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After the cannon fodder Black Ink Clan members died, the Ink Force they released would fill the void and gather to a certain extent before transforming into black ink clouds.

Such an environment had caused a great deal of trouble for the Human Race in the past. Fifth Order and Sixth Order Open Heaven could hide in a Battleship and rely on the Battleship’s Spirit Arrays to protect themselves, but the Seventh Order Open Heaven have to travel and kill enemies. The battlefield was filled with Ink Force, so they had to use their strength to resist the Ink Force’s corrosion.

Moreover, the large and small clusters of black ink clouds could easily send out a few Black Ink Clan assassins.

This was the greatest use of cannon fodder. Their deaths not only caused a lot of trouble for the Human Race’s soldiers, but also provided a better environment for the Black Ink Clan army to fight.

However, now that Blue Sky Pass not only had the Purification Light, but also the Expelling Black Ink Pill, it was hard to say if the Black Ink Clan cannon fodder strategy would be effective this time.

“Senior Brother, you miss your target, you should lower it by three points so you can kill more of the Black Ink Clan.”

On the west wall of Blue Sky Pass, a Sixth Order Open Heaven Stage cultivator said regretfully.

In front of him, Yang Kai was sitting in a spirit array, holding a giant crossbow-like artifact in his hands, slowly and calmly regains his strength.

Logically speaking, there was no need for him to contribute anything at this time. After all, this was only the beginning of the war, and every time the Black Ink Clan besieged them, it would take a long time before he could return with the Western Army and has the time to cultivate for a while.

Only when the two sides met in close combat would an elite like him enter battle.

The current battle was only the appetizer before the great battle. The Black Ink Clan would use cannon fodder to attack Blue Sky Pass and create a favorable battlefield, while the Human Race would use Blue Sky Pass’s Spirit Arrays to counterattack.

This kind of battle would last for at least a month or two until the Black Ink Clan’s cannon fodder was completely exhausted, and only then would the main force be mobilized. At that time, just relying on Blue Sky Pass’s own Spirit Arrays would be difficult to resist, requiring the soldiers to come out and face the enemy. This would continue for more than ten years until the Black Ink Clan could no longer bear it and retreated.

However, considering that Yang Kai’s current Artifact Refining skill was also at the Grandmaster level, Zhong Liang transferred him to the Western Army’s defensive wall.

In this kind of confrontation, as a treasure placed in the various Spirit Arrays, it was possible for some damage to occur during high intensity usage, requiring Artifact Refiners like him to repair and maintain it. At the same time, many Array Masters were also on standby.

Right now, he was standing in the middle of the western city wall, wielding a large artifact called Opening Crossbow.

This kind of artifact was specially refined for offensive and defensive purposes and required specific Spirit Arrays to complement it, making it an excellent weapon in an offensive and defensive battle.

Of course, it was also possible to use it on its own, but even with Yang Kai’s Seventh Order Open Heaven, it was difficult for him to use its full power alone.

It was different from the artifacts that cultivators normally used.

This section of the city wall had long since been set up by Array Masters, with the Opening Crossbow as the eye of the array. When Yang Kai controlled it, all he needed to do was pour his strength into it, activate the power of the array, and activate the tyrannical power of the Opening Crossbow.

Similar arrangements were set up on the walls of Blue Sky Pass at regular intervals, each of which was assigned a specialized Artifact Refiner, an Array Master who was on standby to repair and maintain the wall. At the same time, each of these artifacts was being held by someone.

One of the benefits of this arrangement was that it allowed a lower rank Open Heaven cultivator to display a High Rank killing power. Simply put, if a Sixth Order Open Heaven used the crossbow, it could display the might of a Seventh Order Open Heaven.

This was the same as the artifacts placed on the Battleships. The Human Race relied on the artifacts and Spirit Arrays arranged on the Battleships to allow those Fifth Order or Sixth Order to display Seventh Order strength and fight the Black Ink Clan on the battlefield.

Yang Kai is a Seventh Order, one of the best among the Seventh Order. The attack just now was just an experiment. After all, this was his first time controlling this thing, there is always a process of getting started.

With a casual strike, the power of this Opening Crossbow was equivalent to the power of the Golden Crow Sun Casting, and the bonus it provided was extraordinary.

The Array Master behind him was called Liu Xing. He recognized Yang Kai, but Yang Kai didn’t. After all, in Blue Sky Pass, Yang Kai’s name was known to everyone.

As an Array Master, he had never participated in a frontal confrontation with the Black Ink Clan. Every time the Black Ink Clan attacked, they would be responsible for maintaining the Spirit Arrays on this section of the city wall. This was also the protection of this kind of special talent within the pass. Not only were Array Masters like this, Alchemists and Artifact Refiners were not allowed to enter the battlefield. Firstly, talents were precious, and secondly, they had been immersed in the Dao of Alchemy, Artifact, and Array for many years. These people were not proficient in battle, so if they really entered the battlefield, they would not be of much use.

Knowing that the one who was guarding this section of the wall with him was the famous Yang Kai, Liu Xing was also very excited and secretly made up his mind to assist Yang Kai in killing more of the Black Ink Clan’s members.

Seeing that Yang Kai’s attack had missed, he immediately offered a kind word.

Yang Kai nodded slightly and followed Liu Xing’s instructions, adjusting himself slightly before pouring his strength into the Spirit Array.

The Spirit Array began to hum, and the giant crossbow which served as the eye of the array began to glow brightly.

However, Yang Kai wasn’t in a hurry to launch his attack. He wanted to test the limits of this thing.

As the World Force continued to pour into the Spirit Array, the light from the giant crossbow became brighter, and the energy bolt that had transformed into an attack was as dazzling as the sun.

Liu Xing couldn’t help turning pale, “Senior Brother have to hold back, the Spirit Array is reaching its limit.”

How could Yang Kai not know that the Spirit Array was about to reach its limit? Not only was the Spirit Array about to reach its limit, but so was the Opening Crossbow.

A simple injection of a cultivator’s strength would not result in such a situation, but with the support of the Spirit Array, it was not surprising that such a situation would occur.

Yang Kai’s Divine Sense locked onto the place where the Black Ink Clan’s cannon fodder were gathered, and just as he was about to launch his attack, he suddenly felt something and raised his hand slightly.

The Spirit Array buzzed, and as the void shook, a dazzling light cut across the void and flew tens of thousands of kilometers away.

Liu Xing subconsciously thought that Yang Kai had hit the wrong side again, and this time it was even more ridiculous than before. However, when he raised his eyes, he saw the stream of light collide with the army behind the Black Ink Clan and explode into thousands of rays of light, like a peacock spreading its tail!

“Haha!” Yang Kai laughed.

Due to the limitations of Liu Xing’s strength, he might not have been able to see the effects of this attack, but he was able to clearly see that not only had the full power of the Opening Crossbow broken through a distance of several tens of thousands of kilometers, it had also caused some casualties to the Black Ink Clan army. At least a dozen of the weaker Black Ink Clan soldiers had been reduced to dust by this attack, and even more were injured.

After all, the Opening Crossbow was meant to be used for group attacks, so no one was prepared for it to suddenly explode in the midst of the Black Ink Clan’s army.

This artifact was far more powerful than his all-out attack. As expected of an offensive and defensive artifact. With such a powerful artifact, why would the Human Race need to worry about breaking through?

However, this kind of action had some effect, but the effects were still limited. If this happened again, the Black Ink Clan would be prepared, after all, the distance was too great.

Moreover, if he were to use this method on the Spirit Array, it would cause great damage to the Opening Crossbow. It would likely be damaged after a few tries.

Yang Kai just wanted to test the limits of this thing. Breaking Dawn had also equipped itself with the Opening Crossbow, but he had always been walking outside to kill his enemies. It was always the team’s Fifth and Sixth Order Open Heaven who control this thing, so it wasn’t his place to use it.

Having made up his mind, Yang Kai once again urged his strength.

As Liu Xing watched in horror, Yang Kai didn’t try to stir up any trouble this time, instead focusing his attention on attacking the Black Ink Clan cannon fodder.

Beams of light shot out one after another, creating a vacuum in the void without pause.

Liu Xing was filled with admiration. In the past, he had seen people controlling this artifact, but whether it was in terms of speed or killing power, it was far inferior to Yang Kai’s. In his heart, he thought that Yang Kai was truly worthy of his reputation.

This high-intensity stimulation lasted for three days and three nights, and it was as if the Black Ink Clan cannon fodder could not be killed. No matter how many of them were killed, there would be more coming. Blue Sky Pass was surrounded by thick Ink Force, and large and small black ink clouds blocked their vision.

Yang Kai’s side had temporarily stopped. First of all, the Spirit Array and the Opening Crossbow couldn’t hold on much longer, so he needed to maintain them for a while. Secondly, he also needed time to recover.

Fortunately, there were many Spirit Arrays and artifacts set up on the walls, so they took turns to maintain and rest.

After more than twenty days, the Black Ink Clan’s cannon fodder assault finally came to an end. Almost all of the cannon fodder had been thrown into the battlefield, with not a single one remaining.

This was the case for the Black Ink Clan. Cannon fodder was endless to them, so sacrificing them wasn’t painful at all. Using the deaths of these cannon fodder to create a battlefield for the Black Ink Clan was worth it.

What’s more, in the days to come, the Black Ink Clan would continuously send troops to Blue Sky Pass, including a large number of cannon fodder. This kind of attack and defense would continue many times over.

It was only now that the main force of the Black Ink Clan entered.

The void was silent. The Ink Force and the envelopment of the black ink clouds made it impossible to see the movements of the main forces of the Black Ink Clan several tens of thousands of kilometers away from the Blue Sky Pass, but countless experiences had told the Human Race that the main forces of the Black Ink Clan had already begun their attack. The reason they couldn’t see them now was because they were still too far away.

The Human Race’s soldiers all gathered together to face the enemy.

Of course, before that, the main force of the Black Ink Clan would still have to endure the bombardment of the Spirit Array artifacts on the walls. The arrangements on the walls were not only used to deal with the Black Ink Clan’s cannon fodder, but also to attack the main force of the Black Ink Clan.

An oppressive and murderous atmosphere filled the entire Blue Sky Pass.

At the entrance of the Pass, small teams were gathered, and Dawn was also among them.

Yang Kai had already retreated from the walls several days ago, so there were others to replace him.

While they were waiting, energy fluctuations suddenly came from all directions, causing the entire Blue Sky Pass to tremble. It was as if the light from the Spirit Arrays and artifacts on the walls were constantly being activated.

The battle had begun!


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