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“How much longer can you last?” Yang Kai asked.

Miao Feiping immediately replied, “Ten breaths at most!”

After ten breaths of time, the protective array would be broken, and at that time, the Dawn Squad would no longer have any protection. The thirty or so team members would be exposed to the Black Ink Clan’s attacks, and it would be difficult to say if they would survive.

“It’s enough!” Yang Kai replied, no longer trying to increase the intensity of the battle. Instead, he quietly took out the jade pendant and secretly activated its power, preparing to activate it at any moment.

Yang Kai wasn’t the only one. The other Head Guards and Team Leaders were all the same.

Above the battlefield, the Black Ink Clan’s Royal Lord was hiding in a black ink cloud, looking down.

As a Royal Lord, his senses were extremely sharp. This time, the Human Race’s performance was somewhat unusual, and although the Black Ink Clan army may not have noticed it after entering the battlefield, how could he not have noticed it? The Human Race’s small teams seemed to be dividing up the battlefield. Since the start of the great war, these Human Race cultivators had mainly avoided the battlefield and had no intention of killing the enemy. This was different from before.

Something was wrong!

The Black Ink Clan’s Royal Lord felt a faint sense of unease. He felt that the Human Race had some kind of scheme they were planning to use. Every Black Ink Clan master had experienced the treachery of the Human Race.

If he could act as he pleased, he naturally wouldn’t need to fear the petty schemes of the Human Race. With strong cultivation, any schemes and plots would be futile.

However, he couldn’t act recklessly. The aura of that old fart from Blue Sky Pass had always been locked onto him, so if he were to act, he would definitely suffer a thunderous blow. At their level of cultivation, it would be very troublesome if they were to lose the initiative, so he couldn’t give the Human Race’s Old Ancestor this opportunity.

But what was the Human Race planning?

The answer was soon revealed.

Just as Dawn Battleship’s defenses were about to collapse, a Divine Sense sound transmission exploded in the ears of every human on the battlefield, “Attack!”

It was Zhong Liang!

Yang Kai, who had been prepared for this, didn’t hesitate in the slightest. Activating the jade pendant in his hand, he shot out a beam of profound light towards a certain spot in front of him.

The Profound Light poured into the void and disappeared, but soon after, an incomparably huge black hole took shape. As soon as the black hole appeared, it suddenly expanded, and at the same time, a powerful pulling force came from it.

In the surrounding space, whether it was the Dawn Squad or the Black Ink Clan’s army, neither of them had time to react before they were wrapped up by the expanding black hole. Although the Black Ink Clan felt that something was wrong and wanted to escape from this black hole’s range, the powerful suction force made them helpless.

In the blink of an eye, the black hole expanded to its limit before suddenly collapsing and disappearing.

The Dawn Squad and the nearby three or four thousand Black Ink Clan cultivators also disappeared!

It wasn’t just the Dawn Squad, but the entire battlefield outside Blue Sky Pass was filled with such scenes. One black hole after another appeared, expanded, and then disappeared.

The nearby humans and Black Ink Clans also disappeared.

As soon as these black holes appeared, the Royal Lord knew where his uneasiness had come from.

The Human Race had actually set up a large number of traps outside Blue Sky Pass, and the foundation of these traps was none other than the Universe Paradise and Universe Cave Heaven that the Open Heaven Human Race had left behind countless years ago.

When the Universe Paradise and Universe Cave Heaven were suddenly opened, they expanded into a giant black hole, and perhaps because of the Spirit Array, all of the nearby humans and Black Ink Clans were sucked into it.

The Black Ink Clan’s Royal Lord had never imagined that something left behind by a dead person could actually display such an effect.

In the last great war, the Black Ink Clan had never encounter such a thing, nor had it ever happened before. What was certain was that this was definitely the arrangement of the Human Race for the past hundred years.

But if the Human Race had such methods, why had they not used them before, but now?

The Black Ink Clan’s Royal Lord couldn’t understand. He only knew that he had miscalculated this time. The Black Ink Clan would definitely suffer heavy losses, an unimaginable loss.

With his strength, he had the ability to stop all of this. As the giant black holes appeared and disappeared, it would only take a few breaths of time for the Black Ink Clan to be dragged into this mess, but the Royal Lord could stop them.

However, he didn’t dare to do so. The aura of the Human Race’s Old Ancestor in Blue Sky Pass became more fierce, like a ferocious beast that was ready to pounce on its prey at any moment.

As such, he could only watch helplessly as his army was swallowed up by these black holes.

“Hmph!” The Old Ancestor coldly snorted in dissatisfaction. This Black Ink Clan’s Royal Lord was quite tolerant, actually willing to watch the Black Ink Clan’s army suffer rather than give him a chance to act.

However, now that the situation had been decided, Blue Sky Pass would definitely enter a long period of peace, and during this time, the Black Ink Clan would likely have no choice but to retreat.

The originally noisy battlefield suddenly became empty with the sudden appearance and disappearance of the black holes. There were also a few lucky Black Ink Clans who weren’t drawn into these black holes, but there were only a few of them, they didn’t know what was happening. Before they could figure out what was happening, a series of powerful Spirit Arrays and artifacts suddenly appeared on the walls, sending them fleeing like rats.

In a strange space, Breaking Dawn quietly floated in the air, surrounded by a deathly silence. Even the thousands of Black Ink Clans that had been surrounded by Yang Kai’s Space Laws had disappeared.

However, Yang Kai knew that the Black Ink Clan were all in this space, but now that they had been separated, what Dawn Squad needed to do was find them and kill them one by one.

“Is this Universe Cave Heaven?” Feng Ying looked around thoughtfully.

Yang Kai nodded slightly, “En, Universe Cave Heaven, I wonder which Senior left it behind.”

Feng Ying understood and asked, “Did the pass finally use the hundred years arrangement? Is this why you gathered here?”

Feng Ying and the others didn’t know about the details of Zhong Liang’s meeting with the various Team Leaders. Such an important arrangement would involve the stability of Blue Sky Pass for hundreds or thousands of years, so it had to be kept a secret. But now that they had suddenly appeared in this Universe Cave Heaven, how could Feng Ying not understand the key point?

It had to be known that the Pass had spent a hundred years and a massive amount of resources on this matter. Each of the Universe Cave Heaven and Universe Paradise that could be used had a large number of Spirit Arrays set up. If not for these Spirit Arrays, it would have been impossible for the Black Ink Clan on the battlefield to be drawn in.

Not only that, but every Universe Cave Heaven and Universe Paradise's entrance also had a Spirit Array that could separate the Black Ink Clan from each other and randomly teleport them somewhere.

In other words, besides the Dawn Squad that had gathered here, the Black Ink Clan members who had been brought here were basically scattered all over the world. This was the case for every Universe Cave Heaven and Universe Paradise, giving the human race teams a chance to defeat them one by one.

Being pulled into such a space, the fate of the Black Ink Clan had already been decided.

The hunt had begun!

Yang Kai channeled his strength into the jade pendant in his hand and used it to perceive his surroundings before turning to look in a certain direction, “There are many Black Ink Clans gathered over there.”

Hearing this, the team member responsible for controlling Breaking Dawn immediately made some adjustments and flew towards the direction Yang Kai indicated.

Although the Black Ink Clan was randomly teleported to a certain place in the Universe Cave Heaven, because the number of Black Ink Clan members Yang Kai had brought in this time was quite large, at least three or four thousand, there would always be some Black Ink Clan members who were lucky enough to be able to gather here in a short time.

At this moment, dozens of Black Ink Clans had gathered together and suddenly appeared in this strange place. The Black Ink Clans were all confused and couldn’t understand what was happening. One of them was a Feudal Lord who vaguely guessed that this place was the Small Universe left behind after Open Heaven cultivator died, but he had no idea how to escape from this place.

No matter what, he had to gather more clansmen first. Only by gathering enough strength would he have a chance to contend with the Human Race.

At this moment, he suddenly felt something and turned to look in a certain direction, only to see a Human Race Battleship flying towards them at an extremely fast speed.

The Feudal Lord was shocked, “It’s that group of humans!”

On the battlefield, they had been restrained by the Human Race on this Battleship and had been swept into this place. Now that they had met again, how could they not recognize them?

On the battlefield, the thousands of Black Ink Clans couldn’t do anything to them, and now there were only a few dozen of them.

The Feudal Lord was quick to react and immediately fled in the opposite direction as soon as he spotted Breaking Dawn.

How could he possibly escape? Breaking Dawn’s speed had been pushed to the limit by the members of Dawn, all for the sake of exterminating the entire Black Ink Clan.

Before the Battleship had even arrived, a series of powerful attacks came from the other side, causing the entire Black Ink Clan to fall one after another.

The Feudal Lord was still running madly when he suddenly felt a figure flash past him. Turning his head, he saw a young man from the Human Race smiling at him and saying, “The sooner you die, the sooner you can reincarnate. There’s no need to work so hard!”

As he spoke, the young man took out a long spear from somewhere and with a casual flick of his wrist, the tip of the spear rapidly enlarged in his vision.

The Feudal Lord was scared out of his wits and wanted to resist, but no matter how he tried, he couldn’t avoid this spear that contained the Space Dao.

The huge figure in the air exploded into a bloody mist as Yang Kai flashed back and pointed in another direction, “This way!”

With the jade pendant in his hands, the Black Ink Clan hidden in the Universe Cave Heaven were like fireflies in the dark, unable to escape his detection.

As they chased and killed, the Black Ink Clan was unable to resist.

If the thousands of Black Ink Clan cultivators who had been swept into this place were to gather together, it would take some time with Breaking Dawn’s current strength to swallow them all.

However, these Black Ink Clans were all scattered, and even though there were a few of them, their numbers weren’t great. Facing a group like Dawn, it was impossible to resist.

One by one, the Black Ink Clan fell and the Breaking Dawn never stop. Wherever they passed, the Black Ink Clan would be decapitated.

This Universe Cave Heaven was not small, but it had only taken Dawn Squad an hour to exterminate the thousands of Black Ink Clan who had been trapped here.

During this time, he hadn’t even used any of the Spirit Arrays that Blue Sky Pass had set up in the Universe Cave Heaven, so it was quite easy.

Activating the power of the jade pendant, Yang Kai searched through the entire Universe Cave Heaven to make sure there was no one from the Black Ink Clan left behind. Only then did Yang Kai open the door and lead the Dawn Squad away.


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