinforcements sent by the Black Ink Clan.

The Black Ink Clan was like this, relying on an endless stream of reinforcements, each time they besieged a human mountain pass, they would be able to last for more than ten years. This time was no exception.

However, the front line of the Black Ink Clan army had been defeated too quickly. Blue Sky Pass’ hundred year plan had been a giant trap, dragging the entire Black Ink Clan army into it and grinding them into a pool of blood.

This group of reinforcements that had come from the Black Ink Clan’s rear had not been able to receive any news in time, and under the leadership of a Territory Lord, they were now heading towards Blue Sky Pass.

When they encountered each other, the Territory Lord in the lead obviously hadn’t realized what had happened.

Of the three hundred thousand reinforcements, nearly two hundred thousand were the Black Ink Clan’s cannon fodder, while only a hundred thousand were capable of fighting. Apart from the Territory Lord who was holding the fort, the Feudal Lords were the strongest.

With such a lineup, besides having more people, they were completely useless. How could they resist the onslaught of the Human Race’s elite masters?

The Territory Lord who was in charge of this battle was quite decisive. Realizing that the situation wasn’t looking good, he immediately abandoned all of his cannon fodder Black Ink Clan forces and ordered them to charge towards the Human Race’s army while he himself fled immediately. As for the one hundred thousand combative power, he couldn’t care less.

Another great battle broke out. The three hundred thousand Black Ink Clan’s army was almost completely wiped out. Without a Territory Lord to keep them in check, the thirty Eighth Order Open Heaven were simply unstoppable, and one Battleship after another flew over to harvest the Black Ink Clan’s lives.

Defeating this group of reinforcements didn’t take much time, only a day or two. The expeditionary army continued to advance, targeting the Black Ink Clan’s King City in this war zone.

Along the way, whenever they encountered any Black Ink Clan territory, they would slaughter them.

Another month later, they arrived at the first Territory Lord's territory.

This was the outermost region of the Black Ink Clan’s Territory Lord's territory. The Territory Lord assigned here obviously didn’t have much influence, after all, if the Human Race were to attack, this territory would be the first to bear the brunt.

In fact, it wasn’t as if this Territory Lord's territory had never been invaded by the Human Race before. The last time Blue Sky Pass’ Old Ancestor had led an army to attack this territory, Yang Kai had also been here to seek refuge with Angry Flame.

According to Blue Sky Pass’ limited information, the owner of this territory was a Territory Lord Gou Wu.

Gou Wu was already dead. He had died in a certain Universe Cave Heaven outside Blue Sky Pass, and the one who had killed him was an Eighth Order Garrison Chief of the Southern Army.

Currently, Gou Wu’s territory was like a scattered sand without a leader.

Along the way, the Expeditionary Army’s movements must have been exposed, but they didn’t encounter any decent resistance. Even Gou Wu’s territory didn’t have the protection of the Black Ink Clan’s forces. Although many of the Black Ink Clan’s forces didn’t fear death and attacked the Expeditionary Army, most of them simply fled into the depths of the void.

It only took a few hours for the expeditionary army to take down Gou Wu’s direct territory. Although they had killed many enemies, they were all nobodies who couldn’t be put on the table.

This was also normal. Most of Gou Wu’s subordinates had been mobilized to attack Blue Sky Pass, and a number of those who had stayed behind had escaped. How many of them had the courage to resist the expeditionary army?

After taking down the first Territory Lord's territory, the expeditionary army didn’t stop. Both Ding Yao and Zhong Liang understood the importance of speed, so they only sent a small number of people to clean up the battlefield while the army continued to advance.

Cleaning up the battlefield was nothing more than plundering resources.

Just like what Yang Kai had done in the various Territory Lords’ territories on the Yin Yang War Zone, the Territory Lord’s direct territory was the most prosperous place in every territories. A large number of shops and cultivation resources were gathered here, so the expeditionary forces would not let this opportunity slip by.

Yang Kai also stayed behind.

It wasn’t that he wanted to plunder resources. Resources weren’t attractive to him at the moment, and the resources accumulated in his Small Universe were inexhaustible.

The reason he had stayed behind was because he wanted to build a child nest.

Previously, when he brought Miao Feiping to that Feudal Lord’s territory, he had used some kind of method to move a Feudal Lord’s Black Ink Nest into his Small Universe’s territory, but in the end, the Black Ink Nest had directly withered. It was likely that the mature Black Ink Nest would not be able to move easily, just like a giant tree, if they were moved, they would die.

However, if he could get his hands on an unborn child nest and incubate it in his Small Universe, things might be different.

Feng Ying also stayed behind to protect him. After all, when Yang Kai’s consciousness was connected with the Black Ink Nest’s, he didn’t have any protection at all. If a hidden Black Ink Clan member jumped out and attacked him, it would be troublesome.

Leading Feng Ying into the Territory Lord's Black Ink Nest, Feng Ying frowned as she observed.

The aura inside the Black Ink Nest made her feel extremely uncomfortable and even a bit nauseous. If she didn’t want to protect Yang Kai, she would never have entered such a place.

Along the way, Yang Kai soon arrived at a chamber.

Yang Kai was groaning for a moment but didn’t act.

To be honest, although he had linked to many Black Ink Nest and used their strange power to heavily injure the Divine Souls of many Black Ink Clan Feudal Lords, he still didn’t quite understand how to hatch a child nest. Zha Gu hadn’t told him about this before.

However, in Yang Kai’s opinion, incubating a child nest was a function of a Territory Lord-level Black Ink Nest, so it only required a certain amount of resources.

This chamber was where it was hatched, and in front of Yang Kai was a black pool filled with rich Ink Force, as if some kind of vicious beast was stirring up trouble.

Yang Kai opened the Small Universe door and used his own World Force as a bridge, immersing his consciousness into the Black Ink Nest’s will to investigate.

What surprised him was that this time, he did not enter the strange space, but instead seemed to become one with the Black Ink Nest, completely understanding its state.

Yang Kai immediately understood that there were different uses for immersing one’s mind in different locations of the Black Ink Nest. This was where the Black Ink Pond was located, the place where the Ink Clan and the child nest were bred. Since his mind was connected to the Black Ink Nest, he naturally wouldn’t enter that strange space.

So it was that simple!

With a direction in mind, Yang Kai immediately took out a large amount of resources from his Small Universe and threw them into the Black Ink Pond.

The Ink Force in the Black Ink Pond became more violent, and as the large amount of resources disappeared, the abundant energy was greedily absorbed by the Black Ink Nest.

The faint sound of a heartbeat could be heard, and after a moment, something that looked like a blob of flesh on the surrounding wall of flesh suddenly burst open and a wet, beast-like Black Ink Clan member stood up.


A series of cracking sounds rang out as more than a dozen Black Ink Clan members suddenly emerged from the flesh walls around the chamber. All of them were wet.

Feng Ying felt a chill run down her spine. Although the Human Race knew that the Black Ink Nest had the ability to nurture the Black Ink Clan, only a few had actually witnessed it.

These Black Ink Clans weren’t completely hatched by Yang Kai; they were already on the verge of taking shape, but after Yang Kai invested some resources into the Black Ink Pond and accelerated the process, they were born.

The newly hatched Black Ink Clan naturally didn’t pose much of a threat, not even cannon fodder. Feng Ying waved her long sword and sent out a burst of Sword Qi, instantly killing this Black Ink Clan cultivator. At the same time, she shouted, “Team Leader!”

Yang Kai opened his eyes and looked around, quickly realizing what was happening, “I’ll adjust the energy flow.”

After all, this was his first time trying to create a child nest, so he didn’t know what to do. He had accidentally incubated more than a dozen Black Ink Clan members.

However, after a short period of adjustment, the flesh on the wall no longer ruptured, and no more Black Ink Clan members appeared. On the contrary, the rich energy in the entire Black Ink Pond became even more turbulent.

Countless resources were poured into the Black Ink Pond, causing Feng Ying’s heart to ache.

Blue Sky Pass hadn’t been rich for long, only several dozen years, and this was all thanks to Yang Kai’s Void Yin Yang Mirror. In the past, every human race pass’s cultivation resources were either saved or split into two.

The poor were afraid, so seeing Yang Kai consume so many resources, Feng Ying couldn’t bear to watch.

However, she also knew that Yang Kai had his own considerations. If he could really obtain a Black Ink Nest, it would definitely be of great use to him. Not to mention anything else, with the connection between the Black Ink Nest, he might be able to obtain information about the Black Ink Clan from outside.

It was unknown how many resources he had invested into the Black Ink Pond, but after a few days, the Black Ink Pond suddenly trembled slightly and the water in the pool began to churn as if something was about to emerge from it.

Feng Ying looked over, and a moment later, a small and exquisite Black Ink Nest appeared before her eyes as the water in the pool churned.

At the same time, Yang Kai also withdrew his thoughts and stared at the small Black Ink Nest that had been born from the Black Ink Pond, letting out a sigh of relief. His efforts had not been in vain.


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