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Fortunately, before the Battleship was destroyed, they had all moved to Breaking Dawn and relied on Feng Ying and the others to support them, so there were no casualties.

The two teams had gathered together at Breaking Dawn, but their strength had not increased much. The various Spirit Arrays and artifacts on Breaking Dawn had all been activated by a fixed number of people, so the current configuration of Dawn Squad was enough to display Breaking Dawn’s full power. With more helpers, it would at most be a rotation, unable to increase Breaking Dawn’s damage.

Moreover, the situation in Universe Paradise was not optimistic.

Universe Paradise was only left behind after the death of a Seventh Order Open Heaven cultivator. Although it was a small world of its own, it still had its limits. Before Dawn Squad had entered, a crack had appeared on the other side of the gate, naturally these cracks couldn’t have appeared for no reason. This was all caused by the might of the Territory Lord.

It was by relying on these cracks that Yang Kai was able to spy on the situation inside and discover that a Territory Lord had infiltrated this place, leading the Dawn Squad to assist them.

Now that Yang Kai and Zhou Xing were engaged in a fierce battle, the entire Universe Paradise became more unstable, with many large and small cracks appearing in the void. It was likely that before long, this Universe Paradise would collapse.

If they didn’t leave before then, there was a high chance they would be swept into the Void Crack along with the collapse of this place. At that time, they wouldn’t know where they would end up.

Because of this consideration, the Eighth Order Open Heaven masters were all responsible for the Universe Cave Heaven. Universe Cave Heaven was a remnant of an Eighth Order Open Heaven master, so it was much more stable. The Eighth Order Garrison Chief and Territory Lords would be able to hold out for a longer period of time if they were to fight in Universe Cave Heaven, otherwise, if they were to fight in Universe Paradise, it would likely collapse after a short time.

At this moment, the Universe Paradise was facing the risk of collapsing at any moment.

At this point, even if Yang Kai wanted to stall for time, it would be impossible. He was proficient in the Space Law, so he wasn’t afraid of the universe collapsing. Even if he was really sucked into the Void Crack, he could still find his way back. At the same time, he could also banish Zhou Xing Territory Lord into the Void Crack and let him live his life alone.

But there were still two human race squads here, so he couldn’t do this.

After fighting the curse for a while longer, Yang Kai’s figure flashed as he rushed towards Breaking Dawn and sent a voice transmission, “Let’s go!”

After delaying for such a long time, the situation outside should have already been decided. Forget about everything else, there was bound to be an Eighth Order Open Heaven Stage cultivator.

Breaking Dawn had been hovering near the gate the entire time, listening to Yang Kai’s orders. The cultivator surnamed Zhou immediately took out his jade pendant and shot out a profound light towards a certain spot in the sky. As soon as the profound light entered, the gate opened and Breaking Dawn rushed out, with Yang Kai following closely behind.

Seeing this, the several hundred Black Ink Clans following behind Breaking Dawn also rushed out. Zhou Xing is last in the line, but he also managed to escape before the door closed again.

However, before he could stabilize himself, a beam of light slashed towards him, instantly destroying all of his defenses and leaving a massive wound on his body.

Zhou Xing was furious, he turned his head to the side and shouted, “Zhong Liang!”

Not only was there Zhong Liang, but there was also Ding Yao and Liang Yulong. The three of them formed a triangle and surrounded him, causing his heart to sink to the bottom. In this situation, there was no way out.

The three Regiment Commanders were all peak Eighth Order existences. As the Human Race’s teams fought, they also used the jade pendant to pull a Black Ink Clan’s Territory Lord into their respective Universe Cave Heaven. Even if their strength was slightly stronger than the Black Ink Clan’s Territory Lord's, it was impossible for them to defeat their opponent so quickly in a one-on-one fight. At their level, it would take at least half a month to determine a victor, let alone a life or death battle.

However, the Spirit Arrays that the Human Race had set up in the Universe Cave Heaven had given them an opportunity.

These Spirit Arrays had all consumed a large amount of materials and were arranged by the most powerful Array Masters. Even a Territory Lord would be severely injured if they fell into these Spirit Arrays.

With their superior strength and geographical advantage, coupled with the assistance of several Spirit Arrays, it was not surprising for Zhong Liang and the others to kill their respective opponents.

It hadn’t been long since the three of them came out from their respective places, Shen Ao, who had been guarding this place had told them what happened, naturally they knew what Yang Kai was up to, so they didn’t rashly enter. After all, this was just a Universe Paradise, and the three Eighth Order masters wouldn’t be able to do anything to it, so just as Yang Kai had expected, they decided to wait outside to ambush the enemy.

Breaking Dawn and Yang Kai appeared one after another, and in the blink of an eye, the hundreds of Black Ink Clan cultivators who had followed them were all killed by the three of them. When it was Zhou Xing’s turn, he suffered a great loss.

Among the Territory Lords, his strength was only average. Facing the combined attacks of three Regiment Commanders, how could he be a match for them? Zhong Liang and the other two didn’t waste any time talking to him, immediately using their Divine Abilities and Secret Techniques to attack him.

Not far away, on Breaking Dawn, Yang Kai and the others watched from afar. Not only them, but many teams who had already finished off their opponents also appeared one after another, surrounding the entire battlefield.

“Zhou Xing is finished,” Feng Ying said lightly. With the three Regiment Commanders attacking together, even the most powerful Territory Lord wouldn’t be able to withstand it. Zhou Xing would fall sooner or later.

Yang Kai’s attention, however, was not on the three Regiment Commanders and Zhou Xing, instead focusing on the distance.

Millions of kilometers away, a powerful energy fluctuation spread out, and even from such a far distance, it was obvious just how strong this person was.

Outside Blue Sky Pass, the will of the Old Ancestor and the Royal Lord who had been opposing each other dissapeared, it was likely these two were the ones fighting in the distance.

He didn’t know when they had started fighting, but at the very least, Yang Kai hadn’t noticed it before, but in a battle of this level, even an Eighth Order master wouldn’t be able to interfere, so Yang Kai didn’t have any intention of watching.

Both of them were old rivals, so this battle would likely result in both sides suffering heavy losses.

More and more doors opened, and from these doors emerged squads with their artifacts. Eighth Order Open Heaven masters also appeared one after another, and even the Black Ink Clan’s Territory Lord appeared.

It wasn’t that these Territory Lord had managed to escape after killing an Eighth Order Open Heaven cultivator. After all, there were many Spirit Arrays set up in the Universe Cave Heaven, so even if they're not a match for the Eighth Order, they wouldn’t be killed. It was just that after fighting for so long, the Universe Cave Heaven was unable to withstand the pressure and was on the verge of collapse, so even an Eighth Order cultivator had no choice but to open the door and leave. Naturally, the Black Ink Clan’s Territory Lord would be able to escape.

These Territory Lord who were lucky enough to survive immediately used their escape techniques to flee. They all knew that when the Human Race had used the hundred years arrangement to divide the battlefield, the Black Ink Clan would no longer be able to turn the situation around. If they continued to stay here, they would only be waiting for death. If they managed to escape, they would have a chance to make a comeback, so if they had a chance to survive, they had no intention of fighting again.

The Eighth Order who had failed to kill their opponents in the Universe Cave Heaven naturally wouldn’t let them off so easily, all of them chasing after them as they flew deeper into the void.

In less than half a cup of tea’s time, Zhou Xing was smashed by Ding Yao’s fist.

More and more small teams appeared from different entrances, all of them basically completely intact. It was rare to see someone as unlucky as Junior Brother Zhou’s team.

There were also many Eighth Order masters who had appeared. Each of them appearing alone meant the death of a Black Ink Clan Territory Lord.

What a glorious result.

It had been countless years since the Human Race had established various mountain passes to resist the Black Ink Clan, and the war between the two races had broken out countless times, but none of them had achieved such a massive victory.

Currently, nearly twenty of the Black Ink Clan’s Territory Lords had already fallen. This was not even counting those who had yet to show themselves, if one were to count them, there would probably be even more.

Killing more than twenty Territory Lords in a single battle was something completely unimaginable in the past. In the entire Human Race’s battlefield, the highest number of Territory Lord killed was five, and even then, two Eighth Order Garrison Chief had fallen.

When one’s strength reached the level of a Territory Lord, it would be easy for an Eighth Order to defeat them, but killing them would be difficult.

If it weren’t for the various Universe Cave Heaven that had been set up with trap in advance, how could Blue Sky Pass have achieved such glorious achievements?

Yang Kai couldn’t help feeling a surge of excitement. When he had helped Blue Sky Pass search for the gates to the Universe Paradise and Universe Cave Heaven, although he knew they would be able to give the Black Ink Clan a big surprise, he hadn’t expected it to be like this.

Since Blue Sky Pass was like this, Yin Yang Pass probably wasn’t too bad. After all, Yang Kai had helped open many gates on Yin Yang Pass. However, there should also be some news circulating among the Black Ink Clan. After suffering such a great loss, it would be unrealistic for Yin Yang Pass to repeat this glory.

In this battle, so many Territory Lords had fallen, and the Black Ink Clan below the Territory Lord had suffered heavy casualties. The Black Ink Clan, which had been swept into various sealed spaces, had no hope of escaping.

The entire Black Ink Clan in Blue Sky War Zone had been completely destroyed, and what awaited Blue Sky Pass was a period of peace that would last for hundreds or even thousands of years. During this period, the Black Ink Clan would no longer be able to launch an attack.

However, how could Zhong Liang and the others be satisfied?

This was a great opportunity to add insult to injury for the Black Ink Clan.

Two days later, under the leadership of several Regiment Commanders, thirty Eighth Order and twenty thousand soldiers from Blue Sky Pass gathered and marched into the void.

This time, Blue Sky Pass didn’t send out all of its forces. After all, they still needed to leave a portion of their forces behind to guard their home. In addition, there were still some battles that had yet to end and required the Eighth Order to watch over them.

However, thirty Eighth Order and twenty thousand soldiers were more or less half of Blue Sky Pass’s forces.

From the moment Yang Kai brought out the Purification Light, Zhong Liang and the others had been planning the Human Race’s expedition, but the expedition was too important to be completed in a short time.

This was a good opportunity to test out this goal, the Black Ink Clan’s King City!

Blue Sky Pass didn’t expect this expedition to really succeed. If the Royal Lord didn’t die, how could the King City be destroyed? This was just an attempt to help the future of the Human Race and ensure their strength.

This was a plan that had been formulated long ago. Besides the Eighth Order Garrison Chief, none of the soldiers below knew about it, so when they heard that an expedition was about to take place, all of them were excited.

Finally, they're taking this step. The Human Race had been trapped in the various mountain passes for countless years, and now it was finally time to counterattack.


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