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A large-scale army battle was not unfamiliar to Yang Kai. Not to mention that he had participated in Blue Sky Pass's battle a hundred years ago, he had also participated in Yin Yang Pass's battle before.

The main point was to coordinate with his team Battleship and other teams Battleships to try to avoid being surrounded by too many Black Ink Clan masters. When they were involved in a battle, they had to kill the Black Ink Clan masters. The most dangerous thing was to act alone.

In terms of numbers alone, the Human Race was always at a disadvantage. The only reason they could win every offensive and defensive battle was because of their flexibility, and the carefully refined Battleships were the foundation of the Human Race.

This was the first time the main force of the Black Ink Clan’s army had launched a large-scale attack. Both sides surrounded Blue Sky Pass for ten thousand kilometers before stopping after half a month.

The Black Ink Clan’s losses were not small, so they retreated tens of thousands of kilometers away to recuperate while the Human Race also returned to their retreat.

This time, the Black Ink Clan Territory Lords didn’t take action, only watching from afar. Correspondingly, the Human Race’s Eighth Order Open Heaven also didn’t participate. Each of them had their own opponents, so if they rushed into the battlefield rashly, they would only give the enemy an opportunity to find them.

After fighting for countless years, no one would be so stupid. It was precisely because of this that Blue Sky Pass had been able to kill four Territory Lords in an ambush.

The entire void was filled with two powerful wills, one from Blue Sky Pass and the other hidden somewhere behind the Black Ink Clan’s army.

This was the will of the Human Race’s Old Ancestor and the Black Ink Clan’s Royal Lord.

The Black Ink Clan’s Royal Lord had no choice but to come. If he didn’t come, the Old Ancestor would have no restrain and could kill the Black Ink Clan’s Territory Lord at will, so every time the Black Ink Clan’s army surrounded them, the Royal Lord would guard the rear and guard against the Old Ancestor.

The two of them were old enemies who had fought countless times and knew each other’s methods like the back of their hands.

However, generally speaking, these two wouldn’t fight each other. Each of their existences was just a form of deterrence, each of their wills directed towards the other, clearly sending a message to the other, This old master is right here, if you dare to come down, I’ll beat your dog head!

Just like last time, it was rare for these two to fight to the point where both sides were seriously injured. After all, at their level of cultivation, there was no way for them to kill their opponents, so in the end, both sides would only suffer heavy losses. The higher one’s cultivation was, the more troublesome it would be to heal their injuries, so it was better for everyone to avoid having to worry about them and just confront them from a distance.

The first time they had launched a large-scale attack on Blue Sky Pass, they had failed to achieve their desired results, but the Black Ink Clan wasn’t discouraged. They had already experienced the tenacity of the Human Race countless times, so if they were able to break through the Human Race’s defensive line so easily, they would likely suspect that the Human Race had some kind of scheme waiting for them.

After each of them rested for a while, the great battle began again.

However, it wasn’t as intense as the first time, it was just a small skirmish.

After that, it was basically a five day or a month skirmish, which gave the Human Race a lot more time to recover. The small teams that didn’t need to participate in the battle could naturally rest and recuperate.

Yang Kai led the Dawn Squad and listened to orders at all times, participating in many battles with the Black Ink Clan and killing many enemies.

After two years, the Ink Force and black ink clouds outside Blue Sky Pass had become much thinner. After all, the shockwaves from the battle between a large group of Open Heaven masters and the Black Ink Clan masters were so strong that even the Ink Force and black ink clouds couldn’t last long.

According to past practices, it wouldn’t be long before the Black Ink Clan would send a large number of cannon fodder and reinforcements over and repeat their previous actions.

Before that, there would definitely be a great battle.

Blue Sky Pass had been waiting for this battle for a long time.

Inside the meeting hall, Zhong Liang was the leader, followed by the Garrison Chiefs, the Head Guards, and even the Team Leaders of the small teams gathered together.

Under everyone’s attention, Zhong Liang’s eyes swept over them, his expression dignified as he said, “In the shortest time possible, three to five days, in the longest time, a month, the Black Ink Clan will definitely launch an all-out attack. My Blue Sky Pass has been waiting for this battle for two years, and it is also the result of our painstaking efforts.”

“Over the past few years, I’m sure you’ve all heard of the various arrangements in Blue Sky Pass. This time’s assault will be a testament to its effectiveness. If we win this battle, Blue Sky Pass may not have a battle for hundreds or even thousands of years. Don’t mess things up for this old master. Whoever messes up, this old master will cut them down!”

“In this battle, the Black Ink Clan’s Territory Lords will be dealt with by us Eighth Order old fogies. All of you Head Guards and Team Leaders should find a good opponent in advance and listen to my orders. Don’t try to act tough, especially some people. Don’t think that just because you’ve killed one or two Territory Lords, it was so easy to kill them.”

Shua, shua, shua, everyone’s eyes turned towards Yang Kai.

Yang Kai said innocently, “Why are you looking at me like that!”

He was currently hiding in the midst of a group of Team Leaders, unable to understand why Zhong Liang had brought this topic to him.

A nearby Team Leader chuckled lightly, “Among us Seventh Order, besides you, who else has ever killed a Territory Lord?”

Yang Kai muttered, “It’s not like I want to. Many time, it’s just a coincidence.”

Zhong Liang glared at him angrily, “What did you say? Louder, this old master can’t hear you clearly!”

Yang Kai straightened his back and shouted, “Regiment Commander, Disciple wants to ask, how can you be certain that the Black Ink Clan’s Territory Lord will participate in this battle? These past two years, they have not participated in any battles and have only watched from afar.”

Zhong Liang snorted and said, “It’s precisely because they haven’t taken action for two years that they’re definitely going to take action. The Black Ink Clan’s Royal Lord is in charge of supervising the army, and now that the Black Ink Clan has suffered a great loss, these Territory Lordss should at least put on a show. Otherwise, what are they doing here? Visiting?”

“Disciple understands,” Yang Kai replied loudly.

“If you understand, then shut up!” Zhong Liang pointed at him, “If I find out you entangle with a Territory Lord later, I’ll make you suffer the consequences.”

Yang Kai frowned slightly, “Disciple understands!”

Only then did Zhong Liang let him go. With a wave of his hand, a large number of streaks of light flew out to the people present, each of the Head Guards and Team Leaders reached out to cath it.

“Take it back and familiarize yourselves with it. Refine it first and make preparations. When the time comes, listen to my orders! In addition, the situation on the battlefield is ever-changing. If you can’t do it, don’t force it. If you can’t use it this time, you can use it next time.”

“Yes!” Everyone nodded before dispersing and returning to their respective homes.

Zhong Liang had distributed two items to each of the Head Guards and Team Leaders, a jade slip and a jade pendant.

The jade slip clearly marked a certain location outside Blue Sky Pass, while the jade pendant was the control center of a great array. This was the surprise Blue Sky Pass had prepared for the Black Ink Clan’s army.

Zhong Liang’s words were true. If this operation was successful, there would be no war at Blue Sky Pass for hundreds or even thousands of years, so everyone attached great importance to it.

Refining the jade pendant didn’t take much effort, and Yang Kai only needed two days to completely refine it. Presumably, the other Team Leaders and Head Guards weren’t too far off.

Everything was prepared, all they needed to do was wait for the Black Ink Clan’s army to attack.

The days of waiting were filled with anticipation and suffering, but the situation was just as Zhong Liang had predicted. Ten days later, the Black Ink Clan’s army finally arrived, and this time, the Territory Lords who had been waiting for more than two years finally came out.

They had no choice but to join the battle. Two years of tug of war had caused the Black Ink Clan’s army to suffer great losses, and the Royal Lord was still supervising the army here, so it wasn’t a good idea for them to hide in the rear. Even though they knew that they couldn’t take down Blue Sky Pass with their current strength, they still had to do their best.

This time, they didn’t hope to break through Blue Sky Pass, only hoping to cause more damage to the Human Race. The reinforcements from the Black Ink Clan were already on their way, and it wouldn’t be long before they could replenish their lost forces. At that time, they could continue to cut their flesh and slowly wear down the Human Race’s forces.

[MSN: After who knows how many years, it's clear this strategy is hopeless. Yet they still use it.]

As the battle began, it became extremely intense.

However, this time’s battle was clearly different from the previous one. In the past, the small teams of the Western Army had no fixed battlefields and were basically just following the flow of the tide, killing wherever the Black Ink Clan attacked.

This time, it was different. If one were to observe carefully, they would find that the small teams were all guarding a certain war zone, fighting with the Black Ink Clan’s army and not taking a single step out of the zone.

Not only were the small teams doing so, but the Eighth Order Open Heaven masters were also doing so, intentionally or unintentionally leading their opponents to a specific region.

Yang Kai led the Dawn Squad up and down the battlefield, using his Space Laws to lock down the surrounding space.

In this region, there were at least three or four thousand Black Ink Clan masters. These three or four thousand Black Ink Clan masters were far more valuable than the original Black Ink Clan army. After all, the cannon fodder had all died, and after more than two years of fighting, the number of weaker Black Ink Clan masters had also decreased sharply. The Black Ink Clan masters who survived were basically the cream of the crop among the High Rank Black Ink Clan, with even more Feudal Lords.

Yang Kai was still not satisfied and pushed his Space Laws to the limit, trapping more of the Black Ink Clan.

The strength and arrogance of Dawn Squad had finally attracted the attention of the surrounding Black Ink Clan cultivators, and they all began to draw closer.

There were plenty of teams like Dawn, but each of them had their own methods, so every human race's squad had a large number of Black Ink Clan cultivators gathered nearby.

The situation was progressing well and a few people had some opinions.

“Brother Yang, why are you still trying to snatch peole?” The nearby Team Leader suddenly sent a voice transmission with his Divine Sense, filled with indignation.

Originally, there was a group of Black Ink Clans that were heading towards his team, but after being surrounded by Yang Kai’s Space Laws, they immediately turned towards Dawn Squad.

Yang Kai smiled and replied, “The Dawn Squad has many people, so naturally we need to kill more. You have quite a few Black Ink Clan, enough for you to eat.”

The Team Leader was speechless, “It’s just a few small fish, Brother Yang, let’s share them, at least we’ll share them evenly!”

He sent him a few voice transmissions but was unable to get a respond, Yang Kai ignored him. The Team Leader was annoyed, “Shameless! Why do we have to be so close to Dawn?”

Brilliant light flashed across Breaking Dawn’s Battleship, and even though the team members were using their Battleships to dodge, under the siege of thousands of Black Ink Clan cultivators, they were unable to avoid all of the attacks. When the Secret Techniques struck Breaking Dawn’s Light Barrier, the light barrier dimmed at a speed visible to the naked eye.

Miao Feiping nervously said, “Martial Uncle, the protective Spirit Array won’t last much longer.”

There were too many Black Ink Clan around the Dawn Squad, many of which were Feudal Lords. Although Breaking Dawn’s performance was outstanding, it was not enough to compete with so many people. The surrounding Black Ink Clan were all eyeing them covetously, causing Miao Feiping to tremble in fear.


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Rein Larsa
Rein Larsa
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[MSN: After who knows how many years, it's clear this strategy is hopeless. Yet they still use it.]


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