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After exiting the Universe Cave Heaven, Yang Kai turned his head and looked around. The entire battlefield was empty except for his own team.

This situation was within his expectations. Although there were always some who managed to escape after the traps were activated, the Spirit Arrays and artifacts on the walls were not just for show. The remaining Black Ink Clan members were too few in number and were unable to attack Blue Sky Pass, so they naturally had to flee.

On the other hand, Breaking Dawn’s killing speed was extremely fast, so it was likely that the other squads were still chasing after the enemy and had yet to emerge.

Yang Kai quickly took over Breaking Dawn’s control and directed her towards a certain direction. Soon, they arrived in front of a void and after examining it for a moment, he stretched out his hand and activated his Space Law.

Ripples spread out in the air as a door slowly appeared and Breaking Dawn charged in.

This was Universe Paradise, and the Western Army had sent a team of fifteen people to hunt down the Black Ink Clan that had been swept up here.

This team’s Team Leader wasn’t as bold as Yang Kai, so it was naturally impossible for there to be three or four thousand people from the Black Ink Clan who were involved in this matter. Each of the Team Leaders knew that the more people from the Black Ink Clan who were involved, the more pressure they would feel, so there were only less than a thousand people from the Black Ink Clan who were involved.

The Black Ink Clan was scattered all over this place, so it wasn’t too dangerous for the fifteen of them to use their Battleships to hunt. With the help of the jade pendant, the Team Leader could easily determine where the Black Ink Clan was hiding.

After more than an hour of hunting, more than half of the thousand Black Ink Clan cultivators had been wiped out, and this small team was currently munching on a tough bone.

The territory of Universe Paradise naturally couldn’t compare to Universe Cave Heaven. The former was left behind by a Seventh Order Open Heaven cultivator, while the latter was an Eighth Order.

Thus, although less than a thousand Black Ink Clans had been swept up, the luck of these Black Ink Clans was quite good, and their scattered locations weren’t too far away. In just one hour, more than two hundred Black Ink Clans had gathered, with three of them even being Feudal Lords.

Of the fifteen teams, two were Seventh Order Open Heaven while the rest were Fifth Order and Sixth Order. With the help of the Battleship, it wasn’t impossible to forcefully eat them, but there would definitely be some damage. After all, in order to coordinate with the plan, each of Blue Sky Pass’ Battleships had suffered varying degrees of damage and their defensive capabilities had been severely damaged.

As such, the Team Leader of this small team didn’t choose to attack head-on. Instead, after a few exchanges, he pretended to be weak and led the two hundred or so Black Ink Clans in one direction.

In that direction, there was a Great Array set up by Blue Sky Pass. With the power of this Great Array, it would be much easier to devour these two hundred Black Ink Clan cultivators.

In fact, every Universe Cave Heaven and Universe Paradise had set up several large arrays just for this moment.

Dawn was powerful and had many Seventh Order Open Heaven Stage cultivators. Their luck was also quite good, so they hadn’t used any of the Spirit Arrays when they were hunting the Black Ink Clan.

But not every team is like Dawn, and not every Battleship is Breaking Dawn.

Seeing that they were getting closer to the Great Array, the pursuing Black Ink Clan members were about to fall into the Array when a dazzling light suddenly flashed in front of them.

The team leader was shocked and thought he had been attacked, but when he looked over, he saw that it was a human Battleship.

Moreover, it was a Battleship that was different from ordinary standard Battleships!

In the blink of an eye, the Team Leader regained his composure and cursed, “That bastard, how could he snatch people here?”

As soon as these words left his mouth, the visitor brushed past them, and in the next instant, a violent energy fluctuation came from behind them, causing the pursuing Black Ink Clan cultivators to scream in pain.

“It’s Dawn!” One of the team members responded. Dawn was simply too eye-catching. Not only was it larger and more powerful than an ordinary Battleship, but the powerful artifacts on the Battleship were also quite eye-catching.

These things required a massive amount of battle merits to exchange for.

“Team Leader, what should we do?” Someone asked.

The Seventh Order Team Leader’s eyes twitched as he grit his teeth and shouted, “Kill the enemy!”

After a while, the dust settled.

The two squads gathered together and the two Battleships hovered in the air, a sea of blood and corpses below them. Each and everyone of the Black Ink Clan cultivators who had chased after them had fallen.

The team leader looked at Yang Kai speechlessly, “Brother Yang, you’re too insincere. It’s one thing to snatch people outside the pass, but why did you come here?”

Yang Kai asked curiously, “Senior Brother, my Dawn Squad is here to help you kill your enemies. It’s fine if Senior Brother doesn’t appreciate it, but why are you complaining?”

The team leader was extremely annoyed and didn’t know what to say. Although they could use the Spirit Array to kill their enemies without the assistance of the Dawn Squad, it wasn’t as easy as it seemed. At the very least, he owed them a favor, instead of thanking them, he simply asked, “Brother Yang, why did you come here? Did you kill all the Black Ink Clans on your side?”

Yang Kai smiled and said, “It’s just a small group of thieves, all of them killed while laughing. As for why we came here… I was the one who found all the entrances to the Universe Paradise and Universe Cave Heaven outside the pass, so I can naturally enter wherever I want.”

“I forgot about that.” The Team Leader slapped his forehead. The entire hundred years arrangement of Blue Sky Pass had been set up by Yang Kai, so how could the hidden gates stop him?

Yang Kai asked, “Senior Brother, how many Black Ink Clans are there here, should we join forces to kill them?”

The Team Leader quickly waved his hand and said, “There aren’t many Black Ink Clans left here, only a few cats and dogs, so there’s no need for Brother Yang to worry about them. I’ve seen several nearby teams encircle many Black Ink Clans, so I’m sure they’re currently fighting a bitter battle and need reinforcements from Dawn Squad.”

Yang Kai smiled at him and nodded, “Since that’s the case, I’ll take my leave.”

“Good!” The Team Leader quickly cupped his fists.

After watching Dawn Squad leave, the Team Leader sighed, “We’re all Seventh Order, this gap is too big!”

Previously, Yang Kai had killed several of the Black Ink Clan Feudal Lords as if he was cutting vegetables. If it were him, he wouldn’t have been able to accomplish such a feat. He couldn’t help sighing with emotion. It seemed that after this battle, he should go into secluded cultivation. Even if he couldn’t reach Yang Kai’s level, at the very least he couldn’t be left far behind.

One of the team members asked in confusion, “Team Leader, there should still be a lot of Black Ink Clan, right? Dawn is so powerful, why don’t we let them help us kill the enemy?”

The Team Leader glanced at him, “If all the meat is eaten by them, what are we going to eat?”

Relying on his Space Law, Yang Kai was able to easily find hidden doors on the battlefield. After all, these doors had been opened by him in the past, which was how Blue Sky Pass had made the arrangement over the past hundred years.

However, without exception, none of the teams welcomed them. Usually, after a battle, they were politely sent out.

At dawn, Miao Feiping scratched his head, “Martial Uncle, why do we seem to have become street rats? No one likes us.”

Qi Taichu slapped the back of his head, “Little brat, you’re always telling the truth.”

Yang Kai chuckled, “Naturally, no one likes people who rob their battle merits. The arrangements inside the pass are enough for any small team to eat up the enemies they’ve captured, so even if we don’t help them, it’s not a big deal. This is different from the previous battles, it’s a good opportunity to harvest battle merits, so they naturally don’t want other small teams to interfere. They don’t want others to misunderstand that they’re weak and look down on them.”

Miao Feiping suddenly understood, “So it’s like that, do we continue?”

“Of course we’ll continue,” Yang Kai nodded, “We won’t fight over battle merits, we’ll just act as inspectors. If they don’t need any help, we’ll withdraw. If they need any help, they’ll naturally speak up. Feiping, you must remember, on this Ink Battlefield, every veteran soldier has their own pride. They may not appreciate our help, but we can’t just stand by and watch.”

Miao Feiping nodded, “Disciple understands.”

As they were talking, Yang Kai suddenly looked in a certain direction and noticed a strange spatial fluctuation.

He immediately urged Breaking Dawn to rush over and quickly arrived at the scene. Looking ahead, he saw that the void in front of him was like a mirror, and from that crack, world's aura was flowing out.

Yang Kai stretched out his hand towards the crack and activated his Space Law to pierce through the seal of the door and investigate the inside.

A moment later, his expression changed and he shouted, “Brother Shen, stay here. If an Eighth Order appears, ask him to immediately seal this place. Everyone else, follow me!”

Hearing this, Shen Ao nodded and flashed out of Breaking Dawn’s sight, quietly standing in the void.

Feng Ying asked, “What’s wrong?”

Yang Kai activated his Space Law and carefully opened the door while saying, “There’s a big guy inside.”

Everyone from Dawn Squad wore a cold expression. To be called a big guy by Yang Kai, it was undoubtedly the Black Ink Clan’s Territory Lord.

However, they hadn’t expected that there would be a Black Ink Clan Territory Lord here!

It had to be known that Blue Sky Pass’ hundred years arrangement had been carefully considered. With Blue Sky Pass as the source, the various teams in the inner circle would need to control the Universe Cave Heaven and Universe Paradise with the jade pendant, borrowing the sudden expansion of the Universe Cave Heaven and Universe Paradise to pull in a certain number of Black Ink Clan members to hunt.

In this kind of position, the Black Ink Clan’s Territory Lord would normally not appear, so this could ensure the safety of the small teams. Otherwise, what would happen if a small team encountered the Black Ink Clan’s Territory Lord?

Only in the outer circle were the battlefields of the Eighth Order Open Heaven and the Black Ink Clan’s Territory Lord. There was a Universe Cave Heaven specially prepared for the Black Ink Clan’s Territory Lords, and the Spirit Arrays inside were extremely powerful, enough to pose a threat to the Territory Lord.

No one had expected that the Black Ink Clan’s Territory Lord would be implicated in the inner circle. Yang Kai didn’t know which team was so unlucky, but it seemed that this team’s situation wasn’t very optimistic.

As he spoke, the door was opened and a beam of light shot in. Yang Kai closed the door again, but the cracks in the void couldn’t be wiped away no matter how hard he tried. In fact, they were constantly expanding, showing signs that this Universe Cave Heaven was unable to hold on.

As soon as Breaking Dawn appeared in this Universe Paradise, it was like a small boat in a violent storm, drifting about chaotically under the violent waves of energy, it's protective light flashing wildly as the rich Ink Force collided with it.


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