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Standing at the bow of the ship, Yang Kai looked up and saw a dilapidated Battleship in front of him fleeing towards them. Behind it was a giant black ink cloud that was chasing after it, rapidly closing the distance between them. The entire Universe Paradise seemed like a storm was approaching.

Inside the black ink cloud, there was a particularly fierce aura, obviously belonging to a Territory Lord. Beside this Territory Lord were hundreds of Black Ink Clans, many of which were even Feudal Lords.

In the midst of their pursuit, the Black Ink Clan’s Secret Techniques shot out from the black ink cloud and struck the fleeing Human Race Battleship, causing them to fall into dire straits.

When Breaking Dawn arrived, the Territory Lord was about to make his move, a giant palm stretched out from the black ink cloud, covering the sky and grabbing towards the escaping Battleship.

On the Battleship, the human cultivators did their best to counterattack, but the results were minimal. The difference in strength was too great, making them somewhat helpless against the Territory Lord’s attacks.

Seeing that the black hand was about to hit the Battleship, a Seventh Order Open Heaven standing at the back of the ship suddenly shouted, “Arise!”

As soon as he finished speaking, the world buzzed as a great array that had been set up in this place was activated, instantly enveloping the pursuing Black Ink Clan cultivators.

The Battleship, however, didn’t stop and instead rushed straight towards the gate. With a Territory Lord here, it was no longer something they could contend with. The Great Array wouldn’t be able to trap a Territory Lord. At most, it would buy them some time to escape from this Universe Paradise.

However, they saw Breaking Dawn ahead.

Feng Ying called out, “Junior Brother Zhou!”

The Seventh Order Open Heaven cultivator who had just activated the Spirit Array looked over and was greatly surprised, “Senior Sister Feng, why are you here?”

Feng Ying said, “Junior Brother Yang discovered that something was wrong here, so he brought us here to take a look. What’s the matter with this Territory Lord?”

Junior Brother Zhou’s face was filled with resentment, “He has been hiding in the Black Ink Clan’s army all this time, concealing his aura. I’m afraid he didn’t have any good intentions, so Junior Brother didn’t notice him and also captured him.”

“Which Territory Lord?” Yang Kai asked.

Junior Brother Zhou said, “If I’m not mistaken, it should be Zhou Xing.”

In Blue Sky War Zone, whether it was the Eighth Order Human Race or the Black Ink Clan’s Territory Lord, there weren’t many of them. Each side only had a few dozen. The Black Ink Clan had more Territory Lords, but they weren’t that many. After fighting for so many years, their backgrounds and identities had long since been exposed, so the Human Race had some understanding of the Black Ink Clan’s Territory Lords. Unless they were newly promoted Territory Lords, it was easy to determine their identities.

Yang Kai silently recalled the information he had received from the pass regarding Zhou Xing Territory Lord. Among all the Territory Lords, his strength wasn’t the strongest, at most, he was ranked somewhere in the middle, much weaker than Black Abyss Yang Kai had faced before.

The greatest ability of Zhou Xing was to suppress his aura, allowing him to perfectly simulate everything about the Feudal Lord-level Black Ink Clan. This ability allowed him to easily avoid the detection of an Eighth Order Human Race cultivator on the battlefield and find an opportunity to launch a sneak attack. In the past, several Eighth Order Human Race cultivators had suffered losses from his sneak attack.

This time, he had been hiding in the Black Ink Clan’s army, pretending to be a Feudal Lord, obviously harboring malicious intentions, but in the end he had been surrounded by this small team. It was unknown whether it was his bad luck or this human race team’s bad luck.

“Junior Brother Zhao was caught off guard and was ambushed by him and already dead, and we relied on the several great arrays here to survive until now.” The cultivator surnamed Zhou’s face was filled with grief. Encountering such a Territory Lord, it was inevitable that the team would suffer some losses, and the Junior Brother Zhao he spoke of was one of the two Seventh Order members of this team.

“How much longer can it be delayed?” Yang Kai asked.

The cultivator surnamed Zhou said, “We won’t be able to delay it for long. Brother Yang, you should also know that the Spirit Array set up in the Universe Paradise is not aimed at the Black Ink Clan’s Territory Lord, not to mention that he has many helpers right now. In a few dozen breaths at most, the Great Array will be broken.”

“Are there any other Spirit Arrays we can use?”

“No,” The cultivator surnamed Zhou shook his head, “The three Spirit Arrays here have all been activated. It’s all thanks to those three Spirit Arrays, otherwise none of us would have survived. Brother Yang, it’s time to leave, otherwise it would be too late.”

Yang Kai looked straight ahead and slowly said, “When we came in, none of the Eighth Order had come out, it’s obvious they were still fighting with the Territory Lord. If we leave now, Zhou Xing will definitely follow us, and no one will be able to keep him in check. Whether we fight or stay will be up to him.”

The cultivator surnamed Zhou heard this and asked, “What does Brother Yang want to do?”

Yang Kai summoned his Azure Dragon Spear, “Hold him back! It won’t be long before an Eighth Order master can take action. At that time, even if he leaves this place, there will be people outside who will deal with him. Killing my Human Race, I will make him pay with his blood!”

The cultivator surnamed Zhou didn’t hesitate and immediately nodded, “Good, I’ll listen to Brother Yang.”

He also knew that Yang Kai’s strength was quite formidable, and the Dawn Squad’s lineup was quite strong. If he were to face the Territory Lord alone, he would have no chance of winning, but if he were to join forces with the Dawn Squad, he might not be able to put up a fight. He didn’t have to kill the Territory Lord here, he just have to stall for time, there should be no major problems.

As he spoke, the Great Array seemed to be on the verge of collapse. Yang Kai shouted, “Leave Zhou Xing to me. Be careful, don’t try to kill the enemy, try to delay as much as possible!”

As soon as he finished speaking, he rushed forward.

As soon as the Great Array was broken, a series of angry curses rang out from within the black ink clouds. A mere human team had actually managed to delay him with just a few Spirit Arrays. This made him extremely angry, and he secretly made up his mind to exterminate this human team in order to vent his anger.

Now that the Human Race has the Expelling Black Ink Pill, he didn’t have any hopes of inking them, so he could only kill them.

However, as soon as this thought appeared in his mind, a dazzling light flashed and he looked up, slightly dazed.

This Universe Paradise actually had a small sun. Above the sun, there were three-legged strange birds chirping, and the small sun was rapidly approaching him.

Behind the small sun, there seemed to be a figure with an imposing aura.

This was not a sun, but a Human Race Secret Technique!

Even someone as strong as a Territory Lord could feel the threat this Secret Technique posed to him. If he were to be hit by this thing, he would definitely suffer.

He raised his hands and summoned a thick black ink cloud to block the small sun’s path.

A violent sound rang out as a violent wave of energy swept out, causing Zhou Xing's figure to suddenly shrink a bit. Under the scorching heat of this energy, even the black ink cloud became thinner.

However, he was still a Territory Lord. Although the Golden Crow Sun Casting was strong, it was impossible for it to do anything to him. On the other hand, some of the weaker Black Ink Clans behind him had been knocked down by this powerful impact.

Before he could recover from his shock, a series of spear images enveloped him, causing his Ink Blood to fly about as he roared.

At the same time, the power of the artifacts on the two Battleships, enhanced by the Spirit Arrays, blasted towards the gathering point of the Black Ink Clan.

The Black Ink Clan was instantly stunned.

Under the leadership of Zhou Xing Territory Lord, they had chased the Human Race Battleship into a dead end, but in the blink of an eye, they had been beaten into a pulp.

A moment later, the Black Ink Clan Territory Lord saw the truth. Originally, there had only been one Human Race Battleship, but now there were two of them. Obviously, the Human Race’s reinforcements had arrived.

On top of that, the Battleship that had arrived was even larger and more powerful!

Although the Black Ink Clan had suffered many casualties, they were not afraid. Under the leadership of several Feudal Lords, they used their Secret Techniques to counterattack, forcing the two Human Race Battleships to dodge.

Whether it was the cultivator surnamed Zhou’s Battleship or Breaking Dawn, both of them had been damaged in the previous battle, especially their defensive capabilities, so they naturally didn’t dare to be hit again.

This gave the Black Ink Clan a chance to catch their breath, and under the leadership of their Feudal Lords, hundreds of Black Ink Clans charged towards the Battleship.

Helpless, the two Battleships could only circle back and forth, greatly reducing their offensive power.

On the other side, Zhou Xing Territory Lord had suffered hundreds of wounds in an extremely short period of time. It wasn’t that he didn’t want to dodge, it was just that he couldn’t. Facing Yang Kai’s Great Unrestrained Spear Technique, any attempt to dodge was futile.

The pain only made him angrier. He was also a ruthless person, and since he couldn’t avoid it, he didn’t try to avoid it and instead sent a violent punch forward.

Exchanging injuries!

He could sense that the one attacking him was only a Seventh Order Human Race master. With his Territory Lord’s foundation, if he were to exchange injuries, the one who would eventually fall would definitely be the other party.

This punch was very effective. The Human Race Seventh Order was sent flying far away, his blood mist filling the air as he closed in to give his opponent a quick death.

Unexpectedly, the other party’s figure flashed and disappeared.

Zhou Xing’s fist hit nothing but air, causing him to stumble. Just as he was wondering where this human had gone, a murderous intent suddenly appeared from the side.

Turning his head, he saw that the strangely disappeared Seventh Order Human Race cultivator had appeared beside him at some point, his spear thrusting forward as a small sun appeared on its tip.

Zhou Xing was slightly startled, but he didn’t seem to care as he once again punched out.

As soon as the small sun was destroyed, he couldn’t help falling back, his fist becoming scorched and he grimaced in pain.

Although he wasn’t having a good time, the human was in an even worse state and was sent flying again, this time spitting out even more blood.

The suppression of one’s strength and grade was not something that could be made up for by bravery and ruthlessness.

Yang Kai had indeed killed a Territory Lord before, but that time, he and Bai Yi had joined forces to kill a severely wounded Chasing Wind whose strength had fallen greatly. The only reason he had been able to chase after Black Abyss in the Yin Yang War Zone was because Black Abyss’ Divine Soul had been severely injured.

Zhou Xing’s strength was inferior to Black Abyss’s, or even Chasing Wind’s, but he was at his peak. With Yang Kai’s current strength, facing such a Territory Lord, he naturally wouldn’t be able to keep up.

Fortunately, he only needed to stall for time and didn’t really need to engage in a life or death struggle with Zhou Xing. As long as these injuries didn’t damage his foundation, it wouldn’t be a big deal.

Having made up his mind, Yang Kai’s attacks didn’t slow down as he fought back and forth with Zhou Xing.

Of course, most of them were in a state of being beaten, but with his Space Law, it was impossible for Zhou Xing to kill him with a single strike.

Time slowly passed.

Half an hour later, only one of the two Battleships remained.

Junior Brother Zhou’s Battleship was already severely damaged, and now that it was being pursued by hundreds of Black Ink Clan cultivators, it finally couldn’t hold on any longer and exploded.


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